Holiday Encounter

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This is a short story about an experience I had whilst on holiday in the Lake District. I was at the bar, drinking on my own and generally minding my own business whilst watching a film on the hotel TV. Suddenly I realised that I wasn’t alone any more. Turning around I discovered that an attractive girl in her mid twenties was standing beside me waiting to be served. Immediately we made eye contact and she gave a stunning smile. I could feel my cock hardening straight away. She was tall, around six feet in height, with short brown hair with tight curls. Her large brown eyes gazed into mine as I returned her smile and instantly I knew I was on to a winner.

To cut a long story short, we got chatting and had a few drinks. This turned into a couple more drinks and by the time the hotel bar closed around 2am, we were both quite intoxicated. As they started to turn off the lights she turned to face me and caught me quite obviously staring at her large breasts hidden from sight by her brown coloured blouse. Giving me a big grin she asked if I would like to walk her back to her room. Reddening in embarrassment I nodded in agreement and got up from the table.

The trip to her room was a long one, her room being located at the far end of the long hotel complex. We were almost there when suddenly she stopped in the hallway, turned to look me in the eye and said, “Do you want to fuck me?”

For a second I couldn’t say anything, my mind reeling at the offer. Stupidly, in all my drunken brain could manage was “Yes, sure.” This was made worse by my follow up. “You’re gorgeous. I’d love to fuck you”.

Her eyes flashed with excitement at my reply. Grabbing my hands she pulled my close and we embraced with our first kiss. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and it was a second before I could match the strength of her passion. I rolled my own tongue over hers tasting her full lips in the process. Suddenly she pushed me away and whilst looking into my eyes said, “We can’t use my room as I’m sharing it with somebody. Where is yours?”

I replied that I was actually stopping at a different hotel a block away down the road and had only come in here to use the bar facilities.

“Where can we do it?” she asked hoarsely “I need fucking now!”

“Follow me,” I said grabbing her hand and pulling her down the corridor.

The place was deserted and we passed no one as we proceeded down the long hallway. At its end, a fire door gave us access into a short stairwell leading up to the next level.

“Here will do,” I offered, waving my spare hand at the stairs.

“No. We can’t do it here somebody will catch us.”

“Like who? Nobody is around,” I replied. The look on her face showed that she didn’t believe me. It was then I suddenly had a naughty idea. I was bursting for a piss with all the beer inside me and this izmit escort seemed like a literal golden opportunity.

“Look, this will prove that nobody is around,” I said fumbling at my jeans zipper. Within seconds I had freed my hardened cock from its restraint inside my boxer shorts and was aiming it in the direction of the carpeted stairway. Normally it would have taken me forever to start pissing, especially with a girl watching me and being half erect as well. However, as I had already mentioned, on this occasion I was absolutely bursting to go and within mere seconds I was sending a thick stream of my golden piss through the air in the direction of the staircase. My new girlfriend gasped as the first of my piss started to land on the light coloured cream carpet, instantly starting to cause a growing stain as more and more of my yellow pee rained down over it.

“Oh god, that’s gorgeous!” she whispered taking in the sight of my pee stream squirting out of my dick. My fountain of piss was now pattering down quite strongly over the bottom two steps, the carpet now showing a large damp stain where my urine had soaked into the material.

I was in heaven! The ease in my bladder was incredible as I slowly emptied my piss over the floor. Taking a slash in front of this hot young woman who wanted to fuck my brains out was also an awesome plus factor. I was still hosing down the stairs with my piss when suddenly I felt the warmth of my girlfriend’s body sliding up next to mine.

“I want to hold it,” she whispered seductively in my ear as her long fingers slid around my cock forcing away my own hand. This was a new dimension for me. I’d never had a girl hold my cock whilst I pissed before and I realised now what a thrill I had been missing out on.

Trying to relax as much as possible in case my erection forced me to stop peeing, I watched on with glee as I witnessed my cock being used like a miniature fire hose. She started waving it in all directions causing my piss stream to spray all over the floor, the wallpaper, the banister and even the near-by fire extinguisher. Finally she went back to aiming my still shooting stream of hot piss all over the wall making a suitable large damp stain over its surface. I think we were both bitterly disappointed when my pee stream began to droop as I exhausted my bladder’s supply of piss.

Letting go of my cock she looked me in the eye and said “Well if you can do that here I don’t see why I can’t,” and with that she crossed over to the piss stained staircase. Taking a big step over my piss stain on the bottom two steps she quickly ran up the short staircase. As soon as she reached the top she turned to face me and immediately yanked down both her pants and cotton white panties in one go. I stared with thrill and amazement at the sight of the bushy triangle of brown kadıköy escort pubic hairs nestled in between her long creamy legs. Ignoring me she kicked off her clothes from around her ankles and sent them into a pile in the far corner. Then, whilst I watched on, she went to the top step and squatted down bringing her wide womanly bum cheeks to within inches of the floor. From my vantage point at the bottom of the stairs I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips nestled at the base of her muff. Whilst I stared on with a growing thrill, my new lady friend started to take a piss of her own.

