Her Will Be Done Pt. 01

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So it had finally come to pass, here I was on my knees, with my wife who has been training me up for this for years, looking at me with her expectant eyes.

Then her words, “tell everyone what you are going to do for me, and what I am going to do to you whilst you are attending to your duty.”

I gave her a pleading look but, as I already knew, it was futile and her glare instilled my thoughts.

I looked around the room and uttered the words I had realistically never believed would pass my lips.

“I’m about to please my mistress by sucking this man’s cock until he cums down my throat and on my face.”

“And” she prompted.

“And she is going to milk my cock by grasping this dildo and using it with her hand to fuck my arse and rub my perineum until my cock dribbles cum onto the floor.”

“And,” she said again.

“And, if any women wants to get their husband to use my mouth or arse they are more than welcome.”

My mistress smiled and nodded

her head. “Good, now…begin. Please me and maybe you won’t get cucked this evening”

This was always an ongoing threat, cuckolding. But it was always threatened in the most radical way.

Fluffing men for her, licking her pussy to get it sopping wet, holding her lips open on demand, licking her cum off cocks that had been fucking her and of course, her favourite, the creampie ısparta escort of multiple ejaculations. But it had never come to pass; yet.

“BEGIN,” she yelled.

I looked at her, I looked around the room, I looked up at the man whose hard cock was millimetres from my face, everyone was expectant.

I opened my mouth and began to slowly move toward his cock, as my lips touched the swollen head I felt her hands on the back of my head, she pushed me down and his cock went straight down my throat. She pulled me back by the hair and pushed me down again, his hard cock sliding into my throat again, his balls slapping my chin.

Again and again she used my mouth to replicate a pussy for this mans huge hard cock.

Saliva and precum dripped from my face and landed on my now penis which was now as hard as the one fucking my mouth. One word crossed my mind when I noticed how hard I was…FUCK!

I knew what was coming. My mistress loved this. She always teased me about it, and my cock got hard when she did, which only exacerbated the situation and her enjoyment.

“Jesus fucking Christ, look,” she exclaimed in sarcastic bewilderment and pulled my head away from the balls resting on my chin, she had ordered me to lick whilst she rubbed the shaft of his cock through the skin of my neck.

“And you want everyone to believe you’re not actually istanbul escort a cock sucking, cum loving, faggot who loves cock in his arse.”

Although her words were directed at me, she spoke to the crowd who were becoming entranced by her.

‘poor pricks’ I thought.

She is an enchantress.

“Look at how fucken hard his cock is the cock loving faggot. Show everyone just how hard you are from sucking on this cock,” she ordered, pulling my head backwards to give everyone a better view.

“You never get this hard when I allow you to fuck me,” she laughed. “Although to be fair, you do get this hard when I fuck your arse and mouth so I probably shouldn’t be so surprised,” she sniggered.

She didn’t even have to tell me to…

“Sucking cock makes me get hard because I’m so turned on by big, hard throbbing cocks that are full of the hot cum I want to swallow and have shot on my face and up my arse,” I confessed looking each man and woman in the eye as the words left my mouth.

“Why do you love huge, erect penises so much, as compared to say, a juicy pussy,” she enquired.

“Because I’m a dirty, slutty cock loving faggot,” I replied.

“How come,” she asked.

“Because my mistress turned me into her cock slut. She trained me to love cock and cum by fucking my arse and mouth with her quiver of cocks as izmir escort she explained every detail of forthcoming events,”

My answer was directed more to the gallery of onlookers than my mistress, much like a defendant speaking directly to the judge even though it was the lawyer that had asked the question.

The words had barely left my mouth when she grabbed my head, held my mouth open and uttered the words I heard many times before.

“Fuck his mouth until you cum deep into his throat. Use him. He loves it,”

And with that my throat was once again filled with cock. He fucked my mouth hard as she held my head in place. He pulled it out slapped my face with it before ramming me again, his balls smacking into my chin.

He began to groan and she cheered him on. “Yeah, that’s it, fill him with your cum. Fuck him harder. Use the slut.”

He pumped harder and faster into my mouth until he let out a huge moan and she gripped the sides of my head and laughed as he shot his huge, hot sticky load of cum into my mouth. After his first pulsation down my throat my head was ripped away so everyone could enjoy watching the remainder spurt onto my face.

She grabbed his cock after he had finished and put it back into my mouth.

I then heard her invite her muse to look at me, covered in cum with a softening cock in my mouth and allow themselves their depraved thoughts to become a reality.

“Suppression of desire is forbidden within my realm,” was all she had to say. Not one more word.

Everyone understood, including me!

But none of us, including me, had any idea of what was to cum.

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