Forbidden Lust

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Hello again, I have yet another erotic story to share with you all. As you may recall, I had a torrid affair with one of the sweet young divorcees in my neighborhood. There are several very sexy lonely women, but this particular one that I spent so much time with had a teenage daughter. Well, this young lady matured very fast and when she turned eighteen, she was doing more than just turning heads.

This young lass is definitely following in her mother’s footsteps, I swear that on some nights, there are huge crowds of young men at her door wishing to court her favors. Her name is Tiffany and she is every bit of the seductress that her dear mother was. This sexy young girl is almost five feet – six inches tall, with brown eyes and long beautiful brown hair and weighs about ninety pounds soaking wet.

Tiffany is an absolutely beautiful female and she knows it, she has a drop- dead gorgeous smile and a very feminine voice and a sachet when she walks that could melt an iceberg. Not to mention her petite come and get me ass and the best part of her unbelievable anatomy is her legs that reach almost to her chest. Her breasts are still slightly underdeveloped for her age, but they are still admirable.

I always knew, even when she was young girl, that someday tiffany would be a world class sweetie. Tiffany was always very conscious of her appearance and her hygiene; she was always painting her nails and brushing her beautiful hair. And her teeth were always dazzling white when she smiled, which was almost always.

As I watched her blossom into an extremely attractive young woman, I noticed that she was also keenly aware of her sexuality and her powerful effect on males. Especially when I was having an affair with her mother, I sensed that she was a bit jealous of her mother having such a fabulous time dating and she was still too young to express her own sexual curiosity.

Needless to say, I thought about her often when her mother and I dated. On several occasions, I got the feeling that she had feelings for me beyond the friendship that I had established through my relationship with her mother. More than once, when I was at her mother’s house, she would dress so very provocatively that I was so turned on and her mother thought it was because of her that I was so passionate.


Well, to make a long story short, Tiffany’s mother and I ended our relationship several years after it began. We parted on amicable terms and we still see one another occasionally, just to hang out and talk. In fact, I was invited to Tiffany’s high school graduation party and had a great time.

In fact, it was at this party that Tiffany and I really got better acquainted with one another. It was a warm summer evening and most of her guests were partying in the back yard by the pool and I chose to sit on the front porch and enjoy a cold beer. Partly because her mother’s newest love interest and her mother were really getting into each other.

Tiffany sought me out and said she knew why I slipped away. I laughed and said yeah, I didn’t need to see her mom and boyfriend practically tearing at each other’s clothes. As I looked at Tiffany, I could see a slight sparkle in her eyes and I knew she was up to something mischievous.

So I asked her why she wasn’t in the backyard with her friends and she replied that she needed to talk to me about something very important. I was pleasantly surprised at what she had to say, Tiffany explained to me that she had tons of boyfriends, even a few guys a little older than herself and none of them really made her feel special. I asked her what she meant by special and she smiled wickedly and said you know, like you made my mom feel special when you guys were in her bedroom making all that noise. I was embarrassed and at a loss for a proper response, when Tiffany said don’t be modest, my mother said that t you were truly a skilled lover and you absolutely spoiled her for any other man.

Tiffany went on to say that her mom told her that for an older guy, I sure knew how to totally satisfy a woman. And since she was a young woman now and legal, that she would like to experience what her mother has with me. I couldn’t speak for a moment. Then without izmir escort warning, Tiffany placed her sweet sensuous lips on mine and kissed me.

My mind was going in a thousand different directions now and I did not know what the appropriate response should be from me. I know what my Psyche was telling me. And that was to grab this beautiful, sexy young girl and make a woman out of her. Tiffany just stared into my eyes and said I know that there is a huge age difference between us, but I am eighteen now and I know what I want.


I rationalized the situation by agreeing with her logic and I cautiously grasped her by the shoulders and kissed her passionately on the lips, while allowing my hands to explore that tight young body. Much to my delight, Tiffany returned the passion and expertly probed my crotch and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I was so overwhelmed with desire for this beautiful young woman, that I just grabbed her tight little ass and pulled into me and kissed her until we were both breathless.

When we caught our breath, Tiffany told me that none of the guys that she has ever dated had kissed her like that before. I thanked her for the compliment and momentarily stared lovingly into her gorgeous big brown eyes. At this point, I just wanted to admire her beauty because she truly was an amazingly attractive young woman and so very desirable in every way.

