Her Unexpected Demand

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“Would you do something for me,” she asked as she traced a line up my inner thigh with her fingernail, “something special, something we’ve never done before?”

Something we’ve never done before, I thought, that sure doesn’t leave much!

I’d found their ad in a local swinger’s magazine. ‘Fifty-something couple wants man to enjoy wife while husband watches’ the ad said. I’d read of people who were into that, but never actually met any. I got in touch with them and we spoke on the phone, first she and I, and then he and I. It was soon apparent that she was in charge in that family. After becoming comfortable on the phone, we decided on a safe public place to meet for the first time and figure out if this was something we all wanted to do, and whether we were as comfortable together in person as we’d become over several phone conversations. Not that there was much chance that I was going to back out. The opportunity for good, uncomplicated sex was too good to pass up.

Well, since we’d gotten to the point that she was talking about doing something for her that we’d never done before, it should be pretty clear that we decided
to consummate our arrangement and get together. The great thing about meeting a couple is that you don’t need to find someplace discreet to meet; you can just go to their home. She did love the attentions of a new man, and if her husband wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about watching, he was excited enough that he stroked himself off most of the times he watched us.

We’d been meeting like this once or twice a week for several months, and were very comfortable and relaxed together. He’d even loosened up and joined in a few times. She was nothing if not adventurous, and wanted to try any new positions she may have found online. She loved toys, and when I told her that I did, too, we launched a whole new string of experiments. In her mouth, in her ass, between her tits or in her pussy, she wanted a cock or a toy everywhere. Fruits, vegetables, liquor, syrups and sauces, she loved to be covered and then licked clean. Now that we’d added a second cock to the equation and further multiplied the number of possibilities, it was tough to think of something I knew about that we hadn’t tried.

We were all naked and sprawled on their huge sofa, drinking wine and lazily stroking and licking each other. Her fingertip was now very slowly gliding up and down my fully erect cock, teasing the swollen head. Looking right into my eyes, she knew there was little chance I’d say no to whatever she asked. Besides, what could she ask that I şişli escort wouldn’t want to do or hadn’t already done? I knew she wasn’t into pain or humiliation, and she’d already tried and rejected watersports, so the odds were that whatever it was, I’d love it.

“Mmmmmmm,” I whispered huskily in reply, “you know I can’t say no with your finger on my trigger like that. Tell me…tell me what it is.”

Rubbing my precum into the tight skin of my cockhead, she grinned at me wickedly. She’d known all along I’d say yes, and wanted me to know that she’d known.

“Suck his cock,” she said. “I want you to suck Sal’s cock for me.”

“You want me to what?” I said, sitting up. Well, she got me again. This was something out of left field; I never even considered a possibility like this.

“You know how to suck a cock, silly,” she teased, “you’ve certainly watched me closely enough . Now I want you to suck him. I want you to suck my husband’s cock, and swallow his cum.”

Damn. My mind wasn’t working fast enough, between the wine and her hand, which now gripped my cock loosely and was stroking me slowly. I probably had one brain cell
available for clear thought, and I couldn’t find it. She stopped stroking and gripped tightly, squeezing hard. “Well?” she asked, “will you? For me?” She took my hand and placed it on her pussy. “Feel how wet the thought of it makes me. I want to see his cock disappearing into your mouth.”

I tried to think…I’d never done anything with another man. Not even the typical adolescent experiments like jacking each other off. Hell, except for the things the three of us had done, I’d never even had a naked hard-on in front of another man. But as I felt her drenched pussy, I could tell she was very turned on. I felt her squeezing my cock. I felt the wine’s buzz. My thought processes shifted from above my shoulders to below my waist. “What the hell,” I said. “You mean right now?”

I turned and looked over at Sal, on Laura’s other side. He hadn’t said a word while she made her pitch, or while I was doing my best imitation of thinking. What did Sal think
about this newest demand? I looked down at his cock, not quite completely hard, lying along his thigh as he sat on the sofa.

His face gave nothing away. Sal never really said a whole lot while the three of us were fucking and sucking. The strong, silent type. Our first time together, it amazed me how long he could stroke his cock without cumming. Once he started joining in, he showed that he could fuck just as long before he’d cum. Now that’s a skill mecidiyeköy escort I wish I could duplicate! But what did he think about having a man gobble his cock? About me gobbling his cock?

“Sal, are you cool with this?” I asked him.

“Hey, you want to tell this one no?” he asked, pointing his wineglass at Laura. “She wants to see you suck my cock, I’m thinking, how come you ain’t suckin’ yet?” And he winked at me.

