Granddad at Play Ch. 04

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We, the residents, had all been offered an experimental implant and out of some fifty people ‘in residence’ something like half of us had agreed to be willing volunteers to test the effects and if my own experiences were anything to go by, we were all enjoying the effects thoroughly.

The implant was said to substantially enhance sexual enjoyment and activity in more elderly people – and it proved to work excellently well.

The one strange side-effect however was that the implant seemed to warp our sexual orientation so that normally heterosexual people tended to become homosexual or at least bisexual but because of the extra sexual enjoyment that we were all experiencing, no-one seemed to mind.

It seemed that the chemicals in the implant were adjusting more than just our bodies…

Whatever, once the slow-release chemicals had begun to take effect, an ever-growing band of newly eager sex lovers could be found, most of them enjoying some energetic debauchery with others of their same gender.


Bill, Bob and I walked together down the wide corridor, our steps confident and urgent. We’d had our evening meal and now, with the rest of the day being ours to enjoy there, was an air of expectant excitement about us somehow and Bob turned to me, his eyes aglitter.

“Are you looking forward to this?” he asked quietly, “I am – I’ve never had so much fun!”

“Nor me although thanks in part to your dad I’ve had some pretty wild times here already,” I admitted, “I wasn’t actually into this kind of stuff before this implant so this is all new to me, but it’s good though.”

“Yeah, Dad was the same as you,” agreed Bob, his head nodding, “But I was always much more open to anything – you know – the modern generation and more willing to explore I guess. Not only that I think I’ve been bisexual all my life.”

He paused as we reached Bill’s door, then, as Bill opened the door he spoke again.

“I’d been living away from home for some while, but once Dad came to live here we started to meet quite regularly,” said Bob, “And then suddenly we seemed to click and we actually became quite close.”

“What, you mean you started to have sex with one another, in other words?” I asked and Bob smiled and nodded willingly.

“Yeah, well Dad wasn’t entirely sure which way to turn, so we started to experiment,” he explained.

“That was because when I came here I met Joe,” said Bill, having overheard our conversation, “As you know, he’s gay and I wasn’t so I just didn’t really know what to do or how to do it.”

“But you do now, don’t you!” I said with a laugh.

“He sure does!” added Bob, “And what’s more, after he’d had his implant he was all over me. It was great!”

“I bet it was!” I said, imagining the two big cocks together, “And now you’re looking forward to enjoying me as well!”

“Damn right I am!” said Bob happily, “Can’t wait!”

A minute or two later and we were inside Bill’s unit being plied with cans of beer and then we were settling in his lounge, Bob and I side by side on the sofa and Bill in his armchair. We made small talk for a bit, unwinding and relaxing and emptying our drinks and then Bill stood up, soon leading the way to his bedroom, stripping off his shirt as he went. By the time Bob and I had our t-shirts off Bill was naked and was displaying his already generously enlarged penis and it wasn’t long after that that there were three stiff cocks on show.

I felt aroused and wicked and it was I who made the first move, kneeling down before Bob’s tasty looking cock, grasping it and pulling it eagerly into my mouth.

In seconds he’s stiffened up completely and as I let his knob fill my mouth I felt a pulse of precum ooze from him.

“Mmmmm, tasty!” I moaned as I sucked hard, hoping for more and Bob moaned too.

“Ahhh, yesss!” he groaned, his hips thrusting forward, “That’s perfect – you’re good, aren’t you?”

“Yeah apparently, Joe says I am,” I agreed as I pulled away from his penis briefly, “Do you want me to carry on?”

“Yeah of course, suck him off Chris,” added Bill as he stroked his own stiff penis, “I don’t think he’s cum today so I bet he’s fully loaded – suck one out of him and he’ll be nicely primed for later.”

“No I haven’t cum today,” said Bob, his cock surging urgently into my mouth, “This one won’t take long – hope you’re ready.”

I nodded slightly as I settled to my delicious task, letting Bob’s thick cock slide deeply into my mouth – almost into my throat – then working on his knob alone, while Bill stood beside us watching and gently massaging his erection. Every so often I’d be rewarded with another slippery taste of precum, often preceded by Bob thrusting his cock at me as spasms of lust drove him on. I kept sucking, now adding my fist around his lengthy shaft to encourage him to cum and whatever I was doing was clearly working.

Every few minutes he’d grunt or gasp and his body would shudder and shake as he grew closer and closer to his climax.

“Come kocaeli escort on Chris, make him cum!” said Bill eagerly, his hand now flying up and down his own penis as he watched, “Suck him hard!”

