Hiding in Plain Sight Ch. 01

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30-year-old Deshaun Braxton couldn’t believe the situation that he’d gotten himself into. He’d gone to Atlanta for Alpha Phi Alpha’s Regional convention to handle business and had gotten into a complicated situation.

Deshaun was the youngest member of his fraternity elected to a position as prestigious as his. He was an influential individual when it came to overseeing membership intake within his region. Because of this, he worked hard to protect his reputation and kept a positive image amongst his brotherhood.

Life as a closeted man wasn’t easy. Deshaun found himself having to stifle most of his feelings, hiding his true self from the people in his life them to maintain his privacy and uphold the reputation that he’d built for himself.

Unfortunately, being in Atlanta (where there is a heightened presence of Black Gay men like himself) posed a problem. As a severely closeted man, he’s worked so hard to deflect attention away from his sexuality. His lack of a mate wasn’t ever questioned by his peers because he kept himself so immersed in Alpha that people assumed that he just wasn’t interested in settling down.

When he checked into the Marriott (a week ahead of the convention to work with the regional board to set up for the conference), he looked around and his spirit dropped. He surveyed the lobby as he saw men adorned in professional attire, accented in Royal Purple and Old Gold. These were clearly men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity incorporated. He decided to ask the desk worker what was going on.

“Excuse me ma’am, is there a conference going on? I’m here to check in early to set up for my fraternity’s conference next week and I wasn’t expecting another conference to still be going on.” He said, visibly agitated.

“Yes sir! There is a conference going on. It was included in the original email that went out to your organization. Their conference ends in two days but it shouldn’t prevent you from making sure your conference is set up by the time brothers begin arriving next Thursday. I apologize for the inconvenience.” The desk worker said as she handed him his room key, which was located on the eleventh floor.

“No worries ma’am. Thank you for the transparency, I must have missed that email.” He said, as he grabbed his suitcase and turned around to survey the lobby once again.

He stood in awe as he witnessed the Omega men congregate. He wanted to go to his room, but he couldn’t help scanning the room with his eyes, with his eyes routinely falling on the strong jawline of a man, of his chest, but most specifically, the bulges in the crotch area of their pants.

His eyes landed on a young man, obviously a collegiate member. He was in mid conversation with two men (presumably fraternity members). His athletic frame filled out his tuxedo quite nicely. The young man resembled NFL player Odell Beckham Jr., down to the blonde curly high-top haircut that Odell Beckham was known for.

Deshaun felt his dick harden and a tingle in his ass as he took in the man’s beauty. Mid conversation, the young man turned his direction and made eye contact with Deshaun.

For a moment, the world stood still as they locked eyes. The young man istanbul escort looked down at Deshaun’s clothes, winked and turned back to his conversation. Whew. He may have been young, but THAT was a man. A man with a face that he’d gladly sit his ass on.

“I need to get to my room.” Deshaun said to himself, as he realized his dick was now fully hard. Luckily, no one noticed as everyone in the lobby was focused on the conference or non-conference-attendants were focused on getting to their rooms.

As Deshaun settled into his hotel room’s warm bed, he pulled out his phone to check his prospects. He refused to hook up with men while his own fraternity conference was going on, but he was here a week early. He needed to get some dick. In a perfect world, one of those fine ass Omega men would be in his bedroom piping him down but he knew Omega men were least likely to fuck around with other men.

When he opened the Jack’d app on his iPhone, his jaw dropped. He wasn’t born yesterday – there were at least 40 profiles within a 0,05 mi radius and they all had various “Que Dog” related implications – dog emoji’s, lightning symbols, names that implied that they were DL members of Omega Psi Phi. There was a selection of Omega men in this VERY hotel that were looking to fuck around with other men and Deshaun couldn’t be more excited.

Omega men were the archetype for hyper-masculine men – they were stereotyped for being freaks in the sheets and being the ‘man’s man”. He had yet to meet any Gay members of their org and they swore that they didn’t have any gay men in their organization. That, obviously wasn’t true.

At that moment, Deshaun knew that one of them would be fucking him tonight. He went to his bathroom and begin cleaning himself out (Ira be prepared) as he perused the various profiles. Just passing through them, most profiles were private and sending messages was getting to be quite annoying. He looked at the time – it was now 10PM. An hour had passed by and after a couple of dry conversations with men that were too scared to unlock their photos, he wasn’t any closer to finding his hook up for the night when he got a notification.

Someone with the username “Odell BecQUEham Jr” had sent him a message. There wasn’t much to the profile, outside of his name and age (21). He checked the message, which said “What are you looking for Bruh” followed by unlocking his pictures.

Unimpressed by the generic reply, Deshaun opened up the stranger’s profile and was immediately taken aback. The profile belonged to the young man that he’d locked eyes with in the hotel lobby.

“OH MY GOD!” The Deshaun said as he realized that the person that he was chatting with was the very man that he openly checked out in the lobby. He had two full body pics, and one glorious photo of his nice, caramel dick.

Deshaun didn’t unlock his pics immediately. He decided to finish cleaning himself out while figuring out his next step.

He decided that he needed to maintain his anonymity – he decided to send the young man a nude of his ass (taken in his one-bedroom condo in front of Black and Gold blanket) and his room number.

“Come get that dick sucked. esenyurt escort I’m in 1117.” Deshaun typed as he put on a pair of all black Calvin Klein briefs to wear under his customs black and gold robe.

