Forever Yours Ch. 05

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For you guys reading my stories out there I really appreciate your time and everything. You guys are the best and I hope that my stories are really interesting. I really hope that you will enjoy this chapter as I did while I was writing. I really appreciate your comments and ratings. I know that most of you guys like my stories and I appreciate it. I am really looking forward to the day I will get more ratings. I love you guys. Enjoy…….

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Ramon pulled the cleaning cart from the last room that he had to clean that day. He felt so tired and depressed and just wanted to sit down and rest for the rest of the day. Today marked a month since he had started dating with Marcos. Their relationship had gone to another level and they used to see each other on a daily basis. Marcos used to come often to the hotel and take him out. Everyone in the hotel knew about their relationship and most of them were really happy for him, or so he thought. Others were bitter towards him especially the girls who had crushed on Marcos but couldn’t get him. But he didn’t mind them because he was still the lucky guy who had Marcos all to himself.

Marcos’ wound had healed but he was still limping because it had not completely healed but the good thing was that Marcos could walk without any support and he could also drive. In the past month, they had no sexual relations whatsoever. All they did was kiss and cuddle and talk more and more about each other. In that month they had practically known everything about one another which made them even crazier for each other.

Ramon took the cleaning cart to the room where all the cleaning equipments were usually stored and he got ready to go home and see Marcos at his house. He still had not met Marcos’ father but looked forward to the day they would finally meet.

He got out his phone and got enthusiastic about calling Marcos to meet him. He pulled out the phone from his uniform pocket and glanced at the clock. It was 4.45 pm which was a perfect time to call him for he knew that he was out of the office.

He dialed Marcos’ number and it rang but no response. He called again and the number was busy. He got worried and felt that Marcos didn’t want to speak to him for some reason. He tried to call but the call was cut and he was really getting worried so he had idea and messaged Marcos.

‘I have been trying to call you but you are not answering for some reason. What’s up?”

The message was delivered but five minutes passed and there was no response. He kept staring at the phone praying for a message to come. He was so worried and felt that Marcos was ignoring him for some reason. He didn’t know why because last he remembered, since they started this relationship, he had never done anything to upset Marcos. He was deeply lost looking at the phone.

“Hey, bestie,” He heard Mark’s voice. “Waiting for a call from lover boy?”

Ramon raised his face to see his best friend looking at him with a huge smile on his face. But he couldn’t hide that worried look on his face.

“Hey, are you okay. Lover boy hurt you, right?” Mark surmised.

“No……” Ramon stuttered. “It’s just that I have been calling him and he has not been responding. I am really getting worried that something is wrong.” Ramon sighed as he took a peak at the phone.

“Come on bestie,” Mark said softly while he wrapped his arm around his neck. “I am sure that he’s busy. You know how these big business men are. They always have clients and meetings. I am sure he will call you back.”

Those words were really soothing but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong with Marcos.

“I guess you are right.” He said wondering if his voice was audible enough for Mark to hear.

“Of course I am right.” Mark laughed loudly. “I can tell by everything I see from that man that he really……..really loves you a lot and believe me when I say that my friend will drive that man nuts. I see the way he looks at you whenever he comes here and the way he holds you not minding that people are watching you. When will my own prince charming come?” Mark pretended to be sad which made Ramon to smile. “I just want my knight in shining amour to come and rescue me from my castle.”

Ramon was now laughing uncontrollably and was soon joined by Mark. He knew that Mark would do just about anything to see him happy and it worked every time he was worried about something or scared.

“Thank you so much, Mark.” He said cheerfully. “You are truly a great friend. You are one in a million.”

They both laughed and were about to take a step when he heard his message tone. He quickly checked and it was from Marcos. He moved his head up ecstatically and smiled.

“It’s from Marcos.” He said enthusiastically.

“What are you waiting for?” Mark asked happily. “Open it and see what he has sent.”

Ramon quickly took a deep breath and opened the message.

‘Busy in a meeting, won’t be able to Ankara escort talk.’

“Can we meet afterwards?” Ramon quickly typed.

‘No! I have another meeting. That won’t be possible.’

‘Okay, I love you.” Ramon replied.

