Forever Young Ch. 04

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** ** ** **


** ** ** **

I took the train home; thankful I had my oyster card on me. My mum lived in Battersea and I took the overground train before changing to the underground. When I finally got back to my flat Elliot was thankfully not home, he was probably out with some of his friends or visiting his sister.

My mind drifted back to waking up kissing Darren. I had woken up hungry and had drained more energy from him than I had experienced before, and at the moment I was buzzing off the feed. I felt the most satisfied that I had been since… ever. I felt alive, I felt strong, and I felt powerful. I raised a hand and pushed my energy out through my index finger. A single blue flame flickered out of my fingertip and I smiled. I now had my full powers at my disposal.

As much as I tried to avoid thinking about Darren my thoughts eventually led me there. He was as close to what I would define as perfection, his hazel eyes that seemed to glisten with dark intent, angular features, tall and broad shouldered with his black hair swept up perfectly over his head.

He was tall, dark but dead.

The mere sight of his fangs filled me with fear, yet despite that I still found myself inexplicably drawn to him, he had saved me when I was in danger. As much as the logical part of my mind feared Darren, my emotions were telling me to go to him, I wanted him, however much I may fear what he wanted from me.

I drifted lazily to my bed, staring up at the dark ceiling above me. I imagined the dark pools of Darren’s eyes staring out at me from them. Their intensity sent my heart racing, and my hand lazily trailed down my chest to my now hardening cock. I gripped my throbbing erection and moaned as I began to jerk myself, quickly grabbing a small bottle of lube from my bedside table. I hissed slightly as the cold liquid touched my cock, but I was determined.

My hands roamed over my body, pulling at my nipples as I continued to jerk my cock with increased fervour. I imagined Darren’s arms wrapping around me, his chest pressed against my body, those dark eyes boring into me as he held me closer to him. I heard the low groans in my ears as Darren had kissed me, my cock twitched at the memory and it responded to every stroke of my hand.

I imagined Darren’s grunts and groans filling my ears, his hands roaming over my chest as I worked my cock. I pictured his tongue roaming down my chest, and his lips wrapping firmly around the head of my cock, his deep hazel eyes flashing up to meet mine and…

My orgasm came crashing through me, I felt white hot pleasure coursing through every part of me. My cock pulsed as my load sprayed forth, coating my belly and chest with lines of hot sticky cum. It was only afterwards that I realised I had been saying his name, over and over again.

I quickly extricated myself from my bed and proceeded to the bathroom. I jumped into the shower before the water had even had a chance to grow hot, and watched as the cum slid from my body and was whipped away in the water.

I braced myself against the wall, savouring the afterglow of one of the best orgasms of my life. As much as I hated to admit it, I felt a deep desire building in the pit of my stomach, the desire to see those eyes staring down at me again.

I swiftly dried myself off and dressed in some comfortable jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt and made myself a cup of tea. I mulled over how long I thought I could hold off seeing Darren, a week seemed like a good amount of time. Enough to let things settle between us. Yes, I could last a week.

I did however realise I had no way to contact Darren, I had never even asked for his number, so it seemed it was all up to him. A thought struck me quickly and I pulled out my phone quickly texting Elliott, I asked him to send me the number I had called him from yesterday, now at least I should be able to get a hold of Darren.

I wouldn’t ask him to go out with me for a few days, but at least I knew that I could. I needed time to calm down, time to adjust, and also greatly desired not to seem needy to him.

** **

Three days later

** **

I had asked Darren if he would like to go out with me tonight, my original plans of waiting a week had crashed and burned. Elliott had gratefully gone out leaving me alone when Darren arrived. I opened the door when he knocked gently and he smiled slightly at me.

There they were, those deep hazel eyes I had imagined so many times late at night. Each time causing my cock to harden almost instantly.

“I am grateful that you asked me to go out with you tonight.”

Darren said with a smile playing on his lips.

He wore a pair of dark blue jeans, with a tight white shirt with his usual snug leather jacket on top. His hair swept back elegantly over his forehead and his hazel eyes seemed to glisten in the dim light.

“You look good,”

He said, his eyes scanning me up and down.

