Flow of Passion Ch. 02

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I landed again in US on business. My love Flo had given standing instructions to me to contact me as soon as I landed. I had done that and she had fixed an evening for us together. She had booked tickets for a very hot film at a nearby cinema hall. After the film we were to return to Flora’s house where she had planned our dinner. Naturally a stormy lovemaking night was to follow our dinner. I could finish my business meeting early and joined Flo at the cinema hall where she was waiting for me. We hugged and kissed and few minutes later went inside the hall.

The film sure was very hot and there were a lot of lovemaking scenes. Flo and I became very horny. I felt her through her sheer dress. I squeezed her big breasts and pinched her nipples. Flora was really excited. She leaned to show to other viewers as if she was whispering something. But in fact she kissed me with her lovely wet lips. Gradually her hand went to my fly. She opened it and took my inflated cock in her hands and started massaging. I too lifted her short dress and sought the divine place between her legs. She wore thinnest panty which was just a little more than a G-string. I could feel her wet pussy. The sticky cum on the lips of her cunt made me even more horny. I licked her pussy juice like a greedy honey-bee devours nectar from a flower.

We somehow managed to refrain from going the full length. I did not want to make anything in the hall messy. We were so aroused that I was sure that we would have a nice suck-lick and fuck session before Flora made dinner.

We came out of the hall and started walking towards Flo’s house. It was about seven minute’s walking distance. Flo was clinging to me like a creeper to a tree. I could even smell her pussy juice and was afraid once in the house she would jump on me like a tigress and make violent love.

Just a small distance before we reached her home a shabby couple blocked our path.

“Hey, you kind man–why don’t you help us. We ain’t have had food for some days,” the man shabby man said. Apparently the couple was homeless and needed help.

We looked at each other. The couple though shabby looked as if they had seen better days. Apart from their shabby appearance they looked decent.

“I think we should share some food with them–they look decent but poor,” I whispered to Flo.

“If you say so. They don’t look like thugs. Let’s see,” Flo replied in whisper.

“Look, Maam, we wish no harm. All we seek is some food and kindness,” the woman said this time. She was of average height and quite fair. She had blue penetrating and convincing eyes. The guy was tall and would have looked handsome if he had better clothes. His name was Tom and his companion’s name was Jessica. I got a feeling that Jessica was fancying me and Tom was awed at the voluptuousness of Flora. His eyes wandered at times towards Flora’s huge jugs and dwelled at times over her big, nice bums.

We decided to take them home and treat them with some food. A minute before we entered Flora’s house there was a big shower and before we could do anything we were fully drenched. Fully wet, all of us entered Flora’s house.


We entered my house and I immediately attempted to make everyone comfortable. Soon everyone was nice dry and toasty. She sent Tom and I to the guest bedroom with two comfortable sets of sweats to dress in and she took Jessica to her bedroom, where they disrobed and slipped into warm robes.

As Tom disrobed I noticed the size of his package. Even soft, Tom’s dick was still hanging down at least four inches. For a moment, Savin felt trepidation, but soon remembered how much his plus sized lover loved his cock. He recalled fucking every hole she had during his visit to Memphis.

He wondered if Flora would be willing to ride such a bigger cock. He’d love to watch Tom fuck her. And if his reaction to her at the airport was any indication, Savin would get his wish.

Savin and Tom walked over to Flora’s bar and Savin poured them a drink. The two men chatted while they waited on their won=men. The women were taking a bit long and they began to wonder what was keeping them. Soon the women joined them each with a glow indicating they’d had a good fuck.

Flora and Jessica went to Flora’s bedroom to change. When Flora took all of her clothes off, Jessica found her eyes glued to her clean shaven pussy. She’d never seen a woman that had shaved before.

“Savin likes it shaved, so do I. It makes getting ate out so much better.

Jessica stammered, “I’ve never, shaved.”

“Oh, do you want to shave. Tom might like it. ” For a suggested. Her pussy warming at the thoughts that were swirling around in her head.

So Jessica undressed. A huge unruly bush of thick blonde hair. I immediately led Jessica into the bedroom. She had her to sit on the toilet, sliding forward and spread her legs. Taking a small pair of scissors, I trimmed away most of the thick blonde bush.

Then I touched her cebeci escort pussy. She was wet. The young girl was turned on from me trimming her puss. She had the prettiest pussy, and I could not wait to see it bare.