The young man immediately replied. “Bet. Coming upstairs now. Be ready.” He said.

Deshaun immediately got nervous, realizing that he had Alpha paraphernalia all over his room. He rushed around his hotel room, hiding what he could (overlooking his conference registration folder with his name and Fraternity title, which was sitting next to the sink.)

Comfortable with his effort to conceal his identity, he sat on his bed when there was a soft knock on his door. He rushed to the door and said “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Odell.” The young man said, chuckling. He was clearly nervous.

Deshaun opened the door quickly ushered the young man into the room. Time had passed since the cocktail hour in the lobby had ended – the young man was now in loungewear.

“You’re fine as hell, wasn’t expecting you to be a bit older, man.” The young man said, walking up to Deshaun as his dick began to get hard.

“Thank you. I wasn’t expecting your young sexy ass to get down with men. Especially not an Omega man like yourself.” Deshaun said, as he removed his robe, revealing his thick, muscular body.

“Oh shit, damn.” The young man said, as he immediately began undressing himself.

The two of them didn’t mince words -further. Neither of them had even talked sexual positions but the young man was pleasantly surprised when Deshaun had him sit on the edge of the bed and kneeled between his legs, in preparation of sucking his dick.

The young man lay back on Deshaun’s king size bed, spreading his legs as Deshaun took his hard dick into his hand. Deshaun guided it to his mouth and began sucking.

For the next 30 minutes, Deshaun showed the young man what years of practice and sucking dicks behind the scenes at various Alpha conferences had taught him. He was skilled when it came to giving head and the young man couldn’t hang with all of Deshaun’s expertise. The young man groaned aloud as he tossed his head back into Deshaun pillows, enjoying the hot and wet mouth that was massaging his dick. He was so focused on the blowjob until he looked towards the wall and saw a black and gold wristband, worn exclusively by members of Alpha Phi Alpha. The young man instantly realized that he was hooking up with a fellow Greek.

Deshaun was oblivious to the young man’s realization as he focused on the blowjob. He was happy and at peace, sucking on the young man’s dick. He always had to repress his sexual side and tonight he got to suck on a nice round dick, and hopefully swallow a load of cum. He was in heaven. So much that he didn’t hear the young man moaning.

“Shit man!” the young man moaned, looking down over his chest as Deshaun bobbed his head, getting more and more of the dick wet with saliva. The young man watched for a while as the masculine Alpha man gave him the blowjob of a lifetime.

As he felt the young man’s dick begin to pulse, he found himself pulling off of the dick to lick the shaft, painting it beylikdüzü escort up and down with his tongue before taking it back into his hot mouth. He pulled the dick out of his mouth and began to lick on the head when the young man felt his orgasm coming. This was the breaking point for the young man.

“Oh fuck!!” The young man moaned as he bust his nut all over Deshaun’s lips and face. Deshaun began licking the cum off his lips as the young man continued to blow a thick load of cum on his lips.

Deshaun continued to clean up the cum from the young man’s dick as the young man came down from his orgasm. He rose up from the bed, seeing the mess that he made of his hook up partner’s face.

Deshaun turned to a mirror and they both laughed, as neither of them expected this to happen.

Now, things were awkward. The young man lingered, looking for other clues as to the older man’s fraternity affiliation. It didn’t matter to him that the man was Greek but the older man had made such a big deal of him being a DL Omega man that he needed some leverage over the man to ensure that they hooked up again before the Omega conference ended.

Deshaun had gone to wash his face, overlooking the Alpha Regional Conference binder with his name and title that lay adjacent to it. When he returned, the young man was fully dressed in his t-shirt and grey sweats, ready to go.

“Well, thanks for joining me tonight. I normally don’t mess with younger men but I had to make an exception for you.” Deshaun said, sitting on the bed.

“Yeah, I’m glad I came up, we should do this again before I leave.” The young man said, scanning the room for something to identify the man with. He saw the binder by the sink and got up.

“I don’t know about all of that.” Deshaun replied, unsure if that was a good idea.

“Why not? I really enjoyed what we did.” The young man said, seeing the Alpha Phi Alpha shield embroidered on a duffle bag that had been lazily hidden under an armchair. His suspicions were right. Whoever this man was, he was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

“Mind if I wash my hands and clean off my dick?” The young man asked, laughing.

“Sure.” Deshaun said, unsure of what came next.

“My name is Jason by the way. didn’t get your name.” The young man said, as he reached the sink and turned on the faucet, while stealing a glance at the older man’s binder.

He took one of Deshaun’s business cards out of the binder’s business card sleeve. While Deshaun was distracted, he took a pen that was sitting by the sink and wrote his number on the back of the business card.

“Nice to meet you Jason. I’m-” Deshaun started, as Jason interrupted him.

“You’re Deshaun Braxton, Regional Membership Coordinator for Alpha. That’s dope.” Jason replied.

“Wait, how did you figure that out?” Deshaun said, taken aback as he began looking around the room to figure out where he’d fucked up.

“You left this out.” Jason said as he tucked the binder under his arm and headed for the door.

“This seems important to you and I want us to hook up again. I left my number on your business card, I hope I hear from you in the next three days.” Jason said as he power-walked out of the room and before Deshaun could reach the door, he was gone and out of sight.

Deshaun went over to the sink and looked at the business card, with Deshaun’s number written on it.

“Damn.” He said to himself, reading the number as the taste of Jason’s cum lingered on his tongue.

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