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It was a very nice day and I decided to catch-up on some gardening. The first thing I had to do was trim my hedges. They were woefully over-grown. I pulled out the hedge-clippers and started work. Now I know how hedge-trimmers work. One thing that they tend not to do is emit a lot of smoke. Seeing that smoke I started to suspect that there might be something wrong with them. When that smoke was followed by flame I was even surer and placed the clippers down where they wouldn’t hurt anything.

OK. Maybe I didn’t exactly place them down. It was more of a case of shouting, “Holy shit,” and chucking them out onto the road, well away from me, where they would cease trying to incinerate me and melt the road, instead.

Once the fire died down I recovered the corpse and dropped it in the rubbish. Then I rang up Michael, a friend of mine. I explained my predicament and, after making sure they weren’t the catching fire type, asked if I could borrow his clippers. He was quite agreeable.

“Thing is,” he told me, “the wife and I are heading out in five minutes so there won’t be anyone home. I’ll leave the clippers on the table on the back veranda. Just trot around the back and grab them. Don’t forget to lock the gates when you leave.”

“No worries, mate,” I told him, got cleaned up a bit and headed off.

– – – –

My parents were going to be out for the day and I was supposed to go over and spend the day with Jan. I was all ready to head on over to her place when she called me. Our date was off. She’d just been asked out by Paul and when it becomes a choice of spending some girl time with an eighteen year old girl or some possibly passionate time with a nineteen year old boy it’s a case of, “Sayonara, my friend. I’ll give you all the passionate details later.”

I could relate to that. I’d probably do the same thing myself. I’d also be sure to bug Jan about how far she went with Paul and why didn’t she go further. Unless she did go further, in which case she might clam up. Or she might not, depending on how well things went.

This now left me with nothing planned for the afternoon. However, it was a fine sunny day, my parents were out so I had privacy, and no-one overlooked our back yard. These facts added up to a chance for me to do some serious tanning in private with no tan lines. I grabbed a towel, spread it on the grass out the back, stripped off, and offered myself to the sun-god.

I was feeling nice and warm, just lying on my back, feeling as though I was floating. I had some sunscreen on, enough to make sure I tanned without burning. Relaxed, with nothing to bother me, my phone playing some quiet music.

With my eyes closed I could tell when a cloud moved in front of the sun as the light against my eyelids dimmed. It couldn’t have been much of a cloud as I could still feel the glowing warmth on the rest of my body. I waited for the sun to come out from behind the cloud but it didn’t happen.

Surprised, I opened my eyes to check out just how cloudy it had gotten. The answer was, it hadn’t. There was someone standing next to me, blocking the sunlight. For some reason it didn’t even occur to me kadıköy escort that I was naked. I just looked up at this person, slightly surprised to find them in our yard.

The man moved so he was no longer blocking the sun and now that the sun wasn’t behind him I was actually able to focus on him, recognizing him. His name was David and he was a friend of my father. I only knew him casually, but I did know him so I had no reason to get upset. I waited for him to tell me why he was there.

He had an odd look on his face as he looked down at me. Initially he just looked at my face but then his head moved and I could almost feel his eyes tracking across my body. I’ve had boys check me out before but never quite like this. That’s when realisation crept up and slapped me across the back of my head. ‘That’s because no boys have ever been in a position to check you out naked’.

The thought was fully formed in a single shocking instant. I’d say I froze to the spot but I was already lying still. I will admit to not moving from the spot. Anyone with the sense that god gave to a goose would have jumped to their feet screaming and bolted for the house. Not me. I just lay there, looking back at him.

His eyes returned to my face and he seemed kind of thoughtful. Even as I watched I saw his eyes start to retrace their path. They lingered on my breasts and my nipples puckered as though he actually touched them. Drifting on down and he was looking at my groin. It occurred to me that, what with where he was standing and my legs being slightly parted, he could see all of me. I was totally exposed. Feeling his gaze on such a private place brought a rush of heat to my groin. My heart quailed at the thought I was flushing down there and he might notice.

Without saying a word he sank down onto the grass next to me. His hand reached for me, coming down on my breast. I looked at his hard, tanned, hand resting on me, looking all the darker when compared to the whiteness of my breast. He stroked my breast, seeming to take pleasure in doing it. I have to admit it felt strange to have a man touching me like that. He rubbed my nipple and I could feel it tightening even more.

Still without saying a word his hand rubbed across my breast and onto the other one where he repeated the stroking and rubbing of my nipple. After playing for a while he withdrew his hand and sat there contemplating my breasts. I was totally unprepared for him to bend over and start sucking on my nipple.

Did I say his hand felt strange? You can’t begin to imagine what it felt like when he started sucking on my nipple. The weirdest sensations seemed to ripple through me. All of a sudden it was as if the temperature had gone up a few degrees. Not only was he sucking on my nipple but his hand was once again playing with my other breast.

