Futa Naked In School 07 – The Naked Futa Problem 1: Randi’s Naked Futa Dilemma

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Futa Naked In School – The Naked Futa Problem

Chapter One: Randi’s Naked Futa Dilemma

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Randi Bjork Week, Monday

Everyone was staring at me. Groping me.

I trembled as I moved through the halls, resisting the urges to cover my naked tits. I was selected for the Program. Me. I knew the odds. Two girls a week, and only a fifty-fifty chance they’d select a junior as one of them made me hope I’d get through this year and next without getting selected.

But I was.

“Wow, I did not realize how big your tits are, Randi,” said Caridad Vasquez, a Hispanic futa from my fourth-period class. She had a big smile on her face as she cupped my tits, squeezing and massaging them. Her fingers dug into my flesh. “Nice.”

“Th-thanks,” I stammered, my tongue so heavy. I was so embarrassed at how turned on I was.

When my name was called by President McTaggart before the entire student body of Rogers College, my cheeks had blazed red. I couldn’t believe it. Before I knew it, I was naked and all the futas in college were around me, groping me.

Well, not all of them. My friend, Stacie, had winked at me while she hung out with her girlfriend, the swim coach.

But the rest seemed to have found me.

They stroked my pussy. My ass. They rolled my nipples between their fingers. Every bit of me was stroked. They took it to the line, no penetrating any of my holes without getting my permission. No sucking on my nipples or even licking my pussy.

They just left me horny. I almost came. Me!

“Yeah, these are great,” Caridad said, letting my tits go.

“Yes, they are,” said Lizaveta. The Russian futa snapped a photo with her camera. “That will look great in the yearbook.”

“Year…” I started to say then I groaned, my ears burning and I rushed down the halls.

A freshman futa, thirsty for every girl stripped naked, came up. Her name was Teal Constable, and she had such a wicked grin as she grabbed my rump, squeezing me as she pressed up beside me. “I wish I had you in one of my classes, Randi. I would give you such relief.”

Another futa snorted. “With that little pencil dick you got?”

Shelena Lowell, the college’s star quarterback, stood nearby, a grin on her ebony face. She licked her plump lips, her hardon tenting the front of her jeans. Her large breasts stretched out a belly shirt. “Mmm, Randi. Do you get randy, Randi?”

I rolled my eyes, wishing I could send out a scathing retort. I was the debate team captain. I was usually so good at it. Instead, my tongue felt like lead in my mouth. I groaned and scurried around Shelena, racing to my class.

I gasped as Shelena grabbed my ass, giving me a nice squeeze. “I can take care of that wet, juicy pussy. Just say the word. You know you want it. Ask for relief, and you can ride my cock.”

So many insults popped into my head and I couldn’t bring herself to snap any of them. I just wanted to melt into a puddle. Everyone was looking at me, futas and girls both. The infamous Adile, the Turkish lesbian, licked her lips as I passed her. I felt Denice Jenning’s eyes on me as I hurried past. She’d gone lesbian mostly since winning homecoming queen and claiming her rival as a sex slave.

“Hey, there you are,” a familiar voice said.

I groaned in relief to see Annalee Blake rush up to me. My friend and fellow debate club member had a naughty gleam in her hazel eyes. She had short, brown hair framing her cute face, her glasses adding to her innocent look. Though the smile on her lips was anything but naughty.

“You look turned on,” she said, pressing up beside me, shielding me at least on one side from gropes.

“I…” I swallowed. “It’s just…” I lowered my voice. “Everyone is looking at me.” I was so relieved to say a whole sentence, even if it was a whisper to my best friend.

“Isn’t that the point?” Annalee asked. “I mean, everyone looked at me when I did it. It was a blast. I really figured things out.”

“You were gangbanged by the futas on the volleyball team,” I groaned.

“Mmm, every girl should have a train run on her at least once.” She glanced at me. “Even a virgin like you.”

My pussy clenched. I had never lied to Annalee all my life until the day I lost my virginity.

“Why this week?” I whimpered, keeping my voice low. “I’m going to have to go against Puyallup in the debate tournament on Saturday naked.”

“Maybe you’ll tongue-tie your opponent with those big tits of yours.” Annalee reached out and, to my shock, pinched both my nipples. I gasped as the wicked sensation shot through them. “Mmm, they are nice. Did you know I sucked on Denice’s and Umeko’s during my week? I went back and forth.”

“I didn’t,” I said, blushing as she released them. “I didn’t know you were bi.”

“Isn’t every girl a little bi?” she asked, shrugging. “Except maybe Lola. Do you think her and her purity club are exempt? Not a single member has been chosen. I think this entire thing is rigged. Xochitl was talking about it.”

“Who?” I asked.