From the base of her pussy suddenly shot out a thin stream of golden yellow urine which immediately started to broaden as she increased the force of her piss. Within seconds the spray of pee issuing out of her gorgeous muff was a veritable torrent of urine. Her yellow rain formed a thick stream of flowing yellow pee arching down to spray over the carpeted stairs beneath her position.

Now I must admit I love watching girls piss. There is something about the way a stream of pee flows out of a girls honey pot that is so wonderfully intoxicating. However to witness something like this that was on another level! Here was a girl that I had only just met, treating me to the wonderful display of her incredibly naughty piss all over the hotel stairwell.

From between her well toned legs, her golden fountain was still gushing strongly out of her vagina. Piss was flying everywhere as her yellow stream descended in a flowing arch to the carpeted steps below her. The carpet was now being subjected to its second stream of piss this night and several large damp patches had already formed where my girlfriend’s piss had landed.

Her pussy looked so incredible, nestled between her creamy thighs, with her crack parted to allow her little pee hole to shoot out its wide golden flow which was still pattering noisily over the stairway. I realised then that she was completely focused on her own pissing, her gaze fixed on the visage of her golden pee squirting out of her vagina and vandalising the staircase with a covering of her piss. I took this opportunity to reach for my cock which was now incredibly hard and erect. I started to pump myself, masturbating to the sight of the golden piss stream leaving this woman’s pussy. This must have been the most exciting thing I had ever witnessed and I could feel myself only moments away from spurting my load over the damp pee stain on the carpet which I had made myself only moments ago.

I’m not sure what made her suddenly look up and catch me wanking away. “Stop!” she half shouted over the noise her piss was making as it landed over the carpeted steps. “Don’t you dare come before you’ve fucked me!” she said in a hoarse voice. Almost immediately the kahramanmaraş escort golden fountain leaving her pussy began to droop and within seconds it had vanished.

Standing up from her toilet spot, she quickly descended the stairs. As soon as she was near I grabbed her roughly and shoved her against the wall, my rock hard prick already homing in on her moist pussy. She didn’t resist, her mouth meeting mine. My hands cupped her nude bum cheeks as I slid my long hard member into her wet tunnel. She groaned out loud, her lips breaking contact with mine as I started to slide up and down inside her pussy. Her legs were now tightly wrapped around me as we fucked hard in the hotel stairwell.

I couldn’t hold back now and my orgasm erupted inside her within a mere few seconds. The sight of her pissing over the stairs had just been too much of a thrill! I kept on pumping even though I had shot my sperm into her warm moist pussy. She continued to groan as she kept riding me. My brain was spinning, both from booze and from fatigue. I could feel my dick loosing its stiffness and the urge to pee start to build again. Seconds later I think she too arrived at orgasm. Her moans increased in pitch until she suddenly let out one loud groan and her pulsing rise and fall of her hips slowed and stopped.

All this time we had been locked in a battle of tongues, licking and flicking away. Now we parted and I stared into her fantastic brown eyes.

“That was nice,” she whispered. “Now I want you to fuck me from behind.” With that she lifted herself off my cock and placed her feet back on the floor. Turning around she presented me with the sight of her large round bum cheeks and positioned her body in a way to make it easier for me to slide into her pussy. I still wasn’t ready. My dick was still limp in my hands and I had the desperate urge to piss again. I was considering using the wall when I suddenly had a better idea where to aim my pee stream. Pointing my dick at her large naked bum I let go of my bladder urge. Within moments I was pissing and I witnessed for the first time in my life, the sight of my pee spraying over a woman’s naked flesh.

I expected outrage at my act. My hot yellow jet was now gushing strongly out of my dick and spraying over her butt cheeks. Instead she gave a contented sigh and stuck her bum out further in my direction. This was all the encouragement I needed. Squirting harder I directed my stream into the groove between her cheeks seeing my piss flow over the contours of her nude bum. Suddenly I realised that it just wasn’t my piss that was flowing down in a deluge to the carpet below. Whilst I was busily hosing down her bum, she had decided to join in and a second flow of piss was now falling earthwards. Her pee stream looked gorgeous as she pissed out of her pussy and I squirted my pee all over her naked bum.

The carpet below was now saturated with a new dark puddle where our urine had mixed together. As soon as I finished my own piss, I was sliding back into her moist pussy again. I was already back as hard as a rock and was looking forward to taking my time fucking her this time around.

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