Game Rules and Outing

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“Now ladies my proposal is this, we concoct a sex game. Make up our own rules, each deciding on forfeits.”

Celia reaches out with her right hand, uses her thumb and index finger to rub Dave’s bell end, wriggling and clenching her thighs as Fi’s left hand fingers her juicy pussy whilst rubbing her mound with her thumb. Dave pushes his hips forward, his cock throbbing and leaking, leering at Fi’s cunt as Celia pushes in three fingers and frigs.

“Mmm Oh fuck me mmmm,” Fi pants and gasps as she watches Dave’s cock tremble and drool.

Celia traces her wet fingers up and down Dave’s cock, strands of pre cum hanging from her hand. She encircles his throbbing dick and slowly wanks him.

“Right girls this game,” intones Dave, voice quivering and shaky with desire, “keep fingering, wanking, oozing and drooling, but slowly and gently as l try to explain how far l’ve got.”

He then reels off his ideas: game to be played with two dice; only three removable garments to be worn, one must be an undergarment; stockings and suspenders optional, not removable and preferred; one person to be nominated as Sex Leader whose word is law and to be decided at the start by throwing one die, highest number wins; forfeits to be paid immediately by person throwing the lowest or highest number (to be decided before turn starts); forfeits to last at least ten minutes and to be performed in front of all players and clearly visible to all.

“Girls could you change places please, give your wanking hands a break and l would love to feel Fi play with my cock?”

The girls comply, Celia reluctantly and Fi with alacrity?

“Mmm thanks, now make your cunts flood, want to hear that gorgeous wet sound of pussy awash with love nectar being fingered.”

Hips and thighs wriggle and buck as fingers frig already wet cunts and Dave’s hard cock is massaged by hot fingers. Groans, whimpers and sighs resound and the heady smell of sex juices permeates.

“Ah yes that’s lovely, mmm. Now forfeits, l’ve thought of a couple but need you to come up with more.”

“Tell us yours lover,” asks Celia, voice husky with sexual tension.

“You are to remove one garment that does not cover an undergarment. The exposed erogenous zone is then to be offered to the person on your right to be enjoyed in an erotic way. Remember all forfeits last 10 minutes.”

“By enjoyed you mean…?” Fi enquires.

“However the lucky player wants to,” Dave replies. “This is a sex game so hopefully all participants will orgasm at least once. No pain or injury can be inflicted.”

“Are the other participants allowed to assist or masturbate?” Celia asks.

“Not assist but not sure about wanking, what do you think?”

“Up to the Sex Leader, or stipulate at the start,” Fi adds.

“Assisting could also be up to the Sex Leader. What other forfeit have you thought of?” Fi asks.

“You are to finger the pussy or cock of the person two down on your right,” Dave replies.

“You are to hold your sexual organ wide open, or available if cock, in front of the person on your left who is then to masturbate them self, teasing you.” Celia suggests.

“You are to stand in front of the person 2 down on your left and let them lick your sex organ, hands behind your back so you may not assist or abuse them,” is Fi’s contribution.

“Good, ok ladies keep thinking of forfeits. Celia my love l think you should lie over Fi and eat her cunt. Whilst doing that if you would spread your thighs l would very much like to fuck your pussy. Would that be acceptable?”

“Fucking right it would be acceptable, let me have you big boy,” Celia moves to lie on Fi, licking her way down to the open juicy pussy waiting for her. Fi raises her spread open cunt and Celia glues her mouth to the offering.

Dave moves behind Celia, slips fingers between her thighs, enters and frigs her flowing labia. He presses closer and slides his dripping iron rod into liquid minge. Celia screams her pleasure, presses her tongue into Fi’s pussy and licks and sucks trembling clit. Dave places his hands either side of Celia’s hips and fucks her with a steady, slow rhythm, pushing his cock all the way in and retracting so his engorged throbbing bell end fills her cunt entrance. Celia rides with his tempo, her rocking letting her tongue lick up and down Fi’s pouring clit. As Celia shrieks and squels Dave increases the tempo, moving faster and harder. He feels Celia tipping over and stops, his cock fully in her minge, letting the cockring vibe her to climax.

She clenches her twat and Dave feels the onset of his own orgasm, cock engorging and flooding spasaming cunt. He roars his coming, spunk ejecting into hot liquid pussy. Fi moves her head between Celia’s thighs and licks up into flooded cunt. She pushes her mouth into the hot minge and sucks and mouths throbbing clit. Celia sucks on hard clit and Fi responds by clenching and drooling. Her cunt contracts and her liquids gush as she peaks and climaxes, soaking her twat, thighs and Celia’s mouth. Dave wanks his istanbul travesti still hard cock and extracts the last of his cum, dribbling on the girls.

