Goddess Ch. 21

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Tom brought his phone over to Cliff’s room to take a look at the pictures.

“Wow,” said Cliff “Yeah Casey was right, these are fake as hell. Outline’s visible and the lighting’s all over the place. It’s like baby’s first time usin’ Photoshop, I can’t believe your ass fell for this.”

Tom snatched his phone back.

“Sorry we don’t all minor in graphic design.” he said.

“Yeah well, that only explains that you didn’t cheat. What it doesn’t explain is where they came from, or how they got on your phone,” Cliff said “You sure you don’t remember anything from that night?”

“Alan took me to some bullshit work party of his, I ran into a regular customer of mine, I started talking to rich assholes, and then I was throwing back what was apparently one-fifty-one. Only thing I remember after that is something about tacos.” said Tom. He paused for a second. “Oh fuck me, Alan screwed with me.”

“Yeah, no shit,” said Cliff “So, how we gettin’ even?”.

“I’m sorry, we?” asked Tom “You don’t have a dog in this fight.”

“Bullcrap. My best friend gets what is effectively a mickey and I’m not supposed to do anything? Nah, fuck that mess, I’m helping you,” said Cliff. “What’s this asshole drive? I’m gonna fuck up his car”.

“Alright man, fuck it, let’s go. I wanna hear all the details from this bougie little shit,” Tom said. “But hold off on the property damage until I get all the info. I want to be sure that I’m right.”

Cliff went under his bed, undid the cover on his gun case, and pulled out a sheathed knife. The two made their way downstairs, then over to Alan’s office. Over the door was a sign:





“Fuck that,” said Tom. “I remember where the prick works. C’mon, let’s go, I’ll drive.”

“Man, fuck that, you drive like my grandma.” said Cliff.

“That’s the point genius. Unlike you I’m capable of the speed limit. We’re about to go potentially inflict property damage, I don’t need cops on our asses.”

“Fuck, good point. Alright, how long a drive we got?”

“Driving legally? About a half hour. Let’s get going.”

Elsewhere, at her home, Sydney had been fucking Amanda silly. The two laid bare in bed, bodies entwined, hands exploring every inch of each other as they kissed each other softly. Amanda moved her lips down to Sydney’s neck. Chills ran through Sydney’s skin at the sensation and she sighed softly, gently running her hands through Amanda’s hair. Amanda moved her lips to Sydney’s ear, and nibbled on her earlobe just a bit before whispering, “Roll on to your back”.

She did just that, and Amanda moved her lips to Sydney’s tits, sucking, licking, and rubbing them. Amanda moved her lips downward, gently kissing as she did so. She crawled to the end of the bed, placing her head between Sydney’s wonderfully thick thighs, which were now positioned over Amanda’s shoulders. Amanda licked her lover’s beautiful thighs, planting little kisses along the Ankara escort way.

“Oh God. Fuck me! Please, fuck me!” Sydney cried out. Amanda moved her attention to Sydney’s pussy and started licking.

“You’re so wonderful.” she said before returning her mouth’s attention to her lover.

“So are you. God, that feels so nice.” Sydney moaned.

Amanda moved the tip of her tongue up to Sydney’s clit, and inserted two fingers into her lover. She flicked her tongue up and down, and moved her digits at a maddening pace. Sydney’s back arched and she screamed obscenities in ecstasy. Her toes curled, and she started shaking just a bit as Amanda upped her efforts. Sydney loosely gripped her bedsheets, cried out, and finally, she climaxed. Amanda licked Sydney’s pussy clean, then sucked the taste of her lover off her fingers before crawling out from under her legs and snuggling up beside her.

Sydney closed the gap between their mouths, tasting herself on Amanda’s tongue. Amanda broke the kiss and whispered, “Your turn” into Sydney’s ear before climbing up and sitting on her face. Sydney grabbed Amanda’s thighs and ran her tongue all across Amanda’s pussy. Amanda rubbed her tits as she watched Sydney go to town, her lover taking in every bit of her. Sydney moaned as her tongue did laps around Amanda’s labia, savoring the sweetness of her girlfriend’s juices and the softness of her skin. It felt like she was in heaven. She moved her hands from Amanda’s thighs and grabbed two handfuls of her girlfriend’s amazing ass as she continued eating her out.

“Oh God, Sydney, baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum… oh fuck Sydney, I’m cumming!”

Sydney kept going as she screamed in ecstasy, her lover’s juice running down, grabbing every bit she could with her mouth, like a kind of ambrosia was coming from Amanda’s loins. Amanda slowly got off Sydney’s face, her legs feeling a bit shaky from the pleasure, and collapsed next to her partner, breathing heavily.

“Fuck, you’re good.” she said softly. Sydney kissed Amanda’s cheek softly.

“You wanna go again?”

“Fuck… Fuck, you’re insatiable.” said Amanda.

Sydney kissed Amanda’s shoulder.

“Mmm… Who wouldn’t be with such a perfect woman next to them?”.

Amanda giggled.

“OK Dame Quixote. How about something I’ve always wanted to try?”.

Sydney went wide-eyed. “Anything!”.

“Strip poker,” Amanda said. “I’ve had this fantasy of slowly winning a lover’s clothes off”.

“Oh! I have an idea, then. Alan won a deck of playing cards with nude women on them a while back. He’s too nervous to actually do anything with them, so he won’t mind if we take them off his hands.”

“I dunno Syd… I mean, after the thing with the pancake syrup at the dinner party…”

“That was a one-time thing. He’s too nervous to do anything like that again. C’mon, I’ll get a chauffeur to drive us!”