Very gently I applied a creamed to the remaining hairs and took my time shaving her cunt clean. Once all of the hair was removed. I had her to move to the shower where I used my magic wand to wash her pussy off.

Her pussy was beautiful, all pink and soft and it smelt so good.

Taking my fingers, I spread her pussy lips apart. My pussy was throbbing at this point. But I needed to sample her sweetness. You see, I have always wanted to taste another woman, and it seemed I’d get my chance.

So slowly I rubbed her pussy, feeling her hot cum cover my hands.

“Jessica, can I” I pleaded.

“Yessss” she hissed. I had her to sit on the side of the tub, spread her legs, and buried my face in her crotch.

First, I licked her pussy lips, tongued her hole, and flicked her clit. Jessica vibrated under the machinations of my tongue. Then I latched in to her clit and sucked like a babe drinking milk from his mom’s tit.

Jessica began to fuck my mouth furiously and I greedily drank the copious amount of sweet nectar that flowed from her body. I soon left her clit and decided to fuck her hot hole with my tongue. She tasted divine. Forgot about the men waiting for us.

Jessica lost control and almost fell. “On the floor, now” I growled.

Jessica lay on the floor and spread her thighs, and I continued my snack. Jessica managed to feel around and her hit little hand found its way to my fat pussy. She rubbed me as I ate her out. “Stick your fingers in me,” I hissed. She did and she fingered me as I ate her out. Soon I felt my cunt clench onto her eager fingers and her hotbox gave me even more juice to drink.

Laying next to each other panting, I asked, “So, do you like shaving?” She laughed and we threw on our robes and went to join the men.

Both men looked at us strangely when we joined them in the den.


Before the girls came to the room I had asked Tom to bathe. He asked me to join and I did. It was my first time that I was naked in front of another male. I was a bit shy but Tom made me relax. He looked at my small tool while in the shower and said, “That’s your boner–kinda compact!” I looked at his penis. It was big–real big. I suddenly became worried about Flo. If this huge dick goes by chance in Flora’s cunt it might just tear her twat. Tom assured me–“you needn’t worry chum, compact things are good–better to handle. I’m sure your broad there likes your boner!!” and he laughed heartily. He even handled my cock for a while and asked me to feel his. Of course that was that. We did not do anything further. Neither Tom nor me were gay or bisexual but he sure made me unwind. We dried ourselves and put on the robes given by Flora and sat on the bed waiting for the girls.

The girls came almost dancing. I was happy but worried if Flo found love in Jessica she might lose interest in me. But on the other hand I knew she loved me very much and this could just be an adventure.

“Come on–let’s go to the kitchen. I will warm the food and we will eat,” Flora said and took my hand. I felt her hand warm. I could see through the negligee she was wearing. It nicely showed her big boobs and her clean shaven cunt too. Then I looked at Jessica. She too wore a thin pink negligee. She had small boobs but with very pointed nipples–maybe she was aroused. Her pussy was lovely pink and I thought her clit was big and protruding. I was embarrassed when I looked at her face. She was looking directly at me and smiling. She even winked. She probably fancied me.

We came into the kitchen. Flo put something in microwave. Jessica was making some salad and looked at me and said, “Hey, Sav–can you help me?” I came forward and joined her. She asked me to pluck a few cherries from a bunch. She rubbed her side on me and my cock stirred. Jessica asked, “Do you like cherries?”

I said, “Yes, I do.”

She teased me saying, “Do you want to eat one right now?”

Perplexed I said, “Why not?” But Jessica did not give the cherry to me. Instead she lifted her negligee, parted her legs and inserted the cherry carefully into her clean shaven pussy.

“Now take me to the table and suck the cherry by your mouth. Don’t use your hand!”

I was delighted. It never occurred to me that we were into some kind of game.

Tom said, “How can I be idle. I would like to help ma’am!”

“Don’t call me ma’am. I am Flora–Flo!” Flo turned around and looked at Tom. In the process her negligee which was not buttoned at the front parted and one of her big boobs showed. Her brown nipple challengingly protruded in the air. Tom rushed forward. His robe also parted and showed his huge cock. For a moment Flora’s eyes widened with awe.

Tom came close to Flora. She asked a similar çeşme escort question like Jessica. “Do you like cheese in pasta?”

“Yes, maam–sorry-Flora.”

“Then take some out of this tin,” she handed over a tin to Tom.

“Would you like to taste some before I put it in pasta?”

“Oh yeah. Why not!” said Tom. And he started taking out a piece from the tin to put to his mouth.