“The Latina girl chosen two weeks ago. The one who fucked her futa-sister during Romea and Juliet. They’re dating now, you know. Both chosen the same week. Just like Krysten and Charisma were chosen together and the Marlowe sisters.”

I frowned. “Stacie got chosen right before her big swim meet.”

“Then she went and broke the rules,” my friend said as we rounded the corner.

“Randi!” a futa I didn’t know said and smacked my rump.

I rubbed my ass and kept walking, shaking my head. I groaned when I saw a nerdy Hispanic futa approaching. She was a freshman named Paloma who was in the AV club with Lizaveta and Candice. Though I heard they were producing pornos with some of the girls in the Program. She saw my tits and blushed. She looked away and kept going. I guess there were a few futas that weren’t pervs.

“Here we are,” Annalee said. “And you didn’t cum once. Are you going to ask for relief?”

“In Ms. Rowbottom’s class?” I gasped, my nervousness increasing. “I couldn’t.”

Why was I scared to go in here? There was one person in this class who’d seen me naked. Who knew my body better than anyone. My stomach felt like churning muck as Annalee thrust open the door and beckoned me in.

I didn’t have a choice. I felt these invisible strings dragging me forward. I swallowed as everyone’s heads turned to stare at me, including Ms. Rowbottom. She stood at the front of the classroom, a Black futa with coffee-brown skin, her hair falling in a dark weave about her lush face. My cheeks burned brighter as her eyes flicked over my busty body, a smile growing on her plump lips.

“Do you need relief?” a futa named Leann Winthrop, the student council vice president, asked before I took a step.

I shook my head, my tongue twisting into a pretzel in my mouth. I hurried to my seat and set down. Beside me, Ayame Yamashita, on the swim team with Stacie, glanced at my swaying breasts and nodded. She pulled out her phone and snapped a photo.

“Are you sure you do not want relief?” Ms. Rowbottom asked, her eyes on me.

“Yeah, you sure?” April Gore asked in this knowing way. “I’d be more than honored to take care of you, Randi.”

I shook my head again, wanting to melt. Only I was melting. My pussy was molten. I had never been this horny in my life. I could feel a puddle of my juices forming on the chair beneath me, making my rump sticky. I leaned over my desk as I fumbled to get out my English textbook, my blonde hair swaying about my face.

“Okay,” said Ms. Rowbottom, “I’m glad we’re not having to waste the first ten minutes of class with Miss Bjork’s passion, though I’m sure more than a few of you are disappointed.”

The futas groaned. Even my friend, Annalee sighed. She sat on my right. I gave her a dirty look. She grinned back at me.

Then I glanced up to Ms. Rowbottom. Her eyes met mine. A soft smile spread on her lips. I felt suddenly safe. My cheeks warmed as I stared at my secret lover. Since last year, we’d been having our affair.

I lied to Stacie Ward when she came to me for help a few weeks ago. Our debate club had never once studied the problem of the college’s rules that forbade professors and other staff members from enjoying students whether they were in the Program or not. The rule existed to keep any abuses of power even though we were all adults, even if barely. A professor or other staff member could touch a or even have sex with a student in the Program, but only to aid in her lesson. It was a weird loophole, but it made our relationship forbidden.

Then Stacie Ward had used my arguments about love and how the Program was all about figuring out your desires to win her case to be the swim coach’s futa-lover. Luckily for my friend, Ms. Rowbottom was on the deciding panel and had a vested reason to see it overturned. We’d already filled out the paperwork, letting President McTaggart know we were a couple.

We just weren’t telling the student body. I didn’t know how to tell Annalee that I’d been lying to her for nearly a year.

“Well, let’s get started on the Bard’s next great tale. A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Ms. Rowbottom looked around the room. “Miss Tinker, why don’t you read the opening of Act 1, Scene 1.”

Priscilla Tinker, president of the student council, stood up and began reading it. We were all following along. Ms. Rowbottom paused to lecture on certain passages, drawing our attention to Shakespeare’s use of language to create poetry. It was stirring and fascinating. I was starting to relax as the futas began paying attention to the lesson, everyone taking notes.

You did not want to be underprepared for one of Ms. Rowbottom’s tests. Even me.

She would call on different students to read passages as the hour went by. She moved around the room, nodding as some stumbled over the difficult words. There was some laughter. It was a comedy, a more lighthearted affair than the play the college currently had running.

“Okay, Ms. Bjork, if you could read the start of Act 1, Scene 3.”

My heart nearly stopped beating.

I blushed as I rose. My body shook. My breasts swayed before me. Everyone stared at me. My cheeks went flaming şişli bayan escort scarlet. The heat burned down my neck. My textbook swayed before me. I tried to focus on the words of the play printed in stark black and whites.

