Grandpa and the Nanny Ch. 02

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Just another day in the life of Norm. Now that his Mary was so distracted with work, Lucy was his main sexual release. But with the preparations for her moving in and a busy time at work, Norm didn’t have time for his favorite mistress.

Somehow, this fat, middle-aged balding man had the incredible ability to lock down the hottest women in town. Besides Lucy, he had 3 other girls around town he’d take out for dates, and, more often than not, fuck them senseless. But Lucy was his favorite; no one had a body quite like Lucy.

With Mary still asleep and Walt still down in his suite, Norm had the house to himself before heading to work, and decided to relieve a little stress. It had been two days since Lucy came by for her interview, and how his father had ended that exchange had left him both nervous and excited. The thought of Lucy being a perfect little house whore appealed to him on a strange, carnal level. But pangs of jealousy accompanied the thought of her calling it off with Norm to be with Walt.

Just thinking about Lucy fucking someone was enough to get him hard though. Heading downstairs, he snuck into his office to try and relieve his hardon. Turning on the computer and opening his favourite porn site, he jumped right in. Cock in hand, he pumped furiously, eyes glued to the huge tits of Hitomi Tanaka, his favorite porn star, as she was gangbanged on screen. He fantasized about gangbanging his Lucy like that, watching a hoard of men fuck her pussy one after another, streams of cum running across her body.

He was about to come when an instant messaging window popped up

“Hi Norm, sorry to message so early,” he knew instantly it was the secretary of the client he was scheduled to meet. She had been messaging him at the worst times all week. What the hell did she want so early? Looking at the time, it still wasn’t even 6 AM yet.

He hadn’t met her yet, but the name “Christine” and her formal internet etiquette had him envisioning a matronly woman messaging him.

“I just wanted to let you know everything is worked out for your trip today. The plane takes off at 7:30 just like we talked about; I’ll see you at the office here in the afternoon.”

Norm panicked. He remembered her saying the flight was at 9:30. He flew into a rush to finish packing, forgetting to even reply to Christine before leaving.

The cab ride over and his sprint through the airport was barely a blur. Panicked to make this important meeting, Norm made it the plane just as they were closing the gate. Sighing a breath of relief as he sat down, Norm was surprised how empty the plane was. A small group of vacationing seniors sitting near the front, and a few random business people spread throughout the rest of the seats.

As the plane prepared to take-off, Norm was suddenly very glad he made the flight when the stewardess began her demonstration of the seatbelt. Looking like she was in her mid 30’s or so, this stewardess had curves in all the right places.

Her tight uniform was almost scandalous on those curves. Every inch of skin was covered, but Norm was still ogling her monster tits, threatening to pop the buttons on her blouse at any instant. Mirroring her (at least) f-cup tits was an ass that you could rest a drink on. This woman’s curves were everything to Norm in that moment, as he watched her raise her arms with the seat belt strap to demonstrate how it was done, with every man on the plane sure to be staring at only one thing (well, two big things).

The flight was only to be a few hours long, so Norm settled in after takeoff. After a while, he dozed off, drifting into a half-awake daydream about Lucy and her expert blowjob. Barely awake, he felt himself get a little stiff at the thought of Lucy’s tits. Reaching down to adjust himself, Norm jolted awake when he felt a hand that wasn’t his own.

Looking to his right, he saw the stewardess was leaning over him, seemingly fastening his seatbelt. She stood up and apologized, explaining that they had hit turbulence and needed their seat belts, and quickly hurried down the aisle, seemingly embarrassed.

Norm adjusted his seatbelt, but was surprised to see that his jeans fly was slightly open. Was that from his hardon? Did the stewardess see that? He realized that it would have been hard for her to miss the fact that he was packing wood while she tried to adjust his belt. Flattered, and definitely looking at her twice now, Norm settled in, despite the seatbelts in his row not latching properly.

The turbulence wasn’t terrible, but Norm was bouncing around a bit with his open seat belt. As the stewardess came by again, now sheepishly trying to avoid eye contact with Norm, he brought it up to her, while trying to avoid taking glimpses of her bosom bouncing around inside her tight blouse.

“Sorry miss – I’m still having trouble with my seat belt. Would I be able to move seats to another row?” She beamed a bright smile, and Norm suddenly realized how stunningly beautiful she was. Not the model’s pout he found in his wife, but a soft, gentle, naturally beautiful face; şişli escort her blonde hair done in a tight bun, her gentle eyes, her pillowy lips. If Norm wasn’t already married, he would have proposed to this angel on the spot!