I was wearing a pair of beige chinos with a dark red short sleeved t-shirt, I smiled back at him and bahis şirketleri my arms crossed instinctively. Darren extended a hand to me, and I took his cool hand, as he tugged me forward and my arm extended, he froze. His eyes were downcast at my arm and I followed his eyes before freezing myself.

He was looking towards the crease of my elbow. The bite mark scars there still remained, unwilling to heal despite my incubus nature, his eyes seemed to glow slightly before he looked up at me, his eyes staring into mine. I tried to tug my hand away from him, suddenly conscious of the marks once more, very much wanting to hide them from his sight, or wishing I had worn a sweater to hide my arms.

“This is what they did to you?”

He asked his voice cool and evenly, his fingers trailed up my arm and his thumbs lightly ran over the scars.

I nodded slightly afraid of his reaction

“Come on.” He said grinning slightly at me, obviously trying to salvage what he could.

“Let’s go.” He continued tugging my hand towards the lift.

“So where are we going?” I asked, smiling at him.

“You suggested beforehand that we go to the cinema.”

Darren said a mischievous grin on his lips.

“Are you driving?” I asked, my eyebrows drawing up as my nerves hit me.

He nodded, grinning slightly.

“I spent yesterday reacquainting myself with how to drive a car, I haven’t driven in decades. I much prefer to run.” He said ponderously.

I gulped slightly but Darren laughed as the lift door began to open.

“Don’t worry Daniel, I am a fast learner and they haven’t changed all that much.”

He quipped as he stepped inside the lift.

I followed him into the lift and pressed the ground floor button, I turned my head to Darren and noticed the tightness present in his jaw. He was angry and although I knew It wasn’t directed at me, it still made me feel guilty that his anger was caused by me.

“Hey,” I said reaching out to tentatively take one of his hands as the lift descended.

“They hurt me, yes, but I’m fine now.” I said, lying through my teeth.

“Daniel, they scarred you, they assaulted you.”

He responded, the same tightness present in his jaw line.

I tried to think of how to calm him down, I could see the tension continuing to build in his jaw.

“But I’m fine now Darren.”

I said turning my body completely to him. Trying my very best to be seductive.

“They attacked you and fed from you, they wanted to kill you Daniel.”

Darren said as his eyes flashed black. That should have terrified me, but instead as I looked up at those black pools, I felt a shiver run down my body.

I reached out to him and placed my hand shakily against the side of his face, my thumb stroking his cheek bone. My plan worked, and he sighed and his hand came up to hold mine against his face, he blinked and his eyes returned to his natural hazel.

“I’m fine Darren.” I said grinning at him, trying my very best to be convincing.

The lift doors opened and Darren gripped my hand and led me out and into the street. A car was parked directly in front of the block of flats. Now, I may not know much about cars but by the look of it the car was expensive. Sleek, black with two seats in the front and a spoiler on the back, all in all it looked extremely out of place in this area of London.

“I thought you said you didn’t drive?” I said looking at Darren.

“Things change.” Darren said, shrugging slightly.

“How much did this cost?” I asked as he pulled me towards the car.

“Enough.” Darren said mysteriously.

Darren opened the door for me in a display of courtesy that did not go unnoticed, and I slid down onto the leather seat. Darren walked around the car and slid into the seat to my right.

“So how much did this actually cost?” I asked as Darren reached for the ignition.

“I don’t know much about cars but price is inconsequential.”

He said gently, turning the key as the engine purred to life.

“You know I’m going to keep on asking,”

I said grinning slightly at him. Trying to keep the conversation more mundane.

“I bought it for £345k from an old friend of mine.”

He said, motioning for me to fasten my seat belt as he did so.

“You bought this just to take me on a date?”

I asked slightly disbelieving, a sudden lump forming in my throat as a wave of guilt washed over me.

“It will be worth it if it means I can take you out on dates.”

Darren said as he gently pulled the car away from the pavement.

“Still, you didn’t have to buy this.”

I said resting my head against the glass window as Darren drove.

“Money is inconsequential to me Daniel, at my age I have so many investments scattered around that money is almost no object to me.”

Darren said as he drove a little too quickly across London, pretty well for someone who hadn’t driven since last century.

“You sound like my mum.” I said.