“Tit… Titan…,” I said, stumbling over the words. I couldn’t make them form right. I tried again. “Tit-tania sleeps. Ent… Enter the… the clowns Bot… Bottom, Qu… I… I…” I shook my head.

Everyone was staring at my naked body. I clutched the book to my breasts, standing there, staring imploringly at Ms. Rowbottom. She furrowed her brow and then she waved me to sit down, calling on Annalee to finish.

I wanted to melt away because my pussy was on fire. There was this heat burning through me. It rippled through my nethers. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. My juices flooded out of me. I was so turned on by being so embarrassed.

This was messed up.

I hunched lower, feeling like everyone was still looking at me as Annalee read my passage with ease. This couldn’t be happening. I was a communicator. I was capable of speed-talking, getting out all my debate points as fast as possible to maximize my time during a competition.

I didn’t get flustered. I didn’t get tongue-tied.

I didn’t go naked.

“Okay, that’s enough for today,” said Ms. Rowbottom. “I want you to read the rest of the play and…” She arched her eyebrow at the audible groan. “It’s not that long. Just unplug your XBox for an hour. A hundred years ago, they made you all learn Latin, so be thankful I’m just making you learn a play. I’ll see you tomorrow. Ms. Bjork, a minute.”

I nodded my head.

Ms. Rowbottom drifted to me as the students filed out. We had a short window of privacy before the next class arrived. I trembled as she stood over me. I rose, my large breasts swaying. When the door closed and we were alone, the tension melted out of me.

“I’m a mess,” I gasped, throwing my arms around Keisha’s neck. I clung to my sexy, older futa-lover. I buried my face into the nape of her neck, breathing in the spice of her perfume. I felt her round breasts through her blouse pressing into mine.

“I saw that,” she said, stroking me. “What happened to my bold girl?”

“Everyone’s staring at her tits.” I tightened my arms around her neck. “I wish we had time to make love. I’m so horny.”

“After classes,” Keisha said, rocking me. She turned her head. “After classes, I’ll take care of you. Trust me.”

I kissed her. My lips melted against hers. I clung to my professor, my heart beating so fast. I didn’t care that she had a decade on me or that I was only twenty. I knew I loved her. I felt that certainty pounding in my heart as I clung to her.

I shuddered as her hand slid down my back. I groaned into the kiss, feeling her groping me. She squeezed both my asscheeks tight, pulling me against her. I felt the bulge of her cock. A shiver ran through my pussy.

A deep ache only she could satisfy.

I broke the kiss and swallowed. “Thank you. I needed that. I just need to relax.”

“Well, you can talk to me,” she said. “That’s an improvement.”

“What am I going to do?” I asked, feeling the tick of the clock. Students were talking outside. At any moment, someone could walk in and catch us. I broke away from her. “I’m so embarrassed, I’m melting into a puddle of pussy juices. I need relief. I need to cum.”

“Masturbate,” she said.

“Oh, goddess, in front of all these people.” My ears burned.

“Afraid they’ll see your pleasure, or that you’ll enjoy it?”

Her words made me shiver. “I don’t know. I have to go. My next class is on the other side of the campus.”

“If you need relief, I won’t be mad,” she said. “Just relax. You’re not the first girl to go through this. Your friend did, and she’s fine.”

“I’m not Annalee. She’s a lot braver than me.”

Keisha arched an eyebrow. “Than the girl who won the debate by arguing the pro-fossil fuel side of the debate. You didn’t even believe in it, and yet you destroyed Bethel’s best debater.”

My cheeks warmed as a pleased flush shot through me.

“Don’t sell yourself short. You’ll make it through this.”

“But what about Saturday?” I asked. “It’s still part of the week. I’ll have to be naked, or I’ll be in trouble.”

“Let me think about it and—”

The door opened and Guanting Chan, president of the AV club, poked in and froze at the sight of me.

“I’ll think about the problem, Ms. Bjork. But you better hurry to your next class. And relax, okay?”

“I… I’ll…” I blushed, my tongue lead again. Then I whirled around and hurried out of the classroom. I stepped into the hall and almost barreled into Ji-Min Song. She squeaked and jumped out of the way.

I survived my next two classes. Barely. They were tortured. Every futa wanted to help me with relief. Shelena grinned at me just like she promised, rubbing her crotch. In the halls, it was a gauntlet of nipple tweaks, ass gropes, and pussy caresses.

Futas were licking my cream off their fingers. It was spilling down my thighs while I grew more and more embarrassed. I held my bookbag to my chest, hugging it like a talisman as I struggled to survive.

I was so out of sorts. I was bewildered and lost. I couldn’t think. And I certainly couldn’t talk. When Ms. Tyrell called on me to answer a question in my creative writing class, I just stammered until it sounded like I was a squeaking chipmunk.

