Filthy Lesbian: Restrained

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“You guys don’t want to go in the water?”

“Na, I think we’re good,” Danielle said feeling the warm sun baking her skin.

“Alyssa, you too? Come oon?” The boat captain nagged.

“Sorry! I think we’re enjoying the sun a little too much right now,” Alyssa said leaning back into her wife’s lap and tapping Danielle’s thigh.

“Okay…” the captain said with a shrug. “I’m going in to keep an eye on the rest the swimmers. You guys won’t steal my boat now will you?”

“We’d have to learn how to work a boat first,” Alyssa giggled. Danielle smiled through her wide sun glasses as she watched the captain jump in the water after the rest of their party.

Danielle and her wife, Alyssa, were all who remained on the medium sized pontoon boat. The couple dozen other vacationers had already dove into the clear blue and green water somewhere off the beaches of Cozumel, Mexico. This snorkeling boat ride was just a perk of the excursion they had chosen on this destination.

‘Spend a Day at a Private Beach, Open Bar, with an Optional Pontoon snorkeling trip in the early afternoon.’

Alyssa wasn’t the most confident of swimmers and was scared of swimming so far from land, otherwise Danielle would have gone in the water for sure. But she didn’t want to leave Alyssa on the boat by herself. Not that where they were was so bad.

The hull of the boat was hot in this direct sun, so Danielle laid down two layers of towels for her to lay back on while the others got in the water. Alyssa had laid down between Danielle’s legs with her arms resting on Danielle’s thighs.

It was heaven as they sipped on their margaritas beside them. “Can you imagine being at home right now?” Alyssa hummed as she rested her head back against Danielle’s chest. Alyssa’s dirty blond hair spilled across Danielle’s navy blue bikini that covered her large breasts. “I’d be on the couch answering a thousand emails, you’d be hurrying me up and when I finally finished, your work phone would be going off and you’d be leaving.”

“Thank god, for cruises and vacations,” Danielle said taking a sip of her drink.

“Cheers to that,” Alyssa said grabbing her glass and clinking Danielle’s over her head.

This 10 day cruise was a long time coming. Danielle constantly has vacation time at work to burn but Alyssa, who was the head of oncology at Mercy Hospital, could never take time off. It drove Danielle nuts. Danielle was a workaholic too, it’s how their relationship worked. But she didn’t get how Alyssa did it. After working so hard in Pre-Med, med school, then residency and research. Danielle wished Alyssa would have a position that valued her work and skill better. Plus, then maybe they could enjoy all this money she made.

They were 4 days into their cruise and Cozumel was their first main destination. Since it was their first cruise everything was pretty neat to both of them. And the fact that they had the penthouse suite on the ship made it extra special. Their room was incredible to say the least.

Danielle and Alyssa were just glad to have a chance to spend some quality time together. Between the stress and long hours of both their jobs, they both needed this.

Danielle sat up enough so her wife’s back rested against her chest. Danielle lips kissed Alyssa’s warm ear and cheek as they both had a rosy glow from the sun. Her hands rubbed up and down Alyssa’s tanning inner thighs- she loved the feel of her thick thighs as she massaged them. Alyssa’s whole body was relaxed as she hummed a note of approval as she pushed back against Danielle.

“You better stop,” Alyssa warned, “if you keep this up, I might-” Alyssa’s breath caught in her throat as Danielle’s palm smoothly swiped over the crotch of Alyssa’s bikini. Her middle finger finding and lingering on Alyssa’s clit, completing gentle but stern circles on it through her bathing suit.

Alyssa’s face turned into Danielle’s neck and chest as she gasped. Danielle looked down and saw Alyssa’s tender eyes looking up at her. Even though Alyssa looked young for 36 years old, in that moment with such an innocent look on her face, she looked like a child looking up at her mother.

When Danielle pulled Alyssa’s bikini bottom to the side, exposing her moist pussy lips to the ocean sky and the world, Alyssa didn’t say one word to Danielle but let out a muzzled whimper when Danielle sucked her own middle finger then pressed it inside her pussy lips. She loved how easily it slid inside her, and Danielle could feel Alyssa’s thighs bow and press wider against Danielle’s legs.

Methodically, Danielle’s finger pumped in and out of Alyssa’s pussy constantly as she watched her lover’s small tummy with a belly button ring switch between convex to concave as she shuddered for breath. When Danielle could feel her slick pussy oozing moisture from how turned on she was, Danielle abruptly stopped fingering her in exchange for making wide messy, wet circles on Alyssa’s clit and pussy lips.