“No, no. Not like that. Look at what they are doing.” Flora pointed her finger towards me. I was busy in licking and trying to suck the cherry from Jessica’s slit. Jessica stopped me suddenly.

“What, Jessica?”

“Call me Jess. And before you suck the cherry from my cunt, you will have to suck this cherry,” Jessica put her finger on her oversized clitoris which was bulging out really like a cherry. I was delighted.

“Use some juice from my cunt to cover that cherry,” Jessica commanded.

“Yes, Jess,” I replied and proceeded to lick and suck her lovely pink and red throbbing clit. Jess moaned loudly in pleasure.

On the other side of the table Flora had removed her negligee. She asked Tom to put some cheese on her nipples. Tom rubbed some cheese on her already erect dark brown nipples. He spread a large amount on each nipple over the areoles in such a way that a thin yellowish white layer of cheese was adhering to Flora’s huge nipples.

“Now, Tom–be kind and eat all that cheese. Please take your time–we are not in a hurry!”

I was sucking Jess’ clit and cunt while Tom was licking cheese off Flora’s nipples. When finally Jessica writhed in a climax arching her back and jutting her pussy high up in the air, I moved my mouth to her widened dripping cunt. I cupped my lips on her labia and created vacuum in her cunt by sucking in the air from it. With a popping noise the cherry hidden in her cunt jumped into my mouth.

At the same time Flora was almost dancing on the table lying down enjoying the suck of her boobs. She was whispering, “Baby, you are directly getting processed cheese from a place where you get milk. Oh my God. Don’t stop!”

She put her fingers into her slippery frothing cunt and started fucking herself rapidly. With a big groan she collapsed on the table with a great heave of orgasm.


Having Savin watch me cum at the machinations of another man was enough to send me into orbit.

I greedily drank Jess’s juices as I watched to see what Tom would do next.

“Stop, let me.” Tom told Flora replacing her hand with his, and he fingered her weeping cunt.

This excited me and I was soon driving Jess to another orgasm as my dexterous tongue danced on her clit and slit.

Soon, Jess told me to stop. Flo told Tom to stop. Both women stood and removed their thin negligees. Flo checked the pasta and it was ready so she placed it in the warmer then she joined Jessica.

Both ladies adjourned to the bedroom and sat on the bed.

As a beautiful Nubian goddess, Flora, explained to us what was about to happen.

The four of us would fuck. We were going to form a human fuck chain..

Flora had Tom to lay on his back and Jess straddled him in a reverse cowgirl position sitting on his cock. This felt her pussy open with her huge clit sitting on top.

I would take position behind Flora as she sucked Jessica’s clit while Tom fucked her. She would set the timer and we’d switch.

I then would lay on the bed as she rode my dick, while Jessica sucked her clit as Tom fucked Jessica doggie style.

When the time was up this time, we’d do a modified 69. I’d eat out Jessica, while she sucked Tom’s big cock, who’d eat out Flora as she deep throated my cock. We would look like a big O, which is what we wanted to reach, the big O.

So our game began. Tom’s huge cock stood straight up, but was slightly crooked. I noticed my love starting longingly at this and for a moment had a brief instance of self doubt.

I know my tool is small, but she has always assured me it was perfect for her.

Jessica sat on his cock and I was amazed as she took him all in without hesitation.

Soon Jessica started riding Tom as, my lover Flora, dived face first in her hot snatch.

I got behind Flora and decided to tongue her beautiful brown asshole. She moaned as I gave her puckered brown hole a deep tongue kiss.

Then instead of fucking her pussy, I wanted a piece of her ass. I gently pushed my hard dick deep inside her ass and the four of us spent time slowly fucking.

I loved the sight of Jessica’s clean shaven cunt sucking in Tom’s thick rod.

Savin pounded Flora’s ass, and soon time was up and they switched.

Savin lay back, spread his legs and had his big beautiful lover to mount his prick. Her pussy was so wet he had no problem slipping in side. Tom looked at Flora’s fat shaved pussy and knew that he had to fuck her. He couldn’t wait to have her slide up and down his thick long pole.

Soon I was grinding my pussy cim cif yapan escort on Savin’s dick, as Jessica began to feast on my thick clit.

She sucked it like it was a small cock. Driving Flora crazy causing her pussy to flood even more.


