Freedom For Goddess Ch. 05

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Thank you for taking to the time to check out this continuing story about male orgasm denial. I hope that you read the prior parts first since the story is about a Goddess trying to get back mystical powers, but first she needs to complete a certain task. If you find this topic interesting, please drop me a line. I have been slow to get the entire story completed (work gets in the way of play), but there is the last chapter. Enjoy.


He was so sore from his near successful experience that he could hardly move to help with dinner. Goddess left him naked and prepared the food with him. Her breasts appealed to him and he lost his focus watching them bob and move as she prepared the salad while he peeled potatoes.

The room was getting darker as the sun began to set and ant gathered some candles from the fireplace mantle to set some mood and add a soft glow to the preparations. Again he was distracted at how she glowed in the light. With the potatoes on the boil and the salad prepared, the Cornish hens were stuffed with her home made breading and it would take some time to slow cook.

Goddess closed the oven door and sat on the couch while instructing ant to rub her feet. The movement of his body and his sideways position on the couch caused his legs to press together and he could feel the squirt from the pressure. Goddess let out a sigh and began to close her eyes as he slowly kneaded her calves and ankle. While not quite sleepy, she used the time to contemplate her control. It was going to be so much fun to have ant and a few others at enchanted by her powers and that would all begin quite soon. She knew ant was in pain and since this was the end of the journey, she was going to be nice to him, but of course demanding that he complete his task.

Soon it was time for dinner. The plates were pressed into service and a nice tablecloth was set for the occasion. “A feast for the soon to be reborn Goddess” she thought. Some wince, the candles, a naked obedient man. Perfect she thought, just one more touch. Goddess removed her clothing for ant to see her naked body. She wanted him to be completely desperate for her and she ordered him to sit in his chair right next to her.

They ate like king and queen and soon dinner was done, the wine was almost gone and the mood was relaxed. With no prompting ant cleared the tables and prepared the washbasins for a quick cleaning. Some hot water from the stove provided the necessary warmth and plastic bags were used to hold the scraps of food that remained. What was left was placed in zip-lock bags and foil and returned to the cooler.

It was almost time for desert. She wanted ant to have himself for desert and then, perhaps a piece of apple pie as a chaser. She knew that ant loved looking at her ass and that her anus just made him hornier. He did want to get in there and she knew he never would, but perhaps a bit more teasing would do him some good.

She instructed ant to get the massage oil from the side pocket of her duffle bag and she lay on the bed for ant to massage her. His hands were large enough to cover wide areas of her back and he began at her shoulders with his fingers and then palms across her neck. Soon he was massaging her shoulders and the back of her arms, which she loved. After fifteen minutes of this she instructed him to rub her middle back and then lower back.

There she had him rub deep and slow with his palms along her lower back and just above the centerfold of her butt crack and then she instructed him to rub the outer cheeks of her ass. His denizli escort warm hands relaxed her but she planned to drive him a bit crazy with her ass.

He was instructed to massage her down the middle of each cheek and down to the round sit-spot that rolled into her leg. With cat-like movement, she moved her left knee up to her abdomen, as she turned partially sideways. This allowed ant to grasp the entire cheek in her hand and use his fingers to massage down into her crack.

“You may gently massage my anus with your fingers, but you may not press them into me ant.”

“Yes Goddess.”

His erection was back and her position gave him a perfect view of her forbidden hole. He wanted it, he needed it, he could not have more than she allowed. After another 15 minutes, she was aroused and ready to cum soon. Her drip lubricated his fingers a bit more and she shifted her position by extending the left leg, rotating her hips and bringing the right leg up for him to repeat his efforts. “It feels soooooooo good,” she thought.

It was time to cum for both of them, she though that an orgasm for her would be the perfect celebration.

Goddess stood and then pushed ant back on the bad. She removed his condom and once again emptied the contents into his mouth. “Thank you Goddess,” he said.

Once again she pulled his feet over his head and aimed his penis for his mouth. He opened wide, knowing what was about to happen. She used the oil to stroke him. Slow at first and with round circles of her fingertips on his tip. She used her right hand and then the left was used to tickle his anus as he moaned. Her slow movements and the slight pressure of her fingertip on his rectum made his squirm with pleasure. Her stokes continued to get longer and his breathing became deeper and then faster.

He blurted out “eight” and she knew it would be soon. With only a few more strokes she heard “nine” and she slowed her pace to prolong the moment while gently releasing her grip. He was close and he repeated “nine” again. This went on for almost 15 minutes and each time Goddess released her grip while slowing her speed. But it was time.

With rapid strokes and more pressure on the tip of his member she circled his anus with the lubed finger and she began to feel the tensioning of his anus as he neared the moment. Goddess carefully aimed the tip at his open mouth and he began to squirt. She continued the stroking as the streams ran from his tip with a bulls eye in his mouth. She was thrilled to be so close to this moment and her fingers left his anus to massage his balls as the last squirt entered his mouth.

“Now close your mouth ant and swallow.”

With a grimace and a tight blink of his eyes she heard the gulp and she instructed him to open his mouth and say “all gone.”

He did as instructed.

She expected the power, she waited for the feeling of reading his thought and directing them too. She could not sense him at all and she commanded him to do something simple so she could test her control. She projected the thought of being licked to him and he just lay there cuddling her. She did not sense anything.

Something was wrong, this did not work, “What went wrong?” she thought.

After 15 minutes of naked cuddling her horny happy demeanor had turned to overwhelming confusion and disbelief. She had done it just like she had planned and she had thought this all through. Perhaps it was something that she did wrong or perhaps she did not interpret the riddle correctly. But what?

