Hannah , Ariel Pt. 02-03

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Hannah and Ariel…Part 2

After the third week of college, the transition of college is going very smoothly for Hannah and Ariel. After years of being home schooled, they did have some concerns about fitting in. The one thing they did notice during lunch or in the ladies room was the cattiness between so many girls. This was a whole new experience for them. They did get a few catty remarks thrown their way and they were quick to give one back. Never had they heard girls calling each other “slut”, “whore”, “cunt” and “bitch” so often. Deep inside both Hannah and Ariel were loving it though neither would admit it to each other.

At the beginning of the fourth week, there seemed to be more cattiness than usual. Girls were not only hurling insults, there were more “accidental” shoulder bumps than usual. They found out later it was due to the up coming “Sadie Hawkins” dance, where the girls ask the guys out. If a girl suspected another girl is interested in “her” man, it meant war. The college has a zero tolerance towards violence, so the girls were sure to avoid anything physical without making it looking accidental. That was on campus, what happens off campus, well that’s another story. There were some girls wearing dark glasses and extra make up trying to conceal scratches and welts, while others didn’t try to hide their marks. One girl not only had scratch marks on her cleavage but a bite mark too. Proudly showing off her wounds as trophies, if you will, to show other girls who the bitch on top was.

While the girls loved the cattiness around the campus they were a little disappointed they didn’t see any confrontations, but it was still only Wednesday so there was still two days to go before Saturdays dance. There was still a chance something would happen.

Friday lunch time had come and gone, the girls were getting ready to start the afternoon classes. Together they walked to the ladies room, both felt a little down because they were looking forward to seeing something start up. The girls sensed the other was feeling down but never questioned each other.

When they entered the ladies room, there were 4 girls standing in front of the 6 stalls. They were instructed by two petite girls, Ella who is Charlie’s friend and Riley, who is Nikki’s Bff, to stand in front of the two middle stall doors. The other two girls, Capri and Madison, they know from the smoking area on campus. They were about the same height and weight of Hannah and Ariel, but since they always wore baggy outfits, they couldn’t get a good measure of their bodies. Not sure what was going on, they decided to do it. Across from the stalls another 2 girls were in front of the 4 sinks and wide mirror. A blonde they both knew as Nikki stood at 5’4″ and has 34C’s and a brunette, Charlie, also about 5’4″ with 34C’s. Both clad in tight jeans and a t-shirts, both bra-less. Both girls had similar bodies to Hannah and Ariel, they appeared to have the same size tits as them too. While Nikki had the first area, Charlie had the other spot at the last. About a six foot area was left between them. The two girls in front of the sinks were fixing their make up and hair, paying special attention to the amount of lip gloss they were applying. Hannah and Ariel counted at least three coats for each of them. When the girls were satisfied with their looks, they turned and faced each other. “Ready Bitch?” followed by “Lets go Cunt!”

The two girls, a blonde and a brunette came together hard. Their left hands flew into each other’s hair, pulling their faces closer, the rights grabbing the ass cheeks of the other as their bodies slammed together, they both slid a thigh between the others legs. Their lips came together and tongues were driven deep inside the others mouths. Hannah and Ariel could barley contain their excitement as they watched the blonde and brunette attack each other with such vicious sexual fury.

The two girls had their heads tilted opposite each other as they drove their tongues deep in the others mouth, the top side of their tongues licking and rubbing hard together as each girl felt the full length of the others tongue. Salvia building up in each of their mouths, dripping from corners of their sealed lips. Their tits compressing together and mushrooming out. The kiss broke and and several strands of spit connected their mouths and şişli bayan escort chins. Cheek to cheek, they smeared and licked the mixed saliva on each other’s faces, cheek against cheek, the two girls rubbing their coated faces into each other. “Fucking whore” “Fucking slut” “cunt” “bitch” were shouted at each other. The two girls then tilted their heads again and sealed their lips for another hard deep sloppy kiss. This one lasting about 5 minutes. Again the girls returned cheek to cheek, even more spit coated their faces. Insults thrown in between breaths, gasping for air as their breathing was becoming more ragged.

After 20 minutes of hard kissing, pussies grinding against thighs, they both appeared to be close to orgasm. Then a last scream was heard as they called each other “whore and “cunt,” their mouths, teeth, and tongues came together hard. Muffled screams were heard as the grinding intensified. The blonde’s grip on the brunette began to weaken and her body tensed up. She was the one to cum first. The brunette finished herself off about 5 seconds later.

Hannah and Ariel were just about out of their minds watching them, while trying to hide the excitement from each other. One of the other 4 girls, Ella, who looked about 5 feet tall looked to Hannah and Ariel, just so there is no mistake, you know my girl Charlie won, right? “Yeah for sure,” “uh huh” Hannah and Ariel replied. Riley, who is barely 5 feet tall, chimed in “Bitch got lucky! Nikki beat her before and you know it.” Capri and Madison both spoke up and said they saw that fight too and both said Nikki won. The two small girls came face to face, body to body, Hannah and Ariel thought they were going to witness another fight. They had missed the first class of the afternoon but neither cared. Just as the girls appeared to start up, the door opened, “Cleaning staff, anyone in here?” The girls separated and the room cleared out.

