Goodbye to the Past Pt. 02

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Goodbye to the Past Part 02 – Skye Skating

I find it hard to categorise my stories as they tend to cover many areas. I suppose this one could come under lesbian, erotic couplings, mature or even group sex, but as the overriding theme of the whole story is lesbian sex, I am leaving it in that category.

Put it this way, Caitin sleeps with as many women as she does men in this episode!

Chapter 1

Caitlin tried to shut out the sounds coming from Bonnie and Frank’s apartment. It was horribly early and she had a rare and nasty hangover thanks to catching up with Bella and Jess last night in Hammersmith. She had hoped to put her new found talents to use, but had arrived home alone as usual and a little the worse for wear. Not that she’d had that much to drink – like most things in life, she was a bit of a lightweight when it came to alcohol.

She didn’t begrudge Bonnie and Frank their reunion – they hadn’t seen their daughter Skye for months and she had just flown in from Miami to join them for a week in Scotland and Europe. Caitlin had tried to get them all on the same flight up to Glasgow, but it had all been at such short notice she hadn’t managed it. They were having the briefest of reunions before the parents flew up later that day. Skye was following-on on the equivalent flight the next day.

Later, Skye joked that Caitlin had arranged it all that way on purpose. Caitlin wished she was that devious, but the way it all panned out was rather fortuitous.

Once the initial noise had died down, she got up and relieved her lower discomfort and took some Neurofen. The relief down below and in her head was almost immediate and she sank back into a long, untroubled sleep. When she finally squinted at the bedside clock, her room was flooded with daylight and the digits read 10.34. Bonnie and Frank would be somewhere over the Midlands by now.

She got up and showered wondering what a long lonely Saturday had in store for her. She wasn’t brave enough to go out on the pull on her own and Bella and Jess were looking forward to nights with their boyfriends. Oh well, at least Bonnie had given her some new party video files to watch. Videos and a few new toys.

She opened her bedroom cabinet and smiled at the new additions to her armoury. Bonnie had been appalled at her tiny little vibrator and had added a magic wand and a g-spot vibe to her collection. The original was almost redundant now, she thought.

She was making her morning tea in her little kitchen area when she saw a figure cross the penthouse roof garden and lean out looking over the Thames view Caitlin had come to love so much.


She saw the inevitable mane of long dark-blonde hair, held back in a ponytail. She seemed to be wearing a bikini top and some sort of sarong.

Probably best to introduce herself since she was her folks’ personal assistant.

She went out and wandered over, tea in hand. The girl was gazing out, taking in the amazing panorama. Her head was turned away from Caitlin.

“Quite the view!”

She spoke quietly, so as not to alarm the girl but she still jumped a little.

Skye turned in surprise and Caitlin was greeted by a typical blonde Florida surfer girl. Wide eyes, pert nose, pretty, with legs that went all the up and all the way back down. “Sorry, made me spook! Hey, you must be Kathleen, yeah? I’m Skye…” Big wide smile, perfect white teeth. She held out a small hand and Caitlin took it.

“Sorry to make you jump. Actually it’s Caitlin – kind of the Irish version. Nice to meet you, Skye.”

Skye put a hand over her mouth. “Oh shoot, sorry – should know all that Celtic stuff being named after a Scottish island, shouldn’t I?”

“It’s ok, you should hear the mess some people make of it! And as for my sister Siobhan… don’t get me started! Call me Cait, it’s easier.”

Skye smiled. “Cool – hi Cait. You look like a cute little cat and it sounds similar, so I’ll call you Cait, Cat-lady!”

Close enough, thought Caitlin. She noticed that the girl was holding a glass tube in her left hand. She held it up. “Wanna?”

She shook her head, not quite understanding. The girl held it to her mouth and flicked a lighter at an opening half way down. She sucked in deeply and the penny dropped with Caitlin. The girl exhaled luxuriously and smiled. “Mmm, best cure for jetlag I know.”

Caitlin nodded. “Secret’s safe with me.”

“Thanks, but Mom knows. She’s cool with it.” She held it out once more. “Sure? It’s really nice…”

“Bit early for me thanks.” Caitlin didn’t dare tell a nineteen year old that she had never even so much as taken a puff on a cigarette.

“Cool.” The girl took another hit and shuddered a little. She put the tube on the balcony rail. “Sorry – yeah – the view. Fucking A! I love this place they got here; so much nicer than the last one. Shit, you should see the Miami place, but this is just so…” She tailed off, shaking her hands at the view as if she didn’t have the Mersin Eskort



Skye grinned. She had a cute voice and an infectious laugh. “Yeah, cool. Sorry – I’m not with my friends now.” She put on an English accent, or what she thought was one. “I shall be a perfect English lay-dee!” It was worse than Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins.

