Girdled Ch. 15

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After Carly and I laid with each other talking about her transition, Daddy told me it was time to say good-bye to Phillip and the other guests and head home.

“Sara, put your swim suit back on and collect your things, we need to get out of here,” Daddy said.

I looked at Carly still laying naked on the bed and said good-bye. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips, as I felt her wet tongue touch mine.

“We’ll talk later, stop by the shop this week, maybe we can do lunch, or maybe visit the book store together,” Carly said with a grin.

I felt goose bumps at her suggestion. I would be very excited to do that with her, but I would rather go there at night when as the guy had warned me, it gets wilder.

“Carly, I would love to join you, maybe lets plan a nights adventure to the book store,” I suggested.

Carly nodded and smiled, as she caressed her breast and pinched her nipple. I turned back as I walked out the door to see Sylvia and Jane climbing in bed with Carly. I was envious of the possibilities and wished Daddy wasn’t rushing to leave. It was obvious Daddy had something in mind for he and I, as he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from whatever naughty fun was going to happen.

After saying our good-byes and having all those naughty men touch me on our way out, we climbed back in Daddy’s SUV and headed home.

“So, did you have fun today, Sara? Daddy asked.

I looked at him with a smile, and said, “Yeah, you know I did. I love sex. I love attention. And I love being with Carly and Jane. It was nice meeting Sylvia and some of the other’s too.”

We rode in silence for a short way, listening to music, as Daddy reached out and caressed my thigh. Daddy’s touch was magical. When ever he touched me it was special after all those years of feeling neglected. I turned, leaning into the corner of the seat and door, extending my leg so my foot would lay in his lap. I could feel his hard cock pressing against the sole of my foot. I pressed back against it. I heard him moan, as his hand crept up my thigh. I knew Daddy didn’t cum yet, he must be very aroused from watching me and Carly, and then seeing Jane and Sylvia playing on the sofa.

I loved moments like this. I loved being teased and slowly aroused. I loved feeling Daddy’s fingers tickling my flesh as that delicious lust begins washing over me. I lad back and closed my eyes as his finger worked their way closer to my clit. First they nudged my balls and then they traced the bulge where my clit laid. In spite of fucking Carly passionately, I felt it pulse and begin to thicken again. Daddy traced the outline of my clit with two fingers, one on each side, until I was once again hard. It felt so good as I pushed into him. My bathing suit was again showing signs of my arousal as another wet spot widened over the head of my clit.. I loved that feeling, I always loved flaunting it when I wanted someone to take control, to claim me. I wanted to be the naughtiest girl any man has ever been with.

“Oooooh, I can see my little girl is ready for some play time with Daddy,” He said. I opened my eyes and whispered, “Always Daddy.”

I pressed my foot down on his cock as I kept my eyes fixed on him. Daddy was having a difficult time driving and looking over at me. The traffic on the road was busy and he was gripping the wheel with one hand and caressing my clit with the other. His finger was rubbing the wet spot which also meant he was pressing into my clit, making me a little crazy with desire. I closed my eyes and leaned farther back, pressing harder on to his very hard cock.

I moaned as he squeezed my clit and held it tight. I moaned again. I was reaching the place where I just wanted him to fuck me. I needed to feel him fill me completely. I wanted him to pull over and just take me.

Daddy squeezed my clit again and asked, “You like, Sara?”

I nodded and bit my lower lip.

“Your bathing suit is soaked, right here,” he said as he squeezed me again.

“Daddy, you’re making me crazy, I want you so bad, can we just get home, please,” I begged him.

Daddy removed his hand from my clit and looked straight ahead, driving in silence. I pressed down on his cock, it was still hard.

“Daddy, what are you gonna do with those pictures?” I asked.

Daddy looked at me and smiled. Then he asked, “What do you want me to do with them?”

“I wanna see ’em,” I said.

“Then what?” He asked.

Thinking about naked photos of me had me really hard and thinking about other men looking at them and desiring me was so hot!

“I don’t know. I liked you taking them. I love showing off, being watched. It was hot fucking Carly, knowing you were shooting those pictures,” I said.

Daddy looked at me and said, “Take your clit out, show me it, stroke it, but don’t you dare cum.”

I slipped my clit out the leg hole of my bathing suit and stroked it. It felt so good. The tip was wet and oozing. I stroked it slowly, edging it, obeying my Daddy. I stretched the suit a bit more and let my balls fall eryaman escort out. Daddy reached over and fondled them, and then began gently pulling on them. My clit was so wet, he left go of my balls and whetted his finger with my pre cum, and brought it to my lips.

