Further Education Ch. 1

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I had my suspicions ever since the interview, an unnerving experience where I felt more like the accused than a prospective employee and colleague, although it was a trial by 10 honest and true men and women, rather than the 12 that sit in judgment over those on trial. During the questions and answers I was conscious of the intent looks that Jenny was giving me. I found it hard to fix my eyes on her during the interview, as my usual self-confidence was being affected by the anxiety of the occasion. However, when I was addressing myself to who was questioning me I could feel her gaze on me.

My gut feeling told me that I was successful, therefore it was no surprise when later on in the day Jenny called telephoned me at home to welcome me into the team. During what was a rather informal chat with her I arranged to go into the school in the last few days of the summer term so I could become familiar with my new colleagues and begin to sense the ethos of the school. Little did I know how welcome the school would become.

It was to be my first teaching post, where I had responsibility for the education of thirty boisterous pre-teens, I knew I had a lot to learn and was looking forward to the experience, however the events that unfolded gave me an experience that I could never have foreseen. I was the only male, amongst a team of women, of varying ages and attractiveness, though at 25 I was not the youngest, I certainly felt like the new boy. Jenny was in her mid 40s, and liked to remain detached from her team, this was one of her qualities that intrigued me, how she was secretive and slow to reveal information about herself that she so readily sought in others.

At the end of the summer I was invited along to the leaving do of the person whose position I was taking, he was moving on to a position of more responsibility and he joked with me about how hard it would be to cope being the lone male in a “girlie” team. The beer had made our chats increasingly light-hearted but he was straight faced and adopted a serious tone when he warned me “to look after myself”. Just as I was about to ask him to clarify his words of warning, we were joined by Jenny and he swiftly changed the subject. I got no further chance to ask what he meant.

I was bought a number of drinks that evening, I was conscious of the fact that I was on trial and the focus for many sets of eyes, as people made their judgements of me. I was particularly wary around Jenny, carefully not to let any words escape that might do me harm. I sensed that I passed this unannounced test and was relieved when eventually Jenny smiled whilst talking to me. I was shocked by a re-assuring touch of her hand on my arm, that came as the evening ended, after our exchanges grew in length and lessened in their formality. izmir escort

So it was in the September I approached the year ahead with a mix of emotions. My thoughts during the break had been on the task ahead, but with increasing frequency I found myself thinking about Jenny. During the holidays I rang her a few times, often with on the basis of the weakest of excuses. On one of these occasions I was staying in a pub in the village, I called her after closing time and after I had drank a few beers too. The easiness of our chat surprised me, (I later found out that this was more than likely caused by her night time tipple of a whisky or two!) My own decreasing inhibitions were manifested by the fact I had eased my cock from my boxers and I was casually masturbating as Jenny chatted to me on a far from arousing subject. When the call was finished I carried on with my wanking whilst imagining that it was Jenny’s experienced hand caressing my cock. Jenny was certainly not what could have been described as my usual wank fantasy, she was quite petite, about 5’4”, 130 lbs, her breasts (I estimated) were no bigger than 34B. Her hair was collar length straw blonde, where I preferred brunettes and her eyes were a blend of hazel and green tones.

As teachers we started back a few days before our charges. As well as Jenny there was Angie, the deputy head who knew Jenny from their teens. Cathy was the most experienced teacher, who was looking forward to her impending retirement. I soon established an affinity with the younger members of staff, Julie (Jules) who although she had been teaching a year longer was a year younger than me and Jilly who had just hit 30 and had been at the school for four years.

Due to my inexperience it was usual for a more practised member of staff to observe my lessons – to offer advice and assess my performance. It was Jenny who took this role, adopting her usual silent manner, she was chatty and conversed with the children and as I taught I remained, as before acutely aware of her focus on me. Jenny began to establish a rather strange and confusing relationship with me, she would pass her views over to Angie who would then de-brief the observations with me. In fact Jenny had rather little “professional” contact with me during my first few weeks at the school.

One of the definite benefits of being the only man in the school was the increased opportunity it gave me for female contact, as I was the only option available! I soon found out that there was a small group of women who had developed an attraction towards me, and I was disappointed when I was called into Jenny’s office to be warned about encouraging it. The truth was I had done little if anything to encourage it, I did find one this group alsancak escort particularly attractive. Any “relationship” was made easier by the fact that her daughter was in my class. However my professional judgment prevented me from taking things as far as I would have liked too, or could have. Or maybe that’s what I thought was controlling my lust, more likely it was the fact that her husband was on the Board of Governors and had the final say on whether or not I would still be at the school the following year. I left Jenny’s office questioning whether or not I had been told for my own good, or whether it was all for someone else’s benefit. I was rather confused.

