Haunted House Hunt

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I hated being third wheel but that’s exactly where I was at. I sat in the truck with my friend and his girlfriend she sat in the middle between us as we attempted to make conversation on our haunted house hunt. It was a boring night and his girlfriend had come up with the idea after watching to much sci-fi channel. So we had loaded up in his truck and were headed to an old abandoned house I had seen on a back road one day. Finding the house was pretty easy getting back to it was a little harder none of us were really dressed for fighting the brush and crawling through the wire fence that guarded the house. I ripped the sleeve on my new t shirt crawling through the fence and my buddy covered his new shoes in mud when he took a wrong step into a puddle. His girlfriend got the worst of it when she tore the butt of her jeans on the fence and followed that by tearing a button off the top of her shirt on an unseen tree limb.

My eyes had never wondered on his woman but with a bright moon shining I couldn’t help but gaze at her now as we stood on the porch. She had worn a tight pair of jeans and I could see she was either wearing a thong or no panties as I got a good look at one of her ass cheeks. She turned and ask, “are you sure no one lives here?” my eyes automatically went to her huge tits that were now easily visible due to the missing button at the top of the button up shirt. Noticing what appeared to be the edge of a tattoo on her left tit.

A little flustered I replied, “no one has lived here since my parents were kids.” To prove my point I pushed the front door fully open revealing an empty living room with a partially caved in floor. We carefully entered I led the way followed closely by my buddy and then his girl. Looking around the best we could we go through the kitchen finding a few empty jars and an old fork. This was the worst idea ever I thought to myself as we walked to a door that seemed to have a light shining from under the door seal. Turning the knob I pushed the door open.

The room was amazing it was in perfect condition. It looked like something from an old 50s hotel. It was lit by several lamps with a large bed in the center of the room and a couple of chairs on each side of a small round table. I immediately wanted to leave but Jamie’s girlfriend burst past us to investigate. We both yelled Danielle as we chased in izmir escort behind her. As soon as I stepped in the room I suddenly felt more at ease about the strange room. I suggested we should leave but Danielle seemed to be having a good time looking through the room and Jaime took a seat in one of the chairs.

Jaime gave me a shrug and said,” sit down man let her do her thing then we’ll get out of here.” for some reason I didn’t argue and when and flopped down in the chair on the other side of the table. She seemed thrilled to find a dresser full of folded lingerie. She unfurled several pieces and laid them out on the bed.

Looking at us she smiled, “the style is old but they look and feel brand new. I’m going to try them on.” once again Jaime just shrugged his shoulders. Stepping behind a changing shade we could see her toss the tops of her clothes over it as she switched into the lingerie.

I looked over at Jaime and said, “I better leave you two man so ya’ll can do your thing.”

He gave me a strange look I didn’t recognize kind of a half scowl half grin and replied, “no you stay, I like to show her off.” leaning back in my chair I mumbled an ok even though I felt completely uncomfortable. This feeling fled quickly when Danielle stepped out from behind the shade.

She stood in a white baby doll with black lace that came down just below her waste revealing the bottom part of her matching panties. My jaw dropped as she grinned at us. Jaime let out a little laugh when he looked over at me looking back at Danielle he said, “turn around baby show my buddy that ass.” Looking at me she gave me a grin as she walked to the edge of the bed in front of us leaning over the bed she pulled the bloomer style panties between her ass cheeks giving me a good view of her ass and her panty clad pussy that appeared to be making a wet spot on the fabric.

Looking back at me she whispered, “what do you think?”

I easily replied, “very fuckable,” without a second thought to Jaime or how he might feel about my response I didn’t even turn to check his reaction. I was entranced by her ass.

With a smile that said she was up to something she turned back to us and said, “I’m glad you think so.”