Hannah had one class left for the day while Ariel had two left. They quickly made plans to meet after supper at “their spot.” Their spot was a secluded place, just off a walking trail with a big rock to sit on. They would go to there to hide and smoke cigarettes, now they go there to drink beer too.

The rest of the afternoon dragged on for both of the girls, they couldn’t concentrate on anything but the fight. They decided this was going to be the night they would share their secret obsession with their friend. Mustering up the nerve to do it was another thing, both hoping that after a few beers each it would be easier.


Hannah and Ariel…Part 3

Hannah and Ariel both in jean shorts and camisole type tops, made their way to the corner store. The evening air was still warm but cooling some as the sun went down. The cool air causing the two bra-less girls nipples to show. They managed to do some flirting with the clerk and convinced him to sell them some beer and cigarettes. Once the girls reached their spot, they cracked open a beer, lit a smoke and toasted to another week down at college.

After some small talk, the girls loosened up some and the topic of conversation changed. They talked about all the girls being so catty especially this past week and eventually it led into the fight they saw.

“So do you think those girls were actually fighting?” Ariel asked.

“I think so, they didn’t seem to like each other too much, but if they hated each other, why would they make out like that?” Hannah replied.

“I dunno, it seemed kinda of strange, I never seen anything like it before.”

Ariel said.

The girls now trying to find some validation from each other as to why they have this obsession about girl fights.

“Would you ever get into a fight like that?” Ariel asked.

“I guess so, if I was challenged, I mean I couldn’t back down or else it would me look like a wuss.” Hannah said.

Meanwhile she wanted to say “Fuck yeah I would!” “What about you, would you fight like that?” She asked Ariel.

Ariel was about to blurt out “fucking right I would” but caught herself and said “Well yeah, if was I challenged, you can’t let those bitches walk over you.” was her response.

“Well we almost saw a second fight too, if the cleaning staff didn’t show up.” Hannah mentioned.

Hannah and Ariel lit up a smoke and opened their last şişli escort beer. They were both now working up the nerve to tell each other the truth.

“Hannah, I got to be honest with you” started Ariel. “I got to tell you something too Ariel” Hannah cutting off Ariel. Then both girls blurted out “you go first!” at the same time. Laughing, “No no, you go first.” Hannah insisted.

Ariel took a long drag of her cigarette, and slowly began “About that fight we saw…well…I been…uhmmm…kinda obsessed with that kind of fighting for a little while now..”

Hannah’s eyes popped wide open and she placed her hand on Ariel’s thigh “OH MY FUCKING GOD!! Me too!!” It felt a like burden of sorts lifted off her shoulders. “No fucking way!!” Ariel screamed. Neither of them could believe they had the same interest in girl fights.

“That’s insane!!” Why didn’t you tell me before?” Hannah laughed

“Me? Why didn’t you didn’t you say something?” Ariel laughed back.

Hannah wrapped her left arm around Ariel’s back, Ariel’s arm around Hannah’s shoulders gave each other a side hug, Hannah’s left tit and Ariel’s right tit came together, pressing together firmly, their nipples poking into each other as they gave each other a short soft kiss. Both overjoyed that they finally told each other and better yet they both have the same obsession.

On the way home, the girls feeling a bit tipsy, were playfully pushing each other, laughing about how neither girl said anything until now about girl fighting.

“OMG you’re such a fucking bitch!”

“Me? You’re the fucking cunt for not saying anything!”

“You’re such a slut!”

“You’re such a big whore!”

Both laughing and mocking the catty girls from school. Ariel walked beside Hannah and draped her arms around Hannah, “Stay at my place tonight?” “Only if you promise to cuddle.” Hannah replied. “Hmmm okay” Ariel giggled.

The girls snuggled in Ariel’s bed facing each other. Still in the camisole tops and only panties, the girls smiled as they began to talk to about their newfound interest.

Ariel: “How long have you’ve been thinking about girl fights?”

Hannah began to go into detail about her mother and Karen at the BBQ. Watching the women press their bodies together, their tits mushrooming out and how their mouths were so close, it looked like they were kissing from where she was standing. I was hoping they would have started a kissing fight then but someone showed up and they separated, she finished with. Ariel listened and hung onto every word. “Omg, now that would have been something to see, I wish I could have seen that.” Hannah started again, it was so close, I don’t know what happened after, if they met up again or not. After I was leaving I saw her daughter Kayla, she’s a year older than us, she was watching too, we didn’t get close but her and I stared down each other, but I have a feeling we will meet up sometime.