“Well, good thing you have big tits,” Ms. Tyrell said, shaking her head, “because if that’s the best sentence you can string together, I fear for your academic future.”

I wanted to screech out how unfair this was. Why this week? It was the end of the debate season. Next week, I could be tongue-tied to the universe’s content. But, no, not this week. Not when we were up against our rivals, Puyallup.

“Hey, Randi, pose with me?” asked Dina Marlowe. She slid up to, her phone at the end of a selfie stick. She slipped her arm around me, her hand right on my ass. “Smile!”

I did, grinning for the camera while my naked boob rubbed into hers, separated by her baby doll t-shirt


I nodded, unable to speak. I felt the warmth of her hand on my rump as I continued on to the cafeteria. Juices trickled down my thighs, a hot flood. Moans echoed ahead, the gasp of a girl getting fucked. I blinked at the sight of Tanisha Reed plowing Krysten while her futa-sister, Charisma, knelt and watched. The three were in some sort of bizarre BDSM thing since Tanisha won MVP. The naked futa’s dark tits heaved.

She was one of the futas chosen for the Program with me.

She was having fun at least.

“Hey, sexy,” Teal Constable said, sliding up and grabbing my tits. “Want to see if I can fuck you harder than Tanisha?”

I shook my head, ears burning. I knew she couldn’t. I wanted to say it. To mock her for being so desperate to fuck every futa who came along even as my pussy ached for it. For a big, hard cock to fuck me.

Keisha’s cock…

I reached the cafeteria, trembling. I spotted Annalee. She grinned and waved me to a table. She had two lunch trays there. I sighed in relief. She’d gotten my food already. I came up to her and gave her a big hug.

“Kiss!” Teal shouted from behind.

I broke away, my body shuddering. I was so out of sorts. I trembled, shivering at how wanton I was. I had never been so horny in my life. If I saw Keisha, I’d mount her right now. I wouldn’t care about the rules.

“How are you doing?” Annalee asked as we settled down, the plastic bench cool beneath my rump.

“Horny,” I whispered.

“No relief?”

I shook my head as I grabbed my fork. There was spaghetti on my plate. The meat sauce smelled half decent for once.

“Not even masturbation?” she asked. “Not even a quick jill in the bathroom, out of sight.”

“Have to use futas’ bathroom.”

“Fair enough,” she said, shuddering. “That was the part I hated.”

She gave me a look as we ate. As we finished up, she said, “You are about to melt. You really need something, Randi. You’re going to explode. You are so turned on by everyone looking at you, aren’t you?”

I nodded, pushing my tray to the side. “I don’t know why.”

“Maybe you’re an exhibitionist?”

I shook my head. “I’ve never wanted to… I mean… I’m so embarrassed to be seen.”

Her eyes widened. “There’s a kind of masochist that gets off on being shamed. Forced nudity, being insulted, stuff like that.”

“Oh, goddess,” I groaned, burying my face in my hands. I felt eyes watching us. Teal was hovering nearby. Other futas, too.

“Yeah, see, this is what is so cool about the Program,” said Annalee. “You get to learn things about yourself. Things you didn’t know. Your kinks. Your true desires. This is a week of pure, sexual freedom. I think we’re finding one of yours.”

“Don’t tell me I like this?” I said, squirming on the bench. I looked around at all the people staring at me. Teal was nearby, her eyes burning with her lust for my flesh. “This is embarrassing.”

Annalee shoved her hand between my thighs. I gasped as she rubbed at my pussy folds. I groaned as the pleasure rippled through me. Her touch was light and delicate, so different from the way the horny futas had touched me all day. They were rougher, uncaring.

Annalee was my friend. She didn’t want to hurt me, but…

“Please stop,” I groaned, wanting to snap my thighs shut around her hand as she stroked and petted my pussy lips.

“Wow, you are soaked,” she said, her fingers sliding up and down my slit. She nudged my clit.

Sparks burst.

Her hazel eyes were wide behind her glasses as she touched me. Her digit stroked my clit in fast circles. I whimpered, biting my lip. My head swept across my shoulders. My large breasts jiggled as my friend diddled me.

“Look at that,” a futa or girl whispered behind me. It was hard to tell.

“Nice, going to see some lezzie action.”

“Girls playing with girls always makes me so hard and wet.”

“I know.”

“Ooh, look at them. I knew they were friends. You think they’re more?”


“How does that make you feel?” Annalee whispered. She şişli escort leaned into me.

“I… I…” My tongue didn’t want to work. All these futas watching my friend touching me. I wanted to melt into the floor. To just vanish. “Ann…Anna…”

She grinned at me. “That’s what I thought. You’re getting off on the humiliation. On being forced to sit there and get touched. Ooh, yes, you are. Don’t deny it.”

Was I?