I still could not believe that she wanted me, I was far too old for her, this is what fantasies were made of. I asked her again why she thought that I could please her more than guys of her own age could. Tiffany explained to me that she had been sexually active since she was thirteen years old and that she gave her first blowjob when she was twelve. In spite of her promiscuity, she had never truly been satisfied from her experiences and after hearing her mother rave about my skills, she just knew that she had to find out for herself.

I promised her that I would do everything that I could to meet or exceed her expectations. Tiffany replied that our kiss was a good start. Upon that little bit of encouragement, I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips while placing my hands under her sexy black miniskirt and slowly Massaged her ass while we kissed. Her ass was so tiny that when I gripped her cheeks, my fingertips touched each other and she just pulled me into her even closer.

I could tell that she was wearing very cute black nylons with a small pattern on them and that she was wearing panties. I could hardly wait to undress her and savor every moment. Tiffany looked so hot and smelled so sinfully good that I was tempted to have sex with her right there in her front yard.

After a momentary lapse of my good judgment, I suggested to Tiffany that we find a more private place to continue exploring our new relationship and she happily agreed. So we straightened ourselves up and returned to the party and I excused myself after thanking Tammy for inviting me. Tiffany had agreed to meet me at her friend’s house in two hours and I could pick her up then.


Our plan was for me to pick her up and return to my house, park the car in the garage and enter my house through the back. This way there would not be any prying eyes to see us together as a couple. I was so turned on by this young vixen; I could hardly wait to see her again.

Two hours later, I pulled up in front of her friend’s house and she was waiting, right on time. As she was approaching my car, smiling so widely, I could only thank my lucky stars for such sexy young girl like her to have an affair with. Tiffany was looking so sweet, she had reapplied her makeup and she put on some very seductive red lipstick and her black mini skirt and nylons went perfectly with her pink satin blouse.

I would have to be crazy not to want this young girl and I was so thankful that she was eighteen or I would have definitely been in serious trouble. As soon as Tiffany opened the car door, I could smell her sweet perfume. I had told her earlier to freshen up, but she went all out, what a doll.

When Tiffany sat down next to me, she squeezed my leg and gave me a kiss and said she was looking forward to our rendezvous. alsancak escort It took every bit of restraint that I had not to just climb all over her right there. She was looking so hot I could hardly concentrate. As we drove back to my house, we were stopped by a freight train at a railroad crossing and I could not resist stealing a kiss from her. Tiffany just giggled and sucked my bottom lip As she clutched my balls with her hands.

I gently held her hand to my crotch and forced my hungry tongue between her pouty lips and practically touched her tonsils. All I could hear was a satisfied mmmmm, hmmm. And tiffany took her other hand and pulled my face so close into hers that our eyelashes were touching. She was kissing me with such fervor, that I thought she would suck the life right out of me. She was one very hot and naughty girl and I loved every minute of it.

We were so wrapped up in each other, we did not even realize that the train had passed and other vehicles were blowing their car horns for us to move along. We both were gasping for air and commented to Tiffany that she was a very good kisser for such a young girl and she replied that she had lots of practice. Although Tiffany said that none of the guys that she ever dated could kiss like me, she was almost afraid that I was going to swallow her tongue because I sucked her mouth so hard. But she loved every minute of it and told me she wanted more of that.


I promised her that I would not let her down, in fact I had big plans for her tonight. Tiffany then scooted so close to me in the front seat, I could feel her heart beating rapidly. I wanted her so badly, there was no way that I was going to disappoint her. When we arrived back at my house, I quickly backed the car into the garage and closed the door, before any of the neighbors spotted us. By now Tiffany was almost trembling with anticipation and before I could open my door to get out, she leaned over the top of me and started kissing me again with a fury. I immediately grabbed her petite waist and pulled her tightly to me and reached under her tiny skirt and put my hands under the leg band of her panties. Tiffany moaned with pleasure as I pushed her panties aside and placed two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. Almost instantly she tensed up and started having uncontrollable spasms while at the same time sucking my lips, face and neck uncontrollably. I just kept pushing my fingers in and out until she screamed with joy. I had to cover her mouth with mine to stifle her cries of joy. I said baby slow down, you might hurt yourself and she just said that she has never had an orgasm from just foreplay like that and never had such an intense orgasm so soon. I was flattered to say the least and I knew then that I had one hot little filly on my hands, literally. As Tiffany was still gasping and recovering from her first orgasm of the evening, I continued to gently roll her panties down her thighs. As I lifted each leg to remove her panties, I kissed her legs from her toes to her pussy and she was writhing in sheer pleasure. The look on this young woman’s face was priceless. At this moment, I just knew that this would be a night to remember for both of us for the rest of our lives. I took my time paying particular attention to Tiffany’s beautiful legs as I slowly inched her nylons down her sexy, skinny legs. From time to time, I would stop and kiss her panties as she just lay there smiling. After I had finished removing her nylons, I put her panties in my pocket and placed her ankles over my shoulders and began licking and nibbling at her pussy in earnest. Needless to say, I was so smitten by this young woman and I could hardly pace myself as I lapped furiously at her pussy. Tiffany began thrusting her hips wildly and scratching at my back like she was possessed. It took every bit of concentration on my part, not to spread her legs right there and mount her. She was so beautiful and when she was aroused like this, she was irresistible.