Jaime must have been getting as worked up as I was because he said, “come here baby and alsancak escort give me a kiss.” this would normally be my signal to leave but no one said anything and oddly I had the urge to stay. She walked over to Jaime pulling a string on the back caused the babydoll to fall to the floor just as she got to him. She sat into his lap facing towards me giving me a good view as they began kissing each other heavily. I could now see her big tits and the tribal tattoo on the inside of her left tit. Jaime quickly pulled the tit to his mouth and began licking and sucking. My cock began pushing against my boxers as it hardened watching the two of them.

Danielle leaned down and whispered something to Jaime to which he just nodded as he continued to suck at her nipple. With a sly grin she wiggled her finger at me to come to her. In an almost dazed trance I walked to her and she picked her other tit up toward me and in almost a command she said, “suck.” I quickly leaned down taking her large nipple in my mouth I began sucking and teasing it as I felt it hardening. She quickly began rubbing at my erect dick through my jeans.

Jaime stopped sucking long enough to look at me and say to my surprise, “feel her panties.” not releasing her nipple I slid my hand up the inside of her leg until I felt the silky fabric of the panties. Moving my hand to the center I felt a large wet spot and began lightly rubbing. The panties became soaked as Danielle started to quietly moan. Some how I could tell she was ready for more and reluctantly removed my hand and let her tit fall out of my mouth with a pop. Standing back I pulled my shirt off and she slid to her knees in front of me and began undoing my jeans as Jaime got up and started undressing.

She pulled my jean and boxers to the floor as she looked on in aw as my cock sprang in front of her face. I noticed she was rubbing her panties as she moaned,”mmm it’s so big.”

I looked down with a grin and said, “go on give it a taste.” she began licking at the head of my cock cleaning the precum off of it before sliding the head in her mouth. Grabbing my ass she pulled me further into her mouth until she had almost the whole thing in before sliding back to the head. As she started building a rhythm sliding her mouth up and down my dick I looked around and saw Jaime lying buca escort on the bed stroking his dick watching his girlfriend sucking my cock. When I felt myself getting ready to explode in her mouth she slid her mouth off me and gave me a smirk as she walked over to the bed and bent over the edge and started sucking Jaime.

I figured I would return the favor and knelt down on behind her. Jerking her panties to the floor I spread her ass cheeks and began lapping at her wet pussy. Her pussy was sweet and tasted even better as I ran my tongue in and out of her. She was soaking my tongue and lips as I licked up to her ass and begin teasing it. Pulling her cheeks apart I began running my tongue in and out of her asshole. I could hear her moaning as she tried to continue sucking Jaime’s cock.

Pulling his cock from her mouth she looked back and moaned, “Fuck me now baby.” standing up I pressed my dick against her wet lips letting just the head slide in. I watched her slide her mouth down Jaime’s shaft as she slid on to my dick. Then she would suck his cock back in as she slid off mine. She continued this building speed and slamming back against my cock. My load was building quickly when she stopped and crawled up the bed letting my drenched cock slide out as she straddled Jaime and began riding him.

Stepping up on the bed I placed my cock to her mouth allowing her to spit and suck on it. While her rhythm was harder to build this way she soon had my dick glistening with spit and pulled it a way from her mouth. “Put it in my ass please,” she begged. Getting behind her she laid on Jaime spreading her cheeks giving me full access. Slowly I pressed against her ass hole allowing the tip of my cock to sink in. She let out a sigh and began pushing back taking both our cocks in inch by inch. On her hands and knees she began rocking slowly back and forth building momentum as her moans became louder. Her tight ass was almost more than my cock could handle as I fought off the urge to cum she continued working up and down our shafts.

With a loud moan she announced, “I’m Cumming, fill my holes with ya’lls cum.” her ass gripped me tightly and I felt my orgasm hit as I began pumping my large load in her. Jaime must have been cumming to because her ass gripped me tighter and she breathlessly said,” yes that feels so good having ya’ll cum in me at the same time.”

Exhausted we all laid there for a moment as we caught our breath. Slowly I got up and began dressing as Danielle and Jaime did. Once dressed we walked out of the room the whole thing seemed more like a dream and none of us discussed the event again, but we did agree to go back for Halloween.

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