Hearts , Flowers, That’s for Girls

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Double Penetration

Authors note: I got an email from a reader asking me if I do gay romance. I thought I had some of those kinds of stories on the site, but apparently not enough to please everyone. So whoever sent me that email, since you never left a name or email for me to respond, this one is for you. I hope you like it.


Chapter 1

21 year old Jason sat in the audience next to his parents and clapped along with everyone else as he watched his older sister Amanda kiss her new husband. Amanda and Keith had been dating for about 2 years before he finally popped the big question and she was so in love with him, she naturally said yes. As he watched them turn to the audience, he slumped in his chair and sighed.

He just didn’t understand it; there was love and romance all around him. His parents had been married for over 40 years and they still disappeared early once a week and did whatever they did. His grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this year and they were still as smitten with each other as the day they met. Aunts and uncles, cousins, everyone seemed to have found the one person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

And now even his sister had found her soulmate. He ran his hand through his shoulder length wheat colored hair. What was wrong with him? He didn’t think he was ugly. At 6′ and about 150lbs, he thought he had a nice body. He kept his hair neat even though it was long; he had a goatee that was always kept nice. And his ice blue eyes, well he had girls in high school tell him that it seemed like he could see into their souls when he looked at them.

He stood up with the rest and followed after the bride and groom as they headed for the reception. But his thoughts were still directed inward, maybe that was his problem, he wasn’t interested in girls. Never had been, he dated in high school because he felt that was what he was supposed to do, but he never went past first base with any of them.

He tried kissing and holding them, hell, even touching them but there was never any spark. Most of the time he felt like he was kissing his sister when he kissed his girlfriend at the time. After a while, the girls usually ended things and by the time he graduated, he was considered a loser because none of the girls in school would date him anymore. It really didn’t bother him though; girls weren’t who he was interested in. He had learned young that it was guys that really struck his button so to speak, but since he was too embarrassed to go into a gay bar, he was still a virgin.

Jason ate the meal and cake and smiled while his sister and new brother in law did all the things you do when you are in love, but his heart just wasn’t in it. He hated watching everyone else be so happy while he was so miserable.

Once the dancing started, he escaped out on the deck of the hotel and lit a cigarette inhaling the smoke and feeling his body relax. His parents disapproved of him smoking and he was really trying to quit, but since he didn’t drink or do drugs, he figured he should have at least one vice in life. Of course, he tried not to do it around his family if he could avoid it, safer that way.

He moved away from the door and over by the pool, and just stared down into the still water. He could still hear the music, but it was a distant echo and for the most part he was able to tune it out. He sighed as he took another drag and watched the moon echo off the water. Was it possible for guys who liked guys to find love and romance to? Or was it just something straight people found? He was seriously beginning to wonder.

“Hey, you got another one of those you can spare?” a deep voice said by his right shoulder.

Jason jumped and dropped the rest of his cigg in the pool as he turned around. He stared into a pair of night blue eyes that crinkled as the man tried not to smile. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” He said in that soft southern drawl.

Jason felt a shiver run over his body at the man’s voice and for a second let his eyes move over the man in front of him. He was a little taller than Jason, about 6’2 or 3, with a slender build. His long, jet black hair was pulled back in a tie at the base of his neck, giving the illusion he had short hair but in the soft breeze a few strands were blowing around his face. He was dressed like all the men at the wedding in a tux, but it seemed like it had been made just for him. It emphasized just the right areas to really show off the stranger’s body.

Jason realized he was staring and actually blushed as he forced his eyes back to the man’s face. “I…it’s okay, I just thought I was alone.” He stammered pulling two more ciggs out of his pack and handing one to the other man.

Jason watched him flick open a lighter and a spark hit the end of the cigg, then they were bathed in somewhat darkness again. He watched the man let the smoke out his nose then he met those night blue eyes again. “I needed this,” he said smiling,, “never been good with crowds.”

Jason beşiktaş escort lit his own then looked out over the water again. “I…I don’t think we have ever met.” He said forcing himself not to look at the other man. “I’m Amanda’s brother Jason.”