He waited for the response optimistically but there was no response. Guess he was busy but no matter how busy he was, he always made time to respond to his messages but today something was really wrong and he could feel it.

“Guess he is very busy.” Ramon sighed.

“Hey don’t worry about anything.” Mark said zealously. “I am still here to cheer you up. I am still your best friend and if he isn’t here to cheer you up, I will happily do that for him.”

“Thank you so much, Mark.” Ramon said with a gloomy sigh. “I really appreciate that.”

They began walking with Mark still holding him but he was still thinking about what the problem was. Could he have done anything wrong without even knowing? But if he did then Marcos should have confronted him about it. He just hoped that Marcos was really busy and that’s all otherwise he wasn’t ready for a first argument with him. Everything had been so perfect until now and it was the day which marked a month since their relationship started.

“Hey, are you done with everything?” Mark asked loudly which brought Ramon to reality.

“Yes!” Ramon answered quietly. “I am ready to go home now.”

“Can you wait for me so that we can go together?” Mark pleaded.

Since he didn’t have Marcos to go to then it was just best to wait for Mark so that they could go home together. At least Mark could cheer him up while they went home.

“Of course I will wait for you.” He said with determination.

“I just have one more room to clean and we will be out of here, okay?” Mark said as he squeezed his shoulder.

Ramon nodded and Mark went away quickly. He couldn’t just sit and wait for Mark so he decided to walk around the hotel so that he could at least get his mind off things…..that being Marcos. He passed through the hotel and went outside to see guests who were coming and leaving and that really helped him out. He stayed outside in his uniform letting the wind blow his hair backwards which he had not shaved for a month. He had decided to keep his hair long just like the celebrities whom he admired.

He stayed outside until it got dark and there was only light from the bulbs which lighted the whole hotel. It was really a busy hotel because even at night, many people were still coming inside. Most of these people were classy business people and he couldn’t help but smile faintly from time to time. He saw a couple pass by and they seemed very happy and it reminded him of his problems again.

Ramon Castillo, what the fuck is wrong with you? Your boyfriend fucking told you that he’s busy so what’s the big deal, he thought.

He really wanted to believe that Marcos was busy working……he really did but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that Marcos was hiding something from him.

“There you are.” He heard Mark’s voice from behind.

He turned and saw the always cheerful Mark standing behind him, wearing a smile as usual.

“I have been looking for you for the last twenty minutes.” Mark said offhandedly. “We need to leave.”

Ramon and Mark went inside the hotel and they changed into their casual outfits and headed home. They chatted all the way home and Ramon forgot all his troubles. They took a cab home and arrived in forty minutes but it was a ride which was fun and really good for him. They got out of the cab and said goodbye to one another since Mark lived just a distance from him. He could see his house and so he slowly walked there hoping for Eduardo to cheer him up with good news or any story that would get his mind off Marcos. He opened the door slowly and found Eduardo and his father chatting. He greeted them but it was that cheerful like the way he usually greeted them.

“Is anything wrong young bro?” Eduardo asked as he got up.

“It’s nothing Eduardo.” He assured. “I guess I am just tired.”

“Okay, drop your bag and come with me.” Eduardo said to him as if he was demanding rather than asking. “Let’s take a stroll along the shore of the sea. It will make you feel refreshed and will help you think.”

Think! How did Eduardo know that he really needed to think about something? Maybe he could really read his mind and saw that something was bothering him. He dropped his bag on the chair and followed Eduardo outside. They reached the shore and it was dark but not that much. He was looking on the sand while they walked and he just wanted to get it over with and go home and sleep. He hoped that the next day he would get the chance to see Marcos and ask him what the hell all that he did was about.

“I can see that you are worried about something.” Eduardo asked quietly. “Is it Marcos?”

“Yes, I tried to call him today but he completely ignored me and I am so worried.” Ramon shrugged. “I just feel that he was hiding something from me or trying to avoid me.” He said as a tear fell down his cheek which he was sure Eduardo didn’t Ankara escort bayan see because it was dark.

“I knew that it was about him.” Eduardo sighed softly. “You don’t have to worry because he is a crazy man and would go out of his way just to impress you.”

Ramon didn’t know what Eduardo meant by what he was saying so he demanded to know what Eduardo meant by Marcos would go out of his way just to impress him.