He gathered his things and followed her to another row at the back of the plane. Why at the back? He thought. But the plane was empty, so he’d have a lot of space to himself. Walking behind her down the aisle, his eyes couldn’t leave her ass. She looked like that Russian model, Anna Semenovich, with curves that could drop a man to his knees.

As she tidied up the last row for Norm, he outright stared at her round ass as she bent over in front of him to pick up a few loose ends. When the plane lurched from the turbulence, she tripped and fell onto the seats (which fortunately had their arm rests up!), laying on her back, and a second one threw Norm on top of her, landing face-first onto her breasts.

He couldn’t figure out how long he was laying like that. Her soft pillows up against his face, with his definite hard-on pressed against her leg. He looked up at her face, and a soft smile on her lips made him feel like she didn’t mind. The look lingered for a few seconds too long, and they both realized it, awkwardly standing up and apologizing profusely to one another.

They tried to navigate around each other in the tight aisle, so that Norm could slide into his seat, but another bump from the turbulence sent them both bouncing again. Norm landed with a heavy thud in his seat, with the stewardess losing her balance again and landing her sweet ass right on Norm’s lap.

He caught her to stop her from falling back, and with his arm around her back, each staring into the others eyes, it took only a second before their lips made meet. The anonymous stewardess was as passionate in that moment as Norm, holding his head in close to hers as her pillowy lips stained his with her cherry red lipstick.

Norm pulled away for a second, and the stewardess gave his lips a light lick before she pulled back to dreamily stare in his eyes. Norm was entranced with her, and he looked over the sexy body sitting on his lap with a hunger in his eyes. He hadn’t fucked Lucy or his wife in a week, and he needed some release.

Norm reached for the stewardess’ tits; the tight blouse the airline provided definitely wasn’t intended for someone of her generosity, as her tight black blue and the buttons of her blouse threatened to burst at any moment. Pushing his face back into her tits, Norm attempted to motorboat her melons through her shirt, making the stewardess stifle a giggle. She always loved the way older guys fell for her tits. It’s like they’d been waiting for a rack like that their whole lives.

Face still buried in her tits, Norm felt her name tag as he grabbed a handful of her tits; “Miranda”.

“You’re a fucking goddess, Miranda.” Norm said before jamming his tongue into her mouth again.

Luckily there wasn’t anyone nearby in the plane, since they were starting to lose control. Heavy breathing and holding each other tight had them both horny as all hell, Miranda had been around the plane a few times in her day, and knew what to do next. Luckily, these emergency escape rows have a lot of leg room, so she could fit in at his feet comfortably, while still hiding her from peering eyes.

Sliding down Norm’s lap and landing on her knees between his thighs, Miranda began nuzzling her face against his cock. Rubbing his thighs with her hands, her mouth explored his trousers, leaving lipstick stains on his pants where she rubbed her lips against his hidden treasure.

Opening his fly quietly to not attract the attention of anyone else, Miranda seemed very excited to have him in her mouth. His cock was pretty average, and she took the whole length between her warm lips after admiring it for a moment. She wasn’t here to tease anymore; her head furiously bobbing up and down his shaft, using her tiny hands to massage him with in unison with each stroke of her mouth. Pulling her mouth off for a moment, Miranda jerked him off, spitting on his erection to lube it up.

“Just keep an eye out for anyone else, ok?” she asked with a wink before diving back in.

Miranda sucked him off faster than he’d ever been blown before; her lips slid over the skin of his flute with ease, playing the siren song Norm loved to hear. Looking down, he was in love in that moment. Her perfect blonde hair tied in a tight bun, her thick, soft lips making an ‘o’ with his cock between them. She was gorgeous. Not about to stop her, Norm put one hand on the back of her head and began pushing her deeper and deeper onto his cock.

Fully deep-throating his cock now, Norm could feel the end coming; leaning his head back and closing his eyes, he reached down to grab her tits as she finished the job. Sitting up for easier access to her tits, Miranda jerked off Norm now, so fast her hand was a blur, as Norm groped and fondled her tits.