This continued till there was big gusto of almost simultaneous orgasm and everyone fell on the bed with contented exhaustion. A little later Flora rose and started for the wash-room. I stopped her in her tracks and asked, “Darling Flo, where are you going?”

“To the bathroom,” she said a little perplexed.

“What for?” I asked.

“To wash this!” She pointed to her cunt which was all messed up with cum. It had become slithery with rundowns of my cum mixed with her cum.

“Wait! You don’t have to do that. Ask Tom to do the job. He will lick it clean.”

“Now that’s a good idea, baby,” Flora said and pulled my cock teasingly. Tom stirred and jumped in front of Flora. Flora stood with one foot on the floor and the other on the bed. She spread her legs a little wider and pushed her lovely cunt forward. Tom started slurping the cum like an obedient dog. First he cleaned the surrounding area, then her pussy lips. Finally he pushed his tongue deep inside and rotated his tongue to clean the insides. He appeared to like the taste of cum but Flora stopped him and said, “Don’t be so selfish—give some to me too!”

Tom put his finger inside Flora’s cunt and revolved his finger deep. A spoonful of cum was on his finger. He offered his finger to Flo who greedily devoured it and said, “It’s quite yummy!”

Jessica moved a little and opened her eyes and winked at me. She said, “Sav, this is injustice. You have to do that to me too!”

She lay on the bed with her legs wide open. I put my head between her legs and licked her shaved pussy clean. I shoved my tongue inside her pin-red pussy and tasted the mix of cum. Suddenly there was a salty and sour taste on my tongue and I realized that Jessica was becoming horny again. She was secreting fresh pussy juice and I found it was a lot tastier than the cum-mix.

“Sav, I am not doing anything. Give me your cock for a bit of tasting!” Jessica begged. I did a 69 and jess started sucking my cock. My cock was still placid but it had started oozing a little pre-cum. Jessica loved it and was hungrily sucking at my cock. At one stage she even pulled my cock like a milkman does to the udder of a cow.

We all finished our jobs and went to the kitchen and had our food. The pasta and salad were lovely. Flora served some ice-cream with chocolate sauce as dessert and we all enjoyed our food.

We sat relaxed in the drawing room and still had those robes and negligees on us. As I could see Jess’s lovely boobs and cunt through the transparent garb I felt stirring in my loins. I saw around. Flora was looking greedily at Tom’s crotch. I decided it was time. I rose and declared, “I am horny and fancy Jess at the moment. I think she too wants to enjoy sex with me. I am going to the other room with her.”

“And I think I am going to fuck Flo here. She is already drooling,” Tom declared pointing out at Flora’s pussy which was already wet.

“Yes. That is all right but no one is leaving the room,” Flora declared. “Everyone fucks in this room.”

She slid down the sofa somewhat at pushed her cunt forward. The slippery wide open cunt was very inviting. The lips were parted and the red orifice was wet with sticky white lube. Tom kneeled and Flora put her legs on his shoulders. Now her cunt was all ready to receive Tom’s cock. Tom slipped his huge tool in Flora’s cunt and started moving it backward and forward. Flora was smiling like a schoolgirl and assisted him by gyrating her hole to a rhythm.

Here Jessica put her hands on the back of the sofa and knelt down. Her beautiful butt with pink wrinkled shit hole looked lovely. Below the creases of her butthole was her pink pussy with protruding inviting thick lips. She was dripping with juices. I threw my robe aside and put my erect cock from behind. Jessica moaned with pleasure. “Sav, go slow. I want to enjoy for a long time.” I accepted her plea and slowly started moving my cock in her pussy gently.

Flora and Tom as well as myself and Jessica fucked for quite some time. We all were cumming almost at the same time when Flora shouted, “Don’t cum Tom and you too Sav. We are changing positions.” She move away from Tom and came to me and pulled my cock from Jessica’s cunt. She took my erect penis in her hands and said, “Oh my lovely, lovely Savin’s cock. I don’t want to give your sex-elixir to anybody else. I am too selfish about this, Savin.” After saying this she started sucking my cock vigorously and I jetted all my semen in small bursts into Flora’s waiting mouth. She ate all my cum with so much love that I was convinced that whatever the adventure she was mine and would always remain my lover.

On the other end of the couch, Jessica was doing the same with Tom. She fucked Tom for a while before sucking his cock and swallowing all his cum.

We spent that night enjoying all varieties of sex games. After having coffee and breakfast in the morning with us Tom and Jessica bid good-bye with a promise to return in a few days to have some more fun.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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