“Ugh… yess-” Alyssa covered her Ankara escort mouth with one hand as her moans became unpredictable and her volume unknown on the open water. Danielle bit her lower lip. She knew this was torture for Alyssa. Both sexually and socially.

Danielle had developed a carelessness about her after spending so many years around men. First her 3 brothers growing up, then all her guy friends in college, and finally, all the men she worked with at the police department. She knew how all the men on the job were all sluts, too, and they didn’t care and neither did Danielle. Alyssa on the other hand wasn’t running and gunning in the streets with a punch of cops. She worked in a professional office. She dressed and acted like a lady. Alyssa was a respectable lady who goes to office lunches and dinner parties. She could never bare to let anyone at her hospital know how much of a secret submissive slut she really was.

So the fact that her pussy was exposed to the world as Danielle rubbed her clit in full view of anyone who could climb aboard bothered her to no end, Danielle knew. Alyssa writhed, lifting her butt then arcing her back. The repeated rubbing of her clit became too much for her body to handle. She bit the back of her hand as the whimper threatened to spill over into a scream.

Alyssa’s eyes flickered to and from Danielle’s above her. They begged for Danielle to stop. They pleaded to not put Alyssa in this position. They both knew how close Alyssa was to cumming, but Alyssa didn’t want to be caught. She couldn’t be caught, it was too much to bare.

Alyssa could stop Danielle at any moment. With a touch of her hand or by speaking a single word, they both knew this. But Alyssa would never do this. It was a point of pride for Alyssa that she never used their safe word.

Danielle saw Alyssa’s breathing change and her body grew still with jagged movements. “Oh ye- oh shit, I’m- I’m gunna cum oh god,” Alyssa moaned. Her body arched as she pressed her pussy up and into Danielle’s hand which rubbed aggressively on her clit, now. Alyssa’s eyes rolled back into her head as she began to shake. “Oh god! Oh-“

Danielle cupped Alyssa’s cheek and pulled it up and towards Danielle’s lips. She kissed her wife, hard swallowing her moans and beautiful high pitched screams. Danielle stopped rubbing and began smacking her wet pussy lips again and again making her jump and yelp with each hit. But after each smack there was a guttural moan of pleasure that Alyssa released as their rough kiss grew more tender.

Finally, their moment changed into a slow passionate make out session as Danielle continued to tease Alyssa’s dripping pussy by tracing her lips with her middle finger.

Danielle broke the kiss and brought her hand up from Alyssa’s pussy, and Alyssa sat up knowing exactly what to do. Pushing two fingers inside of Alyssa’s mouth, Danielle felt a stirring in her own sex as she watched and felt her wife lick and suck her own juices off her fingers.

“You guys doing alright up here?” The Captain asked stepping out the water and on to the boat. Alyssa quickly straightened her legs and covered her sex with her bathing suit as she cleared her throat.

Danielle laughed as she kissed the top of Alyssa’s head. “Yeah, we’re doing fine.”

They laid on the beach on what felt like the perfect day. After returning to shore, Danielle and Alyssa took a dip in the water off the beach. The water was surprisingly warm but refreshing. After tanning in the hot sun, the water felt like heaven. Danielle had to laugh at her wife whenever she went under water because Alyssa always pinched her nose shut. It was a cute thing she did that reminded Danny of a child.

“Shut up,” Alyssa smirked as they slowly walked towards shore. Danielle smacked Alyssa’s wet, plump ass and Alyssa gave her a shocked but excited look. Her devious eyes broke the character of a proper medical professional for a brief moment, and Danny had to pull Alyssa in for a deep and erotic kiss as she squeezed her ass. She could taste the salty water on her lips as her fingers traced high on her ass crack. After a moment Alyssa shouldered free realizing they were still in public and Danielle was near fingering her at that moment.

They spent the next hours alternating between lying on the beach, drinking cocktails at the bar, and taking quick dips in the water to cool off. Nothing seemed possible to ruin the day.

“I keep thinking, ‘I have to wake up early tomorrow to run down those samples,’ and then I realize, ‘oh wait, I don’t have to do shit,'” Alyssa laughed as they laid on towels near the beach.

“I know, I think the best part of this vacation is no phones. Like if we went to Florida, we’d still have signal and work would still be texting and calling. Here? Text all you want bitch, I’ll get them in 2 weeks!” Danielle laughed.

“Yeah, that’s so true.”

“Maybe we should look into getting a vacation home down here, somewhere,” Danielle suggested.