That’s why I had no idea of how our relationship was going to develop, I found her quite cold to relate to, maybe it was this barrier that interested me, I adopted the belief that I was being subject to a long lived test, a test that I knew nothing of, I had no idea what I was being tested on, how well I was doing and when it would end. As Christmas approached I became aware of a thaw in Jenny’s persona, despite her frosty façade she was a frequent player in my fantasies, a fact that I held within me to get me through some difficult situations. Jenny became a more frequent visitor to my classroom, unlike before these visits were unannounced. As before the de briefs were relayed trough Angie but I noticed that they were slowly beginning to be more favourable, praise was now creeping in to balance the criticism. Both Jules and Jilly asked me why I wasn’t more vociferous in defending myself and standing up to Jenny, I couldn’t tell them why I was happy to play along with Jenny, so I agreed with them and joined in with their criticism of her.

I was spending increasingly long days in school, leaving well after the cleaners had, my late nights must have been relayed to Jenny as again I was “summoned” to see her. She asked me if I was having any problems and if I required any further assistance, Jenny took some reassuring but I was successful and I left her office having made her a cup of coffee. My lone nights in school continued, but I became aware that Jenny had changed her work habits, she too was now staying later, frequently we were the only two left in the old building. I worked in my room, Jenny in hers in the older part of the building. On night as I was involved in marking I was aware of a different noise, I had become used to the strange, clanking echoes of the heating system. This new noise was the unfamiliar, friendly approach of a smiling Jenny, complete with coffee in hand.

This encounter lead to us both revealing what we thought, although I was not yet confident enough to reveal my most intimate thoughts to her. I did tell her how strange buca escort it felt, how I believed that I was constantly on trial and was having to prove myself. Jenny for her part, confessed to her withdrawn and critical style of management, explaining it a part of some initiation ceremony, she also said that it would more than likely continue but I wasn’t to worry about it. Jenny continued in her approach to me, but she really was Jekyll and Hyde, she presented to differing faces, when our colleagues were around she was quiet, when we were alone, especially after school she was much warmer and friendly to me.

Our relationship changed one night after I had taken an after school club. The school football pitch was a million miles away from the level, plush surface of Wembley. To say it was rather uneven would have been kind. Unusually, Jenny had come out to view football practice, and I think it was a combination of her presence and the rapidly diminishing light that caused me to not be as attentive as I usually was. I caught my foot in one of the concealed “potholes” and badly twisted my knee. Back in the staff room I was resting with my leg on the chair, wondering how I was going to get home, when Jenny walked in, closing the door behind her. I half expected some form of criticism to follow but was pleasantly surprised when a more understanding expression showed on her face.

Handing me a coffee and anti-inflammatory she sat opposite me. I was shocked when Jenny pulled my socks down my shin and began to massage my leg. With a smile on her face she explained that it was purely medical and that a massage would prevent any stiffness in my leg. Stiffness in my legs wasn’t a problem, but the delicate nature of Jenny’s touch was causing stiffness elsewhere. There was little I could do to hide my growing arousal, I wasn’t embarrassed, in fact I was secretly willing Jenny’s gaze to travel up my legs and identify my erection. I had often felt the attention of Jenny’s eyes on me , and although she was avoiding my gaze I knew she could sense the effect she was having on me.

Jenny continued her massage slowly moving her hands up my legs, as her hands continued their sensuous motion over my knees my breathing became deeper and more noticeable. I was staring at the top of her head as she worked, waiting for an indication that she was going to look up, so I could second guess her movement and respond appropriately. Her rub down continued in silence, it was Jenny who broke it by asking me if I was enjoying it, as I answered Jenny looked directly at me and a broad grin broke across her face. As she smiled Jenny snaked her fingers up my thighs and under my shorts.

Her sudden movement caused me to jolt, my nerve endings remained alert as her hands continued circling under my shorts, as her fingertips sought out my rapidly hardening cock. Jenny was unsuccessful in reaching my cock, she did manage to touch my balls but she wasn’t satisfied with this. Reassuring me that we were the only ones in the building Jenny leant forward and pulling at my shorts pulled them and my boxers as far down as my socks.

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