For Just a Little While Ch. 02

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Just for a little while.

We hadn’t been away, just the two of us, for several years. We thought a trip to the Caribbean would do us some good. We just didn’t know how good!

We arrived at the resort around 7pm. It more than lived up to its billing! (I would certainly hope so at the cost!) Anyway, we had a nice dinner, a couple glasses of wine and then some pretty hot sex before falling asleep. With Sue riding on top of me, seemingly close to climax, I put my hands on her ass and mentioned the possibility of her finally losing her virginity on this trip! This was in reference to the hot wife fantasy that had been dominating our bedroom activity for several years. It had started as my fantasy, but it had definitely grown into hers just as much as mine! When she’s close, if I softly whisper something about meeting a very fit guy with washboard abs and a long thick cock, I could pretty much guarantee pushing her over the cliff every time! This night was no different! The trip was off to a good start!

The next morning after breakfast we went on a very relaxed and casual snorkeling excursion arranged through the resort concierge, to explore a local reef. There ended up being only three of us and the guide. The third was an older gentleman from California, and by himself due to his wife being called back home for some type of corporate emergency. I must say he was quite charming and very funny! The reef was absolutely amazing! Steve, the older gentleman, seemed to be able to hold his breath for really long periods of time. Even our guide was impressed. He was pretty knowledgeable about different species as well but was also happy to listen to the guide and learn from him too. It wasn’t until we got out of the water and were standing on the beach, that my wife first noticed that his white swim trunks were almost totally see thru when wet. She gave me an “OMG are you seeing this” look, and as I looked, I realized what she as alluding to and it was hard to miss. Although at least ten years older than us, he was very fit, (still running half marathons we later learned) and his obviously very large cock was clinging to the material of his white trunks so he might as well have been completely naked! Sue started giggling and Steve started laughing at her laughing, not knowing why he was laughing. All of a sudden we were all laughing. Finally, still chuckling, Steve said, “What the hell are we laughing about?”

To which my wife said, “Didn’t you say you were in advertising?”

He said “Well, yeah, I was, why?!”

Laughing even harder she pointed at his crotch and said, “It looks like you are still advertising!!”

It was really funny! The guide didn’t have a clue what was going on. Steve actually turned a little bit red and picked up a towel and wrapped it around himself as he apologized for his accidental exhibitionism. But, the three of us were all laughing hysterically. We said good bye to our guide and headed back up the beach and to the pool area. It was now almost noon and Steve asked us if he could buy us lunch to make up for his little indiscretion. Then the jokes started to fly!

“I’ve seen a few indiscretions in my day Steve and I wouldn’t call that a little one, that’s for sure!”, quipped Sue.

Sue was really enjoying herself! I don’t think I’d seen her this relaxed in years. Of course she also knew that openly flirting with this guy was gonna pay big dividends for her when we got back to our room. She knew full well she was making me crazy!

So she continued, “Just how big is that indiscretion Steve?”

We were all laughing so hard the waitress started laughing without even knowing what she was laughing about! It was a trend!

She said, “Glad to see you are all having a good time.”

We finally were able to communicate our lunch order and soon it was on the way along with our first round of margaritas. The next couple hours breezed by. Lots of sexual innuendo and lot’s of flirting between Steve and Sue, along with multiple margaritas. Steve jumped in and out the pool several times and in a joking fashion was kind of flaunting his cock in front of my wife and I could tell, she was loving it!! She couldn’t take her eyes off it. But at the same time Steve also kept telling me how lucky I was, and how gorgeous Sue was as they talked about all the different things they did to keep fit. There was definitely a connection. The flirting was more and more open as the day went on.

Steve asked me if Sue had any white bikinis?

I said, “You mean see thru like yours Steve?”

He just laughed and said, “I’m sorry Josh, I just can’t help myself! Look at her! God!”

Sue said, “How would your wife feel about that Steve?”

“Oh she would whole heartedly agree with me Sue! She would be flirting with you more than I am.”

That actually made Sue squirm in her lounge chair! Sue was really turned on! And so was I. This was fun! The margaritas kept coming, and Sue’s bikini top seemed to keep getting lower and lower. At one point after Steve hopped in and out of the çorum escort pool again, and was lying on his side facing Sue, she said, “My God Steve, you might as well just take them off!”