“Suck it,” Daddy ordered.

I took his finger completely in my mouth and relished in the taste of my arousal. He was teasing me, pushing me, testing me.

“Keep stroking your sissy cock,” he demanded as he ran his finger in my wetness again.

I watched as he tasted my pre cum. I was so aroused, so close to cuming, I was trembling.

Daddy turned down the alley next to the book store and parked his SUV. I was relieved, we were finally home.

“I wanna make quick a stop before we go upstairs, follow me,” Daddy said.

I fixed my suit, tucking my hard clit back in place the best I could and got out.

Daddy looked at me and said, “Come with me.”

Daddy went to a door of what appeared to be the rear entrance of the book store. He opened it and motioned me in. I hesitated.

“What, you’re worried about how your dressed? Please…” Daddy said and motioned for me to follow him again.

As we entered the dark room, Daddy grabbed my hips and directed me along a wall. I heard him fumbling and then lights went on. In the middle of the room was a round stage, it wasn’t not very high off the ground, maybe a foot. There was a couple pf couches and clothes racks, a desk, some large photographic cases, and a tripod. Against the other wall stood a variety of lighting equipment. Two walls were mirrored.

“Where are we Daddy?” I asked.

My Daddy looked a me and said, “Go stand on the podium and take your bathing suit off.”

Daddy turned and opened one of the photographic cases and grabbed a camera. I went to the podium and let my bathing suit fall to my ankles. I stood there naked, looking at my reflection in the mirrored walls. When Daddy turned abound, my clit was hard, my arm was pulled across my chest hiding my breasts, and one of my legs was slightly bent, while the other was straight.

Daddy stopped and stared. “Wow, that’s a sexy pose Sara, hold that please.”

Daddy shot a picture, and then another and another. I loved posing for him. I so sexy as I turned and twisted my body, allowing him every angle and pose he wanted.

“Sara, please turn around. Now bend over at the waist and touch your toes. Spread your legs, that’s good, Daddy said.

I looked at him from between my spread legs and watched as he nudged his cock, He clicked a few more pictures and then fondled the front of his pants. I could see he was hard. I pushed my clit between my thighs and crossed them, forcing my clit to be exposed under my ass. It felt so good.

“Oh my Sara, you’re a natural, yeah that pose is hot! Hold that pose.” Daddy moaned as he fondled his cock again.

I leaned forward and bending over again. I reached back and spread my bottom exposing my hot needy hole as I peeked back at him

“Daddy, do you want me? Do you want your horny little girl, does Daddy wanna fuck me? I teased.

“Yes, baby girl, Daddy wants you, Daddy wants you really bad.”

Daddy took a few steps closer and caressed my hip and butt. He put the camera down and leaned in and kissed my ass cheek, then he kissed the other. My clit was throbbing, still locked tightly behind my thighs. I felt my pre cum dripping down my thighs. Daddy leaned in and spread my butt. His tongue licked my hole. It was like jolts of electricity as he licked again and again and then pressed his face between my cheeks and probed my hole. I was in heaven. I felt daddy’s tongue on m clit. He licked from my balls to the tip ad back again.

“Spread your legs Sara, about shoulder width apart,” Daddy said.

When I spread my legs. my balls hung free and my clit popped up and slapped my belly. Pre cum was still oozing from the head, as Daddy began shooting more pictures as

I stroked myself. Daddy came around the front and took a few more photos of me masturbating, before he put the camera down and ran his finger up the length of my throbbing clitty.

“Ooooooooo, Daddy, stop teasing me. I need more than just a caress,” I cooed.

You like posing, don’t you?” he asked.

I nodded and then said, “Is that wrong?”

He shook his head and smiled, “No not at all. Of course it depends on for who and why, and where the images ultimately land.”

“What do you mean,” I inquired, kind of understanding a few potential risks.

“You just need to be careful, there’s always a risk when you expose your body, completely. We can have a longer conversation about this later, but you seem to enjoy showing yourself off, and with a few adjustments, it may be even more enjoyable and make you some income.” Daddy continued.

With that, Daddy looked at me and said, “I’ll be right back, stay where you are.”

