Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 41

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Early Friday afternoon Jodie walked over to her old dorm room to pick up a few things. At ABD she now wore the maid’s uniform full time — when it needed to be washed, she went naked or wore a towel — but she still needed some clothes for when she went to class or work.

She had been living in a triple with two other girls, and was surprised to find one of her roommates at home. “Oh… hi, Miri,” she said, her heart immediately starting to beat faster.

Jodie had been harboring a secret crush on Miri for months now, and always felt shy and tongue-tied in her presence. Miri was self-assured, whip-smart, and intimidatingly beautiful, with bold features, long, lustrous black hair, and glittering green eyes. Even today, with unwashed, disheveled hair, dressed in sweatpants and a loose T-shirt, she somehow looked glamorous.

“Hi Jodie,” answered Miri. “Where have you been lately?”

“Well… it’s kind of a long story,” said Jodie sheepishly. “You didn’t go home for Thanksgiving?”

“Nah, I have a ton of work to catch up on, so I decided to just hole up here for a few days. And anyway Thanksgiving at my house is always a drag… people arguing and all kinds of drama. It’s been nice and peaceful here.”

Just from keeping her eyes open and being around, Jodie knew a lot about Miri: That her full name was Miriam Allison Gold, that she was from Long Island, that her father was a prominent lawyer, that she was double-majoring in Economics and Anthropology. Jodie doubted that Miri knew anything about her, and was kind of surprised that Miri had even noticed her absence; she had always been quiet and retiring, whereas Miri had a big personality.

She also had big boobs that she liked to show off, often wearing low-cut tops and/or going braless. Even now, hidden under the T-shirt, they were a noticeable presence in the room. Many times Jodie had watched Miri traipse around topless, and every time she felt a twinge of desire that immediately turned into shame.

But after spending time at Alpha Beta Delta, Jodie had lost that sense of shame, and was a lot less timid than she’d been before. Suddenly feeling bold, she invited Miri to have dinner at ABD that evening. Miri readily accepted, having in truth been lonely and bored after spending Thanksgiving by herself. Jodie packed a duffel bag full of clothes and walked home whistling to herself, feeling excited and nervous, wondering what Miri would think of her new life.

* * *

After exhausting every position and combination, Nicola, Kristin, and Jenny got dressed and went downstairs. Having brought no clothes of their own, Kristin and Jenny borrowed outfits from Nicola. The dress that Kristin chose was a little tight on her, but she looked good in it.

There was an Elvis movie marathon on, and they settled in with popcorn to watch Clambake. After a while Kristin started to get a hankering: It would be really nice to get high while watching this stupid movie from the Sixties. She knew that her parents always kept a little stash in their bedside table, so she excused herself and walked back to her own house.

Not having been told about Jenny’s encounter with Lina Santini, Kristin expected the house to be empty. Everything was quiet as she made her way upstairs and pulled open the door to her parents’ bedroom. But she sensed Ankara escort immediately that something was wrong; she was not alone.

The light was dim, so it took her a moment to figure out what she was seeing. And when she did, she could hardly believe it.

Lina Santini was stretched out naked on the bed with her legs spread wide. And there between them was the back of Carol Thompson’s blond head. There was no mistaking it — Kristin’s mother was eating their neighbor’s pussy.

Kristin stood there frozen as Carol slowly looked back over her shoulder. Their eyes locked just for a moment before Kristin hastily backed out the door and closed it behind her.

A minute later Kristin arrived back at the Santinis’ looking dazed and shaken. She flopped down on the couch and stared vacantly at the TV, trying to process what she had just seen.

* * *

When Jodie told Miss White that she’d invited a guest to dinner she felt a little anxious, wondering if she’d overstepped her bounds. But Miss White was pleased that she’d taken the initiative, and even more pleased when Miri arrived, looking smoking hot in a powder-blue dress cut low on top and high underneath. Her sizable breasts, unencumbered by a bra, jiggled pleasantly with every step she took; Miss White fought not to stare at them, not wanting to be crude.

If Miri was at all surprised when Jodie appeared carrying a tray of drinks, dressed for service in the very revealing uniform and wearing a leather collar, she managed not to show it. Dinner was mostly leftovers from the previous night, but it was still quite an excellent meal, and they walked away from the table feeling fat and happy.

After dinner Miss White invited Miri for a drink in the living room and she hesitated for just a moment before saying yes. Something strange was going on here, some deviant drama in which Jodie was playing the role of servant; the sexual charge in the air was unmistakable. And Alexis White had a strong, almost overwhelming presence; Miri was a little out of her depth. But she was feeling well-fed and warm and adventurous, and decided to see what might transpire.

* * *

When Lina Santini returned home just before sundown, Kristin and Jenny put on their coats and went home as well. Kristin and her friend’s mother didn’t speak to each other or make eye contact; something had changed between them. Certainly Kristin didn’t, in any way, disapprove of what she had seen; that would have been beyond hypocritical. But it had surprised her and it was going to take some getting used to.

Back at the house Jenny headed upstairs to take a shower and Kristin went into the kitchen for a glass of water. Carol was there and Kristin found that she had a hard time meeting her mother’s eyes as well. But after they had exchanged awkward chit-chat for a minute Carol spoke seriously to her daughter.

“I guess we should talk about what you saw today.”

Kristin waved her hand. “It’s fine, mom, it’s… it’s your own business.”

“But I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just weird. But you know,” she said, looking into her mother’s eyes for the first time, “you know Jenny and I…”

Carol nodded. “I know. I could tell by the way you act around one another.”

Kristin brightened, realizing Ankara escort bayan for the first time that this could work to her advantage. “So it’s OK if she spends the night in my room?”