“Ohhh fuck, I’m almost there!” Bob finally cried, his words accompanied by another strong thrust and then his hand settled suddenly on my head.

“That’s it!” he exclaimed quickly, “Ahhh, like that – ohhh yesss, ohhh fuck!”

“Give it to him!” urged Bill as he stropped his huge penis beside us, “Fill him up Bob!”

“Going to; won’t be able to stop soon!” grunted Bob as his cock stiffened anew in my mouth, “Ahhhh – here it cums – here it cums!”

His fingers tightened on my head as his cock thrust strongly at me and then I felt the swelling pulsation inside his penis as his cum rose up his length, blasted from his tip and began to fill my mouth.

“Ohhh yesss!” he cried as his penis squirted his first load of hot urgent cum into me, “Ohhh, fuckin’ take it – take it all!”

I did my best, swallowing his first load quickly and then he was pumping more cum into my mouth so strongly and generously that it squirted from around his penis and my lips. I felt the warm juices sliding down my chin but there was plenty more to enjoy and I quickly swallowed again.

His spunk was warm, tasty, sticky and slippery all in one as it slid down into my belly and then finally I was left with a mouthful of quivering, slippery, velvet-soft cock and the last vestiges of his spunk.

My tongue quickly explored all the little corners of my mouth to extract the best from his tasty essence but sadly I found very little remaining to enjoy.

“That was really, really good!” I said happily as I lifted my head from his cock, “Terrific load Bob, thanks; loved it.”

“You were so good,” said Bob simply, “What an amazing mouth you have Chris.”

I shook my head because to me I was no expert at blow jobs, but Bill now joined in.

“Yeah, he is good; best we’ve got here I reckon!” he said as his own rampant penis appeared before me, “You’ve got me so fuckin’ excited now – come on, move over; let me make use of him too!”

Bob laughed and stepped aside and Bill moved to stand before me, his heavy cock looking huge from my viewpoint.

“Sure Dad,” said Bob, “He’s yours anyway!”

“No he’s not, he’s another resident here, just like me,” answered Bill curtly, “So you treat him well or I won’t let you visit again!”

I could tell that it was just good-natured banter that was taken as it was intended and we all chuckled happily before Bill stropped his erection firmly and aimed it at my mouth.

“Right, come on Chris,” he said, “Give me a lovely blow job like the one you just gave my son.”

I licked my lips eagerly, tasting the remnants of Bob’s juices as I did so and then I leaned forward, took hold of Bill’s lengthy penis and pulled him towards my mouth. Quickly Bill adjusted and a moment later I had some six inches of his cock buried inside my mouth and throat!

“Uhhggghhh!” I coughed as I quickly pushed his penis from my throat, “Careful – I wasn’t ready!”

“Sorry Chris, just a bit eager!” said Bill, “Let’s try again.”

I let him slide his cock into my mouth once more and Bill was obviously holding back now, treating my mouth with more respect, it seemed. I could feel his body quivering with suppressed eagerness and I knew that I could let his cock slide into my throat just so long as I was ready – and now I was.

I wrapped my fist around his shaft to control him, then leaned forward to let his penis slip deeper and deeper into my mouth and then into my throat. I felt the pressure as I opened up for him and a spasm as my gag reflex try to kick in but I managed to suppress it, just as my lips met my hand around his cock. Quickly I removed my hand and with a final lean forward I suddenly found that Bill’s wiry pubes were pressed against my nose and lips.

“Fuckin’ hell – you’ve taken it all!” Bill gasped excitedly, “No-one’s ever done that before!”

“He’s good, bloody good!” enthused Bob from beside us, “Now I think we can call him a proper cock-sucker!”

For a moment I felt repulsed by the honorary title and then found myself suddenly proud of my achievement and I pressed Bill’s cock even deeper into my throat, then, despite being able to draw some breath through my nose I found myself needing to breathe properly.

Slowly I slid his penis from my throat and mouth and after extracting what felt like feet of penile flesh, his penis emerged from my mouth, slippery, gleaming and very hard indeed.

“More?” I asked after a few deep pleasurable breaths, but Bill shook his head.

“No – it’s too much for me – too exciting!” he said, “I don’t want to cum down your throat – I want to feel myself filling your mouth. I love to feel all that cum swirling around my knob inside your mouth.”

“What – are you going to cum already?” I asked as I stroked his penis, sliding his slippery foreskin up and down, “That’s not like you!”

“Watching kocaeli escort bayan you and Bob really got me going!” Bill added, “It won’t take much and I’ve only cum once today so far!”