He heard more then saw the other man smile. “I know, Rick told me.”

Jason looked at him; Rick was Amanda’s new husband and his new brother in law. Now that he got a better look at the man in front of him, he could see the resemblance between them. They both had the same jet black hair and night blue eyes. The first time Jason met Rick, he had actually almost melted when he first looked into those eyes. Then he found out he was Amanda’s boyfriend and was so embarrassed he had hidden in his room the whole time Rick was at the house.

Over the last two years, Jason had managed to control his attraction to Rick and they had actually become friends. Staring at a man who was almost a spitting image but maybe a little bit older version, made Jason’s cock twitch in his pants and he looked down at the ground slowly smoking his cigg as he fought with his body. “I see the resemblance.” He said to his shoes.

The other man laughed, sending shivers through Jason’s body once more and he was glad it was dark. “Yeah, get us together and it is hard to deny we’re brothers.”

Jason blushed even harder at those words. He knew who the man standing in front of him was. Rick had actually showed him a picture of him once, although Jason had to admit the picture didn’t do him justice. His name was Alex and he was 32 years old. He was Rick’s older brother. He won a football scholarship to go to Yale and probably could have gone pro if he hadn’t blown out his knee his freshman year, tackling one of the other team.

His first car had been a Harley and from what Rick said, it was all he ever drove. He had been estranged from his parents for the past 6 years, ever since he came out of the closet so to speak and admitted that he was gay. According to Rick, his father had gone ballistic, saying he could deal with the motorcycle, but no son of his was going to be sexually with another man. Either he met a girl, married her and gave him grandchildren, or he was no longer his son. Apparently Alex, kissed his mother on the cheek, gave Rick a hug then looked at his father and said, fine, I’m not your son anymore. Then he loaded a bag on the back of his bike and drove away.

From what Rick had told him, he had been in contact with his brother through letters over the years, but he wasn’t ever able to convince him to come home. Jason was actually surprised the man was standing in front of him. “I…I thought you were estranged…” he looked down at his feet again.

He heard Alex chuckle and lifted his eyes. “Estranged from my parents? Yeah, but even that old bastard couldn’t keep me from watching my little brother get married.”

Jason blushed even harder, unsure why this man was affecting him so. “S…sorry, it’s none of my business.” He said turning back to the water.

“Don’t worry about it; it stopped bothering me a long time ago.” Alex flicked his cigg into the water and put his hands in the pockets of his pants. Alex had noticed Jason from the minute the younger man walked into the church. It wasn’t anything in particular he had done, Alex didn’t even know who he was until Rick had told him during the reception that he was Amanda’s brother. Although he should have, just like with him and Rick, you could definitely see the resemblance between the two. Amanda was a knockout, even Alex had to admit that and he had never been with a girl in his life. He had teased Rick that of course he found the most beautiful girl in town to make his wife. Rick had blushed and looked at Amanda with such a look of love; Alex actually had to look away.

Ever since Alex started dating, he was attracted to a certain type of man. Every man he took home to his bed, always had a bad boy look to them, and generally rode a bike just like he did. Jason was completely different from the men he usually was attracted to except for the long hair, he was a clean cut kid, kind of a cross between a biker and the boy next door. So when Alex noticed Jason walk into the church and felt his cock start to harden in his pants, he looked closer at the younger man. He couldn’t see anything in particular about him that would attract him, but as he sat through the wedding, he knew whoever this guy was, not only did he want to meet him, but if he could figure out a way to get him in his bed, he was definitely going to.

Of course, he wasn’t 100% sure that Jason was gay, or hell even bi. He had asked Amanda nondescript questions about his brothers dating habits but she had admitted she didn’t really know much. He had dated girls in high school but none of them seemed to last very long and since he graduated, she hadn’t seen her brother with anyone. Alex had watched the younger man through the şişli escort reception out of the corner of his eye, trying to see if maybe any of the girls seemed to strike his fancy, but he barely glanced at any of them. He talked to his family during dinner and when the dancing started, he escaped out to the deck.