Caitlin shook her head laughing. “Erm, stick to surfer girl, Skye.” She gestured around. “This isn’t Downton Abbey!”

Skye started to say ‘Cool’ again, but checked herself, laughing. “Sorry – last one!” She picked up her tube and had another little toke. She went on. “I love England. Been coming since I was ooh…” She held a hand out to about knee level. “Me and my brother Sean. I love Florida, but this is not far off. And I just lurve London – so much fun. Mom practically has to chain me up when I’m here. Scotland’s great as well. Really looking forward to going up again. It’s my spiritual home.”

She looked out over the London panorama wistfully. “I was conceived on Skye… in sight of the Cuillin Hills. Sligachan Hotel. Room 261.”

Caitlin put a hand on the girl’s shoulder. She was impressed – she even got the Gaelic catch on the ‘ch’ sound. “Lucky girl. I was conceived on a council estate on the outskirts of Dublin. Probably in the back of a car knowing my luck.”

“You don’t sound Irish…”

“Moved here when I was tiny. I only know Ireland from trips back. My family hate the fact I shout for England instead of Ireland.”

They chatted on amiably for a few more minutes and moved over to the loungers around the small roof-top pool. Caitlin had got them Cokes from her fridge and was enjoying the girl’s company. Skye thought of having a dip, but one touch of her big toe to the surface of the water had her grimacing at the coldness. The girl was easy to talk to. She had a lovely smile, but something was bugging Caitlin. Something at the back of her mind…

“I was kind of astonished when Bonnie said she had kids. Came a bit out of the blue.”

“Yeah – they’ve got me and Sean. He’s three years older than me. They’re cool parents – almost anything goes with them. Nothing fazes them. Sean and I have given them some shit, but we dealt with it and got past it and its all good now. He came out as gay a while ago. I knew, but I thought they’d freak. They were so good; even threw him a party. Mom encouraged me to bring boys home once I was old enough. But I think the biggest kick I’ve ever given her was when she saw me kissing Laura Marchall! They just want us to love life.”

“Nice philosophy. You remind me of your Mom in a lot of ways, but…” She indicated the girl’s blonde hair – the polar opposite of Bonnie’s jet black mane and certainly not in Frank’s partly Hispanic heritage.

Skye flicked at her hair and hung her head. Her hand went to her glass tube. She fired it up again and held it out to Caitlin, who refused once more.

Blowing out smoke, Skye shook it at her more forcefully. “Only way you’ll get to hear the next bit, Cat-lady!”

‘What the hell’, she thought. She was transforming herself bit by bit, so why not? She tentatively took the tube and as Skye flicked her lighter she sucked.

Skye rocked back in laughter as Caitlin dissolved into a fit of coughing and spluttering, a large cloud engulfing her. “Oh shit, that’s horrible!” It may have tasted awful, but she realised some of it must have got down as she immediately felt a nice little tingle going on.

Skye held the tube out once more, still laughing. “Jeez, first timer, hey? Second hit’s easier, honest!”

She was right and Caitlin felt a nice little glow once the ache in chest subsided and she had dried her streaming eyes. She breathed out heavily, a little more smoke escaping her lips. Skye took another hit and sat back.

“Wanna make out?”

“What?” Caitlin was so astonished she could barely respond. The word came out in a shocked shout.

Skye’s face was glowing. “Make out? Fuck?” She looked around. “Nice day, no-one to see us. I’m fucking horny as hell – ever try getting off on an airplane? Hard enough even in Business Class! I would have given the steward a blow to get upgraded to First, but I think he was more my brother’s type, if you get my drift!”

The few planes Caitlin had been on weren’t in the air long enough to even think about getting off. Jeez, just like her Mom, she thought.

And wished she would stop herself using the American version of Mum, but with Skye it seemed more natural. She was still open-mouthed.

Skye puffed once more, taking her reaction as a ‘no’. “Sorry, not every girl I meet is into the same sex, I know. Forget it – I’ve waited this long, a little while longer won’t hurt.” She paused, thinking.

“Ok, the story. About me being Skye, yeah?”

Glad the subject had been changed, Caitlin relaxed. The trouble was, she really did want to make out. The weed was having an effect on her and the thought of rolling around in Mersin Escort Bayan the sunshine with this sweet kid was getting to her more than she liked to admit.

