First Time With A Man

2 Ocak 2023 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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Big Tits

His knob pressed into my anal spinchter. It felt somewhat like a raquetball being shoved up my ass but different; round, hard, yet yielding as my anus gave way to its invasion, but warm, wet and pointed on the end. The rod pushing it into me was a bit thinner, but also hard and at the same time soft, fleshy, thickly veined and slimed with the lubricant he had squirted into my rectum and smeared over his condom-covered cock. My puckered hole stretched, ovaling around his meat stick as it slid into me inch by inch, deeper and deeper, the mushroom crown opening me for his long, thick tool – 9 long inches of throbbing manhood, the helmet 6 inches around, the veiny shaft 5 ½ inches erected to its full tumesence when I sucked it just moments before, taking it into my gulping throat.

Both of us kneeling, he reached around me and wrapped his calloused, hairy hand around my pre-cum leaking rod, dangling between my legs. He massaged my juices, flowing copiously over my shrinking dick, as he pushed his hard cock deeper into me. I had been hard, stiff, throbbing and dribbling slimy, clear pre-cum out of my pee slit when I was taking his cock in my mouth, sucking it, rolling my tongue around it, slurping at the tasty juice flowing from the end of his flared head. Now my cock drooped as his slid further into the punished sleeve of my ass channel. Then as he stroked my cock it I got hard again.

I had never had a cock in my ass before. I had never touched another man’s cock before tonight, never taken one in my mouth, or licked a man’s balls or asshole, sucked a man’s nipples, tongued a man’s navel. Now I had done all that, and I was taking his cock up my tight ass right this moment. How the hell did I get into this situation I wondered?

Well, it was easy to explain. I was on a business trip away from home. My sex life with my wife had not been what I wanted. She was a good lover when she would be, but it was never enough for me. She sucked my cock timidly, took it in her cunt gladly, but would not submit to assfucking, not even much fingering, or swallow my cum. Sometimes when we were making love, especially in a 69, her nose would touch my anal ring, but never her lips or tongue. I loved the feel of her nose against my crinkled ring. I licked her pussy slavishly, nursed her clit, tongued her cunt and asshole, fingered her butt just a bit, but she always discouraged that and never returned the favor. I wanted it – her tongue wetting my ass, her finger up my butt, even one of her dildoes, or a strap-on, but she was not game for that.

I had always felt drawn to boys when I was a boy also, then men as I grew older. I sneaked peeks at their cocks, balls, firm butts, hairy, muscular bodies in the school gym showers, then at the sports club where I worked out with weights, played raquetball, and used the sauna and steamroom. Sometimes in the club showers I washed my cock and balls a little too much, feeling it stiffen as I watched another man, or men, soap themselves near me. But here I was a man away from home on a business trip about to be fucked in the ass by a man I had just met. My wife and I had two children from our lovemaking. I was the father of two pre-pubescent darlings that I cared for very much, as I did my wife. Yet, a hard cock was entering me right now.

After a long day of business meetings, consulting in management of a troubled company, I returned to my hotel room, stripped, took a shower and had a drink, then another one. Relaxing on the bed I watched a movie and sipped my third drink. The movie was a series of porno clips, first a man and a woman, then two women, two men and a woman, a woman being gangbanged by five guys, and finally two guys engaging in some hot sucking and fucking.

By the end of the man-man scenes I had finished my fourth drink, and I could not help but notice my cock was hard, rared back up against my belly above my navel and leaking pre-cum. I had not even touched myself, but I was so horny. I decided to go to a video/book/sex toy store I had seen near the hotel. Reeling a bit from the effects of the drinks, I dressed in boxers, slacks, a casual shirt, and slip-on shoes. I left my room, took the elevator down to the lobby and headed for the porn shop.

In the store I checked out the books, magazines and toys, watching all the while down an aisle that Ankara bayan escort led to video booths. I noticed man after man come into the store, go to the counter, get tokens and head down that aisle to the booths. Finally, working up my courage, I went to the counter, got $10 in tokens and went down the aisle. As I passed the booths, I noticed red lights showing over those that were occupied. I also thought I heard some strange sounds emanating from the booths, and the whole aisle reeked of man musk, both sweat and cum. I felt my cock harden in my clothes at the sounds and the smells. I found a booth with no light shining. I opened the door and entered the dark cubicle. The little light that was in the closet was enough for me to see a chair where I could sit, a blue screen, a slot for the tokens and some selection buttons.

I sat on the chair, dropped some tokens in the slot. A video started running of a woman sucking a cock, being fucked in her cunt and ass by two other cocks, and stroking two in her hands. My cock erected fully in my clothes. I punched a button. A selection screen appeared showing a panorama of people engaged in various sex acts. Three of them were of men sucking and fucking. I punched one of those buttons. The screen came alive with one man kissing another man’s nipples, tonguing his navel, sucking his cock, licking his balls, rimming his ass, then returning to the man’s cock, sucking it deep, really being fucked in the mouth. The men did a 69, sucking each other, mouthing balls and rimming their hairy asses. Then one knelt and took the other man’s cock up his ass. They fucked wondrously, moaning and groaning as a hard cock pistoned in a tight asshole, a clenched fist stroked the cock of the man getting fucked.