“Why did you say that? Has Marcos done anything that he is hiding from me? I need to know this, Eduardo.” Ramon said with firm persistence.

“I am afraid he has.” Eduardo sighed with a note of relief. “That guy is really crazy.”

“Please tell me what he has done.” Ramon literally begged.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” Eduardo teased.

“How will I do that when he is not even answering my calls?”

“Follow the light.” Eduardo said and turned to go back.

What did Eduardo mean by follow the light? Was this some sort of hint or something? Ramon had no freaking idea about what it meant but Eduardo wouldn’t tell him a fucking thing and now he left him all alone. Ramon was about to turn and follow him when he saw light at a distance. He wondered if what Eduardo had told him was related to this. He took quite a pace and ran towards the light. It wasn’t just one but it was like a path leading somewhere. Lanterns were lit and they showed some kind of path leading somewhere. He began following it and could see where the light ended but there was no sign of anything at the end but he just walked and quickly reached there. He looked around but saw nothing. He saw a bouquet flowers on the sand. He picked them and there was a note on the flowers.

‘To the most wonderful person in my life, I love you so much.’

Ramon smiled and just looked at the flowers and his heart melted with that note. He knew that it was from Marcos probably had a trick up his sleeve or something but he wanted to see him so that he could kiss him. He looked around but the light he was standing in made it impossible to see. Then in a flush, he saw a light in something like some kind of hut but it had only a grass roof and some sort of table which looked really beautiful. It was bright and he began walking slowly to it. He reached there and saw that there were fruits on some sort of made table and a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a large cake which had a candle on but it was not lit.

What was Marcos up to? He saw another bouquet of flowers on the table and he picked them up and smiled. This man was really full of surprises but he was nowhere to be seen. He looked around but did not see anyone because the place was quiet far from all the houses. He saw made wooden chairs and sat down.

He was still looking at the flowers when he felt a presence behind him. He quickly got up to look and saw Marcos standing behind him wearing a huge smile. He had his whole shirt unbuttoned and he was really looking like a hunk. His trouser was folded to his knee and he was not wearing any shoes. What was really going on here?

Ramon also noticed that his hands were behind his back. What was he hiding? Then suddenly he brought his hands forward and came near Ramon and kissed his mouth long and passionately.

He gave him the flowers and Ramon took them and put them all on a table.

“What’s this for?” He asked with a confused voice.

“Have you forgotten that today is our Monthsary?” Marcos said enthusiastically.

“What’s a Monthsary” He asked in a curious tone.

“It means that we have been dating for a month now, silly.” Marcos said as he gave him a sensual push. “Instead of anniversary we are celebrating a Monthsary.”

That kinda sounded good to the ears of Ramon. This relationship was really important to him and he wanted to celebrate it in a way that Marcos wanted.

“Why are you dressed like this?” Ramon asked as if teasing Marcos.

“I just wanted to pretend as if this is the island where I first made love to you.” Marcos said giving a smile.

Wow! All that talk made Ramon remember the time they made love on the sand. Could it mean that Marcos wanted to make love to him or he was just missing it? Either way, he was going to do whatever Marcos wanted. It was their night after all and they had to make it special.

“It is also the reason why there are fruits here. I even roasted some meat for you.” Marcos said in flirtatious way which made Ramon’s heart miss a beat. “The cake is to celebrate our Monthsary and the champagne is just……..well just so that we can drink something.”

Ramon laughed and cheered at what Marcos had just said to him. There were all sorts of fruits on the table and some were already cut.

“And guess who’s feeding you today. This guy,” Marcos said as he turned him around and made him sit down on a bench.

“But we shouldn’t take long because I have work tomorrow morning.”

“You are speaking to the boss and anyway we won’t be long unless….” Marcos said in the sexiest tone Ramon had ever heard and came closer to his neck. “……things get hot between us.”

Ramon Escort Ankara just lost control when Marcos said that to him. He wanted him bad at that moment. He wanted him to kiss him senseless. His breaths were quite quick and sensual and his heart was beating like a moving train. His whole body got hot though it was not hot and he thought he was losing his mind when he saw Marcos in a different light.