“It must be nearly time for solid lunch and we have a nearby establishment we would like to take you Dave,” Celia advises.

“I was rather hoping to finalise the forfeits for this game as l would like us to play it later,” Dave explains.

“Ok,” responds Fi, “we need to rejuvenate our carnal appetites so let’s toy for another half hour or so then when we’re hot and rampant we’ll go out.”

“Shall we invite Maxine and her friend round to test the game, and maybe get more inspiration for forfeits?” Celia asks.

“Excellent idea,” agrees Dave enthusiastically.

“Ah bright eyes so you want more pussy than just ours?” Fi pouts, teasingly.

“Pussy that you’ve already sampled, yes my love cos l know you two are cunt hungry too. Anyway we should reward Maxine for all she does for you,” he concludes.

“Yes you are right babe, but now all she does for us, not just me and Fi,” Celia softly admonishes him. “I’ll phone Maxine, Fi could you get some toys for us to enjoy?”

“Sure, l would love the double now and maybe fingers? No gloves, we can wank him then,” Fi gloats.

“Perfect. Ah hello Max, thanks for yesterday love, did you enjoy yourself?” Celia uses her mobile.

“Oh fuck me yes l did, that Dave is a horny dirty bastard, mmm what a fuck,” Dave can hear Maxine’s excited voice as she answers the phone.

After some girlie chat Celia asks if Maxine would like to come round later and play the new game. “Yes please,” she responds, “we would love some raunchy sex with you debauched fuckers, mind if l bring a friend?”

“Course not love, or even friends if you know anyone at a loose end. We need to test and think up more forfeits so the more pussy here the better. I’ll text you the details.”

“Ok love, l’m getting wet just at the thought, Lisa will be happy as she is on duty tonight but I’m going to fuck her rigid now, see you soon.”

Fi appears with a long tube and gloves. “Right my girl lie back and open up, Dave love finger her pussy please, make her wet for me.”

Dave leans over the supine Celia and trails his fingertips along her cunt crack.

“She won’t need much fingering,” he remarks as his fingers sink into her moist labia. He presses harder and pushes his fingers into hot liquid.

“However we can both enjoy a little more pussy play.”

He moves lower down her torso for better access as he finger fucks her, making her writhe and gasp as cunt juices ooze? Fi stands by him, runs her fingers up between his thighs and rubs his perineum, slowly along to his balls. Celia circles his cock with thumb and forefinger and strokes up and down his hard on.

“Fi honey sit on my mouth, need you slippery too,” Celia requests.

As Fi straddles then lowers her bum to Celia’s mouth she shudders as soft hot lips kiss soft hot lips. Pussy lips open as Celia’s tongue licks cunt juice. Fi leans forward and runs the rounded end of a double length vibrator along and into Celia’s now gaping oozing pussy, slowly pushing in to fill the yearning orifice. Pushing the vibe in and out a couple of times, much to Celia’s pleasure, Fi decides the vibe is good to go.

“You have control my darling. The remote can control either or both ends independently so why not find Celia’s end and let her have it.” Fi explains, handing the remote to Dave.

Dave works the buttons and Celia wriggles and sighs as vibrations course through her minge.

“My turn,” enthuses Fi as she lies down at Celia’s feet, swivels her feet up towards Celia. She lets the free end of the vibe rub up her inner leg, Dave noticing turns the vibe on that end too.

“Clever boy,” observes Fi as she wriggles up until the vibe end is at her vulva. “Could you juice me up please babe then plug me in.”

Dave uses two fingers to spread Fi’s glistening dewy labia and places the vibe at her portal. As juice oozes onto the vibe he inserts it, feeling the hungry flesh swallow the throbbing silicone. Fi humps and wriggles and soon the two girls are groin to groin, cunts purring and oozing.

“Dave could you pass us one each of the gloves please,” requests Celia, voice a little high pitched.

“Thanks hon, now sit beside us so we can both reach that lovely hard cock.” Fi says.

“Think l’ll stand babe, give you better access. Mind if l remove this cockring, think the battery is going?”

“We have other ways of vibing you my love so no worries. What do you think of these?” Celia asks, as she traces her gloved palm along his hard cock.

“I think tha…is… fu…ck…ing hor…ny… as …fuc…k my … mmmmmmmm.”

“Ah a hit then?” Celia gloats, clenching her thighs and riding the vibe as a spasm hits her.

“Mmm oooh do that again Celia,” Fi gasps as her cunt responds to Celia’s gyrations through the vibe.

