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My name is William Hugh and I was a senior in high school when I first lost my virginity. Now I had known for a few years that I had a varied sexual interest and was practically up for anything. However up until then I was still pretty academic about it all. Harry Grant changed all that. Harry was the most beautiful boy I had ever laid my eyes on.A 6 foot tall 18 year older with jet black hair and the most mesmerizing eyes, Harry was a greek god. Perfectly sculpted muscles with a physique that you would expect in an Abercrombie and Fitch model, Harry was perfect.It was the vivid thoughts of his naked body that kept me awake most nights and made me live in utter torment as I saw him day after day at school. It were those thoughts that were rudely interrupted in physics class one day when Harry asked if the seat next to me was taken.

”Hey William, wassup?” My mind started thinking of what really was coming up, but for its distinct lack of social appropriateness, I hastened to reply with a non-comittal ”Nothing much man, you tell?” Class went by as usual and as usual I had no idea of what really was going on for I had bigger and better things going through my mind. I there sat for an hour relishing the scent that emanated from his body as my mind contrived of a million ways to get closer to him. When class ended, I hurried to the bathrooms so I could relieve my aching erection. Walking through the corridors I kept my shoulderbag slung over the front so I could cover the obvious tent my 7 inch cock was making in my Levi’s. But as luck would have it, Harry caught up with me and said ” Hey man, wanna come over to a party that I’m throwing at my place this Sunday. My parents are out of town and it’s gonna be great.” My mind reeled with the shock of being invited to his house, even if it was to be in the company of several dozen other people. ” Sure, I’ll try to make it.” I said, trying to be as nonchalant as possible in an attempt to not show how truly desperate I was to come. ” It’ll be fun, see you on Sunday then!” Harry shouted as he turned away from me. Watching his ass muscles sway and clench with each step he took was enough to push me over the edge and I hastened towards the bathrooms. I went into one of the cubicles, locked it and slid down the door as I sighed and thought to myself, how utterly perfect would it be if I could tenderly hold that ass of his as I sucked his penis. It took me less than a minute of furious self pleasuring to spew my seed all over myself.

The week went by at an agonizingly slow pace and all I could think of was Sunday night and the oppurtunity to party with the boy who rocked my world. As Sunday came, I gave myself a long luxurious bath and religously cleaned my ass in the vain hope that it might be deflowered by the end of the night. Now I was not optimistic cause I knew that Harry was straight and could pick any girl in our school, any day of the week. As I stood in front of the mirror, taking in my average frame and my messy hair, I realized that I stood no chance in hell. Fuck it, I thought to myself, I’ll go anyways. Atleast there will be free alcohol.

I got to the party late and discovered that Harry lived in a really nice house in the suburbs. Beautiful Italian marble, renaissance era furnishings and a bourgeouis taste made it one of the most tastefully annointed homes that I had ever been in. I was taking it all in when Harry noticed me. ”Hey William, man you came!” said Harry. ” Yeah man, no way in hell was I going to miss out. You have a beautiful home.” Harry blushed slightly as he brushed it off. ” Here let me give you the grand tour.” And so the tour commenced. It took us a good half hour to finish the ground floor and then he suggested that he show me his room. So we walked up the stairs and ended up down the hallway in front of a solid oak door with a huge brass gargoyle as a handle. ” HaHa, man what the fuck is that?” I asked as I pointed out the absurdity of having a gargoyle outside a teenagers bedroom. ” It’s actually rather nasty, but şişli bayan escort I don’t know how to get rid of it without tearing a hole through the door” Harry pointed out. Fair enough, I thought to myself.

Harry’s room was a thing of beauty. A Victorian four poster bed, an enourmous persian silk rug and an antique fireplace all combined to give me the odd idea that Harry had far more taste than your regular 18 year old high school guy. I was standing there in the middle, staring open mouthed when Harry came up behind me and said ” Hey William, I’m really glad you came.” Saying that he put his arm over my shoulder and stood by my side. I felt my flesh burn with the contact and the blood rushed to my groin. I started to get an erection and desperate not to let him see, I searched for an excuse to hide the tent in my pants. ” William, come here” Harry said as he leaned closer to me. Our bodies were seperated by an inch and I could feel every breath of his on my face. ” Will, you’re an amazing guy and I really want you to know that.” Saying that, Harry closed the gap between us and looking into my eyes, he cupped my face with his hands and put his lips on mine. A bolt of electricity shot through my entire body as I felt my heart beat so fast that I swear I thought I was going to die. Harry’s tongue slowly found its way between my lips and he gently parted them and I let him in as I closed my eyes. He searched every corner of my mouth, grazed along every tooth and sucked on my tongue till I thought I was going to pass out from the sheer joy of it all .
I moved my hands down to his hips and pulled him in closer. Our embrace let me feel his need for me. We slowly shuffled over to the bed and collapsed onto it. Harry was on top of me and his weight pressed me in deeper. I could feel his erection burrowing into my groin with every move we made. As we slowly broke our kiss, I opened my eyes and looked into his. ” Harry, I’ve wanted this forever.”

