Her Craving Pt. 02

22 Kasım 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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It was a fine afternoon. I was listening to a song randomly shuffling on my iPod and was also thinking about Anna. I could imagine her naked body right before my eyes and her glistening pussy craving for my touch.

“My pussy taste like Pepsi cola”…the song suddenly distracted my thoughts. Slowly I slid my hand in my pantie and felt that I was wet. I started rubbing my full lips. My legs parted as I rubbed it faster, in a sudden I just pulled off my pantie off and put the iPod on my pussy and started rubbing it.

“Oh gosh!!!! I feel so damn good”…I moan to myself.

There was a mirror at the left corner of the room. The bed could be seen from the mirror clearly. So I turned to that and rubbed more faster this time. I kept pushing my pussy open before squirting on the sheets. I felt a slight relief.

But then I heard someone coming from downstairs and my mom is saying…

” She is upstairs, you girls have fun”.

“Whoa!! is that her!! fuck I have to cover wet spots on my sheets with something”

But first I had to put on my pantie.

“Shit!! I can not find it!! where did I throw it!!”

I was searching for some peace of cloth to cover my naked naughty butt while Anna just entered the room.

“Oh gosh!! your naked. were you??”

I was kinda shy. So I just grabbed and covered my pussy with the bed sheets quickly. But she saw the wet spots. And she was smiling herself.

She quickly slammed the door close and locked bursa escort it.

“Your mom will be gone for an hour or so. She told me when I was coming upstairs”….she said in a confident tone.

She was so cheeky and was flirtatious with me. She asked..

“While she is out, just sit and relax on this chair. Will you!!”

She pushed my study chair towards me and started to undress herself. I was so longing for a glance of her sexy body again. So I just let go of that sheet and sat, as she wanted. When I looked at her, she was in her black push up bra and her black thong. She liked thong too much it seems. Well it might be cause she wanted to feel sexy inside. I didn’t took off my t-shirt. I was wearing a crisp white V-neck tee. She turned her butt to me and took off the elastic thong to free her butt. She then turned her face to me, came closer and sat on my thighs. She is sitting on me like a cow girl. Then slowly removed the left strap of her bra and exposed a nipple to my mouth. She ordered,

“Suck it!! suck it hard”…

I just followed her voice and put my tongue on it. As I suck her nipple, she grind her pussy on my thigh. Wet, slippery love juice and the texture of her pussy lips on my thigh, felt so nice. I kept sucking her nipple, following her order. Then she stopped me and with a sudden rush brought something out of her bag. It was a strap on. it looked slightly like a real penis but was pink in colour.

She demanded escort bayan to put it on. And so I did. I was so excited about what was going to happen and at the same time very horny that my pussy was flooded. So it became a struggle to keep the strap on right on the place. But I managed.

She came at the edge of the bed leaving that chair and push me on my back on the bed. I was just staring at her sexy body with one breast expose and her love juices was flowing down her leg. While I was on my back she came on top of me with her legs apart. She rubbed her pussy slowly, gyrating on my thigh. While she was rubbing she made sound that get you a adrenaline rush through your veins.

“mmmmmmhhh, touch me honey, mmmmmmhhhh….”

She kept moaning. Then she grabbed my pink cock and push it into her pussy. Her inner pussy lips made a friction but her slippery love juice made it easy. Seeing her taking my 8 inch long cock inside her I got thrilled. Then she grind her pussy on my cock. She grind and made that sexy moaning sound. She took off her bra and threw it away. Now she started to jump, up and down on me. Her boobs jiggle as she jumped on my cock, so I grabbed them tightly and started squeezing them. I squeezed her breasts so hard that her nipple lactate on my hand. She screamed while moaning,

“Oh fuck me!!!! fuck me!!!! go hard on me!!!! ahhhhhhhaaaaa”..

I pushed my cock up in her pussy as she jumped like a cowgirl.I pressed her bursa escort clit with one hand and hold her right breast with the other. I pressed hard on her clit. She started going back and forth on my cock but she didn’t cum, that made her so frustrated. Quickly we changed position then. She cried,

“Make me your bitch, make me cum, please make me cum….hhmmmmmmmmm”..

She was on her fours on the bed, I was sniffing her butt and her pussy. Her love juices were flooding my nose as I pushed my nose against her inner lips. Then after a few licks on her pussy I inserted my cock into her. I was holding her waist and thumping her pussy good with my big cock. She felt so good that he placed her head down on the pillow. I sometime slapped her ass too. It was so soft and reddish that I felt the urge to slap it hard.I kept going back and forth with great deal of thumping that made wet sound on her pussy. Her pussy was getting crushed when I went faster. She liked it very much. she was biting her tongue, and I could see her in the mirror. She screamed,

“There, there, babe just keep doing that”…

I was going faster and faster every moment that her pussy sprayed her first cum on me. Her fluid splashed on my abdomen. She was screaming loud while I hit her g-spot. A huge flood of her pussy juice squirt on my face and body. My white tee was soaking in her pussy juices. She detached her pussy from my strap on and couldn’t hold her butt up any longer. So she just fell on the bed.I came to her and started kissing her neck and her back. I kissed her open mouth but then I let her sleep. As she was sleeping I thought it would be good to take a bath.

“I will ask her how was it, when she will wake up!!” I said myself.

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