My mum was over 400 years old and had, over the centuries, bahis firmaları accumulated more money than she knew what to do with. Well, she lived comfortably.

“I’m older than her however.”

Darren said, turning his head towards me and grinning.

I smiled slightly back and leaned my head back against the window and just stared as the lights whipped past us. I sat quietly for around twenty minutes or so until Darren announced we were almost there.

I knew the area at once, the O2, otherwise known as the Millennium dome. He parked and got out, and a moment later my door was opened and he extended a hand to help me out. I took it and squeezed his hand, a smile swiftly spread across his lips.

At least he seemed to have calmed down since earlier, although the fact that he seemed to care so much about me was heart-warming. Even though at the time he had wanted to kill the people who had hurt me. In a way it kind of made me feel… safe, to know that he was willing to protect me.

The cinema was quiet and almost empty as we sat in our seats. Darren sat to my left and smiled at me as the trailers started, I groaned quietly as they dragged on until eventually the film started. It began with a lone man standing in a graveyard digging, yet from the shadows I could see red eyes glowed eerily.

I watched in fascination through most of the film, the film was about a war between the vampires and the werewolves and it seemed to me as if the vampires were going to win.

I spared a glance to my left and saw Darren’s eyes flicker to me for a moment and he smiled, he reached out his hand to me and I took it, then turned back towards the front just as a fight broke out on screen.

It felt strangely comfortable here, the dark enveloping us like a blanket, with Darren sitting barely inches away from me. I half contemplated leaning towards him and resting my head on his shoulder, but decided against it.

After around two hours the film ended and I stood up and stretched quickly, my joints clicked in a most satisfying way and I yawned widely, Darren moved to his feet as well, and as we left, he asked me a few small questions about what I thought of the film.

“Shall we go somewhere to eat?”

He suggested, gazing down at me.

“If you’d like.”

I said knowing full well he had no intention of eating.

He led me out of the cinema by the hand and we ended up in some Italian restaurant at a two-person table. I grinned over at him. I noticed that I was beginning to feel more comfortable around him, I found myself not viewing him as a Vampire but more as a person, I ordered a simple pepperoni pizza and a glass of coke whilst Darren simply shook his head to the waiter.

“So, what should we talk about.”

I asked quietly as my drink arrived, biting my lip as I looked up at him.

“Anything, most of all I would simply like to learn more about you.” He said, his eyes lingering over me.

His black hair shone slightly in this light, perfectly styled above his head and his face showing a five o’clock shadow. I did also notice a patch of dark hairs creeping out above the neckline of his t-shirt. That drew my gaze for longer than I would have liked, the desire to reach out and run my fingers through them was evident. For an instant I thought Darren had noticed my lingering glance, and I blushed and turned my gaze down towards my drink.

And so, we talked, well mostly I did anyway, he just asked a lot of questions. By the time my food had arrived I felt as if this was the most we had ever talked. He had asked me about my job, my friendship with Elliot, my family (which I didn’t talk about), my hobbies, my interests and so many other things I lost count.

It seemed as if he was simply assimilating as much information about me as he possibly could. Trying to learn as much about me as possible, finding out my likes, dislikes etc. Whereas I knew next to nothing about him. I didn’t mind so much; I was never very good at asking people questions. I always felt as if I was prying into a part of their lives that I had no right to see. One question however I felt I had to ask, simply out of curiosity.

“Can I ask you something?”

I said taking a small bite of my pizza at the end.

“Certainly, I feel that I owe you answers.”

He said his hazel eyes flickering slightly.

“Can I ask, how old are you?”

I said, feeling a little embarrassed to ask.

“Are you sure you want to know?”

He asked as his lips twitched slightly, a tiny smile touching the edges of his lips.

I nodded at him.

“Well, I am around 1100 years old, give or take about a decade or two.”

He said, his eyes gauging my reaction.

“Ah.” was all I said, feeling myself blush.

“History must seem so annoying to you.”

I said quietly.

“And why is that?”

He asked, seeming genuinely interested in my answer.

“Because you can point out all the mistakes.”

I said coyly.

“That at least is true, I thought you would be more concerned kaçak bahis siteleri about the fact my age is around 50 times that of your own.”

