Floin’s Adventures of the Flesh Ch. 05

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It was one of those damp cold dreary evenings that Britons know to be so frequent in their early winter, when Floin was escorted from training camp common barracks to the Spartan but warm hut of the training commander. He had been complimented well for so quickly taking to the soldierly arts. He hoped that this would be the night that he would be paired off with a brusque experienced soldier to be mated with until one or the other was killed in battle.

He was fascinated with the commander, for he was a color of dark burnished ebony or mahogany. He was probably a little shorter than was customary among soldiers, but with muscles and stretched limbs, tight with bristling energy. His comrades related that their leader hailed from a Numidian tribe of Africa who had been loyal to Hannibal in the Punic Wars of hundreds of years earlier. After the defeat of the Carthageneans, they vowed that they and their descendants would always come to the aid of peoples anywhere who resisted the heavy yoke of Roman oppression. This exotic foreigner was evidently greatly skilled and would order his student inferiors in a thick accent, words often interspersed with Latin and other unknown languages.

In fact, Floin took an interest in many of the other soldiers in encampment ~ interests and attractions that were unknown to him until that remarkable night at the famous stone circle only weeks earlier. It pleased him to catch brief sight of the exposed buttocks, lingums, and stones of his colleagues as they bathed briefly in the frigid waters of the nearby creeks and rivers. Some would wink back at him, knowing of the profoundly magical and transformative ritual that switched Floin to prefer men in pursuits of fleshly pleasure.

Instead of introductions in the company of a small party, Floin was astonished to enter through the low opening and stand to be greeted by the commander alone, not wearing a stitch of any garb. It was a very pleasing image for him although soon he learned that it would not be the company commander with whom he would be paired. “Welcome my novice friend and warm yourself by the fire.” The commander was seated smiling in his chair by the fire that burned in the center of his hut. “No doubt you are perplexed by my nakedness. Sit by the fire and learn of my intentions for you, and my privileges as your commander.” Floin crouched by the hearth.

“I will soon introduce you to a fine soldier and veteran of past conflicts. You will be his wife, but he will also provide you personal instruction for the field of battle. But as part of my agreements of training command with the fighting Britons, I can choose which soldiers to couple with and what women who live in near villages who suit my fancy. ” The naked dark man winked and continued a beaming grin. “I have chosen to sample you before I pair you off to a mate. No one, man or woman, has yet complained of my exploits to date. You Britons enjoy your pleasures of the flesh unreservedly. I can see you do novice, with your eyes so intent on my lingum.” The naked camp commander opened his legs and thrust his seat forward some in his chair to better expose his well formed man parts. Floin understood the gesture and eagerly placed himself seated on the floor facing the naked man, to intimately acquaint himself with the pursuit of such available flesh in such ways for the first time. With exploring fingers and hands he was able to arouse the exposed lingum to a proud raging horn in seconds. He was enervated by the pulsing heat of the living sasparilla root that twitched and flinched in his grasp.

His own horn throbbed with fervent desires in his soldier’s garment. He licked and suckled about the horn’s meaty texture,so firm in the long shaft, and more tender at the large head. With the salty ointment that leaked from the man slit, its saucy flavor compared favorably to the swelling lips of Gwyneth’s yoni. He was astonished that it had taken to this late time in his youth before he would appreciate such a magical delight, one that he would hunger for increasingly in future days.

The lean naked man moaned his approval of Floin’s attentions and intermittently gently direct Floin’s head down to be attentive with flicking tongue of the impressive walnuts that hung so langorously from his fulsome man sac. “Oh, my eager suckling friend, I know that in your vigors you would wish to taste my seed in my climax, but I would choose to enter you and sample your man yoni while my loins are still hot with lust. Remove your soldier’s garment and lie back on my sleeping satchel, naked and available for my advances.”

Floin was eager to comply. It pleased him to be watched as he stepped from his garment to reveal himself in his natural state, his own impressive horn swaggering with desire. At the intensely pleasurable suggestion of the moment, his “yearning cunt” squirmed with the need to be prodded open by insistent man flesh as he reclined and lay back on the satchel. He savored the moment when his now very personal but empty vessel would be filled and pumped by another’s heated man flesh Ankara bayan escort , for the first time since that night of great ritual at Stonehenge just weeks before. He threw up his legs and held them at the back of his knees so that his backside pucker was open and available in bawdy invitation.