It felt incredible. My body drank in her fingers’ caresses. Only Keisha had ever touched me like this. I whimpered, my cheeks burning. I had a futa-lover. I shouldn’t be letting Annalee do this, but I couldn’t stop her.

Her touch felt incredible.

I bit my lip, my heart hammering in my chest. My hair danced from side to side as the pleasure rippled through me. My body loved it. It felt incredible, and all the people watching only made this more shameful.

Which made her touch feel electric. Was I some sort of freak?

“Wow, look at you,” said Natisha Mason, a friend of mine. She was a cute, Black girl. A junior like me. She sat down across from me. “Is Annalee diddling you.”

“She gets off on public humiliation,” said Annalee.

I groaned in embarrassment, my pussy clenching.

“See.” Annalee grinned at Natisha. “Her pussy is soaking my fingers. It’s wild.”

“Damn,” said Natisha. “That is wild. Being in the Program must be pure sexual heaven for you.”

“It’s… it’s…” I smacked my hand on the table. I was coming closer and closer to an orgasm. This couldn’t be happening. My best friend was about to make me cum right here in the middle of the cafeteria.

“I could diddle you, Randi!” Teal offered. “Or I could use my cock. I bet that would feel better.”

“What do you say?” asked Annalee. “Want to feel a cock in you?”

“I… I…” I trembled, my hands gripping the side of the table.

“Yeah, you do,” Annalee purred and licked my ear.

I turned my head to stare at her. To my shock, she kissed me. It was against the rules. She didn’t ask for permission, but I didn’t want to stop her. All these people were witnessing my first kiss with a girl. They were seeing how naughty I was being.

I came.

I squealed into Annalee’s mouth. Her tongue darted in as her fingers caressed my clit. Juices gushed out of me as my cunt spasmed. The pleasure I’d been denied all morning swept through me. This hot rush of pleasure surging through me.

“She just came!”


“Randi, I’m in love!” Teal called.

“You fall in love with every girl in the Program. Right, Rosario?”

A girl giggled. “Mmm, you’re right.”

“Shut up, Samantha!” Teal groaned. “Not all of us have a cute girlfriend.”

Their words danced through my mind. I trembled on the bench, my pussy convulsing harder and harder. The pleasure danced through my thoughts. Natisha watched me with flushed features across the table.

“Damn,” she said, licking her lips. Her brown eyes were wide. “You are spasming hard.”

“I know!” I moaned, breaking the kiss with Annalee. “Oh, damn. Oh, that’s great! I’m cumming!”

The words spilled out of me with ease as my mind drowned in the rapture. My tits heaved before me. The thoughts burned across my mind. I shuddered, lost to this naughty pleasure. Annalee ducked her had down. She sucked on my nipple.

I groaned as she nursed on me. Her tongue danced around my nub and stroked my areola. The pleasure rippled through me. My pussy clenched and convulsed. The pleasure kept surging through my body. Stars danced before my eyes.

“Randi, you’re so hot!” Teal groaned.

“Wow, she is really cumming!”

“I am!” I howled, embarrassed lust surging through me. I wanted to melt away. Everyone was witnessing my orgasm. My friend sucking on my nipple.

My pleasure hit this peak of rapture, this mighty surge of bliss that held me aloft. I floated there for a wondrous moment before my orgasm died. I leaned over the table, panting, my tits heaving as my friend’s lips popped off my nipple.

I felt dizzy from the bliss. From the strength of my orgasm. I just came before everyone. I wanted to vanish. I wanted to slip beneath the table, curl into a ball, and never come out. My body buzzed from the intensity of my orgasm.

“Was that the best orgasm you ever had in your life?” Annalee whispered in my ear.

I nodded my head. Not even my futa-lover had ever given me such rapture. Guilt rippled through me, shame that I had let someone else make me cum. I trembled, my pussy aching for more. The humiliation fed my lusts.

I was just what Annalee claimed I was. A masochist wanting to be embarrassed.

“Good,” she said and stood up. To my shock, Annalee pulled off her t-shirt, exposing round breasts encased in a sea-green bra with white lace around the edges. She reached behind her and undid it, her tits spilling out.

“W-what…” I tried to speak more, but this tremble raced through me.

“We’re going to sixty-nine,” she said. “Right now.”

I wanted to say no, to tell her I wouldn’t, but I couldn’t speak. I could only watch as the futas around us cheered. Natisha gasped, her eyes wide. Then she began clearing space, moving our lunch trays out of the way.

Annalee thrust down her jeans, exposing a matching pair of panties, a little heart cut out over her pubic mound to show off her brown bush. The dark strands spilled through the opening, adding a splash of excitement. I licked my lips as she shoved it down.