Ariel slowly lowered her hand down inside her panties as she imagined Hannah and her mom fighting the neighbours across the street. “I would love to see you and Kayla fight. Omg you two are so evenly matched and so are your moms.” Before Hannah nodded her agreement, she felt Ariel’s arm move, “Are you playing with yourself?” Ariel giggled, “Omg, I’m sorry, it just happened, I didn’t realize it.” Ariel went to move her hand, embarrassed, her and Hannah had never done anything like that before in front of each other. Hannah put her hand in her panties and slowly started playing with herself too. “It’s okay, we can do it together.” she snuggled in a little closer, her lips almost touching Ariel’s,

“So tell me…How did you get interested?”

Ariel started “Do you remember Lola and her mom Lauren?” “You mean red head Lola and her mom? Don’t they live around here?” Hannah interrupted. “Yeah, that’s them…well mom and Lola’s mom almost had a car accident in the parking garage at the mall and they almost got into it”…Ariel went on to give the rest of the details about the incident, “Me and Lola were standing next to each other watching our moms, we glared at each other and if our moms started to fight, I’m sure me and her would have gotten into a fight too.” Ariel said.

“OMG I would have loved to have seen that, mom and daughter vs mom and daughter.” Hannah said. “Do you think mecidiyeköy escort your and Lola’s moms would have stopped it or let you two fight?” she asked.

“I don’t know…she was pretty pissed, she probably would have liked to see me fight Lola too.” Ariel answered.

“Would you have fought Kayla in front of your mom?” she then asked.

“Well we were both hiding, watching them from a distance, but if Kayla were to run out, I would have too. I wished she was there beside me watching though.” Hannah replied.

“I’m getting wetter just thinking about you and your mom fighting Kayla and her mom, that would be awesome to see.” Ariel added.

“I know if mom and Karen ever get into a fight, I really hope Kayla is there too.” Hannah said.

“Me too, if mom and Lauren ever meet up again, I hope Lola is there to fight.” Ariel said.

Hannah and Ariel were slowly massaging their clits, their hard nipples just brushing together, their faces just a few inches apart, tasting each other’s sweet breath as they spoke. Each girl taking a moment to drink in the moment.

Ariel: “Have you ever thought of me or my mom fighting anyone?”

Hannah: “Yeah, a lot. I imagined your mom fighting Karen across the street. The blonde woman, Molly, who works at supermarket, you know that one who dresses like a slut all the time? I’ve seen your mom give her some mean looks. I think they would have a good fight I also thought about you with Mandy, Molly’s little sister, and also that brunette with long hair and purple streaks that works at the cosmetic kiosk in the mall, you know the one, big tits, always wearing low cut tops and short skirts and pretty much every hot girl in college. So have you thought about me or my mom fighting?”

Ariel: “Pretty much all the time. I thought about your mom fighting with Lauren, and Jada, the Asian woman that works in the chinese restaurant in the mall. Now those two would be epic. I think about you fighting Jessica, Jada’s niece, who also works at the restaurant.” giggling, “but the one I think about the most is that blonde who works at The Gap, you know the one who looks something like you? I think about you and her fighting.”

Hannah: “So how’d I do, win, lose?” giggling

Ariel: “Win some lose some, (giggle) How about me, how’d I do?”

Hannah: “about the same” (giggling)

The girls were getting more and more worked up, thoughts of both of them fighting with girls the other had mentioned.

“I bet the girl you were thinking about with purple streaks in her hair and the blonde at The Gap would be a hot fight.”

Ariel said.

“OMG, that would be so hot, watching them push their tits into each other.” Hannah replied, she began to lean her tits into Ariel’s tits.

“Their lips touching and watching their tongues twirling and swirling” Ariel continued, leaning in pushing her tits harder into Hannah’s.

“Then they turn their heads and begin to drive their tongues deep in each other’s mouths, spit dripping from between their lips” Hannah said, pushing her tits hard against Ariel’s tits, then she moved her head opposite Ariel’s and kissed her deeply. Both of them licking the full length of each other’s tongues. The mixed saliva began to seep from their mouths onto their chins.

Hannah and Ariel began to finger themselves at a feverish pace, muffled screams of pleasure filled both of their mouths. Both of the girls came to an orgasm almost immediately. Once the waves of pleasure subsided in both of them, they rolled on their backs, smiling, staring at the ceiling. This was the first time either of them had kissed each other like that, let alone had an orgasm in front of each other.

Hannah broke the brief silence, “Ariel, do you think we’re like…Lesbians or something…I mean we think about girls kiss fighting and using their bodies to make the other girl cum when they fight, and we both want to fight other girls like that too.”

Ariel smiled and thought about her answer, “Well, girls I think, tend to find both sexes attractive. If a girl finds another girl attractive or if she thinks another girl is hot…well that means it’s more likely that others will find her attractive or hot too. That’s why women are so catty with one another, they’re trying to intimidate the other girl. Girls fight to prove to the other girl and to herself that she is the more sexual person.” Hannah, turned to face Ariel and cuddled into her, partially laying over her, stroking her hair, “That makes sense.” Hannah and Ariel, closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep…

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