“Ladies we need to finish more of these forfeits so l’m toning down the vibe power,” Dave istanbul travestileri utters, clenching his thighs as the vibing from the wanking gloves is restoring his passion.

Our trio continue to sexually excite each other as Dave stands near them, writing forfeits down on his tablet as they in turn suggest ideas. The forfeits become cruder, ruder and more banal as their sexual exhilaration increases.

“Right l think we should leave it there, pleasant as these antics are, and let the public share in our excesses,” Fi suggests.

“Yes you are right, let’s get dressed and have some fun outdoors.” Celia agrees.

“Don’t despair Dave, sex is still at the forefront of our intentions but we have a couple of fun things we want to share with you,” Fi explains. “First we need to don pants, babe you will enjoy these.”

In the bedroom, Fi hugs and kisses Dave then pushes him back onto the bed. With his legs in the air Celia places his feet through pants legs, licks and kisses up his legs and thighs to place the pants in position. Dave notices a hole in the front of the pants, the girls have problems getting his hard cock through this but eventually succeed. His bell end is by now flowing pre cum. With more handling and groping they make sure his testicles and erection are comfortable.

Next they all help the girls to fit their g strings, again with groping hands.

“Just to check all is in order,” Fi turns on three remote controllers, in turn each of the recipients report vibes are working.

The remotes are handed out one to each, but no-one having control of their own pants. Fi turns Dave’s remote to low power as he watches the girls dress, his cock responding appropriately to the vibing and visual stimulation. Neither girl is wearing a bra. Both are dressed in plunge crop tops and wrap-a-round knee length skirts with, of course stockings and suspenders, a must for Dave. Dave has on a tee shirt and very thin shorts.

The girls feel Dave’s lecherous eyes feasting on their luscious cleavages and push their tits forward for his and their voyeuristic pleasure. Fi fills a bag with some bits and they stroll out to Dave’s car, with a huge bulge in the front of his shorts and the ladies wet between their legs.

“Hi Paula,” Fi greets one of the security girls, “hope the girls gave a good show leaving last night?”

“They did indeed Fi, as did this well endowed man here who saw them off in such a gentlemanly way.”

“Hi l’m Dave.”

“And pleased to meet me l hope, with a lovely appealing bulge like that,” responds Paula, placing her palm across his hard cock.

“Talking of hard, you have very appealing boobs and dare l say with no bra your nipples are extremely inviting.”

“Ohh you saucy tyke, perhaps one day the girls would let you taste them,” Paula flirts, looking at Celia who is licking her lips and practically drooling over the aforementioned bosom.

“Actually Paula we have a small do planned for later, if free you are welcome to come along. We have mentioned it to Maxine,” invites Fi, who is stroking her mound and palming her right breast.

“Maxine did mention you were entertaining but l’m seeing a girlfriend tonight…”

“No problem love, bring her along too.” Dave interrupts, placing his hand over hers and pressing into his bulge.

Flustered Paula allows her hand to have a feel of Dave’s hard on.

“I did not know if we were invited so was not sure, especially with a friend,” she sighs, voice catching as Dave’s cock is arousing her.

“Do we know your friend Paula?” Celia enquires.

“Well we have attended one of your parties.”

“Did she enjoy herself?” Fi asks.

“Oh yes, more than once.”

“Good then bring her too,” invites Dave “what’s her name?”


“Right then Paula, we’ll see more of you and Marraday later, Maxine has the details.” Fi explains.

Helping the girls into his car, they enjoy a good feel of each other, Dave particularly paying attention to tits.

“Fuck l love those girls in uniform when their tits and nipples stand out like that,” Dave remarks.

Celia is sitting in the front passenger seat, Fi in the rear. Both undo their skirt ties and with a flourish expose their g string clad pussies. Fi spreads her thighs giving Dave a good view. Celia opens her legs and turns slightly toward him so he can feast his eyes. Dave pulls the waistband of his shorts down to his knees exposing his erection and oozing bell end.

“We need low vibe settings please, Celia could you do Fi’s please.” Dave starts the engine and Celia gives directions.

“Fi pull your top down a little, let us see your ripe nipples, should be ok in the back there.” Dave requests huskily.

Celia reaches out her right hand and rubs Dave’s bell end, one fingertip around and round. She places her left hand up her top and tweaks her right erect nipple.

“Even on low this g string is making me wet,” sighs Celia breathlessly.

“Wanking Dave’s cock is helping too l bet,” teases Fi, travesti istanbul tweaking both her bullet hard nipples. “Watching is certainly getting me moist.”