Meanwhile, Tom and Cliff had made their way up to Alan’s place of work. Cliff kept the car running in the parking lot, waiting behind for the signal to trash Alan’s car. Tom made his Ankara escort bayan way into the building and up the elevator. Thankfully his connection with Alan’s boss Greg allowed him to get in (he’d lied and told Greg that he had to speak to Alan about some urgent news regarding his car, which to be fair was only slightly untrue). Tom found his way to Alan’s office and barged in. The office was very small, with a short-tabled desk, a single computer, a chair on either end (one occupied by Alan) and some tiny cabinets.

“Ah, Tom,” said Alan. “To what do I owe the pleas-“

“Cut the crap,” said Tom. “I wanna know what happened at that office party.”

“Ah. Well, have a seat,” said Alan. Tom sat down across from Alan, who then got up and shut the door behind him. “So. What do you want to know?”.

“Well, let’s start off with what I had to drink that night.”

“Oh that? One-fifty-one and OJ. Not gonna lie, I was trying to send you to the hospital. Had to get you away from my sister one way or the other.”

“And you’re just gonna admit to that?”

“Naturally. Sydney won’t believe you, and I know people like you don’t trust our fine men and women in the police force to do anything about it. Whatever I tell you now is just salt on the wound.”

“So how did a bunch of fake pictures of me playing grab ass with a teenager make it onto my phone?”

“Well, while you somehow survived several glasses of near rubbing alcohol, you got drunk and started making lewd descriptions of my sister. Which I took some pictures of and had an intern doctor a bit. After that, it was just a matter of talking nice to you to unlock your phone.”

“So I did nothing wrong that night?”

“I wouldn’t say describing how your disgusting Neo-Marxist tongue touched my sister’s skin wasn’t wrong, but by your freedom-hating standards, no. But in the end, it doesn’t even matter. Sydney is with someone she deserves. Granted, a woman I was trying to get in bed with, but someone she deserves all the same. All is right with the world.”

Alan grinned widely. Tom, meanwhile, started shifting his head all around the room.

“What are you doing?” Alan asked.

“Looking around.” said Tom.

“For wh-” Next thing he knew, Tom’s fist came hurling clean into his jawline from across the short table. Alan hit the floor and grabbed his mouth, tasting a decent chunk of blood and trying not to scream in agony. Tom walked over and squatted down.

“Cameras, mostly. Now, I’m gonna go find your sister, explain what you did, and then when she takes me back with open arms, I’m gonna plough her like a field, and read her The Communist Manifesto as she falls asleep in my arms. You meanwhile, should see a doctor because I’m pretty sure I knocked out a-”

Alan spit three teeth and some blood out.

“Oh wow, three teeth. You know, I was gonna call you glass jaw, but that’s an insult to glass.” Tom got up, opened the door, and turned to his left when suddenly he locked eyes with Sydney.

His face turned bright red.

“H-hey.” he said.

“Hey.” she said back. Escort Ankara

“How long have you been there?” Tom asked.

“Long enough. Wait here.” she said, going into Alan’s office and shutting the door.

Tom was almost scared for Alan at that moment. Sydney’s eyes were filled with murderous righteous indignation. Alan was halfway off the floor, wiping the blood off his mouth.

“Get up Alan, you look like shit.” she said, taking a seat at the other end of the desk.

“I’ll be right back”. he growled, making his way to the door. She bolted up and grabbed the back of his collar.

“Sit,” she said firmly “You and I have to talk. Now.”

Alan turned around and sat at his desk. Sydney stretched her left leg under the desk, and lightly pressed her shoe on Alan’s groin.

“Be very careful,” she said. “I was Tom’s domme for over a year. I know how much force it would take to crush these. Nod if you understand your predicament”. Alan went pale, and nodded gently.

“Good. Alan, what you’ve done to Tom is low, even for you. And that’s saying something. I mean, there was at least one felony charge in what you described, and after the cherry tree incident at the dinner party, you know Mom and Dad aren’t gonna pay for an attorney.”

“Can we not bring up the cherry tr-” Sydney lightly pressed on Alan’s nads with her shoe.

“We’re bringing up the cherry tree, Alan. It’s relevant. Now, if you want this to be quiet, you will comply with everything I’m about to demand of you. Otherwise, Mom and Dad will know everything, you will probably be disowned, and let’s be real, you’ll face jail time. Do I make myself clear?”

Alan nodded in fear.

“Excellent. First, that injury? You did that to yourself. Tom had nothing to do with it. Second, this office? Mine now. I reserve the right to expel you from it at any time and get my pussy eaten on that desk. You will keep it clean for me. Third, you will resign from your R.A. position and you will not talk to Tom ever again without my presence. Are these acceptable?”

Alan nodded again in fear.

“Good,” she said, removing her foot. “Now go to the doctor or something you look like hell.”

Sydney exited Alan’s office and turned to Tom.

“Follow me.” she said. The two went to the elevator, took it to the ground floor, and then made their way to the parking lot. A limousine was pulled up front.

“So… are we going to talk about what just happened?” he asked. Sydney sighed


“Tom… what we had… it was wonderful. But I’m with Amanda and I can’t just let her go. I’ve been in love with her for such a long time.” Tom’s eyes shifted away from her gaze. She cupped his chin and kissed him softly.

“Just let me figure this out, alright? I have a lot to take in,” she said. “And if nothing else, no matter what happens, know that I love you.”

“B-but… But Sydney, I love you too! You’re perfect, please, please don’t just-“

“Tom. Don’t make this anymore difficult than it already is.”

She gave him another soft kiss, then went to the limo, which pulled off.

Tom stood there, absolutely dumbfounded and defeated. Then his phone rang.


“Yeah, can you get your ass back here already?” came Cliff’s voice “I’ve done everything except strip the paint off this dude’s car.”

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