Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 06

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Chapter 5: Dick and Jane go on a Play Date

It was play date time. Having not had a play date for some time, both Dick and Jane were ready for a night out together, to wine, dine and generally be naughty. Dick was very excited, Jane less so because she always got nervous until the date was underway. Dick and Jane had planned the night a week in advance, arranged for the kids to be away from the house (early!) with time to themselves to relax, prepare and play hard.

The Preparation

In the week leading up to the play date Dick and Jane placed an ad on one of the local swinger websites and chatted to a few people to see what was happening. A couple of meet and greets were on the agenda, some of their online buddies were free and one of the new clubs in town was also having a post-election (an erection) party. They were spoiled for choice.

Jane spent some time reviewing the interest in their date, chatting to the people in the chat rooms and generally getting the feel for what was happening. They decided to meet a couple of people for cocktails at one of the nicer cocktail lounges and then go with the flow with what happened after.

The week leading up to the play date was a flurry of activity for both Dick and Jane. Dick went out and bought a new shirt, and given he wasn’t prone to shopping Jane fell off her chair when he told her. Jane meanwhile, had her hair coloured, went shopping for a new cocktail dress with matching heels, as well as getting a particularly close bikini wax on the day before the date.

Both could feel the sexual tension rise during the week as the weekend grew closer. For some reason Jane was more inclined to run her hands down Dick’s body and, at random moments, gently nibble his ear and whisper things she was going to do to him on their date. Dick meanwhile was more inclined to cook (or at least buy the apple pies for dessert).

Getting Ready

As soon as the house was empty Dick and Jane fixed themselves and cocktail and started to get ready for their date. Of course the cocktail was one of Janes favourites, Toblerone, with a twist that Dick put in it to give it that extra kick!

Jane could feel her pussy tingling with excitement, her juices making her freshly waxed labia glisten as she got in the shower. Waxing her legs and washing her hair she hummed away at the thoughts of what might happen that night, knowing that whatever it was they would be doing it together.

Finishing off her make-up, Jane took another sip of cocktail and moved to dress. Rolling the stockings up her legs made her shiver with anticipation, the silk making her feel particularly sexy. Garters were always an issue — why didn’t they make them easier to get on? Jane’s g-string and bra had been specially purchased for play-date evenings, the black and silver framing her delicious pussy and making her voluptuous breasts stand pert and proud.

A small wet patch was visible on Jane’s g-string, an indication of the excitement that she felt. The new cocktail dress accentuated Jane’s delicious breasts, but was understated so that no-one would ever know the adventures she and Dick got up to simply by looking at her. Matched with the heels, Jane was all class and sophistication, ready to hit the town for fun and games.

Jane walked out to Dick who was sitting by the pool, sipping his drink. He whistled in appreciation. Jane looked good enough to eat, and he would later on. Jane did a twirl and blew him a kiss. Falling into each other’s arms they kissed long and hard.

Dick slyly slipped his hand under Jane’s dress to find her wet pussy. Jane slapped his hand away, saying “plenty of time for that later.”

“How about a quickie before go?” Dick suggested?

“Sorry lover-boy” Jane said. “Plenty of time for that later on. Right now, I want to go eat, drink and get merry.”


Dick and Jane walked into the cocktail lounge, impressed with the sophistication of the décor, lighting and ambience. From the people they’d chatted to it wasn’t immediately apparent if anyone they were meeting was there. However Jane’s phone soon beeped with the message that their companions were in the corner booth, with the cocktails with umbrellas!

Hearts pounding, and holding sweaty hands, Dick and Jane walked towards their new ‘friends’. Smiling up at them, Suzy & Phil, and Georgia & James leapt up and gave them each a hug and kiss as if they’d know each other for years.

Ordering their first cocktail at the bar Dick and Jane started to relax, and they were soon all chatting and talking about their hobbies, the nightlife around the city, and of course their experience in the swinging scene.

“These are nice normal people.” Jane whispered to Dick.

“I know, and the place and cocktails aren’t bad either.” Dick replied.

Before long the couples had swapped sides and the respective sexes were in deep conversation — the boys had found a mutual interest in surfing and various water sports. bursa escort The ladies, in their favourite holiday destinations, the local shopping and dining experiences of south-east asia.