There I was standing on the podium naked, stroking my clit when Daddy returned with Phillip and a couple eryaman escort bayan of other men I didn’t know. I stopped my playing for a moment, but immediately felt the rush of being watched, my naked body on exhibit for strange men. I turned away and bent over at the waist and again pushed my clit between my thighs and closed them tightly, exposing my clit and balls. I wiggled my butt, reached around and spread my ass like I had for Daddy earlier.

There were comments being made by the men, but they were speaking quietly. I knew they were talking about me. I closed my eyes and stooped over a little more to open my bottom even wider. Just then I felt a finger probing my pussy.

“Aren’t you the sexiest thing, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, just relax.” I heard a raspy voice say.

I peeked back and it was one of the men I didn’t know. His finger was circling and teasing. My pussy felt on fire. I wanted his finger in my ass, deep and thrusting. Daddy approached and handed the man a tube. I felt something cool and greasy on me, it felt perfect as his finger slipped in easily. Daddy had picked up his camera again and was shooting more photo’s. I was quickly learning I loved the camera and posing for men.

The unknown man looked at my Daddy and asked, “Who is this sexy boy?

My Daddy chuckled and said with a grin, “This is my daughter Sara, Peter.”

“I thought there was something extremely feminine about her,” Peter replied with a distinct emphasis on her.

I pushed back on Peter’s finger and then pulled back again, encouraging Peter to continue fucking me.

Peter looked at my Daddy and commented, “She’s quite the attention whore, isn’t she, and a horny one too!”

My Daddy said, “I told you so. I think she’s looking for a good fucking Peter.”

The thought of my Daddy giving a strange man permission to fuck me, made my clit pulse. I pushed back on his finger as he reached around and grabbed my clit and began stoking it, still maintaining his finger fucking. The other men began gathering around me. Phillip stepped up on the podium and opened his pants. His fat hairy cock sprung out, hard and ready to be sucked. Daddy came closer and started shooting close up photos. Phillip and the other man had their hard cocks out. They were pointing them at me, bringing them closer to my lips.

I bent over a little farther and took Phillips cock in my mouth as the other man slapped my cheek with his shaved cock. I let go of Phillips cock and took the shaved cock between my lips. Reaching out I stroked Phillip as I sucked the other cock. I felt like a complete slut, and Daddy was taking pictures of it all.

With one cock in my mouth, and another in my hand, I felt Pete’s finger slip out, only to be replaced with his cock. Peter grabbed my hips and began thrusting into me. His curved cock was hitting me perfectly as he buried it in me. My clit felt electric, the sensations from his cock head hitting my spot made me drip cum. It drained from my clit in a stream as the unknown man took it in his mouth. I had never had sex with this many men at one time. I was cuming in an uncontrollable, amazing way. My Daddy grabbed me from toppling over, holding me tight.

“Just let it come Sara, go with it, suck Phillips cock and relax your bottom, Cum for Daddy”

Daddy carried me to the stairs of his apartment and laid me down. I woke hours later, covered in dried cum and exhausted. My bottom was still slippery with lube, I was a mess.

“Daddy? Are you here?”

Daddy peaked his head in the doorway, “You’re finally awake.”

Daddy walked in and sat on the Chaise where I laid, and wiped my face and chest with a wet towel.

I would have cleaned you up when we got home Sara, but I felt you needed to get some rest. Wanna shower?”

I nodded. Daddy helped me up. My ass was sore as was my jaw.

“You were something today little girl, Daddy is very proud of you.”

“Really? Because I’m a slut?” I asked.

Daddy looked at me in silence for a moment and then laughed. “No, but yeah, you were that too,”

“Tell me why, why were you proud of me? Tell me.”

Daddy thought for a few moments and began, ” I always knew you were a little different from the other boys. You and Rene had a bond, and yes I know you’re upset about him and me, but lets focus on you, okay?”

I nodded, although I was still seriously envious of what they shared.

Daddy went on, “I suspected you and he were sexual, so did your Mother. And we agreed it was normal to explore. Her and I had our own issues, but we always agreed that you were our first priority and we loved you deeply. We also shared the idea that there was nothing wrong with parents educating their son or daughter about sex.”

I stared back at him, not knowing what to say. I bit my bottom lip, still wondering what he was so proud of in me. I knew I was different than some other people that were born as boys. I also knew being a slut was frowned upon by many people.

“What escort eryaman I’m proud of is this Sara,” Daddy continued. “You’ve always done what you wanted to do with conviction, you respect others and you’re accountable when you you error. You had also tried really hard to walk that fine line between your mom and I, when we were together. I think you have some work to do with her, but that may take some time and distance.”