Watching these hot, hairy, sweaty men fuck I undid my pants, pulled them and my boxers down, and started stroking my cock, slimed with pre-cum. I spit in my hand to add more lubricant and moved my hand up and down slowly on my hard shaft. My eyes had adjusted to the dim lighting in the booth by now, and looking toward the wall when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, I stopped massaging my cock, seeing three fingers wiggling into my booth through a hole about the size of a softball in the wall. What the hell, I thought? I just sat there puzzled. Then the fingers were withdrawn, and a semi-erect cock with a drop of pre-cum glistening in its pee slit draped through the hole.

Oh my! I was salivating, my cock was throbbing, jerking up and down. My brain said no, but my lust said yes. I wanted to suck that cock. I leaned toward it, and tentatively licked the clear pearl out if its slit. It tasted good, felt good on my tongue, slimy. The smell of a man assaulted my nostrils.I ran my tongue around the fat helmet wetting it. Another dollop of clear juice emerged onto my tongue. I closed my lips over the fleshy knob, holding just the head in the oval of my mouth clamped around the ring separating the helmet from the stalk. The cock, pushed slowly through the hole, slid past my grasping lips, over my tongue. I realized then the cock was uncut and black. I had a black dick in my mouth, oozing pre-cum onto my tongue as I took it deeper. My lips were stretched so wide, my mouth so full, I could take only the first few inches as the loose skin peeled back, the big knob and shaft rode in and out of my face never quite leaving my wet lips.

The man behind the cock rocked back and forth, fucking my mouth, rattling the wall and moaning. Slimy juice coated my tongue. I sucked, slurped and rolled my tongue around the cock as it moved in my mouth. My saliva and his pre-cum dripped onto my chest, stomach and crotch when I slid off the chair and knelt at the hole in the wall, my mouth slurping on his cock. I had started stroking my cock again, sliding my hand up and down on it, hearing the squish of my own juices on my own cock, the liquid sounds my mouth was making on the cock fucking my face, tasting it, and feeling the spongy hardness of it, the thick veins of the shaft on my lips and tongue. I was tingling, about to cum, when the cock was withdrawn from my gasping mouth, pulled back through the hole.

“Aaaaaaah,” I gasped, and stopped stroking my dick. My mouth felt so empty, warm, almost hot; lips stretched, the taste of him still on my tongue, the smell of Escort bayan Ankara him still in my flared nostrils. I was breathing in short huffs of air. “Ooooh,” I moaned.

A black face appeared at the hole in the wall, thick red lips accented by a moustache and a stubble of beard, moved, speaking. “Stick yo cock through here. Let me suck you.”

I stood on shaky legs and guided my 7.5x5c cock with one hand to the hole. I put just the head through the wall, nervous, trembling. The lips closed over my cock, a tongue swiped around the head swabbing off my pre-cum, the mouth sucked drawing me deeper into it. “Oooh, yeah,” I moaned again. I pressed my lower belly against the wall, my pubic hairs crushed against it, my cock all the way through the hole, balls pressed to the wooden surface. The mouth engulfed my cock, took the head of my throbbing meat down the throat of the man sucking me. “Unnnngh,” I grunted yet again. “I’m going to cum,” I said I was sure too loud, loud enough to be heard outside the booth, in the aisle, but I didn’t care. I was about to cum. I started to pull back to shoot my load on the floor, but the mouth clamped on me, held me for a couple of heartbeats, then sucked at me more voraciously. My balls erupted shooting hot, creamy wads of thick jism into the sucking mouth. My cock pulsed and jerked, blasting my cum into the mouth sucking me. I felt him swallowing, his tongue working up and down, his gullet taking my white choad, until it overflowed, washed back on my shaft, and turned to a thin stream of clear liquid.

My cock tingling, too sensitive, as he kept sucking me, swallowing my cum, I pulled back. My slimy dick, half erect hung on my side of the hole. I heard him swallow again, drinking the last of my cum, then he said in a husky voice, “Let me come over there, man, I want to talk wid u.”

I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. I had just sucked my first cock, and given my first load of cum to another man’s mouth. I should have been satisfied for a married man, but I grunted, “Okay.”

I pulled up my boxers and pants, fastened the snap, zipped up the zipper, unlocked the door to my booth. I heard footsteps, boots clomping on the floor. A big, black man – 6’4” maybe, 240# – came through the door. “How ya doin’ man?” he asked. “Okay,” I mumbled this time, intimidated by both the size of his cock that I had sucked and by his bulk, much larger than my 6”175#. “Where you staying?” he asked. “At the hotel just down the street,” I answered as we stood in the booth, the screen still flickering with another video of men fucking. I had dumped half my tokens in it just before going down on his cock a few minutes before.

“You owe me one, brother,” he said with a grin. “Let’s go to your hotel room.” I agreed, “Okay.” I wanted more of his cock. I wanted to kiss, lick and suck him all over, his nipples, navel, balls, cock. Rim him. I knew right then I wanted him to fuck my ass.