Could I eat Annalee’s pussy? I’d eaten Keisha’s, of course. I loved her pussy, but Annalee was a girl. She didn’t have a clit-dick, just a clit. No huge cock thrust out of her. I shuddered, my head swimming. This couldn’t be happening. I whimpered.

“Eat her out!” Teal shouted.

“This is going on Facebook!” another futa shouted, her phone out and aimed at us.

“Ooh, this is hot,” a Freshman girl named Ginny said. She stood by a blonde futa with glasses. “Record this for the A/V club, Candice.”

The futa nodded, pulling out her phone and filming it while Ginny, a slender redhead, shoved her hand beneath Candice’s skirt. The redhead’s hand slid up and found the futa’s bulge. Ginny grinned as she jerked off Candice. The pair watched us, their eyes bright.

“Okay,” said Annalee. She slipped onto the table, her round breasts jiggling. She leaned down on her back, stretching out on a gray surface. This wasn’t against rules. Students could have sex so long as they didn’t disrupt classes. And this was our lunch break. There were special rooms where you could hook up, or you could just have sex in the halls, in empty classrooms, the bathroom, or right here in the cafeteria.

The only place off limits was Lola Lovell’s Purity Club’s meeting room. They all ate lunch there so they wouldn’t witness our debauchery.

I wanted to be there right now, but then no one would see me. I couldn’t help myself as Annalee looked at me and said, “Get on me right now and start eating my pussy.”

All those eyes watching me made me so excited. My wicked body couldn’t resist. I couldn’t protest. I couldn’t speak. I was really going to cheat on my futa-lover now. I mean, it was with a girl. Keisha would understand.

I would explain it to her and…


Annalee’s command made me shudder. I stared at her brown-furred muff getting damper by the moment. I licked my lips and then mounted the tables. Everyone was watching me. Xochitl and her futa-sister appeared, both naked and caressing each other. Why were they naked? They weren’t in the Program this week.

“This so hot,” Teal groaned. “Won’t any girl jerk me off?”

“Nope,” Ginny said. “I have my futa-girlfriend to take care of.”

“Pass,” Natisha said.

“I have a futa-girlfriend,” another girl said.

“Rather stroke you off,” a husky girl purred. “Mmm, but while I’m stroking Samantha, she can stroke you off.”

“What do you say?” a futa with brown hair said to Teal. That must be Samantha. She looked at Teal. “Rosario takes care of me, and I’ll take care of you.”

“Not into futas like you are,” Teal muttered.

“But it’s so hot watching my futa with another,” moaned Rosario, stroking Samantha’s cock fast.

I shuddered as I straddled my friend’s face. Her hands grabbed my thighs and pulled me down. She moaned, “I learned I like girls’ pussies as much as futas, Randi. I’ve been aching to eat yours. Thank you.”

I just whimpered and then gasped as my blonde-furred muff pressed into her face. It wasn’t my first time having my twat eaten—Keisha was amazing at eating pussy—but it was my first time in public with all those eyes.

My cheeks burned.

I buried my face between her thighs. Suddenly, it was like there was this privacy as I stared at her pussy. I was partially shielded by her legs. I groaned, breathing in her tart musk. It was different from my tangy snatch and Keisha’s spicy cunt.

Her tongue licked and lapped at my pussy. I shuddered, my lips drifting lower and lower. I pressed my face into her twat. I nuzzled into her ticklish bush then felt the hot contact of her pussy folds against my lips.

I groaned. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was about to eat my friend out. I shuddered atop her, rubbing my hips back and forth. My heart pounded in my chest. She lapped at my cunt as I took my first lick.

I tasted a girl’s pussy.

Her tart juices coated my tongue. She moaned into my snatch. I shuddered, my large breasts rubbing into her belly. Delight tingled from my nipples. I whimpered into her cunt as she licked and lapped at mine.

“This is so hot,” Ginny moaned. “Ooh, I want to watch your film while you fuck me tonight.”

“Yes,” Candice moaned. “Goddess, I love you.”

“Samantha!” Rosario moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, work those fingers in and out of my asshole.”

Asshole? That was kinky.

My friend purred into my pussy. Her fingers slid over my rump and down to my taint. She found my labia, caressing me. Then I gasped as she jammed two digits into my depths while her tongue licked and lapped at my clit. Pleasure sparked through me. Her fingers filled me.

But just for a moment.

I whimpered into her twat as she pulled them out. mecidiyeköy escort I groaned as, a moment later, she rammed them into my asshole. She worked them in and out of me. My head wiggled from side to side as her pussy-lubed fingers stretched and stretched my asshole opened.

I couldn’t believe she would do this. I whimpered into her twat. It was such a different feeling. Her fingers were sliding into the depths of my asshole. Her tongue fluttered through my folds while I moaned into hers.

“Annalee!” I gasped. “Oh, yes, yes, finger my asshole!”