“Yeah, you did, didn’t you!” exclaimed Bob, “Really powerfully too! And it was lovely and tasty as well!”

“Come on then, my turn; fill me up!” I said as I pulled his penis towards my mouth again, “Let it go then!”

I quickly had a good mouthful of Bill’s eager cock again, using my lips and tongue together with my fist around his shaft to excite him as he thrust firmly into me. I could feel the way his cock quivered urgently; I could taste his copious precum; I could seemingly smell his arousal and I also knew that my own cock was rigid and equally in need of attention. I desperately wanted to rub my cock; to blast off too, but Bill was even more eager to cum and demanded my full attention.

“Going to – very soon!” gasped Bill, “Wish you weren’t so good – I’d last longer then!”

“Make him do it!” added Bob quickly from beside us, “I want to watch Dad cumming!”

I could see that he was fully erect again and was stroking his erection steadily as he watched, then he moved even closer.

“Get hold of it Dad,” he urged, “Rub my cock for me while you fuck his mouth!”

Bob thrust his cock forward and a moment later Bill’s hand was around his son’s rampant penis, rubbing it in time with his thrusts into my mouth.

I tasted and felt a big gush of precum and knew that Bill was very close now, so I redoubled my efforts, putting everything into making him explode and a few moments later I succeeded.

“Uhhhh – oh fuck!” gasped Bill urgently, “This is so sexy! Ahhh, here it cums!”

That was all the warning I received before his cock was spitting great wads of cum into me, pumping my cheeks full and overfilling my mouth until his cum was spilling down my chin. I felt a big splash of spilt cum land on my own cock and it was all I could do not to jerk myself off until I too exploded but somehow I resisted and concentrated on Bill’s cock and my mouth instead.

“Take him Chris!” urged Bob, “Suck it all out – swallow the lot!”

Bill grunted again as another big gusher of cum emptied from his cock just as I remembered to swallow, clearing away most of his cum. My tongue was busy now, swirling around his knob and as I did so Bill convulsed again and yet another blast of cum fired against the roof of my mouth, but that was his all and suddenly Bill was panting and relaxing and then Bob’s arm was around his waist to hold him steady and his cock was softening inside my mouth.

I let it slip from my slippery cum-smeared lips, then stretched my tongue out to wipe away a final blob of cum that was late to emerge and that last touch made Bill shudder all over.

“Oh fuck – what the hell was that?” he asked, his eyes boring into me, “I’ve never cum so bloody hard in my life – you’re amazing!”

“Nah, not me – I just sucked you,” I said as I swallowed the last of Bill’s spunk, “It’s your cock that was amazing.”

“No, it’s you Chris – you’ve got the most incredible mouth,” said Bob as he took hold of his dad’s penis and stroked it gently, “I know he cums hard but you really made him blast off – I could tell!”

“Don’t care who did what,” I added as I stood up, “That was damn good all round.”

With my fingers I gathered up whatever spunk had clung to my lips and chin and swallowed it, regretting immediately that there was no more cum to be had. There was only a small blob that oozed from Bill’s cock as Bob gently rubbed him and it was Bob who gathered it with his fingers and swallowed it avidly.

Bill seemed to still be in shock as Bob and I guided him to his chair and let him sit down, then handed him an opened can of lager.

“Get this down you Dad,” urged Bob, “I think he sucked you dry!”

We all relaxed for a little while until eventually Bill seemed to have stopped shaking and panting, by which time both Bob and I had deflated considerably and then we joined Bill with cans of lager until we’d had our fill.

“So, what’s next?” I asked, glancing down at our softened cocks, “Or was that it?”

My penis had indeed deflated but when I noticed the big splash of cum that adorned it I had no option but to grasp my penis, spreading the cum all over my knob and with that my cock rose once again into a solid erection.

“You’re joking!” said Bill, his eyes shining with eagerness; his mouth pulled into a huge smile, “Soon as I get this thing up again…”

“I’ll help,” said Bob as he got down on his knees between his father’s legs, “Then you can help me.”

“Sounds good,” said Bill as Bob took hold of his cock, “Ohhh yesss – that’s nice!”

Bob had almost immediately dropped his head down and had engulfed most of Bill’s penis and there was a peaceful pause now as Bob worked on his cock, soon making it stand up again.

“There you are Dad,” said Bob after a minute or two, “All ready for use – but first you can do it for me too.”

Bob izmit escort climbed back into his chair and I couldn’t help but see that his penis was now as stiff as his father’s and obviously Bill noticed too.

“Huh, you’re already up and hard,” he said as he reached over and stropped his son’s stiff cock.