Two-hours later the night seemed like it was only beginning, the couples remained talking and laughing as if they had all known each other for years. By now they’d all got to know each other more deeply.

Jane and Suzie both excused themselves and walked to the bathroom. Five minutes later they returned with fresh make-up on and big smiled on their faces.

Jane snuggled up close with Dick and Suzie with Phil. Jane placed her hand in Dicks.

“Want to feel how excited I am?” Jane whispered.

Without waiting for an answer, Jane gently moved Dick’s hand up and under her dress.

Moving up her legs, Dick could feel Jane’s thighs quivering in anticipation. As his hand reached her pussy he could feel the wetness which by now was dripping.

“Feel that honey?” Jane whispered.

“Although I’m not sure about all this, these people are all really nice and I’m enjoying myself. Even if the cocktails are helping.” Jane purred in Dick’s ear.

As his fingers slipped inside her drenched g-string, Dick ran his finger up Jane’s dripping slit, flicking her clit and inserting a finger as he reached her vagina. He feel something. Jane had inserted her vibrating egg in her pussy.

“Surprise!” Jane whispered. Looking over at Suzie they gave each other a knowing look and smile.

Slipping Dick the wireless remote, Jane grinned and winked. All the control over the egg was now in Dick’s hands.

“Wow.” Dick said.

“This is something I didn’t expect.”

“Well I’m pleased that I can still surprise you Dick”. Jane replied, smiling in satisfaction as the egg continued to gently vibrate away.

“Talk to you later.” Jane said as she moved away and back to the girls who were again locked in conversation.

The Decision

The men had each had a chance to talk to the others partners, and the girls had all discussed their various swinging experiences. Jane listened with interest, somewhat nervous hearing about what others had done.

What Dick and Jane had learned is that they were not alone in their apprehension and fears, however were reassured from the others that at the parties and clubs there really was no pressure to play, simply to socialise and enjoy a sexually charged atmosphere in the knowledge that others had experienced the same fears.

By now the night was wearing on with everyone becoming more animated and making suggestions about moving the party on elsewhere. Someone suggested moving to a swingers club.

Dick and Jane came together to discuss their options.

Surprising Dick, Jane suggested they accompany the others.

“Are you sure?” Dick asked.

“Well Dick.” Jane responded. “I wasn’t sure about the last club, but it was usually OK when we got there. It was just a pity that it was going downhill and the last couple of times there weren’t really enough people to talk to. You know I don’t like ‘sleazy’ places but if we don’t go to this one we’ll never know if it’s sleazy or a nice place with sexual tension.”

“I’m not promising anything, but let’s go and have a drink to see what it’s like.” Jane finished with.

The Swingers Club — Part (a)

Arriving at the Club as a six-some and with others made Jane feel strangely more secure. But the nerves for her and Dick were still there and walking in they both wondered what lay on the other side of the door, what the ambience would be like, the people friendly or cliquey and the environment clean and inviting.

“Hi I’m Alex.” the owner on the door said. “Let me take your coats and show you around.” He said as they arrived.

Introductions were made and Alex took the six of them on a tour of the Club. Downstairs there is the bar, bathrooms and dance floor he explained. Upstairs, as they walked around, the showed them another change room, spa and rooms.

“There are six rooms in total.” Alex explained.

“The first one here is a bondage room, and you’ll see it has a cross, bench and various implements for BDSM. Next door there are 3 rooms which can all be individually closed off, but the third has a viewing window so all your activities can be seen. It’s for the exhibitionists.” Alex explained.

“Finally there is the group room.” He said.

“This is basically for anyone to come in and play. However don’t ever touch without asking, and no means no. There is no pressure to swap in here, but you can expect to have others playing beside you.” Alex added.

The six of them looked at each other and smiled. Dick slipped his hand in his pocket, and upped the vibration on Jane’s vibrating egg, causing her to jump a bit. Suzie looked at Jane and just smiled. She must have been in on the secret Dick thought to himself.

Moving back downstairs the six of them popped the champagne they’d bought on the way over, and sat on one of the many lounges bursa escort bayan scattered around the club.

“This isn’t too bad.” Jane said to Dick.

“It’s not as sleazy as the other club and there are more people here around our age which is good.” She added.

