Halloween Transformation Ch. 3

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I need no urging, and I feel a thrill slipping into my sexy leather dress and feeling it mold to my jutting boobs as Barbie zips it up for me from behind. I then thrill to the feel of my long leather boots sliding up and hugging my smooth stocking clad legs.

Barbie then asks me to help her slide on her own outfit, and it is a real turn on to help her slip into her skin tight leather pants, vest and boots, which effectively conceal her ultra sexy leather dominatrix corset. Barbie pulls her hair back under her leather cap, which when combined with her outfit, gives her the look of a real “butch” lesbian. As her partner, I can only imagine that people will think that I am also a lesbian!

Just as we finish with Barbie’s outfit, we hear a knock at the door. Barbie tells me to answer it and to welcome our guests. As I go to answer the door, I am filled with excitement and a little trepidation. Now, for the first time, I am completely dressed up, and acting out my role as “Jennifer”, Barbie’s love slave. I know that both Jessica and John know that I’m really a man, and yet they still want me (I can hardly wait!), but will I be able to pass as a “girl” all night, and if not, what will other people think?

Opening the door, I find sexy Jessica, who is dressed in the hottest black leather minidress, with matching thigh high black boots, and a black studded choker collar, just like mine! “You look gorgeous, Jennifer!” she gushes, her eyes feasting on me so openly that my cock immediately becomes hard and outlines itself against the tight confines of my panties and leather dress.

Turning to her boyfriend, she says “Didn’t I tell you, Jake? Doesn’t Jennifer look like one of the sexiest girls you’ve ever seen”?

I blush at her words, and at the stare they have provoked from her hunky boyfriend, at the sight of whom I become totally flustered. He is also dressed in skintight black leather pants, which hug his long strong legs and tight round buns. But above, he’s completely bare, except for a studded leather choker. He’s so gorgeous! He has a tanned and muscular chest and small and erect nipples that I would love to suck and nibble on! What am I thinking?! I’ve never had thoughts of being with a guy before and now the sight of a beautiful guys chest makes me want to suck his nipples! Amazing! But I feel so transformed in my new persona as Jennifer, that it seems so natural to be attracted to this gorgeous man!

As all of these thoughts are going through my head, I catch a sudden sense of silence, as everyone stares at me feasting my eyes on gorgeous Jake! Jake, smiles at me then and taking my hand introduces himself. The touch of his strong hand makes me almost squirm on the spot! Flustered, my face blushing deeply, I nervously smooth my leather dress and then invite them to come in and sit down.

As we sit down, Barbie sits next to me and reaches over and begins to fondle my hard cock through the front of my dress! I don’t know what to do I’m so mortified, but I am also incredibly turned on at the feel of her hand on my hard cock through the silk of my panties and leather of my dress. Her doing it openly in the presence of this sexy girl and her handsome hunk of a boyfriend is also a powerful turn on. Turning to Jessica she says with a wicked smile, “I think we can talk openly. Do you see how far Jennifer has come? Just this morning he tried on his first pair of panties and now look! He’s become such a girl that giresun escort he’s lusting after your boyfriend!”

I feel like I will die of shame, but Jake comes to my rescue by saying, “You know Jessica, when you told me about Jennifer I was a bit jealous. I know you like to be with other girls, but you’ve never been with another guy since we’ve been together. But you’re right, Jennifer looks like such a sexy girl, that I can see why he turns you on and I would never have known if you hadn’t told me…, and (looking me in the eyes with a smile) if you didn’t have that extra bulge down there”… And with that his eyes trail down to gaze for a moment on my erect cock, which now that Barbie has taken her hand away, has formed a tent like bulge in the hem of my dress!

“There’s something else you should know”, Barbie says, as her hand once again reaches out and begins fondling my hardness, so that I can’t help squirming on the leather cushion of her sofa. “Jennifer has entered into a contract as my love slave. He has agreed to perform any sexual act with anyone I tell him to, and I propose that tonight, I share the role of his mistress with you, Jessica. Together we can complete his transformation into “Jennifer”, by having him serve Jake, and of course us as our submissive pantyslave all night”. “That is of course, if you are willing Jake?”