The still seated man beamed and laughed at the gesture of such willing lascivious contact. “You prove my point that you Britons are always eager and ready in your engagements of flesh and pleasure.” In truth, he found Floin’s form to be very exciting. He relished the idea of rubbing against this young soldier’s obviously toned flesh and the abundance of hairs that sprung from his chest and mid-section. Those hairs that sprung in a circle around his deep-set navel and led in a narrow trail to plunge into a mature thicket of man bush sprouting even from the base of a thick proud horn, were so sensually pleasing to look at, he became giddy with desire.

The dark commander stood to lay himself on top of the white skinned soldier at his disposal, to feel the warmth and glow of his firm body and embrace him for a deep kiss. This was an art of magic for which Floin was well versed. He knew how to move his lips and tongue to affect the greatest pleasure. The kisses spread to necks, shoulders, chests, and nipples. Embracing hands explored thighs, firm buttocks and man parts. They found themselves with Floin’s legs raised and his posterior up and available once again. The dark man covered the length of his horn with spittle and tickled Floin’s squirning pucker with more yet. At last, Floin felt the pressure against his most intimate portal and felt the slightly cramping but nonetheless exquisite sensation of his backside tunnel have to stretch and open to grip the meaty heated horn advancing to its hilt up into needful bowels and visceral vitals beyond. Immediately the dark man who hovered over him began to stroke and Floin swooned to be pummeled so in the fitful ravishing. He unabashedly groaned and yelped his pleasure with the sharp impacts of each forward stroke. The commander moaned with the delight of the firm grip of moist spasming man yoni against his hungering horn.

Floin was completely naked, helpless, and vulnerable to his superior’s fierce lusts and yet he never felt so alive, never so bathed in the spirit of the gods and spirits as he was to that point. Floin was wrestled about without ever being completely detached from his pursuer. His legs were shuffled about and sometimes he was on his back, sometimes supine on his side, and sometimes facing down. Finally, while on his back and posterior raised, his partner in pursuit kneeling while pumping him, picked up the pace with great fierceness. and grabbed Floin’s horn with one hand to stroke with a firm grasp. He could feel the heat and tension build quickly in his stones, loins and the root of his horn, and yet his partner was reaming him to the point where he thought his insides would tear open. He could not help himself. He felt eruption of his loins and a blast of wet seed burst through the length of his horn and heatedly shoot from its small but flexed opening. Beyond his own scream of pleasure he heard his partner yell out the conviction of his own climax and Floin felt the flood of a great increment of wet seed squirt deep into his vitals. Surely this was the most splendid association between men ever devised by the gods. Floin silently offered a short prayer of fervent thankfulness for the inclination and opportunity to participate. The groans of passion abated and the two naked men of rugged build settled to heavy breathing, warm embraces, and intimate appreciative kisses.

Finally Floin’s superior in training spoke. “You are very excelled in the arts of coupling, Floin of the east. I see that the priest at Stonehenge worked his magic on you very well. I would take you for my wife myself, but there is a soldier who is more deserving than I who is in need of one to fulfill her wifely duties.” This time the commander smiled to himself. “Besides, there is a young lieutenant of mine who has fallen in love with a prostitute in one of the nearby villages. His wife has relied on me to fill the void of a husband’s coldness and she would be very jealous if I were take on a handsome soldier for a wife of my own.”

Floin switched to a more serious topic. “Why would I have to be the wife in this arrangement of men as a couple?”

The commander smiled in relaxation by a question he thought was unnecessary. “The deserving soldier is always awarded with another to serve as his wife. Their bonds of loyalty have always proved to be a valued fighting force for the regiments and communities.”