Without even thinking of it, Norm grabbed Miranda’s blouse and ripped it open, a couple buttons mecidiyeköy escort flying off, revealing a tight black bra, and breasts looking like they’d been wanting free from that shirt all day. Miranda laughed and kept jerking Norm. Her bouncing tits was the last straw. Norm leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and felt the warm spray leave his cock.

Miranda was ready at first, with the first glob of thick, white cum hitting the bottom of her chin. Soon, her mouth was over him again, trying to swallow every rope of semen, to hide their indiscretions. She did her best, but Norm was holding this in for a week; she pulled back when she couldn’t swallow any more, with a few strands of jizz still shooting, landing on her face and bare chest.

Norm let out a big groan just as the last huge burst of cum shot straight in the air and landed on Miranda’s perfect blonde hair.

And that when they heard a voice clear its’ throat from the aisle beside them. Both with wide eyed panic, Miranda having cum still dripping off her chin, they turned to find an elderly couple, with the wife looking *very* cross.

“This is a public space, you two! You’re right next to the bathroom! Outrageous!” She huffed off while Miranda and Norm blushed with embarrassment. Before following his wife, the elderly man paused for a moment, looked over Miranda, gazing at her huge tits, then winked at the flight attendant and gave Norm a thumbs up, before slinking away.

They cleaned up, although Norm took a picture first of his sexiest stewardess still dripping with cum, cupping her huge, bra-clad tits, propping up her cleavage for the photo.

“To remember you by…” he said.

“Here…” she grabbed a pen and piece of paper from her pocket and wrote down her phone number, “No need to remember me then.” She smiled a warm, sexy smile, and they kissed again.

Norm wondered how many times she had done this, since Miranda was back on her feet in no time, blouse buttoned (with the buttons left), her face cleaned from cum, looking like the perfect flight attendant she was.

As the plane landed, Norm was happy. He got a blowjob from a stunner on an airplane, and the worst that happened was a disapproving stare from one old thing. As he left the plane, passing by the stewardesses, he winked at Miranda who blew him a little kiss before pinching his ass as he walked by.

“Call me when you get home…” she whispered. Norm most definitely would be doing that.

Upon arriving at the scheduled meeting, Norm was back to the grind. He negotiated a deal with a new client that both parties were happy with. To celebrate, the client buzzed in to Christine, the secretary Norm had spoken to on the phone, to bring them some champagne.

In walked a stunner like Norm had never seen. Tall and thin, she could have been a runway model. But her cute face and bright blonde hair made her look like the girl next door every American knew and wanted. Not much in the chest department, Norm thought to himself, but the girl must have worked out, since her ass was incredible and tight. She was wearing modest clothes, with a blue blouse and a tight knee-length skirt, which Norm imagined running his hands under, feeling her firm thighs…

“This is my daughter, Christine!” the client announced. Norm immediately stopped thinking about her thighs. Why he’d use his own daughter as a secretary, Norm had no idea, but he now tried his best not to stare at this beauty. The meeting wrapped up normally, although Norm could have sworn Christine was making eyes at him the whole time.

As they were leaving, Norm shook hands with everyone, including Christine, who seemed really perky and friendly as he was leaving. Making his way past the cute receptionist, Norm felt odd that he had misread Christine so much. But maybe it was the rampant hooking up with every sexy thing, he thought to himself.

The next morning, as Norm was on his way to the airport to leave, a new text chimed in on his phone. Seeing an unfamiliar number, he was perplexed by the message:

“Have a great flight, sexy ;)” which was followed quickly with “Text me first next time you’re in town”. After a long wait of Norm trying to desperately figure out if this was his wife playing a game or one of his mistresses doing the same, he texted back.

“Who is this?” A long silence followed that text, as his cab bounced around on the way to the airport. 5 minutes, then 10 passed by without a response, so Norm ignored it and went on with his day.

Just after he sat down, he heard his phone beep again. The flight had already been asked to turn off their phones, but Norm thought he’d check the message before switching it off. His jaw dropped at the picture attached to the text; a tall, lithe, fit blonde beauty with her professional blouse open, giving a peek at her braless chest.

It took a moment, but Norm clicked that he was looking at his client’s gorgeous daughter Christine. She was biting her lip in the picture, pulling the shirt open to show off her incredibly tight body.

“Waiting şişli escort bayan to show you more…” the text attached to the picture read. Just then the stewardess came by, asking Norm to shut off his phone. Awkwardly obliging, trying to hide the semi-nude blonde on his phone, Norm shut it off and began to fantasize, before drifting off.

