Hirsute Katy

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Last week I had gone swimming to a lovely beach near Bombay. It was secluded and my best friend Katy said she would come with me too. I hadn’t shaved my armpits since I was a teenager and in the past fifteen years it had grown to quite enormous proportions. The thick jet-black bushy hair in my unshaven armpits was a sight especially when I raised my arms overhead.

I hadn’t known Katy for long but she was very beautiful and I longed to seduce her. I knew that she was depressed, as she had broken up with her boyfriend.

As we drove to my beach house I looked at her. She was in a traditional Indian sari. Her blouse was tight and her breasts seemed large and appetizing. I longed to put my mouth and suck at her succulent melons. I wondered if she was hairy. Was her pubic hair thick and bushy like mine or was it trimmed. Her sleeved blouse did not show whether her armpits were hairy. How I longed it to be thick and bushy and whether she liked hairy women. How would she react when she saw my hirsute body?

I put my thoughts bursa escort bayan behind me as we reached the house. She went to her room to unpack. I called to her to put on her swimsuit while I went to my room to change. She soon called to me “Bela why don’t we go to the pool instead of the beach, we can go to the beach tomorrow” I wondered why and quickly changed into my bikini.

As I went to the pool I noticed that she had her arms pressed to her side. She asked me “Do you have a razor.”

“Why” I answered. She said “I want to shave my underarms as I couldn’t shave it before coming.”

“Wow” I said “neither have I shaved in the past fifteen years” I said as I lifted my arms “Look at my bushy armpits” She put her hands to her mouth as stared at my uncovered armpits the jet black bushy hair jutting out of my armpits. As looked towards my panties, the pubic hair was also clearly visible from the sides and the top of my bikini. She exclaimed, “I have never seen anybody as hairy as you”

I then bent and kissed Katy deeply nilüfer escort in her mouth. She sucked in my tongue just the same way. Then I kissed her on both of her bare shoulders. Her hairy armpits having a special attraction to me. She then pulled down her bikini bottom just enough to uncover her bushy pubes. Was her pussy hair as thick and as hairy as her armpit hair?

I got on my knees and licked at the top of her bikini. Katy now had her hands behind her head exposing both of her sexy bushy armpits. I wanted desperately to run my tongue through that gorgeous black tuft of armpit hair, but I buried my nose in the middle of her thick black pussy hair. I moaned out loud at the strong musky scent of her pubes. I took several strands of hair between my teeth. Katy moaned out slightly herself as I did this. She moaned even louder as I ran my tongue all around in her beautiful bush and munched on her pubes with my hungry mouth.

I removed her bikini top so I could feel her huge pair of tits against my chest. türbanlı escort Katy’s tits fell out of the top. Katy’s tits fascinated me. They were huge. I played with them for what seemed like hours, kissing all around one tit while playing with the other, as I tugged at her tufty armpits.

She looked at my pussy hair sticking out the bottom of my bikini. She said that my pussy was so thick and bushy there was even hair growing on the inside of my thighs that was also sticking out my bikini. I looked down toward her pubic area. She smiled at me as she pulled back the bottom of her bikini so I could see her cunt in its entire furry splendor.

Katy once again lifted up her arms to expose her very hairy armpits. She said she sometimes went for months without shaving her armpits. I found myself loving the sight of her s unshaven pits

I told her I wanted her to lick my bushy armpits” Have you done it before”

“No” she said. “Do you want to lick my hairy underarms?” I asked her. “Yes,” Katy replied, her voice almost speaking to herself, as she nodded her head. “Would you like to have a lick?” She moaned out a simple and lustful, “Yes.”

I lowered my armpits and she stuck out her tongue and has a lick, her tongue grazed the thick bushy hair. Was I in seventh heaven?

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