“I’m not sure the resort would approve Sue and i’m damn sure Josh wouldn’t approve!”

Sue looked right at me and said, “I don’t think Josh would mind one bit actually Steve.”

I was stunned that she just put that out there! I kind of stammered a quick, “We are on vacation!”

“Would you like me to take them off Sue,” Steve asked.

“Yeah I really would Steve, I dare you!”

Steve turned to me and said “Josh, she dared me?”

“A dare is a dare where we come from Steve!”

I wondered just how ballsy this guy was, and just hot hot Sue would be if he did it. I quickly got my answer.

Steve turned on his side facing Sue, facing away from me, and pulled his trunks up and completely exposed his cock to my wife.

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d actually…”

“You dared me!”

“I’m glad I did! It’s, it’s, it’s actually quite beautiful! Now put that beast away before we get kicked out of the hotel for God sakes!”

I think at that point Steve realized that this could actually lead to a lot more than just flirting! That maybe he could actually get into my wife’s pants. Or bikini, as was the case here.

Finally, around 4 o’clock, he was standing right in front Sue right after jumping in the pool again, and now he was clearly slightly hard and clearly really big! While looking at Sue, he just came out with it!

“Josh,” he got my attention. “Would you ever consider letting your gorgeous wife come up to my room with me for a little while? I’d kick myself if I didn’t ask.”

And there it was. Just sitting there for me to respond to. Blood surged to my cock and my stomach did backflips! I didn’t know what to say or what to do! I muttered a long “ummmm” and finally, “That would really be up to Sue Steve, not me!”

Sue looked at me, not believing I just took that bowling ball and tossed it right into her lap! All of a sudden we were in a who is gonna blink first situation! Now, I’m sure the margaritas had a lot to do with it, but Sue just stood up, grabbed her sun glasses and bag, reached out for Steve’s hand and asked “Just for a little while right?”

Steve waived his hand dismissively and said “Yeah, just for a little while.”

She looked back at me giving me one last chance to fold my cards!

“Just for a little while Josh?” The non verbal exchange between us was, if you don’t stop this, this guy is going to take up to his room and fuck my brains out with his huge cock, so speak now or forever hold your peace! (Or piece)

With my throat so tight I could barely get the words out, I shrugged, “Ok, if just for a little while, why not right? “

Sue raised her eyebrows and I noticed her nipples protruding through her bikini top like I don’t ever recall seeing before! The two of them turned and walked away, hand in hand. She threw me one last lustful look over her shoulder that said, OMG, I can’t believe we are actually doing this! She winked and playfully stuck her tongue out at me, and off they went. Holy crap!! A little while turned out to be two and half hours!

After an hour I started walking around the resort which wasn’t all that big. On the top floor, I walked all the way to the end of the hall when I heard it!

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God!”

“How’s that feel Sue?, You like that? Do you like that cock?”

“Fuck! Oh my God! So fucking good! So fucking big! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck my little pussy Steve! Oh my fucking God I’m gonna cum again!”

Holy shit!! I had never been so hard in my life.

“I’m gonna cum again too Sue! Are you ready for it? Should I pull out or cum in your pussy again?”

Wow! Again??

“Cum iiiiiin myyyyyyy fucking cuntttttttt!!,” Sue screamed!! She was cumming really fucking hard! I had never before heard her use the word cunt!!

I heard Steve grunting, knowing, he was right then depositing his second load of the afternoon, in my now, no longer a virgin, hot little wife!

There was suddenly some people at the other end of the hall. I had to pretend I was doing something other than listening to my wife getting fucked in the room I as standing outside of. I walked down the hall and headed back to our room. Wondering how long I’d have to wait, to reclaim my incredible and now fully, hot wife!

Finally!! I heard the key in the door. It opened and Sue closed it immediately behind her. She was breathing hard. She leaned back against the door. She said nothing, just looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I knew I needed to speak.

“That was quite a little while,” I said smiling.

“You ok?”, I added.

“I’m really good, are you ok?” She smiled back raising her eyebrows.

“I heard you!”

“What? What do you mean? When?”

“I think maybe about an hour after you left the pool. I took a guess and rode the elevator up to the top floor. And çukurambar escort then I walked down to the end of the hall.”