“After lunch we’ll remove these g strings and your pants, then you can have a really good look as we finger and wank you. We’ll stop at a suitable place where we can indulge in some dogging, just the three of us,” tempts Celia.

Celia licks pre cum from her finger, holds cock between thumb and finger and slides her hand up and down his now throbbing cock.

“Like that lover. Want Fi to lick your bell end as l do this to you?”

“I’ll rub and squeeze your balls as l lick your hard drooling cock head, let my tongue lick under your shaft, up and down your dribbling hard on.”

“I’ll lick her open pussy as she sucks you, spread her moist lips and let you see her cunt twitching and gushing as my fingers frig her.”

Dave’s cock is clenching and he wriggles his hips as the lewd talk from his wanton lovers excites him. Fi pushes her chest forward, pulling and twisting her erect nipples as the talk also arouses her. Celia rubs her palm over her tingling nipple, exaggerating the movement so Dave will notice.

“After lunch we’ll also use nipple toys, you’ll be able to see lover so don’t feel you will be missing out.” Celia teases.

After a few minutes of fingering and vibing Celia informs Dave they have arrived at their lunch venue. Once parked, with clothing adjusted Fi suggests all remotes should be turned to half or higher power. Dave feels his cock jerk and shiver as, he suspects, Fi has turned his up full. He responds in kind with his remote and is rewarded with a startled gasp from Celia. Fi stumbles slightly then quickly smooths the front of her skirt, smiling sweetly.

“Don’t worry hon we’ll walk in front and shield your erection from unwanted ne’er-do-wells,” teases Fi.

In the cafe they are greeted by a tall flaxen haired lady, whose ample tits are accentuated by a satin crop top. She is wearing a tight fitting high split mini skirt which allows her pull up fishnet stocking tops to be on show.

“Fi, Celia hello my delicious ladies,” greets the ruby lipped, green eyed temptress, “how lovely to see you, and with such a hunk.”

“Hi Maria, it’s been too long,” Celia replies, hugging her and placing a sloppy kiss on her lips.

“Maria honey, you look good enough to eat,” smiles Fi, hugging her close, “pussy first my darling,” she whispers, just loud enough for Dave and Celia to hear.

“As do you both, and l bet your tasty lover,” whispers Maria in reply, “hopefully soon. We are entertaining a select few tomorrow,” Maria invites, a glint in her eye.

“We will have to consult,” Celia answers with relish. “Maria love this is our hunky Dave, a very passionate beast.”

“Mmm hi Dave, your passion seems to be over flowing,” Maria smiles, eyes glued to his bulging shorts.

Dave reaches forward and shakes Maria’s hand, a look passes between them.

“Hope to feel more of your hand my dear,” he remarks.

Fi and Celia smile at each other, nod knowing there will be good times with these two.

“Would you like the back room ladies?” Maria asks.

“Yes please,” Fi replies eagerly, reaching out and squeezing Dave’s hand.

“Hang back a little when Maria climbs the steps,” she advises, eyes glinting.

They move through the nearly empty room to some steps. As Maria climbs them she suddenly stops, stoops over to pick up an imaginary something. In bending over her legs are straight and our trio are able to see up her skirt, her short skirt.

“Fuck me she’d get it,” exclaims Dave, perhaps a little too loudly.

Maria has muscled shapely long legs, wearing fishnet pull ups which show them off to erotic perfection. Knickerless her cunt looks inviting, wanting to be licked, fingered and then fucked. Whilst bending over she looks behind her, into Dave’s lecherous eyes, licks her lips, winks. Dave sighs, Fi brushes her bum across his hard on.

Glancing round the room Dave notices two ladies seated at a table near the steps. They are both facing up the steps and by their agitated movements he knows they saw and approve of the sensual display. The girls also noticed the two ladies both smiling and running lewd tongues over lips.

Maria straightens and leads them to a smaller room, with three tables set with candles. She seats them at the furthest table, the girls close together facing the door, Dave sits across from them. Maria helps him to sit, leaning across him so he has a good view down her cleavage. No bra he notices, lovely ripe hard nipples also catch his attention. She smells of sex, exudes sensual erotic passion. He wants to bury his face in her bosom.

“Have the girls been looking after you?” Maria teases, leering at his show of manliness. “I’m sure you must be uncomfortable, that monster trapped in there? Maybe you would allow me to free your specimen? It would certainly relieve some pressure and we could then enjoy your release.”

“Thank you Maria, that would be very kind of you.”

Dave raises his hips to allow Maria to pull his shorts down to free his hard on. Her eyes sparkle, filled with desire.

Maria reaches down, places her fingers under his balls, rubs her palm against his shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32