He could see Marcos getting close to kiss his lips and he was ready. Then just like a flush, Marcos drifted from him and got out a lighter which he used to light the small candle on the cake.

“Will you blow it baby?” Marcos asked while looking at him as if he was lost.

This guy was just getting crazier every day.

“Why should I blow it?” He teased. “It’s not my birthday.”

“But it’s the birthday of our relationship.” Marcos teased while he licked his mouth. “Why don’t you do the owners?”

Ramon laughed and slowly blew the candle while Marcos clapped for him.

“Wait!” Ramon laughed. “How are we gonna cut the cake? I don’t see any knife anywhere.”

“We won’t.” Marcos laughed. “Don’t worry I have it here.” Marcos said as he showed him a small knife.

He took Marcos’ hand and they both cut the cake and laughed as they did. This was his moment and he didn’t want to mess it up for anything. Marcos took a small piece of cake and put it in his mouth. Ramon tried to take a cake but Marcos took his hand and removed him from it.

“What are you doing?” Ramon asked confused at the stunt Marcos was about to play.

“You are going to share this cake in my mouth with me.” Marcos replied with a sexy wink.

Ramon put up a smile which was what he really needed. Marcos got closer and their lips met and they both ate the cake from Marcos’ mouth. It was beautiful, sexy and really emotional when they kissed after sharing that cake. They kissed for about 2 minutes before they broke the kiss.

“I still don’t know what I did to deserve someone like you.” Marcos said with seriousness in his eyes. “Every time I am with you I just completely lose myself. I just become this guy who has nothing in him but love for you. You have completely changed my life ever since you came in my life.” Marcos sighed as if he was in pleasure. The way he was looking at Ramon while he was talking was just really perfect and breathtaking. He was literally taking off Ramon’s clothes with his eyes.

“This Monthsary means a lot to me. It’s an assurance that this relationship is really working for me.” Marcos said as the words soothed Ramon’s heart. He could feel his heart getting cold. His lips were yearning to kiss Marcos’ lips which were uttering those wonderful words which seemed to have their way into his heart.

“And that is why I want to give you something.” Marcos sighed sensually.

“What is it?” Ramon asked abruptly.

“Close your eyes.” Marcos demanded but softly.

Ramon closed his eyes and waited for whatever Marcos was about to give him. Whatever it was, he would treasure it for the rest of his life. It took a while before Marcos told him to open his eyes to meet a very beautiful golden necklace which seemed to glow in the dim light.

Ramon had no words to say, he just opened his mouth but no word came out of his mouth. The necklace was beautiful and it was probably the most expensive thing he would own since childhood.

“Do you like it?” Marcos asked cheerfully.

“I love it, it’s really beautiful.” Ramon responded his eyes still glued on the gold necklace. It had the name RM and he wondered if those were the initials of their names.

“I want to give this to you as a gift of our Monthsary.” Marcos chuckled nervously.

“May I put it on your neck?” Marcos asked softly.

Ramon nodded and Marcos went behind him and slowly put the necklace around his neck which felt cold but he felt special like he would be walking with the symbol of love everywhere he went. Marcos was really a sweet guy and he was glad he met him even though there meeting was quite strange and unpredictable. Marcos was one of the few men who really knew how to love their partners. Not with materials things but with showering love and making their partners feel special and appreciated.

Ramon took the necklace in his hand and felt that it looked really beautiful and shiny around his neck. He would never take it off because it would always remind him of the love which he shares with Marcos. Marcos was staring with desire in his eyes which Ramon could read but he didn’t know what Marcos desired or maybe he expected a gift from Ramon too.

“Thank you so much.” Ramon said with burgeoning excitement. “But I didn’t ………”

“Your love is enough for me.” Marcos said his eyes still glued onto him.

Ramon could see passion in Marcos’ eyes and there was fire. Not fire to burn him but fire accompanied by passion. Marcos’ eyes always got to him. Marcos had those sexy and hypnotizing eyes which he couldn’t stop staring in no matter where they were. He was so taken into Marcos’ eyes that he forgot that it was already night. In his mind, he could see light where they were and it was so bright. He could clearly see Marcos’ whole body without any glimpse of darkness and he wanted to touch him and throw him on the sand while they kissed just like on the island.

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