“Yeah, but I want to feel you sucking me!” urged Bob and at that Bill smiled and soon he was between his son’s thighs.

“Just a quick suck then – I’m not sucking you off,” said Bill, “Not this time anyway.”

With that he bent down and inhaled at least half of Bob’s lengthy stiff hard-on, causing Bob to gasp with pleasure.

“Ohhh fuck Dad, that’s lovely!” he moaned happily, “Keep doing that, ohhh, yesss, don’t stop, please!”

But Bill had other ideas and soon lifted away from his penis, leaving it standing there, stiff, glistening with his saliva and glowing with energy.

“Come on,” said Bill, “Let’s put these things to good use – who want’s what where first?”

“Let’s show Chris how well we get on!” said Bob, “Let me feel you inside me.”

“Sounds good,” said Bill as we all rose and headed to his bedroom, “There’s lube on the side over there.”

Very quickly Bob was on the double bed settling on his hands and knees, wiping gel around and into his arsehole and then Bill climbed up behind him and quickly lined his cock up with Bob’s hole.

“Slow first of all?” asked Bill and Bob nodded carefully.

“I’m all out of practice,” said Bob, “It’s been several days since you last stuffed my hole.”

“What – you haven’t been fucked since then?” asked Bill, “Better use a bit more lube then.”

A thought came over me as Bill squeezed some gel over his penis and began to spread it around.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be sensible if I got in there first,” I suggested, waving my hard cock in their direction, “I’m smaller than you Bill.”

“Hah – not by a lot!” said Bill, “You’ve grown – I reckon yours is almost as big as Bob’s is now – that implant certainly seems to be working well on you!”

Now that I thought about it I realised that he was right. Oh, my cock still was smaller than Bill’s ginormous instrument but it was definitely a fair bit bigger than it used to be but somehow I’d hardly noticed the extra growth, apart from when I’d mentioned it to Judy and Sheila.

I held out and examined my stiff penis and tried to compare it to Bob’s but I soon found my interest changing as Bill’s cock pressed into his son’s arsehole, making Bob moan loudly.

“Bloody hell Dad, you’re a big bastard!” he exclaimed through gritted teeth, “Careful, careful – ahhhh, that’s better, ohhh you’re in now.”

“Definitely in, well in,” said Bill and I could see that his knob had disappeared from sight and a few moments later there was considerably less to be seen.

“That’s nice!” breathed Bill as he began to stroke his cock in and out steadily, “Good and tight, nice and hot too!”

“You’re totally hard aren’t you Dad?” said Bob as his quivering body let his father’s big penis penetrate deeply into his body, “Hard and horny and huge!”

Their conversation degenerated into a series of gasps and grunts as they fucked together with the bed moving slowly to the motion of Bill’s thrusts and with my own body seeming to keep in time as I stropped my rigid penis. On and on they fucked until eventually Bill grunted loudly and froze.

“Ahhh, I can feel it coming up,” he said as he now started to stroke his cock in and out faster, “You’re getting me going – won’t be long now!”

“When you’re ready Dad, fill me up!” gasped Bob as Bill’s thrusts became faster and harder, “Please Dad, do it – fuck me – fill me!”

“Yeah, yeah, oh fuck yeah!” gasped Bill, “Here it cums – here it cums!”

His hips almost became a blur of action as he pummelled his son’s arsehole with his urgent cock while his hands were around his son’s hips, pulling their bodies together almost violently as things came to a climax.

“Uhhhhh, yeahhhh, cummming!” cried Bill as his thighs slammed against his son’s arse one final time, “Yessss, yesssss, yesssss!”

I actually saw a sudden spurt of cum as it squeezed out and escaped past Bill’s shaft, cum that was soon turned to froth as Bill continued to throw his penis into his son until his climax was finished and his balls were empty.

“Ohhh fuck!” he panted as he leaned over his son, his chest hauling in huge breaths of fresh air, “Oh, that was a goody!”

“Damn well was, wasn’t it!” agreed Bob as he looked back over his shoulder, “You certainly know how to fuck Dad!”

The laughed together and then used the towels that I handed to them, with Bill slowly easing his cock from Bob’s battered hole. A gush of cum bubbled from his arsehole, causing Bill to laugh again.

“See, he’s full right up!” he said to me, “Fuck, after that I need a bit of a rest I think.”

He climbed off the bed while Bob continued to clean himself and then we all spread around on the big double bed, relaxing and replete…or at least they were. On the other hand my cock was still extremely hard and simply refused to go down and I knew that I too needed some action.

Bob reached over and took hold of my cock, stroking it gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32