“Really?”, her breathing got heavier. She put her bag down. Her wrap was gone and she continued to just stand there in her bikini. When she put her bag down I noticed that the material covering her butt on the back of her bikini was folded under on one side a little bit. I found this incredibly erotic. It screamed to me that this bikini had been off and had only recently been put back on and without great care at that.

“So…did you like what you heard?” she asked.

I pulled back the covers of he bed, exposing my hard as steel cock. “What do you think”, I asked.

“Oooh, I think you heard something you liked but I don’t know what it was”, she was breathing even heavier. Her breasts rising and falling while still leaning up against the hotel room door. Torturing me!

“Do you want to tell me what you heard? How long did you listen for?”

“Just for a little while”, I smiled.

She beamed back at me! “Oh, I see! And just what exactly did you hear in that little while?”

“Umm, I’m pretty sure I heard Steve ask you if you wanted him to cum in your pussy…again?”, I added for emphasis.

“Ahh, sounds like you may have heard the end of round number two,” she replied as she grabbed the string on the side of her bikini bottom and started pulling at it.

“And how did I respond my love?”

She pulled the string completely and her bikini bottom dropped to the floor. I looked closely at her precious pussy. It was clearly red and swollen. She was sauntering towards me. I could see a very fine string hanging from her. She felt it just as I saw it. She reached down between here legs and attached that bit of cum to her finger and seductively put her finger in her mouth and sucked it like a cock. She climbed up on the bed and straddled me.

“Hmmm? Did you happen to hear my response honey?”

She started lightly grinding her pussy on my rigid cock. I was trembling.


“I think I heard you tell him to, I’m not sure because you may have been having an orgasm, but I think you told him not to pull out and that you wanted him to cum in your…cunt, …again!”

“Fuck! Oh my God, I was so bad honey. I was such a naughty little slut for his cock. His HUGE fucking cock!,” she held her hand up in a C indicating that her hand didn’t can me close to wrapping all the way around his girth. “I hope you are ok with that honey. Are you ok with that?”

She sensed I was gonna cum if she slid her leaking sloppy pussy over my cock any more. She started inching her way up toward my chest. Her pussy leaving no a trail of cum along the way.

“As long as you had fun, I’m very ok with it!”

“Oh I had fun babe. I had a LOT of fun!”

“Well I know you had fun at least twice, but just exactly how many times did you have fun?” I asked her.

She kept inching her way up my body. She reached for the headboard. Her pussy now just inches from my face.

“Are you asking me how many times Steve fucked your wife Josh?”


“You want to know how many times his huge cock stretched out my tight little pussy and fucked it until it shot all that hot cum deep inside me?”

“Fuck yes, tell me, I can’t take it!”

“How bad do you want to know?”

Inching higher.

“So fucking bad!”

“Bad enough to stick your tongue out right now?”

Omg she was gonna fuck my face with her sloppy cunt. I was so hot and turned on I willingly stuck my tongue out as her knees were now by each of my ears. She started gently rubbing her pussy on my tongue. She tasted very different. She reached back and lightly grazed my cock with her nails as she rotated her hips, my tongue now attacking her cunt. Yes cum was flowing out of her. She then reached down and grabbed my head. She held my head so she could put my tongue exactly where she wanted it. I had never had my face fucked quite like this before. She was an animal and I loved it. She was getting close!

“Three times Josh,” she was gonna cum fast I realized, “three fucking times and I must have had 10 fuuuckinggggg orgasms on that cock. I fucking loved it Josh, I loved it sooo much. I have a confession babe, I love big cock, I have always loved big cocks. Thank you for today, it was fucking amazing. You are fucking amazing. I love you so fucking much ahhhhhhhhh!”

Jesus! I could barely breathe, she was smothering me while cumming again. The harder she came the more cum came out of her. It was all over my face and in my mouth.

“Eat his cum Josh. Eat that cum from my married little unfaithful used pussy!”

I couldn’t take it any more! I reached up and grabbed her by the waist, taking her by complete surprise. I flipped her on to her back and got between her legs.

“I want my pussy back now!” As I shoved my cock into her cunt in one shot. She was so loose and sloppy, I slid right in. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. ankara escort I felt like I could get my whole cock and balls into her. She was opened right the fuck up! I pounded her, banging her clit with everything I had. She was screaming as I finally emptied my balls into her pussy in the best orgasm of my entire life. I felt it in my whole body!