”Baby, I’ve wanted to make love to you for so long” moaned Harry as he ground his erection into me. I pulled my hands up and yanked his polo over his head revealing his sculptered chest and abdomen. I slithered down and started to gently suck on his nipples, alternating between each. ”Umm,yeah baby…keep doing that…” moaned Harry. I continued smothering his stomach with my tongue, drawing tantalizing circles around his six pack. Harry suddenly yanked me up and tore my shirt in one swift move. ” Fuck yeah!” I screamed as he started to twist my nipples. His hands moved roughly down to my jeans and unbuttoned my fly. ” I wanna see your naked ass” snarled Harry. I happly obliged as I pulled my jeans down revealing my boxers. I moved to unbutton Harrys jeans, then thought I’d show him how submissive I was ready to become. So I smiled coyly at him and moved down and used my teeth to pull down his fly as I kept looking lustfully up into my mans eyes. ” Aw yeah baby” whispered Harry. I pulled his briefs down and out sprung his cock, hitting me in the face.

It was a thing of beauty. At 11 inches, circumcised and with a thick shaft, it was the perfect shape. It was the immaculate tool of masculinity that I had sought so long to worship. I wordlessly moved my lips to bring them to the tip of Harrys cock and I gingerly kissed that flared head. ” Baby, make me happy” grunted Harry. I brought my hands up and grasped his shaft and slowly started to guide his cock past my parted lips. I slowly jutted out my tongue and started to lick the underside of his shaft as my mouth made soft sucking motions. ” Umm, yeah, that feels so good” moaned Harry. He started to slowly push the length of his shaft down my throat and I could feel his head brushing the back of my throat. Being the first time I ever put something that big in my throat, I realized that I couldnt possibly deepthroat him. So I pulled out and started to twirl my tongue around the head whilst I jacked the shaft off with my hands. Harry’s cock was so thick that I could barely get my hand around it. şişli escort With my other hand, I slid my boxers off and started to pleasure myself. Harry picked up the pace of my facefucking and ransacked my mouth with his cock. I pulled his cock out of my mouth with a pop and felt the saliva drool out of the corners of my mouth. I pushed his penis up and pushed my nose deeper into his groin. I inhaled his musky scent deeply and cupped his balls in my hand. I slowly started to lavish my oral attentions on his testicles. Taking each orb carefully in my mouth I sucked gently till I felt I had done justice to the gods. Harry kept moaning intelligibly as I feasted myself on his nuts.

He roughly grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth open with his other hand and said ” Baby im gonna feed you my cock now and I want you to take it like the good little bitch you are”. I felt thrilled to be talked to like that and I happly obliged by taking his penis into the warmth of my mouth. Harry started to moan and I could tell he was close as he grunted ” Baby, I’m gonna cum.” Taking his dick even further into my mouth I looked up into his eyes and told him silently that I wanted to taste his seed, that I wanted his essence within me. ”Urghhh” screamed Harry as his cock convulsed and spewed a stream of warm, thick and luxuriant cum into my mouth. It was the first time I had ever tasted cum, nothing really prepared me for the texture and taste that is so peculiar to human cum.The load that Harry had unloaded in my mouth was so massive that I had cum drooling out the corners of my mouth. As I twirled the cum in my mouth, tasting his sweetness, I contemplated whether to swallow or not. ” Baby, drink my cum, let my semen impregnate your stomach” crooned Harry. The decision was made, I swallowed.

I wiggiled up and started to kiss Harry on the lips. Reluctant at first to taste his own cum, he soon started getting into it. As we lay there, passionately kissing each other, I realized that I wanted tonight to be the night. I wanted Harry to be the man who would deflower me. I needed to be used and abused by someone who I could give myself to. ” Harry, I need you. I need you to make love to me, to slowly take me up the ass and to make me your bitch.” I begged of him. Stunned, he said ” Baby, are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you or to rush you into it.” I looked at him and said ” Harry, I’m sure I want it to be you. I want to have you inside of me.” Smiling, he took his index finger and putting it into my mouth said ” Wet it so I can finger your ass baby.” I happily obliged and slobbered over his fingers.