“But why not live together in love, friendship, and loyalty to our regiment and all tribes people as equals?” Floin secretly would have been happy to take on the role of wife, at least in the affairs of the flesh. He would relish the notion of always being the one to suckle his partner’s horn and have his back side yoni always available for penetration by the other soldier’s hungering Escort bayan Ankara horn. But he was intelligently sensitive to the politics of the arrangement. It would not suit his rank and standing as a soldier to be acknowledged so. If it was appreciated that he was an equal in a loving pair, he might advance in his career.

“Hee hee”. The commander let out a high pitched giggle. “You certainly learned some funny ideas at that academy you attended. Well, that would have to be an arrangement that was agreeable between the mate I award you to and yourself. There would be nothing I could do to advance that strange notion of yours.”

They both became aroused again by intimate and familiar caresses unrestricted in their applications. This time, Floin crouched over the dark man to maneuver his horn into his tight passage and skillfully wrest another portion of seed by seated motions.

As Floin dressed to return to his barracks that night, the commander told him he would be ordered to report to his new partner’s hut within a day or two.


It was a cold moonless night when Floin gathered his meager gear and headed off in the general direction of the hut that he was told would be his new home. The new partner he was assigned to meet him part way.


“Aye! It is I.”

“Follow me.”

Floin bent low after his host into another warm comfortable appearing hut with a blazing fire in the middle from which the smoke escaped through an open hole at the top as was customary. “Welcome to your new home. I am Cael of Cornwall. The appearance of the one who has been assigned to be my new wife pleases me. You have a good form.”

“As do you.” Floin could hardly conceal his admiration. His host was shorter than most , bright red hair of shorter length, pale blue eyes, but with broad shoulders and short muscled arms, wide hands, muscles bulged on his legs even bigger than about his torso.

“Well if you are to be my wife, I should inspect you closely. Remove your coat and all your garments.”

Again, Floin was so excited by the adventure of exhibiting himself in complete vulnerability to a fearsome and fierce soldier that he knew that his lingum would be stretched out to a straining horn by the time he was shorn naked of any means to defend himself.

As Floin undressed, Cael related that as part of a small contingent of Celtic soldiers in custody of the Romans as part of the truce, he had been reported that his first wife had been killed in a training accident. But it had been rumored that when Romans had found male consorts among the contingents, they had gang raped and tortured them. This is what he believed was the cruel cause of his partner’s untimely demise. Cael seethed with the need for revenge. Cael smiled when Floin was bereft of all covering. “Oh I see they have selected well. I see with the twitches of your damp and bulging horn, you are as agreeably excited by this arrangement as I am.” He signaled Floin to raise his arms and flail his limbs about in a gleeful dance so that he could see how his muscles and ligaments moved and stirred about the flesh of the body.

“All very nice, indeed. Now my friend, bend over that I may acquaint myself with the hole from which we will couple.” Floin did as he was told. He felt his new partner with unabashed familiarity grope his round firm buttocks and spread them open to expose his flexing pucker. He became giddy with excitement when he felt wet fingers explore thereabouts and even breech the tiny entry. “Oh I feel the strong grip in those parts that will clench my fat horn with many pleasures. It has been so long since I have coupled, help me remove all my garments. I have need to avail you of your wifely duties right away.”

As Floin fumbled to unfasten and strip away clothes for the desired nudity of his new partner, he planted his lips for magic kisses to the shorter but broad man. Cael moaned his approval and grabbed his new spouse with a bear hug. He later related to Floin that other soldiers when bathing at river’s edge would call him “Cael Bear” for his bearing and the coat of soft red hair about much of his form. There was nothing in Cael’s nudity that disappointed Floin. His horn was short but brutish in its thickness, like a short ham bone with succulent hot meat all about. Again, Floin’s hind yoni was triggered to squirm for needful contact and opening by the man part that would be such an important focus of their passionate affections.

It was as if the spirits of passionate love passed the same intuition to both naked men in their bawdy maneuverings. Floin instinctively bent over with posterior raised to accentuate the availability of his yoni. After wetting both his horn and the pucker of his new conquest with copious amounts of spittle, Cael plunged his throbbing fat horn into the firm grip of Floin’s twitching portal of loving bonds, much to the great satisfaction of new lovers. The powerful standing man thrilled to the heat that surged through his loins in a sustained heated rapturous climax, Bayan escort Ankara forced flows of great increments of his wet seed deep into Floin’s receptive viscera. They slept together that night, two soldiers of rugged manly form, in warm naked embrace under broad animal skins. Despite the cold nights that frosted snow bound Britain that winter, these two soldiers warmed each other intermingled in such loving lust and slumber.