We all turn to look at the gorgeous hunk for his response. Jake responds immediately with his eyes locked to mine and a smile on his lips, ” I’ve never been with another guy before, but I don’t think of “Jennifer” as a guy. He makes such a sexy and hot looking girl, that I would love to go to bed with him”.

Oh, what a relief! I continue to blush, while at the same time smiling at Jake. I want him so badly!

“Now that we have everything cleared up, let’s switch places. Jessica, you come over to me, I can’t wait to get inside your panties, and Jennifer, you go over to Jake, I know that you can’t wait to get inside those tight leather pants of his”, Barbie says. As Jessica and I get up to trade places, she leans over and whispers in my ear, “Jake has a really huge cock! You’re going to love it!”. I am so shocked, I don’t know how to respond, but I go eagerly to Jake, who is standing waiting for me. He spreads his muscular arms as I approach and wraps them around me, pulling me against his hard bare chest, so that my “boobs” which are jutting against the tight leather of my dress, press against him. His strong hands encircle me and fondle my leather-encased buns. I let my own hands fondle his hard leather clad buns also and am thrilled to feel that huge and hard bulge of his cock outlined against the tight leather of his pants, and rubbing against my own cock!

Ooohhh, what a turn on! This morning I woke up a man, comfortable with my identity, and now in my new feminine identity as “Jennifer”, I feel so incredibly sexy and alive in this gorgeous hunk’s arms! Looking over at Jessica and Barbie, I note that they are already kissing each other passionately, their glossy lips locked together and their hands fondling each other’s boobs!

Jake lowers his handsome face close, as he looks me in the eye, “shall we follow their lead?”

I think he can read the answer in my eyes, because without waiting for an answer he presses his full sensuous lips against my glossy ones, his tongue forces its way into my mouth and suddenly I find myself responding with total gölbaşı escort passion. My own tongue swirls against his to explore his delicious mouth and I continue to fondle his tight leather clad buns, letting my hands also roam over his broad strong back and pressing my body tightly against his.

It is such a different sensation, to be in a man’s strong arms, to feel his hard body against mine and to know that his hard cock is aching for me, to have a man’s tongue in my mouth, and to smell his masculine scent…. I love it!

We are now making out with total abandon, our tongues swirling hotly against each other, our bodies sliding against each other. Jake breaks our kiss and begins suckling my neck, and I do the same, sliding my tongue and glossy lips along his strong jaw line to his neck, savoring the slightly salty masculine taste of his skin. I run my hands then up his smooth strong back to his muscular shoulders as I slide my tongue down his hard bare chest to his erect nipple, which I suckle on, while tweaking and rubbing the other one. “Ooohhhh, yes, Jennifer! Suck my tit lover, that feels so good!”, Jake cries as he grips the side of my head and holds me against his chest.

I love the sensation of licking and nibbling on his erect nipple. It’s so different from sucking a woman’s tit’s. Caressing Jake’s large, hard and well-defined pectorals, makes me realize how strong he is, which somehow reinforces the submissive feminine sensations I am experiencing. I’m pretty athletic and muscular myself, but dressed as I am, and in my new identity as “Jennifer” in this handsome hunks arms, I feel very much like a girl.

As I continue to lick and suck on my lovers hard nipple, sliding my tongue across his sweet skin to the other nipple, I let my hand slide down across the hard ripples of his stomach muscles, to the huge bulge of his cock, which is jutting against the front of his tight leather pants. His leather-clad cock feels so big; I experience an incredible thrill as I begin to fondle it. Before today I would have been embarrassed to even think about touching another guy’s cock, and now I am shamelessly fondling and lusting after Jake’s cock! I can’t wait to lower his leather pants and take his bare cock into my hands and mouth, and even (scary and exciting!) have him slide it up my ass and fuck me!

I am so hot and horny by this point, that even though I am totally enjoying pleasuring my man’s nipples, I have to have his cock. So I raise my head, while I continue to fondle his hard cock and ask him, “Jake, can I please suck your cock? I’ve never done it before, but I’m dying to try!”

