Funtime America

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It was during the week when Mark and me had met up at a children’s indoor play gym called Funtime America to hang out and get to know each other a little better. I had met Mark about a week earlier at the restaurant called Denny’s in East Brunswick. Mark had been my waiter and after flirting a little we had exchanged numbers and had plans to talk later in the week. Mark wasn’t actually my type but when some one needs a booty call, they need a booty call. Mark was a fem as they say; he carried himself in a feminine manner and by just talking to him you knew he was a gay man.

The next morning I had given Mark a call to see if he was available anytime soon to try and hang and get to know each other. He told me that he was available that night around eleven o’clock, but at the time I was only 18 and knew that I would not be able to make it to his house and get home before my curfew had arose, so I called my friend Krystal to see what she had planned and asked her if she wanted to hang out and meet up with Mark later on. She had agreed to hang and brought me over to meet him.

That night while Krystal was driving around Mark and me were fooling around in her car with out her knowledge. Mark had been in the back seat while I was in the front. I had seated myself so that I was in a manner where I could reach my hand around the back of my seat and fool around with out Krystal knowing. As Krystal drove down Route 18 toward the East Brunswick Shopping Center, I was in the mist of giving mark a hand job. I had reached up one of the several holes izmit escort in marks pants to reach his long erected dick. I started to move my hand up and down but had to stop because he started to moan and I didn’t want Krystal to find out what was going on in her car. I was unable to continue to finish my unlawful deed because he couldn’t control his moaning, we later dropped him off at home and me and him made plans to meet during the week. He gave me a kiss good-bye and into the house he went.

Later that week, we managed to meet up at Funtime America. He had gotten a ride by one of his friends who actually worked at the place. While his friend worked her shift Mark and me had planned to talk and get to know each other. His friend was in charge of the tunnel and gym half of the actually building so she let Mark and I go in and play a little.

But we did not do the playing that she had in mind. After reaching the top and finding a place where no one from the ground could see us we started to make out. He slowly climbed on top of me and started to kiss me. He slid his tongue pass my lips and we started a game of tonsil tag. We continued in this manner only for a few minutes. We had to quickly separate ourselves because we had heard little kids coming our way. We played a small game of real tag on our way down from the top with short make out breaks in between, eventually making it down to the ground. He had mentioned to me that he wanted to go outside and smoke so we did just that. I wasn’t a smoker, and actually hated guys that did smoke, yahya kaptan escort so it was a large turn off when I did find out he smoked.

Once outside we notice that there were several signs that read No Smoking so mark and I found our way around the building to the back. As he smoked his menthol I wrapped my arms around him and slid my warm hands down his pants to find a still hardly erect penis. I had started to kiss his neck, which made him throw his cigarette away and turn around toward me. We started up our game of tonsil tag again, but this time it felt more romantic then before.

We found ourselves, a small grassy area in the barley-treed forest behind the building. He had pushed me down to the ground and climbed on top of me. He unbuckled my belt and started to remove my pants. I had told him to not take them off and to only bring them to around my knees, (for safety reason of course.) Before I could do anything to him he had taken my dick into his wet and warm mouth. All I could feel was my body tense, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be doing this. I didn’t want to get caught, but the feeling of getting caught is what had brought me to this point. I can now feel him moving his soft lips from the tip of dick to the base, taking in all that he could handle. He continues in this manner for a while. He had brought me to my climax before he stopped; I felt my legs start to tense up and the feeling worked its way up my body. My toes clenched and all of a sudden a felt relieved. He had looked up at me gebze escort and smiled. He swallowed what was in his mouth and worked his way up to mine. We made out again for a few minutes.

I switched positions with him, pulling up my pants as we swapped. I reached for his pants and unbuckled his belt as he did mine. I pulled his pants to his knees and firstly kissed him. I pushed his shirt up a little, but that is when it went down hill.

As I pushed his shirt up I revealed layers of loose skin. I stooped in my tracks; I was both disgusted and repelled by what I was seeing. He has told me that he was once heavier then he was now but he never told me that he had this. He explained to me that he lost close to over 100 pounds and the loose skin was skin that won’t go away. I thought to myself that I didn’t even want to go near it but I knew I had to repay the favor. I took a deep breath and with out saying anything, I went to work. I started by licking around the tip of his dick; I then worked his thick cock into my mouth trying to work it all the way in, but I couldn’t. His dick was thicker then normal and I couldn’t deep throat it like I have others before.

At the time, I was very inexperienced and wasn’t sure what I was doing. I wasn’t able to deep throat his dick but I was able to manage to get him to cum. Once I had finished him I, told him that my ride would be there soon and we should head back inside. He agreed and stood up to pull his pants up. We head back around the building as he smoked yet another menthol. I told him that I would call him again some time soon and with a good bye kiss head to the opposite end of the building to wait for my ride. That was the last Mark and I had talked. I was too repelled by the loose skin to ever call him back for a second go at things.

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