“Of course,” said Carol. “She’s a lovely girl.” Just for a second Kristin was struck by a crazy vision: she walked into her parents’ bedroom just as she had earlier, but instead of Lina Santini laying there naked with Carol’s head between her legs, it was Jenny. Walking out of the kitchen, Kristin shook her head to try to clear it.

It had never occurred to her that her mother had sex with women, but in a way it gave them a new kind of kinship, and might end up being beneficial for their relationship. She wondered idly if her father knew, but wasn’t necessarily bothered if he didn’t. This didn’t seem like cheating, it was more like… fun.

* * *

As dinner settled in their stomachs Miss White chatted with Miri, asking her questions about herself and her studies, all the time sizing her up. She was quite a lovely specimen: a pretty face, intelligent eyes, a gorgeous head of hair, and a shapely body. By the time Miss White finished her glass of cognac, she had made up her mind: It was time for action.

“Excuse me for a moment,” said Miss White. While she was gone Miri fidgeted nervously in her seat; was she ready, she wondered, for whatever was going to happen next? This was all so new and strange, but there was no denying the way she felt right now: her heart was pounding and she felt an insistent warmth in her nether regions.

When Miss White returned, at first she appeared to be alone. It took Miri a few seconds to notice that she had something in her hand, and then for her eyes to trace down the length of the leash to Jodie, who was following Miss White on her hands and knees.

Jodie sat on her haunches on the middle of the room and Miss White stood, twirling the end of the leash in her hand, looking down at Miri. It suddenly seemed hot in the room, and Miri felt beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead. She could sense Miss White’s scrutinizing gaze on her, but could not lift her eyes to return it.

Finally Miss White spoke. “Jodie here has confessed to me that she’s always been attracted to you. Does that surprise you?”

Miri paused before answering. Truth was, she’d caught Jodie staring at her a few times, and wondered. Once or twice she’d even thought about kissing Jodie and seeing what might happen. Though she’d never been with a girl, she’d always been curious.

But to hear it said out loud like that took her aback. “A little,” she said.

“Does it bother you?” inquired Miss White.

Again, Miri took a moment before responding. She shook her head and said, “No.”

Miss White smiled. There had been little doubt in her mind about how this was going to go, but now she was sure. “Would it be OK if she kissed you?”

Miri looked over at Jodie, who was doing her best to remain cool; but when she met Miri’s gaze, there was a look of abject, pleading desire in her eyes. “Sure.”

Miss White walked over to Jodie and unsnapped the leash from her collar. Once released, Jodie knee-walked over to where Miri was, while Miss White took a seat to watch.

Jodie leaned in toward Miri and their lips touched. Miri was amazed at how soft the other girl’s Escort Ankara lips were; it was a tactile experience unlike any she’d ever had. They kissed for a good long time, softly and sensuously at first, then with increasing fervor. Miri was dimly aware, somewhere in the back of her mind, that Miss White was watching them. And this was a little weird, but somehow just made the situation that much hotter.

Although Jodie had, as always, mentally cast herself in the submissive role — and she was certainly dressed for it — she knew that in this instance she was going to have to take the initiative. She was the one who broke the kiss and began to make her way down Miri’s silky-smooth neck and shoulders.

Miri was shocked at the way she was responding to Jodie’s attentions. Her nipples were rock-hard, pressing insistently into the fabric of her top, and she was squishy wet between the legs. No guy had ever gotten her this ready, this fast.

After lingering over the creamy skin above Miri’s bosom, Jodie at last pulled down first the straps, then the front of her top. Miri’s breasts were absolutely magnificent, both hefty and buoyant, capped with long chocolate-brown nipples. Jodie reached out and cupped Miri’s boobs, feeling their weight; she had always wanted to do that. They were too much for her small hands, but she held them as best she could, feeling the hard buds press into her palms.

How many times had she fantasized about sucking those nipples? And now it was real: She bent forward and took one into her mouth, then the other. Miri sighed. Jodie’s mouth was so sweet and gentle, so unlike the devouring maws of the boys she’d been with.

Miri sat back against the couch, relaxing into the experience she was having. Miss White was watching intently; her expression was neutral, but Miri could sense a hunger behind her eyes. Who was this strange woman that had taken charge of Jodie’s life, and — for the moment at least — her own? She realized that Miss White had asked her a lot of questions without ever revealing anything about herself.

Feeling a tugging sensation, Miri looked down and saw that Jodie was pulling on her dress. She lifted herself up off the couch and wriggled her hips to help Jodie slip the dress down over her hips and off. She was glad that the white lace thong she was wearing was clean, at least, though it was old and had a small hole in it. It wasn’t visible for long, anyway; Jodie hooked her fingers into the waistband on either side and slid it down and off, revealing a prodigious nest of thick black pubic curls. Miri felt a little self-conscious; she had been meaning to trim for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to it. Jodie didn’t mind, though; she wanted nothing more than to bury her face in that beautiful bush. So she did.

* * *

When Jenny stepped out of the shower she found Kristin standing there waiting for her. Before she even had a chance to dry off Kristin had wrapped her in an embrace. Which was nice, but took her somewhat by surprise. “What’s up?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing,” said Kristin. In truth, though, it had been an enormous relief for her to get things out in the open. Kristin had never liked keeping secrets from her mother. Of course, Carol still didn’t know the full extent of what went on at Alpha Beta Delta, and probably never would. Kristin herself sometimes found it hard to believe, and would have found it still harder to explain.

Kristin let Jenny dry off and they climbed into Kristin’s bed together with their books, snuggled close together and happy as clams.

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