Jake agrees with a smile, and I waste no time, but sink immediately to my knees before him, facing the large outline of his big cock, which is throbbing against the tight confines of the leather of his pants. With trembling fingers (I’m so excited!), I unbuckle and unsnap the waistband of his pants, and slowly slide them down to his knees, revealing his huge cock, which is straining against a sexy black leather thong! I quickly slide the thong off, and am faced with his magnificent, giant cock, which must be at least 10″ long! It is quivering and throbbing, it is so hard, and his large circumcised cock head is already glistening with pre-cum.

I doubt I will be able to get more than half of this beautiful cock down my throat, but I am so enthralled by the sight of his beautiful cock, which is göztepe escort hard because he wants me, that I no longer have any doubts that this is what I want. Leaning forward I open my glossy lips to accept his throbbing and glistening cockhead into my mouth.

My own cock is so hard within my panties, I feel like I’m about to cum, I’m so excited and overwhelmed by the sensation of having a man’s cock slide into my mouth for the first time. I swirl my tongue around the velvety softness of his cockhead, eagerly lapping up the slippery/salty pre-cum.

“Oooohhh, yeah! Suck me, Jennifer! I want you to suck me until I cum between those sexy, glossy lips of yours!”, Jake cries. He then grips the sides of my face and gently, but insistently forces me to take his cock deeper into my mouth. At one point I begin to gag, but then I hear Barbie at my side, “just concentrate on relaxing your throat Jennifer. Bob your head up and down, taking a little more of Jake’s cock in your throat each time. Just like I do it for you. You’re doing great! I think you’re a natural cocksucker, don’t you Jessica?”

“Oh, yeah. You can tell how much he’s enjoying it, too”!, Jessica replies.

I feel my face blushing at their words, but Jessica is right, I totally love my first experience sucking a cock! Barbie’s advice is good, and to my amazement, I find that I am gradually able to take almost all of Jake’s long cock down my throat! I settle into a slow and steady rhythm, letting his long smooth cock slide wetly into and out of my mouth. With my hands, I fondle Jake’s smooth, hard buns.

Barbie and Jessica continue to make lewd (but exciting!), comments about what a good cocksucker I am, as they watch with apparent lust as I eagerly suck Jake’s big cock.

Suddenly, and much too soon, since I’m enjoying myself so much, I feel Jake’s body begin to tense and he begins thrusting faster into my mouth. “I’m going to cum, Jennifer! Keep sucking me, lover!”, he cries as the first jets of his hot sweet cum hit the back of my throat. I swallow all of his cum eagerly, and am disappointed as his lovely cock shrinks and then slides from between my lips.

“Oooohh! I don’t mean to hurt your feelings Jessica, but that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had! Jennifer, you suck cock with such passion! I can only imagine what it will be like after you’ve had more practice”!, Jake says, as he slides his leather thong and pants up.

Jake’s words fill me with pride. I’ve satisfied him, and although I feel a sense of loss, now that he has lost his erection, and my own cock is still aching for release, I feel desirable and much more complete in my feminine identity as “Jennifer”.

I get to my feet, and smooth my dress. Jessica and Barbie each tell me how proud they are of me, and then Jake takes me by the hand and leads me over to the couch, as Jessica and Barbie go over to the other couch. We sit on the couch and Jake puts his strong arm around me and I nestle against him, my hands roaming slowly over his beautiful bare chest.

Jake turns to me and asks me if I enjoyed the experience of sucking him off, as much as he did.

“Oh, yeah. I loved having your cock between my lips. You know I’ve never done it before, but it seemed so natural, maybe because I know what feels good from having my own cock sucked. I didn’t want it to end, and I hope you’ll ask me to do it again”

Jake smiles in response, “Don’t worry, I’m beginning to get hard again at the very thought. I could never turn down a blowjob like that one! But I want to ask you, I never thought I’d find myself wanting to fuck a man, but you are so sexy and feminine, I would really like to fuck you. Would you like that?”

To be continued…

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