Fay’s Dirty Discoveries Ch. 08

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Adriana Chechik

Andy walked up to Fay and stood in front of her, silently appraising her. She clasped her hands in the small of her back, subtly pushing her boobs out and looking up at him, coquettishly blinking from under a tumble of red hair. Still without speaking, he roughly grasped and squeezed her tits, before dragging her vest down under her bra and then scooping the large globes out of the bra, so he could tweak and pull at her stiffening, pink nipples.

“Come on, Andy,” Fay entreated. “I’ve changed my mind — you can cane me if you want. I don’t care, I want you to thrash me for being so naughty. Make it so I can’t sit down for a week!”

Andy stepped back away from the 22-year old redhead. This girl was crazy, that much was sure. He almost felt that he shouldn’t indulge, despite the fact that she clearly wanted him to — nobody could be as twisted as this girl, outside of his imagination, surely? He still felt slightly guilty at spanking and caning her when she’d come into his shop the previous week, although what she’d told him she’d been up to since then defied belief.

“Come on!” she demanded again, and started to unbutton his jeans, reaching inside for his stiffening cock. “You can do anything, Andy. There must be something you want?” Fay was on her knees, now, gently stroking her 32FF boobs as she looked up at him. The shop-owner was still stunned, and just watched in a daze as Fay took his cock and started to suck at it, bobbing her head vigorously and making sure plenty of spit coated him and drooled out of her mouth to splash on her tits.

“Fay…just…wait…” Andy, like most men, struggled to be articulate when a beautiful, big-titted girl was sucking energetically on his dick. “I said stop!” he demanded, collecting himself. He stepped back, his cock popping from between her lips, and then slapped bornova escort her, open-handed, across her left cheek. Fay’s head rocked back, but her pussy thrilled — humiliation and abuse simply set her on fire. Seeing the glint in her eye, Andy slapped her right cheek a little harder, snapping Fay’s head the other way and eliciting a gasp from her. Grabbing her hair, he roughly shoved his cock back in her mouth and started to thrust into her. Fay relaxed her throat as Andy’s cock, shoved deep into her mouth, trying not to gag. Andy fucked her mouth for a few more moments, then pulled out again. Before Fay could speak, he pushed her to the floor and pulled her sweat pants from her curvy legs, leaving her pumps and panties on. Pulling her panties to one side he exposed her hot, wet pussy.

Kneeling over her, Andy looked down at Fay, his eyes drinking in the details. Fay lay on her back, her pretty face, framed by the tumbles of coppery hair. Her cheeks were slightly flushed from where he’d hit her, but her eyes were narrowed with lust and her lips, covered with spit from where he’d been fucking her mouth, were pouted. Her massive boobs were out, kept pushed up by her top and bra that were twisted below them, the pink nipples stiff and erect. Her slim torso gave way to her curvy hips, her stained, white knickers still on, but not covering the strip of ginger pubes and the hungry pussy. Finally, her shapely legs, splayed to offer up her cunt, running down to her socks and pumps with the faintly pissy smell. She was a vision of filthy, pornographic loveliness.

The pause to assess Fay had slowed his heart and excitement, and his cock had softened enough for his brain to notice that he needed a piss. Given what Fay had told him she’d been up to in the last two days, there was no bostancı escort question of what happened next.

Fay gasped in surprise and delight as a stream of hot, yellow piss burst from the end of Andy’s cock to splash over her round tits. He directed the stream at her nipples, then down, soaking her vest and bra, to piss over her pussy, once more drenching her panties. Then he quickly changed direction, and put the stream full in her face. Fay instinctively opened her lips, taking the salty piss in her mouth. She didn’t swallow at first, allowing her mouth to fill with Andy’s urine and then spill out, running over her cheeks and down her neck to wet her hair. Then, as the stream continued, she propped herself on her elbows and closed her lips, swallowing a full mouthful, before opening so that he could fill her mouth again. As Andy’s stream dwindled, Fay swallowed down a second and third mouthful, opening her mouth wide each time after to show that she’d swallowed the lot.

“You’re so fucking filthy,” noted Andy. Fay smiled sweetly in reply. Andy was hard again, and without further ado he pushed Fay back so she was flat on her back and thrust his cock into her pussy. She was hot and wet and tight, and he almost came immediately, but he composed himself, and started to fuck her with hard, deep strokes, drawing most of the way out before roughly driving in. Fay writhed beneath him, grinding her pelvis as he fucked her and mauling her piss-wet boobs, willing him on to fuck her harder.

There was only so long that Andy could possibly fuck a sexy, inky, piss-soaked redhead, and after a few minutes of screwing, he felt he was near the end. Driving into her as deep and hard as he could, he came suddenly, deep inside her, his cock twitching as spurt after buca escort spurt of spunk shot into her.

Pulling out of her cunt, Andy wiped his cock on her white panties and then pulled them back into place. Standing, he offered her his hand, and pulled her to her feet too. Fay stood silently, wondering what he’d do next, but was unprepared for what happened. He pulled her bra back into place, roughly pushing her boobs into the cups, and pulled her pee-soaked vest back into place too. He then grabbed her sweats, used them to briefly mop the piss on the floor, then tossed them to her. Fay was baffled, but caught her clothes reflexively.

“Andy, what…” was all she managed as he slapped her across the face again, then, before she recovered her balance, shoved her towards the door. At this point, Fay realised what was happening. “No, wait, you can’t!” she shouted. “At least let me…” but before she could finish, he unlocked the door and shoved her out into the street, slamming and locking the door behind her.

This left the beautiful girl standing in the street, struggling to pull her sweat pants up to hide the stained knickers, gusset sticky with Andy’s jizz, hair and clothes wet with piss. Thankfully it was not a busy road, but people were looking at her disapprovingly, presumably thinking her a dirty slut who worked in the sex shop.

Fay turned and hammered on the door. “Andy, for fuck’s sake, let me in,” she hissed. “I look a mess, just let me tidy up — I can’t be seen like this. Andy!” Realising that he was not about to let her in, Fay swore under her breath and quickly ducked down the alley next to the shop, getting out of sight of passers by. She wondered if there was a back door to the shop that she could get in, certain that Andy was just messing about. His cum was sticky between her legs and she was covered in his piss, several mouthfuls of which she’d drunk — surely he owed her at least a few minutes to sort out her appearance?

Rounding the corner at the end of the alley, Fay saw that there was indeed another door, but that was not all…

To be continued – sooner than before!

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