“I mean, Ankara escort bayan it sounds nice in theory but I don’t think we’d use it enough,” Alyssa shrugged.

Danielle reached over and rubbed Alyssa’s back some, “you just need to start laying down the law at work and telling them you’re taking a week off every month.”

“Every month?” Alyssa laughed.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to need a week of this a month from now on.” Danny smiled.

“I swear ta god. Man, you fuggin look at my wife one more time Ima fug you up!” The pot belly man spat in his drunken stupor. Danielle looked over her shoulder as she laid on her beach towel. She thought the man was named ‘Mitch’ because she remembered him talking in the third person as he had multiple vodkas poured for him earlier at the tiki bar and shot them in succession.

“Mind your own fucking business,” the muscle bound man snapped. They all stood farther in land from the beach near where the sunning chairs and umbrellas were. It was a busy area filled with beach goers, plenty of beautiful women and apparently two asshole drunk men. The muscle bound man looked a wash of fake. If he wasn’t fit everywhere, Danielle would’ve thought his pecs were fake as well. He looked maybe 50 years old but he tried desperately with his Botox forehead, blonde dyed hair, and waxed/fake tan chest to appear 30. He failed miserably. Instead he looked like a wreck.

“Fuckin make me ya liddle bitch!” Mitch lumbered towards Mr. fake tan who pulled on his pink swim trunks and moved towards Mitch. Both of their wives unsuccessfully protested and yelled at their husbands to stop and come back. Both looked as fake as the next. Mitch’s wife was at least near his age. Perhaps she was in her 40s and all plastic. Pink trunks’ wife was plastic, too, but looked even younger than Danielle- late 20s at best.

Poor girl. Hope the money is worth it…

“Who you callin a little bitch!” Pink trunks snapped.

“Oh my god, I think they’re going to fight,” Alyssa gasped as she sat up and faced them.

“Won’t be a good fight. Gravity and booze is an inch away from taking them both out,” said Danielle. Her backside still facing them. Alyssa playfully smacked Danielle’s browning butt with the back of her hand.

Pink trunks went to shove the taller and heavier Mitch and as he did, Mitch swung with a surprisingly quick fist and struck muscle bound man in the side of the head. Pink trunks stumbled and reached up grabbing Mitch’s neck and the two began to wrestle. Stumbling about they knocked over chairs and umbrellas sending people scattering in all directions. Women all around screamed for help like people were dying.

“Oh my god- Danny stay here!” Alyssa gasped, curling closer to her wife.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere,” Danielle reassured. She turned to her side and lifted her sun glasses so she had a better view of the fight. “What am I going to do anyways? I don’t have handcuffs, a badge, and I’m in a fucking two piece,” Danielle chuckled to herself.

The fight continued for several seconds and toppled multiple chairs. It was more of a wrestling match but someone was bleeding. Mitch’s wife finally got up and tried to pull her husband away despite him being 3 times her size. Pink trunks’ wife, motivated by Mitch’s wife, tried the same only pink trunks didn’t want to be interrupted and swung his elbow back catching his trophy wife in the mouth. She yelped and fell backwards.

“Goddamit,” Danielle groaned under her breath.

“Hey!” Alyssa yelled at the men fighting as she sat straighter. “Danny- no!”

But it was too late. Danielle was on her feet stomping towards the fight. Mitch’s wife was launched backwards over a turned over tanning chair that was half broken. Danielle circles the wife coming up behind Mitch, first. He was the heavier and drunker of the two suspects so she went with him first.

They stood up with their arms and head locked against each other. Mitch’s gray and black hair in the back was shaggy enough for Danielle to grab it with one hand and pull back on his head. As she did that she kicked out the back of his lead knee sending Mitch toppling backwards and pink trunks bulling over both of them. Panic over came Danielle as she was topple by these two men. Suddenly, her 135 lbs frame felt like a toothpick next to these enormous men.

Mitch’s back laid on Danielle’s legs immobilizing her but her hands gripped and clawed at pink trunks’ face. She felt pink trunks hands grab at her face and hair as he moved on top of both of them.

Then, in an instant a second body slammed into pink trunks and knocked him to his side. Danielle winced at the chance of fresh air and used the moment to kick Mitch’s heavy body off of her leg.

Mitch breathes heavy and growled with a small amount of blood on his face as he slowly tried to get back to his feet. “Stay fucking down!” Danielle warned with a finger in his face as she shoved him flat on his back.