Well, I guess it’s decided, then, I thought. I got up from my side of the sofa, leaning over to give Laura a deep, hungry kiss and brush my fingertips across her nipples as I moved toward Sal. I sat between Laura and Sal, gave her a wink and leaned over. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. It was uncut and an inch or so longer than mine. I watched as it grew to its full size quickly. Sal spread his legs wider to let me in, and I could feel Laura get up from the sofa to move around for a better view.

I leaned all the way into him and took his cockhead into my mouth. Trying to remember some of Laura’s tricks, I clamped my lips tight round him and bobbed up and down, popping my lips back and forth across the rim. I twirled my tongue as best I could, but it felt clumsy. Maybe this isn’t as easy as it looks, I considered to myself. I kept my hand pumping up and down and pushed down to take more into my mouth. Leaning on my other forearm, I cupped his sack in my free hand, letting it roll gently while I found my rhythm. Hand and mouth working together, trying to get the tongue action working, I started sucking in earnest. I felt Laura come closer, but couldn’t see her. I could clearly hear her, though. If I hadn’t picked up on her excitement from her dripping cunt, her
eager repeating whisper near my ear clearly gave it away. “Damn, baby, that’s it. Suck that cock. Suck his cock. Suck it.”

And I sucked his cock. Sal was pumping with my rhythm…I couldn’t tell how into this he was. He wasn’t exactly fucking my mouth, but he wasn’t just laying still, either. His cock was rock hard now, and I tasted the beads of pre-cum. Not much taste to pre-cum, I discovered…nothing too bad so far. My pace was steady, not fast but not slow either. Hand gripping his shaft and pumping up and down with my mouth, cupping and rolling his balls. No sounds from Sal up to that point, but he didn’t make a lot of noise during any of our other romps so that wasn’t much of a surprise. I felt a hand wrap around mine on Sal’s cock, and recognized Laura’s fingernails.

She was joining in the action and, if her picking up the rhythm was any indication, she wanted to see the fireworks sooner rather than later. I started sucking faster and harder,
twisting my mouth back and forth as I drove it up and down Sal’s cock. Sal was finally showing signs of life, too, thrusting harder into my mouth with his hips. I was glad I had my fist wrapped around his shaft; it kept him from slamming right down my throat. The whole time Laura kept chanting in that husky, aroused voice, “Suck that cock, suck his damn cock.” I gradually picked up the pace, trying to make him cum. My jaw was beginning to ache; those muscles clearly weren’t used to this type of workout. Up and down, sucking him, feeling his cockhead ride the roof of my mouth as it pumped in and out. I was remembering how long Sal usually lasted and wondering if my jaw was going to last as long as he did. That was when I felt Sal’s hands on my head, pushing me down onto his shaft and holding me there. He thrust in and his cock exploded in my mouth, spewing a stream of cum into my mouth. I gagged hard and tried to back off but his hands held me there. Gulping frantically, I swallowed as much as I could, the rest running past my lips and down my chin.

After awhile, Sal’s spasms stopped, and he let go of my head. Before I could move, though, Laura took my head in her hands and pulled me off Sal’s softening cock. She pulled me back and kissed me hard, driving her tongue into my mouth, lapping and sucking the remnants of Sal’s load out. I kissed her just as hard in return, using my tongue to push what was left in my mouth into hers. When she’d had enough, she let me go just as suddenly as she’d grabbed me and collapsed onto the sofa.

“Baby,” she whispered, panting, “that was sooo hot. I wasn’t sure you’d do it. Everyone we’ve been with before said no to doing that, and I wasn’t sure you would, either. I’m so glad you did, baby, sooo glad. It was even better than I thought it would be.”

Damn, I thought to myself. I wasn’t sure I’d had much of a choice, and she wasn’t sure I’d go along. And I thought I knew her so well…thought she knew all along that I’d say yes. How long had she been playing me? Oh, well. So now I’m a cocksucker, I thought, and giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Laura wondered.

“Nothing,” I replied. “Pass me the wine.”

We’re still seeing each other as often as our schedules will allow. Laura still looks for and finds new positions and tricks to try. The one thing we do every time we get together to play is suck Sal’s cock together. I’d never admit this in public, but I’ve grown to like sucking cock, especially with an enthusiastic partner like Laura. I’m still not entirely sure how much Sal likes it, but he goes along with it every time…and now I swallow it all.

Damn, life is good.

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