Once I had gotten his fingers sufficiently wet, he withdrew it from my mouth and getting up he parted my legs and put a pillow below my ass so he could get better access. ” Baby, this is gonna hurt a little at first, but I want you to focus on the pleasure” Harry said as he started to part my ass cheeks. I laid my head back and took in a deep breath as I felt his finger probe around the entrance to my anus. He spat a couple of times on my hole and then pushed the tip of his finger in very slowly. It wasn’t really as uncomfortable as I thought it might be. He slowly worked his finger into my ass and started to move it round in circles. It was an odd feeling up until he hit my prostate. That was when the pleasure hit and I screamed out ” Holy fuck!” . Harry picked up the pace and added his middle finger to the foray of my rectum. I couldnt stand the stimulation anymore and started to furiously jack my cock off. When Harry added his third finger, I was thrown off the edge. I thrashed about hopelessly as I cummed a massive load all over my stomach and chest. Grinning, Harry said, ” I dont think we really need lube anymore” as he started to scoop the cum off my stomach. He fingered a generous amount into my asshole which by now was quite open and accomodating. Leaning in for a final kiss, he scooped off the cum from my chest and face and smeared it onto his cock.
Coming closer, Harry whispered ”Baby, Im going to fuck mecidiyeköy escort you. I’m gonna rip your ass and make you wish you were born impaled on my cock.” Looking into his eyes, I said ” Give it to me Harry. give it to me hard and fast. Make me moan your name. Make me feel your cock at the back of my throat as you fuck my ass senseless.”

Harry hitched my legs up and wrapped them around his ass. His cum smeared erection was directly lined up with my asshole. He hooked his arms in my armpits and kissed me. Lifting my ass slightly, I took his cock in my hand and guided it to my entrance. I closed my eyes as I felt the pressure of his cockhead at my external sphincter. Conciously, I tried to relax myself and push out to accept his cock. But the discomfort turned to pain as his cockhead tried to penetrate my sphincter. I bit my lower lip and Harry seeing my discomfort said ” Baby, I need to be inside of you. You gotta accept the pain and let me fuck you.” . I nodded my head as I felt the burning sensations at my anus turn into a bolt of searing pain that shot through my entire ass as his cockhead penetrated my sphincter, permanently loosening my ass. Harry continued to gently push deeper with his shaft splaying my rectum open. By now I was on the verge of passing out from the pain, but slowly the pleasurable feeling of being filled up started to mix in with the pain. Harry was now bottomed out in my virgin ass and I could feel his balls resting lightly on my ass. Every sensation was heightened and every nerve in my body was on fire. Slowly, Harry pulled out and I felt this void, an emptiness that I can’t explain. Taking my hands I pushed his ass down hard, making him shaft me in one fluid motion. I screamed out with the agony ” Urrgh yeah, I’m your bitch Harry. Fuck this ass good!”.
There was this almost manic look in Harry’s eyes as started to pick up the pace of his deep stroking. I felt him bottom out with each shove and he left his penis there for a couple of seconds so I could adjust to his size. By now my rectum was ripped open and wasn’t impeding his thrusts. The pain had completely gone and all I could feel was this happiness at being able to take my man, of being able to please him. I was made to please men and the realization struck me that nothing had made me happier in my entire life than the feeling of having Harry’s 11 inch cock sheathed in my rectum. I started to push back with each shove and we fell into a beautiful rythm as I pushed up with every thrust of his. His cockhead was beginning to stimulate my prostate and I felt my balls stirring as my penis ached for release. With every thrust of his, Harry was burying me deeper into the bed. I wrapped my legs even tighter around his waist and screamed in abandon ” Give me your cock Harry, rip me open and brand me as your slave!”. Smiling Harry replied ” Your ass is now mine baby. I’m gonna use it as my cumdump whenever I want to and youre gonna beg me for this cock every day.”

Harry continued furiously pounding my ass, grunting like a cave man with each shove of his. I could see stars with the pleasure that my rectum was getting at being shafted by him. He gyrated his hips and explored every corner of my rectum, ravaging me from the inside as I wantonly moaned. The intensity of being fucked from the inside is a feeling that I can’t do justice to with a written description. The feeling is something that you need to have experienced to completely understand.

” Im close baby, Im gonna cum inside your ass” screamed Harry as he continued fucking the living daylights out of me. He was dripping with sweat and I was licking at the salty sheen that covered his perfect face and chest. I felt him start to jerk uncontrolably as I felt his cock shoot its load within me. Harry coated my rectum with his searing hot cum and I swear I thought that my insides were on fire. I had been branded by Harrys cum. I was now officially his cum whore. Harry slowly regained his composure and his cock started to pull out of my ass. Coming out with a pop, I felt the cum mixed with my anal juices flowing down my ass. I was no longer a virgin. As Harry leaned in to kiss me, I knew that I had changed forever. I was now his slave.

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