Ant dikimevi escort was instructed to get up and wash himself up while she put on some clothes to conceal her naked body from him. No, she was not interested in sex right now; she had missed her opportunity and needed to find some answers. Her perfect plan had failed.

What was the riddle asking her to do? The riddle was:

“Only he who freely drinks that which belongs to a woman and who freely receives that which is a woman’s duty for the first time shall set you free.”

She had found one who freely drank what is normally a woman’s duty and it was his first time. But perhaps there was a clue here. She thought and thought. She stared into space.

She decided to ask ant a few questions. “How are you feeling ant?” she asked.

“I’m ok Goddess and did I mention to say thank you for allowing me to cum and to please you with my orgasm.”

“Do you feel any different ant?”

“Actually, I am still quite horny and my balls still hurt quite a bit. They were quite full and it seems that they still are.”

“Yes, perhaps they are and perhaps I will drain them in some other way. Did you like your desert”?

“Salty and not as bad as I had anticipated, but still not the drink I was hoping for in my dreams.”

“What do you mean ant?”

” I always fantasized about drinking it all from a pussy. You know a cream pie.”

“Of course!” she thought, that is what the riddle contains. “The drinking must come from a special glass.” Of course that would be her pussy. She had the right idea. But did she just blow it with him, because it was his first time to swallow?

But wait, no, she was wrong, it was not his first cream pie, he still had not gotten it the way he wanted and this special drink from her pussy would be his first time in that manner, if she allowed it. Of course she was going to allow it.

The teasing continued and she knew his balls were still quite sore from being so filled up. She implemented the plan immediately, but it was getting late. With oil, she stroked him to the edge and stopped when he got to “nine.” This was repeated ten times. He was made to lick her in every way possible with the blindfold on and again he was told to masturbate his own ass while doing so. He was quite aroused and sore, but she wanted him to sleep on it some more.

Again he had been pumped up and denied any additional release. Morning would come soon enough and he slept little next to her naked body with great anticipation. He knew that he would be drinking more, but perhaps the next one would be different and he would have his fantasy fulfilled too.

Morning eased in from the darkness with a slow whisper of light that illuminated the room enough for ant to see the covers over her splendid shape. He was quickly aroused and the drip filled the tip of his condom. He was getting used to the condom tied around his member and he touched the tip to feel the ooze he had produced during the night.

Soon the room was fully lit and he anticipated Goddess waking up to knee him yet again. This was expected and she did not disappoint him as the tears streamed down his cheeks.

Breakfast was a splendid mix of fried eggs, bacon, wheat toast, bananas and orange juice with fresh coffee. Goddess squeezed him several times while cooking and cleaning up the dishes. She emptied the condom into his mouth again as a special desert for him. Again they hiked and again they got cleaned up. It was almost 10:00 am and soon they would dikmen escort be heading home. But Goddess wanted to finish her mission and she again started the process of humping his ass and squeezing his balls until he was dizzy form the pain. He was ready again and she knew he would drink it all once more. But she had a plan.

This time she laid him on the table and placed her naked body over his with her ass facing his head. She had him lick her ass and then her labias and clitoris until she was near orgasm. She stroked him with her hands and kept him at the eight – nine level for almost 5 minutes.

Without any warning to ant, she lowered her swollen member on his while holding onto his knees. He could see her ass move and the warm and perfect feel of her wet and needy canal provided a feeling of joy and happiness that he had not felt in some time. He could not control it and asked “Please Goddess, Oh Please may I cum, PLEEEEEEASE.”

“Yes” she replied, “But you will be cleaning it all up ant.”

“Of course.”

With that last word he began to contract his sphincter muscles and the orgasm flooded over his body with deep contractions of his muscles. He was nearly out of control as he thrust upward in side-to-side movements into her vagina and the moment of eruption seemed to hold and repeat in 8 spurts as he filled her with his need and his cum.

With no hesitation and upon his muscles relaxing just a bit, Goddess raised her hips and immediately planted them over his face for him to enjoy. She gathered the remaining cum from his wet penis and ordered him to lick. “Drink every drop ant. Make me dry.”

After about a minute of listening to his gulps from swallowing and his panting from being smothered. She raised her hips and fed the fluid from her fingers into his mouth. He licked with the vigor of a puppy and she again lowered her hips for him to complete his assignment.

Suddenly she realized that there was no change in her at all. She could not read his thoughts. Something was wrong.

She heard a car pulling up. “Oh shit, who the fuck is that?” she shouted. Too much nakedness in the room, too much to clean up, his mouth was all wet. She jumped off of him and looked out the window. It was her daughters. “What the fuck, oh shit, what the fuck!”

She barely had time to get a towel around her and they were in the door. He was still naked and his mouth was covered in her.

She felt dizzy, she heard a voice in her head and she got down on her knees as the voice instructed her. Her daughters came over and licked his face dry while she remained still, silent, and somehow unable to control herself.

The voice in her head said to speak and she said, “What are you two doing here?”

We received a message to be here at 10:30 am on Sunday and it was signed by you mom,” her eldest daughter now age 23 spoke. “We hear a voice in our heads that this is all fine and normal and it seems so mom.”

She knew that the power was in the room, but her had it. She was trying to think and the voice commanded her to spread her ass cheeks. With the towel now on the floor she bent forward and spread her ass cheeks as ant approached with his now erect member. The girls looked on with a strange distant smile.

“I am the Magician,” he said, “You have reversed the curse on me. The riddle was a trick to save me for this day and for every day that will follow. I have searched for you for many years and now the Internet has helped me find you. Your visit to the London Archives helped me as well. I have planed this for centuries and now, you and your daughters will serve me.”

He came around behind her crouched position and got on his knees with his erect member ready. She had no choice but to say “please in my ass sir.” And it was again, how it had been so long ago.

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