Her thighs squeezed about my face.

“Lick my pussy and finger my asshole. I want to cum again!”

She pumped her fingers in and out of my asshole while her tongue danced around my clit. I explored her little bud. It was so different from a futa’s cunt. No thick dick thrust from here. Her folds were tight. I played with her clit, pleasure surging through me, building another orgasm while the cafeteria watched.

Her fingers pulled out of my asshole, leaving me feeling empty. I groaned as she shoved them back into my cunt. I wiggled on her face, grinding on her as she pressed them deeper into my twat, sinking them to her knuckles.

Her digits marinated in my snatch for a few moments before she ripped out and buried them back into my asshole again. She shoved them deep, making me groan and shudder. I wiggled on her, grinding my clit into her hungry lips. I nuzzled it her bush, lapping up her tart juices. Her pubic hair tickled my face as the pleasure rippled through me.

“Oh, yes, yes, I love it up the ass!” I moaned. It was the truth. My bowels clenched around her digits. “Oh, Annalee, finger my asshole.”

She sucked hard on my clit, the pleasure growing and growing.

“This is so hot!” Teal groaned.

“Damn,” Samantha panted. “Can I?”

“Yes,” her girlfriend moaned. “My asshole’s loose enough.”

“This is getting hot,” Ginny moaned.

“Ooh, wow,” Natisha whimpered. “I can’t resist. I’m going to masturbate!”

“I can fuck you,” Teal panted.


Annalee ripped her fingers out of my bowels and moaned, “One of you watching futas, get your dick in her ass. I got her lubed up.”

Her thighs pinned my head to her pussy. I could moan out my objection. I could say no, but she was forcing me. She took control, and that made me want to obey. Her hands gripped my butt-cheeks, prying them apart. She had my asshole lubed.

The humiliation of this moment surged through me.

I thrust my tongue deep into Annalee’s pussy. I swirled my tongue around in her, moaning into her twat. I was such a bad girl. A naughty slut. I was letting a random futa fuck my asshole. I had a futa-girlfriend. I shouldn’t be doing this, but I was just such a depraved freak.

I had no idea before that day.

My pussy melted as Annalee licked at it. Then I felt the table shift. Someone mounted it. clothing rustled. A dick pressed between my butt-cheeks. It wasn’t Keisha’s. It wasn’t as thick as my Black futa-lover.

“Fuck her!” howled Annalee, in charge of my sexuality at this moment.

“Yes!” grunted Teal Constable. “Goddess, yes!”

The freshman slammed her futa-dick into my asshole. I groaned at the feel of her dick sliding into my pussy-lubed bowels. I whimpered into my friend’s twat. This was so wrong. I was such a disgusting futa.

I came.

My asshole rippled around Teal’s cock while my juices gushed into Annalee’s mouth. She lapped them up. Her tongue fluttered through my folds, feasting on me while I bucked on the table. Humiliated pleasure spilled through me.

“Sorry, Keisha!” I moaned. “I’m such a slut! I can’t help myself. It feels so good. Her girl-dick is fucking my asshole!”

“Her bowels are rippling around me!” moaned Teal. “I made her cum.”

“That was me,” Annalee purred.

Her tongue darted through my folds. She licked and lapped at me, teasing me. My juices gushed out of me into her mouth as my orgasm rippled through me over and over. I moaned into her twat. I feasted on her as the pleasure drowned my mind. Shame burned in my thoughts, enhancing the bliss rippling out of my pussy and cock-stuffed asshole.

Teal drew back my cock as Annalee feasted on my pussy. The freshman futa groaned like she was in heaven. Pretty close to the mark. She was in my naughty, convulsing asshole. I moaned, feasting with hunger on my friend’s pussy.

Teal slammed into my bowels, rocking me on my friend. My breasts rubbed into her stomach, nipples drinking in the feel of Annalee’s silky skin. I whimpered, my asshole clenching down on the futa’s thrusting cock. She pumped it in and out of me, driving me wild.

“Oh, my goddess!” I gasped over and over into Annalee’s pussy. My orgasm rippled through me over and over. Fueled by the humiliation. The shame. “I’m sorry, Keisha! Oh, my goddess, yes!”

“Ooh, fuck me hard!” moaned Rosario. “Pound me, Samantha!”

“I’m fucking you harder than Teal is fucking Randi!” Samantha groaned.


“Ooh, damn, Randi!” moaned Teal. “Your asshole… This is incredible. You’re rippling about me! Oh, my goddess!”

“Cum in me!” I begged. That would be so shameful. So humiliating.

My pussy convulsed harder. Another orgasm burst through me.

Annalee moaned as she lapped up the juices gushing out of me. My tongue darted through her folds, feasting on her twat, licking up all the delight flooding out of her. I groaned and whimpered, my hips dancing from side to side, rubbing my pussy on her hungry lips. My eyes squeezed shut. The pleasure surged through my body. I bucked and moaned.