Pink trunks was pulling Escort Ankara a woman Danielle did not know by her pony tail. He never saw Danielle coming. Danielle pulled his pink trunks down to his ankles exposing his knob of a penis. Instantly, he released the girl’s hair to cover himself, but when his hands went down Danielle threw a hard punch that cracked Mitch in the jaw and the other girl swung a haymaker that connected to his nose and sent him tumbling down to the sand.

Danielle panted as she looked back and confirmed both Jack asses were on the flat of their back coddling their small wounds. Several security guards in white polo shirts were finally running their way and the two trophy wives were being helped to their feet by other ladies.

Danielle tasted sand on her tongue and spat, when she looked over to the young woman who had helped her and saw her staring at Danielle’s chest. Danielle looked down and saw her bikini top was twisted and both her breasts exposed. The adrenaline wore off enough at that moment that she felt the cool breeze on her hard nipples.

“Motherfucker,” Danielle said to herself as she fixed her top.

The other woman half smiled and nodded to Danielle. She was toned and also wearing a two piece bikini though with her black hair pulled into a ponytail. She was young, Danielle guesses she was 20 years old and cute.

“You okay?” The girl asked.

“Sandy and covered in man sweat. Couldn’t be happier…” Danielle snarked as she brushed the sand from her thighs. “Thanks, for the help back there.”

“Fucking men,” the girl said with a shake of her head. “I’m Sarah.”

“Danielle,” she said with a firm handshake from Sarah. Others directed the security to the two men who escorted them out. The two wives bickering as they gathered their things and followed. A smaller girl who had to have been 18 years old ran to Sarah’s said and clutched her tightly in a hug like a small child with hug her mom.

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you??” The small girl asked in a panic.

“I’m fine I’m fine,” Sarah reassured her.

Danielle saw someone approach her from behind and saw it was Alyssa who was shaking her head with a small smirk on her lips and a hint of a tear in her eye. “You dumb bitch,” Alyssa said giving her a slow, gentle hug. “Always gotta be the police, even when you’re on vacation in another country.”

Alyssa gave her a kiss on the cheek and Danielle smiled and kissed Alyssa on her forehead.

“You’re a police officer?” The petite girl still tucked in Sarah’s arms asked rather loudly.

Danielle felt her stomach drop as she looked around at the dozens of other cruisers who were casually listening and saw them stare at her.

“Oops,” Alyssa said.

“Yeah, oops…” Danielle gave a measured under eye look at her wife as she pinched her butt cheek. “Uhh… not here I’m not. Out of my jurisdiction.” Danielle said with a forced smile.

“Bet the last thing you wanted to deal with is this bullshit,” Sarah grinned.

“Fuck no,” Danielle rolled her eyes.

“I’m Alyssa, by the way,” Alyssa shook Sarah’s hand.

“Sarah, this is my girlfriend Misty.”

“Hey, thank you, so much for helping my wife. She has a habit of finding trouble wherever we go,” Alyssa said holding onto Danny’s arm.

“Sarah’s the same way,” Misty giggled.

“I started heading over here when I saw that girl take that elbow-” Sarah started.

“Yeah, me too,” Danielle nodded.

“Yeah, then I saw you take down that fat dude and that other try to grab your neck, and I was like, ‘hell no!'” Sarah laughed and the others joined her.

There was a lull in the conversation and it was Alyssa who filled it. “Well, let us get you guys a drink, for helping Danny out. It’s the least we can do.”

Misty looked up and gave a begging smile at Sarah, “okay, sure,” Sarah agreed.

They drank more than they planned to, for longer than they planned on, and very nearly missed the last ferry to return to the cruise ship. Full of laughs and giggles, the four ladies sprinted down the dock to the ferry just before it shoved off. Danielle nearly pulled Sarah into the water as she screamed and held onto Sarah’s shoulders.

It wasn’t often that Danielle made new friends. She was always the kind of girl who found her circle of people and stuck with them. Women especially was always difficult for her to connect with as she grew up with mostly male friends. But with Sarah there was an instant friendship. They had ordered a pitcher of margaritas, which Alyssa had mused they should have been doing from the start, and drank it down quickly.

Alyssa clicked well with Misty, though clearly, Misty was still a young girl in body and mind even if she was 19. They talked about college for Misty and what it was like for Alyssa. Meanwhile, Sarah talked about her deployment and how she heard about a lot of soldiers joining the police force after service. Danny recommended it saying it was the perfect job for soldiers and gave her some tips.

After their 4th pitcher of margaritas the bartender had to interrupt their rowdy laughter to tell them the last ferry was about to leave in 10 minutes. It was a mad sprint of giggling to get back there.

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