So that’s how I ended up on my knees, my face and chest down on the bed, butt high up in the air, his uncut 9×6 black cock starting to penetrate me. When we got to my room we had a drink together. Sitting opposite each other in plush chairs we sipped our drinks and talked. In no time I confessed to him he was my first man, the first cock in my mouth, the first to suck me off. He grinned at me laciviously, lust filling his eyes, and said, “Now my brother you gonna suck me off. You gonna take my cock in yo virgin ass. I’m gonna bust your cherry butt. You ain’t never gonna want no cunt no more. You just gonna want black cock fucking you, and I will take care of you. You gonna be my white man whore. And if you ever tell me no, I will come to your house and turn your no good, damn, no cum-swallowing, no assfucking wife into a niggerloviong, slut whore. The man at the counter is my bro. When you showed him your ID to get yo tokens he got your number, and I done looked in your billfold when you just went to pee. Now get them clothes off and get down on this big, black dick. Get it hard and wet so I can fuck you til you scream for more.” As Anthony spoke to me in this harsh way rather than being turned off or frightened I found I was excited. My cock hardened again in my clothes, and I jumped up to undress.

Anthony watched me for just a few minutes as I stripped naked in front of him. Bayan escort Ankara Then he undressed, taking off his work boots first, then his jeans and shirt. He was not wearing underwear. His big, black cock popped right up, and he came to me. He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me to him, his cock upright between us. He kissed me on the mouth, his thick red lips covering mine, his tongue entered my mouth. I tasted my cum. We kissed in our embrace for several minutes, then he guided my head down to his chest, over his wiry hairs. I kissed a nipple, licked it, sucked it, the other one. He pushed me further down. I kissed down his belly, tongued his navel. His cock punched at the bottom of my chin. I wanted to suck it, but he moved me further down, took his cock in one hand, lifted it. I knew what he wanted. I kissed, licked, and mouthed his big balls. He backed up, taking me with him. He sat in his chair, lifted and spread his legs. I moved with him, knelt on the floor between his legs, licked his ass crack, and tongued his crinkled hole. He stroked his cock, and held his balls up out of my way as I rimmed his hairy, black ass, pink inside, as I dug my tongue into him. He dropped his nuts onto my nose. I kept licking his ass. He lifted me slightly pulling me up with his hands in my armpits. He pushed his cock down, aiming it at my mouth. “Suck my cock,” he hissed. I wrapped my lips around the fat helmet of his throbbing, oozing cock and sucked it. I forced my mouth down on him, determined to take it all. Gagging I breathed through my nose, and felt him enter my throat. I could not take it all. It was just too big. I fondled his nuts and curled my other hand around the part of his shaft I could not swallow. I felt his cock swell in my mouth, throb and unleash a choking load of cum right down my throat into my belly. I swallowed as fast as I could, but it overflowed, ran down my chin, onto my chest. Tears in my eyes, gasping for air, I thought we would rest for a while before we continued. Anthony though, lifted me again and steered me to the bed. “Get on your knees,” he said. “Put your chest down and your butt up.” I did as he said. He lubed my ass, covered his cock with a condom from his jeans pocket, squirted lube on the rubber, smoothed it up and down his shaft, and that’s the way I found myself feeling a man’s cock, Anthony’s big, black dick sliding into me for the first time.

Since we had gotten to the room I felt like we were racing at warp speed to my further degradation, then it all slowed down. Anthony buried his cock in me to the hilt, his wiry pubic hairs scruffing in the crack of my ass, his pendulous balls, still full, or at least refilling with cum, his rough, working man’s hand stroking my cock. He held still, leaned over my back, and whispered sweetly into my ear, “I love you man. I love your sweet, tight pussy. I’m gonna fuck you slow, make you cum while I fuck you. He pulled back slow as I groaned, not in pain but pure pleasure. Then he pushed back into me. Back and forth, slow, gently, he fucked my ass and stroked my cock.

He fucked me for a long time since I had just sucked him off. When he was ready to cum, he stroked my cock faster. I came in his fist, spilling my seed on the bedspread. My ass clenched and relaxed on his pummeling cock. He swelled, throbbed, pulsed and filled the rubber with his cum.

He pulled out of me with a plop. I turned around, pulled off the cum-filled condom and dropped it on the floor by the bed. I cleaned his cock with my mouth. He got hard again, put on another rubber, lubed it, entered me again with me on my back this time, Anthony holding my legs high and wide as he rode his cock back and forth in my gaping asshole.

We fucked and sucked the rest of the night. I was walking kind of funny on the job the next day, but looking forward to meeting Anthony for dinner, drinks and more sucking and fucking that night. We did for the next week. Then I went home to my loving wife and children, not worrying anymore about her inhibitions since I had Anthony to fulfill me any time I was in his town. I made sure to be there often, either working or on vacation. Anthony and I were just together last week, and we are planning to be with each other again in a couple of weeks. He has even started talking about doing a 3-way or some group things with me. Seems he has told some of his friends about us, and they are interested. I am too. So stay in touch for future stories of Anthony and me, Will, if you like this one. Feedback is good on my writing. Almost as good as feeding on a cock, your cock. So e-mail me.

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