It was incredible. I lapped up her tart juices, her silky bush rubbing on my folds. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure surged through me. My asshole throbbed and ached. This amazing delight rippled through my body.

My bowels squeezed around Teal’s. I shuddered, the delight surging through me. More and more pleasure melted my mind with shame. I drank it in, gasping and panting into Annalee’s pussy. I shuddered on the table.

“Oh, yes, yes, your asshole!” moaned Teal. She slammed her cock into me. She rammed so hard into my bowels. “I’m going to explode.”

“Do it!” hissed my friend. “Mmm, cum in her, you naughty futa!”

“I want it!” I moaned.

“Don’t get stage fright, Teal!” Samantha called.

“Not like my futa-girlfriend and her big dick!” moaned Rosario.

“Not as big as mine!” Ginny whimpered. “Oh, I have to taste your cum, honey.”

“Ginny!” squealed Candice.

“Fuck that ass!” Natisha moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, ram into her. She’s gasping so loud.”

“She keeps cumming on my girl-dick,” Teal moaned.

“Yes!” I howled. “Now cum in me!”

Teal thrust harder. The freshman futa hammered my asshole hard and fast. She drove her girl-dick deep into my bowels. I groaned, my asshole rippling around her. I squirmed atop my friend. My nipples caressed her stomach.

They throbbed, adding delight that fueled the spasming in my pussy.

Annalee thrust her tongue into my writhing twat, swirling around, teasing me. I bucked atop her, moaning into her pussy. I wanted her to cum, too. I wanted her gasping and moaning, her pussy cream flooding out of her.

I sucked on her clit. My lips latched around her little bud. It was almost like sucking on a futa’s nipple, but it was so small and soaked in her tart juices. My tongue played with it as my bowels rippled around Teal’s cock. Pleasure surged through me. Wave after drowning wave.

“Cum in her!” Annalee panted. “Do it, you freshman futa-bitch!”

“You finally got some!” shouted Stacie. My friend was watching.

My pussy came harder. My asshole spasmed around that thrusting cock. Teal groaned.

“Ginny!” squealed Candice. “Oh, yes, yes, I love you! You’re the best!”

Teal slammed into my asshole. She erupted. Her hot cum spurted into my bowels. I gasped, squealing around my friend’s clit. I sucked on her bud as spurt after thick spurt of jizz fired into my bowels.

Another futa came in me.

My orgasm exploded me to new heights of rapture.

“Oh, my goddess, Samantha! Your cock!” Rosario gasped. “Yes, yes, ram that big girl in me! Cum!”

“You’re the best, girlfriend!” Samantha moaned. “Goddess, yes!”

My mind melted. I was lost to the pleasure, my asshole milking Teal’s dick. My friend lapped up my juices. She trembled beneath me. Her flexing stomach massaged my heavy breasts. My nipples. Then she squealed.

Tart juices gushed out of her twat. Annalee bathed my face. I lapped up her cream as stars danced before my vision. Teal fired the last load of cum into me as I reveled in my friend’s climax. My orgasms peaked in me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” howled Natisha, cumming on her own fingers.

I hung there at the pinnacle of my naughty rapture. I shuddered, lapping at my friend’s twat, her body shuddering beneath me. Teal panted, her dick softening in my asshole. Futas and girls moaned around me.

It was incredible.

I shuddered, my pleasure dying. Teal ripped her girl-dick out of my asshole, panting in utter delight. She gave my rump a smack with her futa-cock as her jizz bubbled out of my asshole. Annalee purred into my twat, her juices dripping off my chin.

“That was amazing,” my friend moaned, her round tits brushing my stomach. “I really needed that.”

The shame burned through me. I couldn’t believe how loud I shouted there at the end. I rolled off my friend, the cum leaking out of me. Students were breaking apart. Ginny hopped to her feet, cum on her lips. She pressed up against her blonde futa-girlfriend. I’d heard that nerd, Candice, had the biggest girl-cock on campus.

Shelena disagreed.

Samantha and Rosario were panting, clutching to each other in post-coital bliss. Natisha sucked her dark fingers clean of her own juices. Xochitl and Isidora were writhing on another table, lost to their incestuous passion. I blinked, seeing Denice nearby with Umeko feasting on her twat while the Hayward twins jerked their futa-cocks off onto the Japanese girl’s naked back and ass.

Denice and Umeko were weird. But I guess they’d found what they liked and I…

Keisha was watching. “Ms. Rowbottom!” I gasped, my asshole full of another futa’s cum. My tongue went to lead as I spluttered. “I… I…”

“Come with me, Ms. Bjork,” she said.

To be continued…

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