He replied, his eyes glittering in the light.

“Age isn’t much of a problem if you’re immortal.”

I said, he nodded in agreement and grinned at me showing his teeth.

“Can I ask one more?”

I added. curious as to how he would react.

“Your fangs.” I said in a hushed tone “Where are they?”

I asked quietly, conscious of the humans around us.

“You mean where are they hidden?”

He asked, a troubled look crossing his face for a moment.

I nodded and he grinned a little, before it quickly faded.

“When we become either hungry or aroused, they will usually descend from here,”

He said pointing to his lateral incisors.

“Descend?” I asked.

“They come down and replace the other teeth by exchanging positions from within the gums themselves.” Darren said quite nonchalantly.

“And how often do you normally need to…um…feed.”

I asked hesitantly, knowing this was a delicate topic.

“It depends.”

He said, he looked at my face for a moment but realized that I wasn’t just taking that as an answer.

He continued;

“Depending on whether or not we need to heal, or have exerted ourselves will affect it. The more we do, the more often we need it.” He said referring to blood.

I shivered slightly when I thought of him feeding, the fact that he was forced to cause pain to someone as he fed from them made me wince slightly in a sense memory. My right hand lightly thumbed the scar in the crease of my elbow out of habit, Darren of course did not fail to notice this.

“Daniel, know this,” He began ominously.

“No matter how much I may wish for you to be mine, I will never take your blood without your complete consent.”

That made him sound slightly old fashioned but I shrugged internally, he was around when old fashioned was new. My thoughts quickly drifted away from dark themes and turned to thoughts of Darren. I had to admit, knowing that he found me attractive felt flattering, not trying to brag but I was used to getting a lot of attention.

Most of the attention was from horny guys just looking for a quick screw. Darren didn’t want that from me, well not just that I hoped. He just wanted me, he wanted all of me and I had to admit that even though he still scared me, my Incubus side cried out in happiness.

I had to admit there were far worse guys than Darren out there. Darren may be a vampire, but still showed me more affection than any one of the others who had tried to date me, emphasis on tried, they had all been humans. Darren wasn’t. In a way it was bad, but it was also good.

With a human if I had a lapse in concentration if we had sex, I could drain them dry, sapping them of every last drop of sexual energy until their bodies gave out. Although from what I heard they would be begging for more even as their life slipped away.

Darren wasn’t human, he was an old vampire, with power coursing through his body like fire in his veins and that gave him strength. It meant that I couldn’t hurt him, that I wouldn’t have to fear killing him. That small thought gave me hope.

It seemed as if there was a fight going on inside my head, the Incubus side desired Darren in every carnal way possible but my more human side feared him for what he was. At the moment however the Incubus was winning.

The idea of kissing Darren again made my blood boil, when he looked down at me with those brilliant hazel eyes, I felt my knees go weak. Darren led me back to the car after he quietly paid for the meal despite my objections, and took my hand on the journey.

The drive back was quiet but not completely silent. We spoke occasionally, I asked a few more questions and so did he, I still felt as if he had a one up on me however. We arrived back at my flat quickly thanks to his manic driving skills and I stepped out onto the pavement.

I led the way to the door and placed my fob against the reader and the door clicked open and I led us inside and towards the lift. A thought struck me; how did he get to my door earlier this evening? I hadn’t buzzed him into the building. I suppose someone else could have let him in as they were leaving, but I dismissed that little mystery.

The lift opened as soon as I pushed the call button and I stepped inside with Darren standing beside me, I pressed for the 5th floor and the doors dinged closed. The short journey up was almost silent aside from my breathing. I glanced sideways at him, still shocked at the innate grace he held, I had no idea what he saw in me, but whatever he saw he seemed to like it a lot.

I stepped out on the fifth floor and Darren followed me, I moved to the door of my flat and turned to him smiling. A subtle smile played on his lips.

“I very much enjoyed our evening.” He said

“I hope we will do so again.” he finished nodding curtly to me. He was being very formal.

“Well, I think I had better get going.” I said quietly, half turning towards my front door.

I waited for a moment and began to turn towards my door.

“May I kiss you good night?” He asked gently, and I turned my face back towards him.

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