Alex had forced himself to sit at the table, sipping his champagne and talking to Rick and Amanda, when he really wanted to follow Jason out onto the deck. See if he looked as good in the moonlight as he did in the lights of the banquet hall. He finally got his chance to escape when Rick pulled Amanda out onto the dance floor. He looked around thinking Jason may have snuck back in but when he looked out the glass doors, he saw the younger man staring down at the water and felt his cock harden even more. He licked his lips and headed for the doors.

Now that he wasn’t smoking, Alex stuffed his hands in his pockets to keep from pulling the other man against him and seeing if those lips felt as soft as they looked. He had a strong feeling that Jason was at least bi if not gay, but since they just met, Alex thought it would be bad form to try to shove his tongue down the younger man’s throat.

Alex looked over at Jason, he was staring down at the water and there was a tightness to his shoulders. Alex had been around enough men to know that Jason was nervous, he just wasn’t sure why. Did the younger man feel the attraction between them as much as he did? Was Jason like he had been, knowing that he wasn’t into girls, but unwilling to admit to anyone, especially himself that maybe he preferred boys? As he watched the younger man watch the water, he knew without a doubt that he was looking at himself at that age. Alex was damn near 98% sure that Jason was not only still a virgin but had probably never kissed another man in his life, although he was sure he wanted to, but had no idea how to go about it without making a fool of himself.

Alex suddenly felt a kinship with the younger man and that seemed to increase his attraction to him. He suddenly wanted to show Jason, not only the joys of being with another man sexually, but that there was nothing wrong with not being attracted to the opposite sex. He cleared his throat and opened his mouth, then suddenly closed it unsure what to say. How did you tell a virgin that was unsure of himself because he was different that you were attracted to him? Every man Alex had been with was always experienced, including the man who took his virginity when he was 18.

He had never been on the other side of the blanket so to speak, he hadn’t had to teach his lover about sex. But there was something about Jason that made him want to do just that. He wanted to give Jason his first blowjob; he wanted it to be his cock that the younger man first took in his mouth. He wanted to be the first man to sink into his tight little ass and be the first ass he sunk into. He wanted to watch Jason orgasm and scream in pleasure and know it was him that caused it.

Alex had always gone after guys for a quick fuck, if they were still there in the morning, fine, if not, oh well; there was always someone else out there. But Jason was different, he had just met the man, but yet he wanted to go to sleep in his arms and wake up next to him in the morning. He didn’t think past that knowing if he did, that he could definitely see things developing into a more permanent situation and he wasn’t sure that someone he just met would be too keen on that kind of emotion from a perfect stranger.

Alex had never believed in love at first sight before. Lust yes, but love that was for women more than men. Hearts, flowers, that was all girly stuff, but if Alex was willing to be honest with himself, he could definitely see waking up next to the man in front of him 50 years from now and that actually frightened him a little.

He sighed softly and pulled one hand out of his pocket and reached towards Jason, he stopped his hand though when Jason suddenly turned to look at him. Alex dropped his hand as he stared at the younger man. Jason’s eyes were dark in the moonlight, dark with passion, heat, a hunger he didn’t think the younger man even knew was there, but Alex was drawn to it. Without a word, he took the two steps it took to move him in front of Jason and cupped his face gently. Jason sucked in his breath and let it out slowly as he looked up at Alex.

Alex cupped his face with his other hand and Jason’s eyes widened. They widened even more as he watched the older man’s face moving towards his, but they fluttered closed as he felt Alex’s lips touch his. Jason had been standing there, watching the water, trying to figure out how to talk to Alex. He was strongly attracted to the older man, so much so that his cock was actually straining against his pants. The problem was, he had no idea if Alex was attracted to him and as always happened when he saw a guy he liked, he chickened out. He couldn’t build bahçeşehir escort up the courage to actually approach them; he was too scared of rejection.

He argued with his head on whether to just turn around and go back inside. He had finally decided to do just that, knowing he would probably die a virgin but unable to admit to Alex he wanted him. He didn’t know his eyes had picked up on his bodies’ reaction to the man. So when he turned and saw Alex’s hand reaching towards him, he froze, for a split second he let himself hope that maybe Alex did want him too. Then suddenly he was in front of him and Jason sucked his breath in, scared to move but scared not to.