I was shocked. I didn’t think Daddy would ever say those things to me with all the choices I made, and the things I’ve done. I always felt he had ignored me, knowing I was a sissy and would never be like him.

“Then why did you ignore me for so long, Daddy?”

“I ignored a lot of things Sara. You mom’s and my relationship was difficult from the beginning. We loved each other deeply, but her relationship with your uncle was hard on me. They had been sexual from early on and I suspected that continued while we were together. It upset me.”

I thought about what I knew, what was obvious, but I knew their was more. I understood my mother’s attachment to my uncle. I saw how she could be extremely jealous and would lash out when she felt threatened.

“I saw a lot in end with with my uncle and mom,” I said, “And my relationship with him definitely upset her.”

Daddy sat quietly, thinking about something.

“Sara, there’s more that you should know. I’ve always considered myself straight. Maybe that’s why I seemed to ignore you. But when I suspected your uncle Bernie was fucking your mom, I went to confront him. He wasn’t home, but your aunt Diane was. I always knew Diane as born a male, I never questioned his choice, I just never had a meaningful relationship with her. When she answered the door dressed in a short robe, she looked so sexy.”

“And?” I asked, kind of suspecting his response.

“She invited me in and we began talking about Bernie and your mom. She told me she had had it with their relationship and couldn’t take dealing with the suspicion of them fucking behind her back.”

“Wow, really? I never knew any of this,” I said.

My Daddy continued, “She looked at me with tears in her eyes and stepped closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder. After a few moments she looked me in the eye and said, we should teach them both a lesson, we should have an affair.”

Oh my God! I was shocked. I never ever knew any of this. I knew Aunt Diane for such a short time.

“Did you? Did you and Aunt Diane do it, Daddy?”

Daddy face was flushed, he was looking down at his feet, avoiding eye contact with me.


Daddy nodded. “Yes, at first I thought it was ridiculous. I’m a straight guy and what would this mean if I fucked her. Then she let her hand fall to the front of my pants. I was hard. I remember her telling me, Adam, your so hard.”

“Oh Daddy, did you fuck Aunt Diane? I wanna hear the details, all the naughty details, I said.

“You’re incorrigible, Daddy sighed.

“I am not.”

“As she rubbed the front of my pants, her cock, or should I say clit, popped out of her robe. She ground it against mine. It was confusing, but I was drawn to touch it. It was immediate, i needed to touch her clit. I held it as she moaned. She let the robe fall from her shoulders as she stood there naked. Your auntie had large breasts, fake, but large. I thought to myself, so this is a shemale. Back then the the vocabulary wasn’t as broad as now, so it was either a transvestite or shemale that was used to describe men who appeared to be women.

I sat quietly, in disbelief. I never knew, I never even suspected ant of this.

“So you fucked her?” I asked.

“Daddy took a moment and said, “Yes.”

“”Wow, tell me more, please, please Daddy.”

“Well she convinced me in more than one way, she fell to her knees and sucked my cock, and before I came she lead me to their bedroom and climbed on the bed. I couldn’t resist. I was so hard and dizzy. I needed to cum. But once I was one with her, it was one of the most amazing fucks I have ever experienced.”

I sat quietly trying to process what he had just shared. I thought to myself, “Wow, my family is really kinky.”

After we sat for a while, Daddy said, “And then Bernie found us.”

“And?” I asked.

“And, Diane confronted him about your mom, and Bernie was upset with me and Diane walked out, leaving behind half her things. His and my relationship deteriorated and then the rest is what you’ve seen and experienced.”

It made me wonder. “Why did Uncle Bernie wanna be my Daddy?”

Daddy must have guessed my thoughts. “Bernie loves you Sara, he always has. Don’t question his motives with you. It’s me he has a problem with. If he was attentive to you, it was because of my absence and his affection for you, not in retaliation towards me.”

I nodded. “What about Mommy?” I asked.

Daddy shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. She’s a good lady, but has her own demons. Your relationship with her was always very good, better than what I had with you. She was there for you and supported everything you ever did, You need to consider that when you think of her. She has her issues, which you leapt in the middle of to some degree. You becoming who you are, I’m sure brings back competitive feelings about Aunt Diane and Uncle Bernie and now me. She’s alone and that’s probably a sad place yo be.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32