Friday Night Lights

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(All characters are at least 18)

My girlfriend was delighted when I told her I would help her fulfill her fantasy.

Ever since she admitted to me that she was submissive and got off on being told what to do, on being manhandled and compelled, we had been getting kinkier and kinkier. But I had always balked at getting other people involved.

But I had, slowly, had a change of heart. She had worn me down, purring sexily about how she wanted to be bound, blindfolded, and used by a crowd of guys. Forced to serve dozens of men.

She demanded to know who it would be, but I laughed, and told her that part of the deal was that she would never know who. And that I got to pick her outfit. And the time. And, well, everything.

She agreed, trying to hide her smile in some false trepidation. But I could see the eagerness in her eyes… and in the way she sucked me off that night.

I made her borrow a cheerleader outfit from the theater troupe she stage-managed for on the weekends, and that very Friday I dressed her in it, blindfolded her, put her hair in a pair of pigtails, and loaded her in the car.

Then I drove her down to the university and parked by one of the more remote labs- an engineering building where one of my D&D buddies was a grad student. I hustled her inside the nişantaşı escort building and put her on her knees in the middle of the concrete floor, giving her a pad of some gasket material to kneel on and tying her hands behind her back with a bit of rope from who knew what.

Then I texted everyone to let them know I was ready… and let her wait. The guys got there fast enough, loaded down with snacks and booze, and we commenced to have a little party. Drinking and eating and casually discussing what we would do to her.

A bunch of nerdy dudes role-playing themselves as sinister abductors and rapists were pretty ridiculous, but I could tell that she was getting off on it.

A fact that I confirmed, before too long, by stepping over, kneeling behind her, and sliding my finger inside her sopping wet pussy.

She had been silent until now, as I had instructed her. But she took this as her cue to start begging us to let her go.

“Please, don’t rape me. I’m a virgin! I don’t want to be here! I’ve never even SEEN a cock. Please don’t hurt me…” and suchlike and so forth. It was all very convincing, so I clamped a hand over her mouth and smiled at my friends.

“Don’t worry. The slut absolutely wants your cocks. If she really wants us to stop she’ll say the word “aardvark.” Won’t you şişli escort slut?” I pulled my hand away.

I could practically taste the sarcasm in her voice. “Yes, if you fucking pussies ever make yourselves useful and fuck me I’ll say that word if I want you to stop. Not that I believe a bunch of fucking dorks like you all will ever man up and put those dicks to use. Standing around and LARPing when there’s a desperate, slutty little whore begging to be raped over here. I bet you wouldn’t be able to shut up a fleshlight with your little dicks. Bunch of pas- mmmmmmf!”

She abruptly went silent as my buddy Sean grabbed her pigtails, pulled her up high, and slipped himself in her mouth. She continued ranting incoherently around his dick as he worked himself in and out of her mouth, while we all stared at the timer that was counting down his time.

When he timed out he pulled out and stepped away, letting her slump back down, panting. She had just started up her cocky little bitching session again when another of my friends slid himself inside her mouth.

We worked her over like that for a good 45 minutes. Each of us getting a turn inside her mouth for a few seconds, or as much as two minutes, before we rotated out. But as I had promised my friends, this was just the beginning.

When I decided mecidiyeköy escort she had has enough I called the guys off and got down behind her, untying her hands as she talked more shit, and my friends silently waited. I manhandled her hands around in front of her, retied them, and then got her in a doggystyle position.

I had my cock in her mouth, facefucking her until I saw tears staining her blindfold, when I explained that next the guys would be using her ass.

I pulled out for a second, giving her a chance to use her safeword, but all she did was plead and beg us to have mercy, not to defile her virgin ass. I reminded her and the guys both about her safeword, gave her another five seconds- “Oh, god, no, please don’t shove your big cocks in my little asshole-” and then slammed my cock back in as deep as I would go.

The feeling of her screams on my dick as my friends began to violate her ass were indescribable. I pulled out occasionally, listening to her beg for more or pleading for us to stop as the whim took her before forcing her to take my cock again.

The guys didn’t last long after that. Maybe 15 minutes before the last of them tapped out. We cleaned up and said our farewells, and then I returned to my beautiful little girlfriend.

I took her pussy there, still bound and begging, and she had never felt wetter or more open to me. I came inside her, and then gently unbound her, cleaned her, and loaded her in the car.

I felt really bad for whoever had to wear that cheerleader costume next.

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