She sipped her Coke as a distraction and Skye went on.

“When Mom had Sean, she had a bit of a problem.” She thought for a moment. “Actually, a fucking humungous problem. Nearly lost him and they nearly lost her too. They always wanted a boy and a girl, so when she got better, she had loads of tests and things weren’t looking good. They were on holiday in Scotland when the news came in that there was no chance of another one. That’s when I was conceived.”

Her voice went quiet, Caitlin leaning in to hear her. “There was no, like… miracle fusing of Frank’s one in a billion plucky sperm and Bonnie’s beautiful Skye-in-Waiting egg.” She mimed the actions vividly as she spoke. “Just the idea of adopting a little girl back home and calling her Skye…” She trailed off and looked sadly at Caitlin, her hand on her chin. “Luckily for me, I was as irresistible then as I am today, so I became Skye Islay Rodriguez.”

She smiled. “They gotta thing about Scottish Islands.” She stared off into the distance, her eyes misting over. “I am so fucking lucky…”

Caitlin felt like crying, but she reached out and stroked her face much as Bonnie had done to her. “That’s sad, but also really beautiful. Lovely name, too…”

Skye took Caitlin’s hand and caressed it against her face and it felt nice. “Yeah, they’ve been great. In reality I’m a foundling from Fort Lauderdale F-L-A – in my heart I am the last in line of a dynasty of Celtic warrior chieftains from the Scottish Isles. You should see my Warcraft avatar – she’s fucking awesome!”

The girl seemed in the mood to talk, the tables reversed from the other night with her mother. Caitlin was intrigued so she encouraged her on. She was transfixed as the story unfolded.

“Yeah, so they brought us up good – the only thing Mom got heavy on was drugs. She knows I do a bit of sneaky weed, but as long as we don’t go for anything harder, she’s ok. I had a wild time a year or so ago. Went a bit…” She twirled her finger in a circular motion against her temple and whistled. I ended up doing acid and it freaked me out. She made me promise after that it would be weed only and I’ve been good to my word. She once told me Frank had rescued her when he first met her. Still don’t know the full story, but I know Mom was working bars in Atlantic City when they met. Dad is 13 years older than her, so 18 and 31.”

She paused as if taking it in for the first time. She was absently fingering a small scar on her jaw as she spoke. Caitlin hadn’t noticed it before – a little pucker just where her jaws met, in front of her ear.

“Sheeyit – younger than me! When I was sixteen, she told me the full story of the adoption, and said that she had always wanted to rescue someone as Frank had rescued her. Said she’d probably be on her back in Vegas paying for a habit if it wasn’t for Dad. When I was fighting the last of the acid trip and the fallout, it kept hitting me like a hammer.”

Fingering the scar again, she shrugged. “Sometimes takes a nasty wake-up call, yeah?”

Caitlin could only concur heartily. “We’ve all got our stories, Skye. It’s how you deal with them. Good to hear you sorted yourself out. Wish I’d have done it at your age. Bonnie helped me recently as well – seems she’s on a mission!”

“Yep, sorted myself out and got into Law School can you believe! I’m either going to be a top lawyer or a top porn star. Which do you reckon?”

Caitlin laughed. “Why not both?”

“Works for me!” The lovely smile was back. “I’m sure if I told Mom I wanted to be a porn star, she’d march me into every agency in Miami and demand a screen test there and then!”

She sat up and looked at Caitlin with a determined look in her eye. “Which reminds me… offer’s still open!”

“Skye, no – we can’t!”

Skye stood up and seemed to tower over Caitlin, blocking out the sunlight. “Why not? I bet Mom’s great in bed, isn’t she?” She unhooked her ponytail and let her long blonde hair fall down. “Bet she’s taught you some great moves!”

Caitlin was squirming. “Oh God, did she tell you?” She was horrified that Bonnie had told her daughter about them.

Skye was laughing again. “Oh shit, you Brits are so gullible. See what a great lawyer I’ll be? I just got you to admit you’re fucking my Mom without you realising! Soooooo…” She reached up and uncooked her bikini top, revealing a delightfully firm little pair of breasts. “Since you obviously are into girls, and I’ve just proven what a great lawyer I’ll be…” She now unwound the sarong to reveal a perfect little blonde bush just a few shades darker than her hair.

She knelt down and brushed her lips against Caitlin’s and whispered, “Let me show you what a great porn star I’d be as well…”

Against her better judgement, Caitlin slid a hand around one of her firm buttocks and the other Mersin Escort into her soft blonde hair. Just before their lips met in a long, slow burn of a kiss, she whispered one word.