Soon Dick and Jane were both in conversation with their new friends, introducing themselves to others around the Club and finding out more about what went on.

The couple soon found that (almost) everyone was relaxed and open, and they both liked that there were only a couple of single guys let in. It certainly made the club less intimidating.

Dick and Jane found out from some ‘regulars’ that this was definitely a play club and many people, but not all, who went played either with their partners or with others. Surprisingly they learned that full swap was less common than they imagined, with many couples choosing to stick with each other, either in the group room or with another couple in one of the private rooms.

Jane came over to Dick.

“Hi honey, want to come for a walk?” she suggested.

Taking Dick’s hand Jane led Dick upstairs to where there was obvious sexual tension and energy, mixed with a healthy dose of moaning and the occasional gasp. The lighting upstairs was more subdued than downstairs and there were a number of ladies wandering around in lingerie, and men in their shorts.

Walking along the walkway they came to the voyeur room which had two couples in it. Jane stopped and leaned back into Dick.

In the room the two couples were each locked in a 69, one couple with the girl on top and the other with the guy on top.

The view through the window gave Dick and Jane an uninterrupted view of the action, watching beside them was one other couple.

“Does this turn you on sweetheart?” Dick asked Jane.

“Well they aren’t bad looking, and they are certainly all trying to please each other.” Jane replied.

In the room the couples were all tongues and fingers, the ladies moaning with excitement as the guys hit their g-spots. It was obvious that all four participants were extremely horny and Dick and Jane could see the juices on the guys fingers as they came out of the ladies pussies.

Hearing a moan close to them, Dick and Jane looked over at the couple beside them.

“Sorry.” The girl beside them said.

“This is making me so horny.” She added.

Jane could see the girl’s partner rubbing her breasts as they watched the foursome in the room change position, obviously getting ready to fuck.

“That’s quite OK.” Jane replied.

“They are obviously having fun in there, and it’s nice to watch. A bit like a live porn show.” Jane said.

In the room the couples had changed positions. One lady was on her back, legs in the air as her partner positioned his very long cock at the entrance to her pussy. Grabbing it, she guided him inside her in one long stroke. An audible sigh could be heard escaping from her lips as he started to move slowly in and out of her pussy, rolling her nipples in his hands as he did so.

Jane leaned back into Dick as the couples in the room started to fuck with a rhythmic quality that was mesmerising to watch.

Dick cupped Janes breasts through her dress and gently commenced rolling her nipples between his fingers. His other hand slipped down under the skirt and up towards her pussy.

Before he even got there he could feel the juices running down Jane’s leg. She sighed.

Slipping his fingers past the g-string Dick removed the vibrating egg and switched it off.

“I don’t think we’ll be needing this now.” He explained.

Jane just turned and gave him a hard deep throat kiss.

In the room the second couple had turned to fuck doggy style, the lady facing the window with the guy grabbing her hips from behind and starting to move in and out of her. Looking up at the two couples watching them she smiled as her breasts swayed in time to the pounding she was receiving from behind.

As the guy started to move faster and harder she dropped to the bed, supporting herself on her elbows. Letting out a moan she turned to look at her lover, saying “Harder and faster.”

“Fuck me.” She commanded.

Complying with the lady’s wishes, her partner proceeded to grab her hips tightly, moving his cock in and out of her pussy faster and harder with every stoke.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed as she gripped the edge of the bed as her hips jerked with her orgasm.

Flipping her over, the guy proceeded to fuck her missionary style, pulling out to cum on her stomach and breasts as he reached his climax.

Collapsing beside her, they grinned up at the four people watching, giving them a small wave.

Smiling back, Jane turned to Dick.

“That was actually quite hot.” She said.

“I am soooo turned on right now.” She added, giving Dicks hard cock a squeeze through his tight boxers.

“Let’s go get a drink.” Jane said as she pulled him downstairs again.

The Swingers Club — escort bursa Part 5(b)

Sitting on one of the lounges with Suzie and Phil they all sipped their drinks and discussed what was happening upstairs.

“There was one sixsome on the group bed.” Suzie said. “They were all entwined like a daisy chain! It was so hot to watch.” She added.

“Look how wet I am.” Suzie said as she spread her legs to give the others an uninterrupted view of her sopping went pussy.