As we came back down to earth, we kissed knowing we were sharing a three way kiss as Steve’s cum was all over us. As we started to drift off to sleep, I asked her where her wrap was? She said she must have left it in in his room. She said she could just go get it tomorrow! Get what I asked? She laughed at the obvious insinuation. I then asked her if she knew how long Steve was here for? As she snuggled up to me, with her wet pussy on my leg, she smiled up at me and said “just for a little while”.


The next morning, we woke up a little groggy but as soon as the memory of the day/night before hit us, we were all over each other. Sue put my hand between her legs and said “He’s still leaking out of me!”

“Ahh, some of that is me remember?”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. You reclaimed me like a wild man last night!”

“Are you sore?”

“A little I think from you at the end. You fucked me really hard!”

“Well you certainly did a good job teasing me when you got back here. I had several hours of pent up energy whereas you …”

“Had several hours of big cock!”

“Yeah that. I’m surprised you aren’t sore from that?”

“I guess I am too but all the sex we had was really slow. He really took his time. The first time we went down on each other, he got me so wet before trying to put that thing in me.”

“So you sucked his big cock? You didn’t mention that last night,” I said smiling at her.

“Oh! I assumed you knew that when I told you how much of a slut I was in his room?”

“I’m not assuming anything cuz I like hearing about it so much!”

“Want me to show you how I sucked his cock honey?”

She slid down in the bed and held my cock in her hand.

“Now just imagine you were about three inches longer and about this thick,” she made that circle with her hand again.

She proceeds to lick up and down my cock and even take my balls in her mouth.

“Did you really put his balls in your mouth like that?”

“Yup. He asked me to, so I did. Do you like it,” she asked as she did it again.

“God yes, it feels amazing.”

“Steve really liked it when I did that and slid my hand up and down his big pole.”

I was close!

“I thought he was about to fill my mouth with cum when all of a sudden he got up and got between my legs. He put the head of his dick against my pussy and just played with it, rubbing the head in circles around my clit really softly until I had me first orgasm. After I came he started slowly easing his cock into me. He must have taken ten minutes to get it all the way into me. I felt sooo full. Stuff d to the brim with huge cock. I came over and over on it..”

At that point she started slowly sucking my cock, going all the ay down. Something she had never done before. It didn’t take me long after that to arch my back and explode in her mouth!

“Fuck that was incredible!”

“Well nice husbands that allow their wives to live out their fantasies should get rewards, don’t you think?”

“Fuck. Oh my God! Whatever you want babe,” I said totally out of breath.

She came up and kissed me and I was reminded of all the cum from the night before.

“Mmmm, I like kissing you with cum in my mouth!”

“I kinda like it too. It’s very ummm. “


I laughed, “Yes. Taboo.”

“Lot of taboo on this trip so far,”she winked at me and got up o shower.

An hour later we were having breakfast when Steve walks up and sits down at our table and just starts talking like we are old friends and nothing unusual happened the day before. He had plans to paddle board to a remote beach and asked us if we’d care to come come along. One look at Sue and I knew we were going! We decided we’d meet in another hour and before leaving he stopped and said to me, “You are one lucky bastard Josh!”

“So I hear!”

He turned ro my wife, “Sue did you kiss and tell?”

“Every last detail Steve!” She said winking at him.

“Well that must have made for an exciting night for you two! I’d say this vacation has taken a fantastic turn for the better for all of us!” He squatted down so he could be a little discreet. “Have you guys done anything like that before?”

We both laughed and said, ” Not even close!”

“God you are getting me excited again!”, he almost whispered.

Sue reached her hand down and put it on Steve’s crotch and looked at me.

“Yup, there is no mistaking that, he is getting excited Josh!”

Holy shit!

She reached over and put her hand on my lap, looked at a Steve and said “You both are, and I just finished giving Josh a blowjob less than an hour ago! My God what do they put in the water down here?”

“It’s viagra Sue,” Steve joked. (Or so I thought. Steve had bought a bunch of it the day before at the local pharmacy that sells it over the counter I found out later)

“Ok what now,” I asked wondering if the sex was about to start already.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32