Mostly Floin would lie in a spread out and availing wifely supine manner to receive the form of his pulsating needful naked lover, but later they would experiment in the manner they would position themselves both for the ravishing of Floin, but also that he may suckle his master’s horn to prompt seed of an earthy and fecund flavor. It was all a very loving and passionate adventure, but Floin knew he had to diversify the relationship that he would no longer be the wife, but relate to Cael in the flesh as equals.

“You would have me switch to be taken and pummeled as a wife?” Cael’s tone was one of more astonishment than offense. “Do I not allow you the need for release from your scalding loins as I ravish your yearning hole?”

“Your physical attentions to me enthrall me with excitements perhaps unknown to the gods. But I am just suggesting we switch off our situations in activity of male and female from time-to-time, such that neither of us is ‘wife’, but devoted lovers in all respects and standing. You often compliment me for the breadth, length, and general form of my man’s horn. I can show you what magical pleasures it can bring you, even though you have never been used to succumbing to one’s spells.”

Cael had grown to trust the loyalty of Floin implicitly. He had become convinced of an unbreakable bond between them. He responded in thinking that his new love was still given to a reckless liberality in the pursuits of youth. “You never completed your obligations to your academy for expertise in such affairs. How could I be confident that you could affect my lusts in this way that it could bring continued bliss and happiness between us? Even if my heart and flesh were desirous, I am a soldier of reputation and could never consent to be another man’s consort for reception.”

“You told me your last wife was accomplished in soldiery and others here have spoken to me of his good reputation. I am not at all asking that you become a consort to me as wife, but only as receptive lover in the occasional female manner. It is true I am not an experienced practitioner of such healing and magic, but I know enough to be a good judge of others who are.”

The loving soldiers spoke no more of the matter for many days, but in their activities of heated intimacy, Cael became secretly curious as to the experience of having all the bawdy and lascivious things done to him with Floin’s appealing and meaty horn, that he afflicts on Floin.


During a spring like break in the winter weather, word came back to the camp that small contingents of Roman soldiers had raided undefended villages in Cornwall, Cael’s lands. Spies had arrived at camp to inform on the location of the Roman encampments bent on terrorizing the inhabitants thereabouts for their refusal to work in the tin mines. The commander met with Cael and other lieutenants to plan on an expedition to disperse the small encampments.

A party of about 4 score men were deployed in the effort in hopes of fulfilling their mission before the return of wintry climes. They trundled quickly south, avoiding all best known roads and trails and stuck to single file along paths adjacent to field stone walls. Cael and other men of Cornwall knew the roads there and the party of soldiering Britons advanced stealthily from camp to camp. Scouts moved quickly and the word among the many surviving villages spread that all individual Romans at market and on the roads could be killed or disarmed. For months thereafter Romans lost supervision of the mines. Most of them were killed but prisoners were handed over to the villagers. There, surviving captives would be brutalized in a public spectacle. They would be stripped naked, bound, and gagged and the women had the freedom to beat each one with switches about his thighs, buttocks, and man parts. A priestess would then invoke blessing from the war gods before castrating each one. Allowed to rest for a month for their wounds to heal, they would be pressed to service on behalf of the communities or sold into slavery, outfitted only in ill-fitting gowns of sackcloth.

The soldiers while resting for a few days to provision for the march north back to camp and warm hut, Floin made inquiries among the locals and arranged to meet with a priest from the Druid alters of Truro, of impeccable reputation but also disposed to attraction to other men in the affairs of the flesh. He assured both Floin and Cael that he could arrange all the best potions and spells that in the bonds of love between the two men that Cael would be eager to receive Floin’s advances in a female manner. But he also advised that in view of impending difficult times for Celtic peoples everywhere, they should endeavor to seek out a fertile concubine in triune intimacy, that she may bear them children skilled in the ways to advance the fortunes of their people for posterity.

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