At this time, Tiffany was so excited, she began pulling my hair and my ears to force my mouth further into her and as I increased my pace intensely, she started gushing and bucking her hips wildly. buca escort I asked her if she was OK and all she muttered was ohhh, mmmnph, mnmnph, ahhhh, ohhhh and she began screaming that she was cumming. I quickly reached for her panties to cover her mouth because I was certain that the neighbors could hear us. When I finished, her skirt was drenched in her juices and she was lying across the front seat of my car just panting. I admired the sweet Image of total satisfaction her face and then I carefully removed her ankles from my shoulders. As I did so, I kissed her ankles softly and rubbed her thighs as I lay her legs down beside me.

When Tiffany could speak, She kissed me lovingly on my head and said that was the greatest oral sex that she had ever experienced in her young life. I chuckled and her that I was just getting started. But in order for us to continue, we should go into the house. My neighbors might hear all the noise and think that something is wrong.

Tiffany just giggled innocently and said that she had sex in cars before and nothing in her past experiences compared to this. She said that most guys would have had her give them a blowjob and felt her up and they would have been finished. Tiffany said that her mother was right, that I did know how to satisfy women.

I was flattered and a bit embarrassed, mainly because I was just as horny as she was and I did it for myself as well. I helped Tiffany out of the car and she was having difficulty walking. She said she was sore, but it was wonderful sore feeling. I gathered her nylons and panties and I asked her if I could keep them for souvenirs and she said that sounded kinky and laughed. We walked into the house and just as soon as we entered, I picked her up and took her into the bathroom and pushed her miniskirt up around her hips and cleaned her up.

Tiffany was giggling the whole time and enjoyed getting a very nice view of her up close. When I finished, she brushed her hair while I rinsed my mouth and brushed my teeth. Then I offered her a cold iced tea and we went to the living room for some more lessons. As we entered the living room, I placed my hand under her skirt and felt that sweet lovely ass and I was ready to go again.


We fell onto the sofa and began kissing; I quickly removed her blouse and feasted on her breasts. I could not help but comment on how her nipples were so huge for such a tiny girl. She just purred with contentment as I suckled her titties. In no time, she was naked except for her skirt and writhing under my touch as if in a trance. I reached up under her skirt and playfully probed her pussy and she was already soaking wet.

I could not hold back any longer, I lifted her sweet little ass up and firmly planted her on my cock and she was so wet, I slid right in and she screamed in delight. At first all she could say was ohhhhh babyyyy that feels so good and I could not agree more. Tiffany was so tight and she could contract and expand her vaginal muscles at will and she was literally milking my cock from the beginning.

In no time she was screaming and panting and gushing all over me, I had to grab her by her hips to keep her from bouncing right off my lap. Oh man was she one hot chick and right now she was all mine and I savored every single minute. When Tiffany began spasming, I had to let my own load burst and oh did that feel so good. We embraced and kissed until we both collapsed in exhaustion. After a short, but well deserved break, Tiffany said that she had never been fucked so thoroughly in her young life and she took great pleasure in reminding me that she has had a lot of sex. I could tell she knew how to fuck and I benefited greatly from her desire to please. As we lay together on the sofa, I asked Tiffany if she had enjoyed herself and she just grabbed my cock and kissed it and smiled. I told her that I would take that as a yes. I asked Tiffany if we could make this a regular event, even though I had to ask myself if I could keep up with her. She said yes, she would love to come to my house on a regular basis for more lessons. With that, she placed her lovely face in my lap and gave me the best blowjob I have ever had, her enthusiasm was unmatched by any girl that I have ever had.

Even though Tiffany was eighteen, I still thought of her as Tammy’s oldest daughter and in my mind was still Forbidden Lust. But in the months to come, I hope to overcome that image as we really take our newfound relationship to a higher level.

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