Grecian Fantasies Fulfilled

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I live to travel, and like nothing more than immersing myself into a new exotic locale. The change of scenery gives me the opportunity to experiment outside the box, and try something I might not usually do. At home I might be a modest dresser, with a demure, reserved demeanor, but on vacation I’m free to be whatever I feel like. No consequences, no regrets.

I had been really excited about this particular vacation; two weeks on the Greek Island of Spetses in the Mediterranean. It was quite a large island, with lots of fabulous beaches, exhilarating scenery straight out of my favorite travel magazine, and gorgeous little cobble-stoned streets all around the towns. Lots of great restaurants and night life to amuse a single girl too.

The first few days went by in a whirl as I indulged in the local cuisine, shopped till I dropped, and lay on the beach. It was a bit strange on the beaches at first as most of the women sunbathe topless. It’s a bit disconcerting to look out on hundreds of pairs of bare breasts when you’re not using to seeing any back home. It made me feel risqué and naughty to look, and I masturbated quite a bit those first few days in the privacy of my room.

By the forth day I wanted to venture out further, and so took a boat round to the other side of the island. The boat captain had sold me on taking the trip by showing me a picture of a beautiful pebbled beach that was far more secluded than the town beach I had been frequenting. I was not disappointed as the boat came into the dock. The beach was surrounded by towering cliffs and a forest instead of a busy street and traffic noise. There were pairs of sun lounges and umbrellas set up so you didn’t have to lie on the stones, and it looked perfect. The crowd on the beach was younger and better looking too, no large nanas watching their grandkids.

I walked up the beach and chose a sun lounge, laying out my towel and a book to read. I wasn’t there long before a woman approached me.

“Excuse me, is anyone else using the other sun lounge under this umbrella? If not I was thinking we could split the cost of the rental”.

“Sure,” I said. “I don’t mind. My name’s Charlotte, Char for short.”

“Thanks, Char. I’m Anna. Is this your first time at this beach?”

“Yes. I love it, much better than the town beach!”

“I agree”, she said.

Anna busied herself arranging her belongings and settled in next to me. She was tall like I am, and had a curvy, buxom body also. She was wearing a red string bikini comprised of small triangles of cloth, barely covering beyond the edges of her nipples. The triangle over her pussy was so tight it had creased up inside her lips. It made my own black tankini seem matronly by comparison.

Once şişli bayan escort she was settled, she reached up behind her neck and untied the strings, whipping off her top. Her tits sprang forth, and bounced up and down a bit.

“At least a C cup,” I thought, “but mine are bigger.”

I have natural D cup breasts that I am quite proud of. They’re my favorite body part, and I have to admit that I like knowing that my tits are usually bigger than anyone else’s in the room. I looked around the beach. There were only a handful of other women still wearing tops.

“What the hell,” I thought and pulled off my top too.

It felt so delicious to have the sea breeze running over my bare boobs, like a gentle lover’s caress. I looked down at my tits with satisfaction. My pink nipples had hardened with the wind, and the knowledge that I was half naked in public. Anna glanced over, and seemed to nod slightly in approval at what she saw. Her nipples were also hard, despite the warm sun.

A little while later Anna jumped up saying, “I’m hot. I’m going for a dip, want to join me?”

“OK,” I said, reaching for my top, but she had already starting wandering towards the water without hers.

“Topless swimming it is then,” I thought. “I am on vacation, I suppose.”

I jogged a few steps to catch up with her, and relished the feeling of my tits bouncing. I few men looked over appreciatively as we walked past, and I felt hot and sexy. I swung my hips more than usual, and put a little spring in my step so my tits would keep bouncing. I stepped into the cold water and felt completely free and relaxed. As we waded out waist deep, Anna splashed me, and the cold water hit my tits like an electric shock. My nipples were as hard as the pebbles on the beach, and looked amazing. I splashed her back, and we giggled and screamed. Eventually we settled down, and floated on our backs, our tits standing up above the water line.

“This is my first time going topless, you know” I said. “It’s always been a fantasy of mine to expose myself in public, but I probably wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t sat next to me.”

“No way,” Anna replied. “It’s my first time too! I thought I would stand out more if I DIDN”T go topless on this beach.”

We burst into a fit of giggles, and looked in admiration at each other’s exposed tits. “Very nice tits,” we both agreed. We sat up in the water, and brushed our hard nipples together. “Very nice tits indeed!” We sank back into the water, giggling like silly school girls again.

“So what other fantasies do you have, Char?” Anna asked. “Maybe we can make some other ones come true too!” She laughed and squeezed her tits together.

I thought for a minute. “I’m şişli escort taking my bottoms off,” I said. If I’m going to swim topless, I may as well swim naked.”