Caitlin hoped it would be a long, languorous session but Skye had the impatience of youth and the frustrations of a long plane journey to work off. Before Caitlin’s clothes were off, it was over almost before it had started. Skye had her head back, moaning loudly as Caitlin fingered her fresh young pussy and she frantically rubbed her clit. She came hard and fast.

As Skye nuzzled down into Caitlin’s midriff, she held her breath waiting for her young lover to begin undressing her and teasing her with her tongue. It had felt so good probing her mouth she could barely wait. Skye rested her head on Caitlin’s tummy and purred. After a long period of waiting and anticipation for Caitlin, she whispered, “Mmm, Skye sleepy… Skye happy…”

Caitlin put her head back and closed her eyes in frustration. As she did so, she heard Skye say softly, “Desynchronosis… that’s wha…” She looked down and the girl was fast asleep. Just her luck. She managed to wriggle out from underneath her and carefully tucked her legs up on the lounger. She draped the girl’s sarong over her. It was a warm enough day to leave her there. She tilted the sun shade so that she would be in shadow and would not burn. She blew her a little kiss and headed back into her apartment to get off by her own hand.

She got off, but it felt a bit of a letdown after the thought of Skye. She tried watching tv, but not that interested in Saturday afternoon sport, must have nodded off herself; the effects of the weed and her own small orgasm having an effect. When she woke with a start, she got up from her chair and looked out onto the roof garden. There was no sign of Skye – the lounger area was clear other than the two Coke bottles. She hooked another out of the fridge and looked at the clock. It was only four thirty. She flipped the top and took a long swig.

Some girl, she thought. Some family!

Wondering what to do with the rest of the day, she poodled about to no great effect for a while and her eyes landed on a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed. Her shoulders slumped, but it needed to be done. When most girls her age were out getting laid…

Suppressing that thought, she went into her kitchen to get the iron.

As she did so, her land line went off making her jump. Only Bonnie tended to use it when she wanted something urgently. Intrigued, she picked it up. “Hi, Caitlin here…”

The voice at the other end was low and soft. “Hey, Cat-lady. Saw your number on Mom’s desk. Not much of a porn star, huh? Kinda left things high and dry, didn’t I?”

Caitlin smiled. Bonnie could never remember her number so it was on her desk in huge black felt pen digits. ‘Cait’s Appt’… followed by the number.

“Well you left me high and dry, that’s for certain!”

“Sorreeee… wanna swing by the pool area so I can make it up to ya? Got some peace offerings…”

Caitlin was bouncing on the spot at another chance at the lovely blonde. “Well I was about to do my ironing, but I suppose I could put it off for a while.”


“I don’t want cool this time, Skye-High. I want red-fucking-hot, got that?”

There was a slight pause. “Skye-High – like it! Wow, yeah! Red-fucking-hot it is then! See you in five?”


“Deal! Oh, by the way – desynchronosis – it’s-“

Caitlin cut her off in mid sentence, laughing. “It’s jet lag. I know – I looked it up. Now I’ve got cunt-lag and you’re responsible, so let’s get to work kiddo…” She put the phone down, her head buzzing with anticipation.

Grabbing her unfinished Coke, she went out and crossed to the pool area. There was no sign of Skye. She heard a voice from round the corner by the main door to Bonnie and Frank’s. “Hey, round here Cat-lady!”

As she rounded the corner, Skye was standing with her head on the shoulder of a tall guy, who was grinning down at her. She was dressed as before – bikini top and sarong. “Brad, this is Cait. She’s kinda Irish like I’m kinda Scottish. Cait, this is Bradley – he’s from Miami, kind of a jock, kinda cool, and…” she slapped him on his wide chest. “…he’s kinda my fave fuck-buddy in London.”

Caitlin was in shock once more. “Oh, hi Brad.” She held out a hand and his big paw engulfed her own. He was surprisingly gentle.

And surprisingly gorgeous. He was a jock alright, with chiselled features, short dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He must have been six-two and he looked lean and muscular. She could have done without the baseball cap round the wrong way, but he was American after all.

All he said was, “Hey Cait!”

Skye slapped him again. “Man of few words – best kind!” Skye moved closer to Caitlin. “He’s all mine. Close your eyes!”

Caitlin did as she was bidden, wondering where this was going. There was a momentary pause.

“Ok, open ’em!”

Another guy, the same size and shape as Brad was now standing there smiling. Both early twenties, she thought. Similar features, but lovely green eyes and wavy, surfer type blonde hair and a short, stubbly beard.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32