When Alex touched his face, he had frozen. Yet, his heart was hammering a mile a minute in his chest. When he felt him cup his face, he had been in shock, a man he was insanely attracted to, was actually touching him. He had been petrified, he didn’t know what to do, did he reach out to Alex? He just didn’t know, but when he saw Alex’s face lowering towards his, his heart started beating double time. The only thing that went through his head before Alex’s lips touched his was “oh my god, he is actually going to kiss me.”

The kiss was gentle at first, just basically two sets of lips brushing against each other. As soon as Alex’s lips touched Jason’s, he moaned softly and wrapped his arms around the younger man pulling him gently against him. Jason put his balled hands against Alex’s chest as if to push him away, then slowly unclenched his hands and let them rest against the older man’s chest.

Alex wanted to drive his tongue into Jason’s mouth, but he could feel the other man’s fear, his uncertainty. He knew he wanted this as much as Alex did, but he didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know how to show it. Alex pulled him a bit tighter against him and felt Jason stiffen a little in his arms. Alex tentatively ran his tongue across Jason’s lower lip and Jason moaned as he slowly melted against him, letting his hands move up over Alex’s shoulders until he was able to tangle them in the older man’s hair.

Alex teased at Jason’s lips, trying to coax him to let him inside. He could feel Jason hard against him and bucked forward a little with his hips making the younger man whimper softly and press even tighter against him. Jason had no clue what to do, all he knew was his body was on fire and he couldn’t seem to get close enough to Alex. When Alex pulled his lips back, Jason opened his eyes and looked up at him. Alex smiled and kissed his nose. “Open your mouth, let me inside.” He said huskily lowering his mouth once more.

Jason was unsure at first, as Alex brushed his lips against his once more, but as he felt Alex’s tongue once more running along his lower lip, he slowly opened his mouth. He expected Alex to drive his tongue into his mouth, devour him as he had seen Rick and Amanda do, but he didn’t. He pressed slowly, almost gently into his mouth, running his tongue lightly over Jason’s.

Jason’ whined a little against Alex’s mouth and when the older man pulled his tongue back, Jason tentatively let his own tongue slip into Alex’s mouth, doing what the older man had done to him. The reaction was almost instantaneous, Alex grabbed Jason’s ass, pulling their bodies tight together as he deepened the kiss, finally giving in to what he had wanted to do when Jason first stepped into the church. The kiss changed from soft and almost delicate to hard and hungry in a matter of seconds.

Jason stood frozen in his arms for a few seconds. He didn’t know what he had done, but suddenly it seemed like Alex was trying to swallow his tongue. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it at first, but as Alex wrapped his tongue around Jason’s, he moaned and melted once more against the older man and kissed him back as hungrily as Alex was kissing him. When Alex felt Jason finally give himself to the kiss, he tightened his arms around him as he growled into his mouth.

The two men kissed hungrily, each trying to get even closer to the other one as the moonlight swept down over them. When Alex finally pulled back, more out of self-defense then anything, they were both breathing harshly. “Wow!!” He said still holding Jason tight against him.

Jason looked into his eyes and smiled. “That is one word for it.”

Alex felt his body relax a little and laughed, “And what you would say?”

Jason pulled back a little and lowered his eyes. Alex took one hand off his ass and put it under Jason’s chin, forcing the younger man to look at him once more. “Please don’t hide from me.” He smiled softly and brushed his lips once more gently against Jason’s. “I like that you react to me as you do.”

Jason’s eyes widened as he looked up at Alex. “Really?”

Alex nodded and pulled him tighter against him once more. “Can you feel how much you affect me? Do you have any idea the things I want to do both to but also with you? I know we just met, but I would be lying if I said I don’t want to take you back to my hotel and make love to you all night. Show you just how good it can be between two men.”

Jason’s eyes widened even more. He could feel how hard Alex was but he still had a hard time believing it was because of him. “Y…you want to have sex with me?” He stammered lowering his eyes as he blushed once more.

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