I stood up and slipped off my bikini bottoms, holding them up in triumph. The cool water running over my unrestrained pussy lips felt heavenly. I turned my back to Anna and looked cheekily over my shoulder, shaking my round ass at her, daring her to follow my lead. She grinned and slowly stood up, pulling off her bottoms too. Her shaved pussy peeped out over the top of the water. I felt my own pussy grow tight. A thought popped into my head, and I glanced at Anna’s face. She seemed relaxed, and appeared to be enjoying our collective nudity.

“You’ll probably never have another chance like this one, go for it!” I thought.

“You know, Anna. There is another fantasy that I’ve had for a long time. I don’t know if you’d be up for it, and if you’re not it’s totally ok. It’s just that…well, you asked… and so…I’m going to tell you.”

Anna looked at me, with a cheeky smile on her face. “Tell me Char, whatever it is I won’t be offended.”

“OK. Um, well, my favorite thing in the world is when a guy eats my pussy. I love the feeling of his tongue on my clit, and my soft pussy lips. Frankly, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to lick a girl’s pussy myself. I have this theory that I can do it better than any man ever could, because I know what it feels like, and I know the best techniques that please me.” I hesitated. “What do you think?”

Anna paused, and kind of nodded her head from side to side. It was obvious she was mulling over my proposal. Suddenly she grinned.

“OK”, she said. “Where do you want me?” She licked her lips seductively, and giggled again, squeezing her tits some more. “We could walk up into the forest a ways, no one would see us there.”

Even if Anna had agreed to let me lick her pussy I had not expected her to want me to do it outside, in public. I blushed a little at the thought. “Well, that sounds like a plan, I guess”.

We waded back to the beach, and walked back to the sun lounges, completely naked this time. I began to get excited. I was actually going to lick a girl’s pussy, have my hot tongue run over her velvet pussy lips. We gathered our things, and wrapped towels around us, setting off up the gentle slope into the forest. After about 5 minutes of walking we had a good distance between us and beach, and there was no one reason that anyone else should walk that way. There was no path to lead them to our spot.

I took of my towel and laid it down for Anna. She folded her own up as a pillow, and then laid back supporting herself on her elbows.

“I’m going to watch” she said in a mecidiyeköy escort lusty, breathy voice. “I want to see the expression in your eyes as you taste my pussy.”

Anna’s face was flushed and excited in anticipation of my tongue. Her legs were spread wide, and her knees bent, giving my a perfect view of her firm, completely bare, pussy lips, as perfect as any Beverly Hills “designer vagina”. I licked my lips and positioned myself between her legs. Her pussy was already wet and slick with juices, and I could smell the sea salt, like the rim of a margarita glass.

I exhaled hot breath onto her skin, and she shivered. I ran my tongue along the outside creases of her groin, up and down each hip bone. I placed soft kisses along the length of her crease, from her clit down to her anus. Her face glowed with obvious pleasure. At last, I ran my tongue slowly up her perfect pussy. I licked her outer lips, and then slowly continued licking, parting her inner lips more and more with each stroke.

Her pussy didn’t really have much of a taste. I’ve tasted my own pussy juices plenty of times, sucking them off my fingers after a session of self pleasure. I had been curious to see what another woman would taste like, and Anna’s slightly salty taste from the sea water was like a delicate oyster on my lips. I began to lick her harder, flicking my tongue over her clit, and dragging the whole velvet pad over her entire pussy.

Anna gasped and moaned, wriggling her hips. She panted with pleasure, and mimicked my motions with her own tongue, as she watched my efforts. Her fingertips tweaked her nipples, and squeezed her tits.

“Oooh, mmmm, yes Char! Lick my hot, wet pussy! Oooh, you’re so good. I can’t believe you’ve never done this before! Best tongue fuck I ever had! Keep going baby!”

I focused my tongue strokes on her hard, swollen clit, and inserted my fingers into her pussy. She jumped as I fucked her with my fingers, and started rocking her hips in time with my rhythm. My thumb caressed her anus, circling around the tight hole, and she writhed in ecstasy. Her movements became uncontrollable, and she finally screamed as her pussy juices burst over my lips. I held her hips down, and continued to lick her clit until she finally pushed my away with her feet.

I sat back on my heels and frantically rubbed my own clit until I came, my tits bouncing with every stroke. Anna sat up and watched every thrust of my fingers, slowly rubbing her own pussy as she watched me cum. As the pleasure slowly ebbed from my body, I lay down next to Anna, elated at what I had just done. My pussy twitched, and I caressed my hard nipples, prolonging the sensations. Anna broke into my day dreaming.

“Mmmm, Char. You were so good. I think you definitely proved your theory that no one licks pussy like another woman! I think I might have to return the favor.”

I giggled as I spread my legs. I’m going to have to come up with some new fantasies for my next trip.

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