He woke up just before the flight landed, nearly forgetting about Christine. But the second he turned on his phone again, a slew of texts came in. Some with pictures, some without.

“Don’t you like?” The first read, followed by a picture of her panties, then a list of more texts asking why he wasn’t replying.

Immediately in damage control mode, Norm apologized and told her how sexy she was, but that it was inappropriate to text him these pictures. ‘I already have enough trouble right now without sexting my clients’ daughter’, he thought to himself.

She sent another photo of her with a pouting look on her face, with her blouse completely open to reveal her perky white tits. Norm couldn’t take his eyes off of the picture the whole cab ride. He couldn’t help but make plans to meet up with her; texting and sexting until he got home, Norm was glad Lucy had already moved in, since he needed to fuck someone immediately.

After a slew of increasingly provocative pictures, Norm and Christine made plans for her to come visit him the following weekend, telling her dad she was visiting a friend from college.

“Next weekend, you get this…” was the last text she sent, with two pictures attached. The first was her holding a large cucumber in her hand. The next picture was of her deep-throating two thirds of the vegetable. Norm responded with a comment about her eating his cucumber, and began counting the minutes before she came to town.

As the cab pulled up to his house, he noticed a familiar-looking car parked at the end of the driveway. The cab pulled up behind it, and Norm got out. Noticing someone standing at the door, he suddenly was aware that his little conversation with Christine had him sporting a half-chub, so he used his luggage to hide his fading excitement.

But his woody wasn’t over yet; as he got closer to the woman at his front door, he nearly blew a load in his pants.

Like a vision from above sent to him, a short, fit goddess was standing on his front porch looking frustrated into her cellphone.

“Can I help you..?” He asked, entranced as she looked up to him, seemingly in slow motion.

“Oh! You’re Jack’s dad, right? It’s me, Aki!” Norm’s jaw dropped at the name. Aki was his son’s girlfriend in college, who Jack (his son) dumped her for her younger, bustier step-sister three years back.

However, Aki had grown considerably since she was 20. Norm always had a soft spot for Aki; maybe it was his infatuation with Japanese women, but her soft smile and adorable face always made her seem endearing, and her perfectly tight ass and miniscule waist helped.

But now – now she looked like she could be a porn star. With tits nearly as big as Hitomi Tanaka’s, Norm couldn’t even imagine how big her bra must have been. She was wearing what looked like her old private school uniform, complete with pigtails and knee-high socks. The tight white shirt was bursting at the buttons from her tits, with her tiny waist on display with the shirt tied beneath her tits to show off her tight stomach. Her red plaid skirt was rolled halfway up her toned thighs, teasing anyone to pass by with the smooth skin of her legs between the knee-high socks and short hemline of her skirt. All Norm could think about was how stupid Jack was for dumping this goddess.

After a surprisingly long moment of silent ogling, Norm cleared his throat and composed himself, eliciting a giggle from Aki.

“I guess you’re looking for Jack?” Norm asked, trying to subtly glance at her tight shirt.

“Yeah, he’s not home, nobody’s answering the door,” Aki replied.

Aki knew the effect she had on men, and wanted to take it out on Jack by refusing him in person after he broke her heart. She figured her old schoolgirl uniform would do the trick, and it certainly was working on Jack’s old man. She caught Norm glancing at her chest, and locked eyes with him for a moment. She felt something funny and smiled at the old guy, but their gaze was broken by a loud honk from the car parked at the end of the driveway.

“Is that Mr. Jack’s Dad??” Norm recognized Miko’s voice, and the nickname she always used for him back when she was dating his son. At first it bothered him she couldn’t remember his name, but slowly it grew on him.

He was shocked to turn and see her again as she bounded up the driveway, jumping up for a hug when she got to him. Norm hoped she didn’t feel the growing excitement tenting his trousers, but was happy to have her massive tits pressed to his chest. Miko looked like the kind of girl who knew exactly how sexy she was, and spent her life at the gym trying to improve upon nature. Her giant tits were countered by a large, firm booty, likely the product of all those deadlifts she does at the gym. While Aki was petite with massive tits, her step-sister had the hips and legs of a curvy, well-toned bod. Though she must have only been on the edge of 20, she could have had any man on the planet she wanted.

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