“I know.” Added Jane.

“There was a foursome in one room. The girl was getting banged from behind and he was sooo hot. She was writhing in ecstasy as he slammed in and out of her. She was literally screaming as she came.” Jane said.

There was a nervous pause amongst the four of them.

“Want to go play?” asked Suzie.

Jane looked at Dick.

Dick looked at Jane.

Suzie grabbed Phil’s cock and stood up.

Jane grabbed Dick’s hand and hauled him to his feet. Sculling their drinks they followed Suzie and Phil up the stairs, Dick playfully spanking Jane’s gorgeous ass as she ascended ahead of him.

“Hey watch it fella!” Jane said playfully turning around and smiling.

The foursome found an empty room upstairs and went in, closing the door behind them.

Before he knew it Jane had spun around and was deeply kissing Dick while Suzie dropped straight to her knees unzipping Phil’s pants.

Suzie engulfed Phil’s cock in one mouthful, sucking hard as he let out a low moan of pleasure.

Undoing his shirt he was soon naked, lying back on the bed as Suzie commenced sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, holding it in her hands as she deep-throated him.

Dick spun Jane around pushing her back onto the bed.

Spreading her legs wide he wasted no time running his tongue up her inner thighs, to her slit which was now sopping wet, her g-string soaked with her pussy juices.

Ripping her g-string off, Dick dove his tongue deep into Jane’s pussy, spreading her lips to ensure he was able to hit her g-spot.

Squirming and moaning, Jane reached out and grabbed Phil’s hand, who by now was also moaning as Suzie continued to suck his hard cock, wrapping her lips around the top of his shaft, rolling her tongue around the underside. Cupping his balls in her hand she continued to alternatively deep throat then slide up to the top, making him gasp in ecstasy.

Soon the four of them were all naked, all on the bed rolling around. Surprising even herself, lying beside Suzie, Jane reached out and started to roll her breast and nipple around as Dick and Phil continued to lap at their respective partner’s pussies.

Holding hands both women continued to enjoy the attention both men were lavishing on them.

As if in tune they both rolled over presenting their asses and pussies to the guys hardened cocks. With one smooth stroke both men swiftly took the invitation and thrust deep into their partner’s red, dripping pussies.

Suzie looked over at Jane and smiled.

“Having fun?” she gasped as Phil continued to slam his cock in and out.

“God yes.” Jane moaned in return.

“This is so hot. I never thought I’d ever do anything like this.”

Suzie grinned, leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Dick entered Jane particularly deeply making her gasp.

“Would you like to feel my man’s cock?” Suzie asked Jane.

“Yes please!” Jane moaned in reply.

The guys withdrew and putting condoms on proceeded to swap positions.

“Roll over.” Phil commanded Jane.

Obligingly , Jane rolled over and pulled her knees to her chest, giving Phil and uninterrupted view of her wet pussy.

With one powerful stroke, Phil entered Jane, making her gasp. It was the first time she’d felt another man’s cock since she married Dick some 15 years before.

Pushing back against Phil’s plunging cock, Jane’s fingers moved to finger her clit as she bucked and moaned with pleasure.

Beside her, Dick continued to fuck Suzie rhythmically, as she pressed back against his every thrust. Reaching around, Dick squeezed her hard nipples, making her groan in pleasure.

As if on cue, both women began to move faster and more forcefully, sighing and moaning as the men fucked them mercilessly.

Holding hands again the women, as if on cue, screamed at their men, “Don’t stop.”

Bucking back against the thumping cocks, the women moaned together.

“I’m coooommmiingggg.” They alternatively moaned and screamed as the men held their cocks deep inside them, loving the feeling of the pulsating pussy walls against their condoms.

Resting for a minute, the men recommenced their thrusting as the women changed positions again, to be both on their sides, the men entering them from the side.

Looking at each other in post-ecstasy bliss, the women continued to play with each other’s nipples and breasts.

The men continued to increase their pace, thrusting deeper and harder.

Dick came first, holding tight to Suzies hips as he spilled his hot cum deep inside her pussy.

Relaxing beside her, he turned to watch Phil continuing to satisfy his wife.

Jane looked as though she was on cloud-nine, with a glazed expression of bliss and sexual ecstasy all in one.

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