I have to admit I was highly aware of my breasts by this stage. They seemed to be swollen and more sensitive than I’d ever known them to be. He finally lifted his head up, withdrawing his hand at the same time. He tilted his head as though looking at the effect his touch had had on my breasts, then turned kartal escort to look more fully at me.

All I could do was look back at him. I mean, what else was I supposed to do? I was feeling hot and rather strange and just didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything.

Neither did he. His head turned and looked at my breasts again and then his gaze drifted down to my groin. So did his hand. If I was surprised when his hand closed over my breast you can imagine how much more shocked I felt when his fingers started threading their way through my little patch of fur. He was rubbing my mons, and rubbing quite firmly, I could feel the heel of his hand rubbing hard, pressing down against the bones below, making me feel his touch deep inside me. The heat down there kicked up another notch.

If I’d thought of it I might have moved my legs closer together but as it was I didn’t move. His hand left my mons, sliding between my legs, and my eyes opened wider as I felt his touch. He was rubbing my mound, his hand moving back and forth, and the strangest sensations were running through me. I found myself breathing hard.

I was momentarily distracted when his mouth sought my breasts again, kissing and sucking. Momentarily distracted only, because his hand kept up that torment down below. I nearly screamed when his fingers slipped inside me, biting my lip instead.

He kept touching me, breasts to groin to breasts and back again. His hands teased and tantalised, stirring me up, arousing me. I didn’t fully understand what was going on. Oh, I knew in an intellectual way, but emotionally I hadn’t connected. I just knew that I was excited and hot and knowing something momentous was happening to me, and I was quite accepting of this.

I think if he’d said something it would have broken the spell and I would have said something. Probably something along the lines of, “What are you doing? Get the hell away from me!” But he didn’t and I didn’t.

When he stopped touching me and stood up I actually felt a sense of loss, as though I’d been robbed of something precious. I almost protested, contenting myself with giving him a wounded look. He just smiled down at me and then his trousers fell down. When I say fell I guess he pushed them but I wasn’t really registering on his trousers. I was rather more focused on what was now revealed.

I will humbly admit that a boy or two has tried to show off their penis and implied that I should play with it, but I had always refused. Still, it gave me an idea of what an erect penis looked like. Rather small compared to the rampart cock that was now on display above me.

A toe nudged my ankle and my legs drifted further apart without me seeming to control their action. He moved between them, kneeling down, his hand rubbing my labia, moving them apart and letting them close again. He was almost lying on top of me, his hand spreading my lips even further, his other hand adjusting the position of his cock. I could feel it touching me, pressing against me, and I took a deep breath as I felt it starting to push into me.

His hands withdrew and I felt myself kurtköy escort closing over his cock and that was a strange feeling. He was leaning on his hands now, his cock pressing into me. I felt something give and it hurt. Not all that badly, but it did hurt and I made a little whimpering noise. His finger came up and touched my lips in a hushing gesture. He’d stopped pressing in for a moment but that didn’t stop me being, oh, so aware of what he was doing.

Hands closed over my breasts and I could feel his weight increasing as he leaned more heavily over me. That extra weight also started pushing him deeper, his cock slowly sinking into me, moving along my passage, stretching me, filling me.

There he was, lying on top of me, hands clamped to my breasts and his cock fully embedded in me. He should have been crushing me but he wasn’t. It just felt sort of right. I felt him move and his cock was dragging back along my passage then it stopped and returned. It was a case of, oh wow, do it again.

He did, just small movements at first, and I found myself moving with him, pressing up against him every time he pushed back into me. Talk about something wonderful. I was prepared to take a whole lot more of this. He kept moving, pulling slowly out and returning not much faster, but each withdrawal seemed to be a little bit further than the last. Finally he must have been withdrawing almost the full way and for a moment I almost panicked, thinking he would pop free.

Once he got the length right he started working on his speed. Slowly back and then, bang, he was thrusting in a lot more forcefully. I was gasping, eagerly rising to meet him, thrilling to the slap of his groin crashing into me. I think I was making little ‘ah’ sounds as he thrust into me but I couldn’t be certain. It wasn’t as though I was listening to myself. I was just reacting, living in the here and now, and the here and now consisted of this enormous cock bringing me enormous pleasure.

I was totally lost long before he finished, just moving with him in a dreamlike state, letting it happen and enjoying the pleasure of the moment.

I was still lost in that perfectly blissful state when he changed the rhythm of what he was doing. Maybe he was moving faster or something, I don’t know, but that feeling of peaceful bliss started to change. It quickly developed into wild excitement and I was almost screaming as I bounced about under him. Then I did scream as I just seemed to catch fire and I had an honest to god climax, with me shrieking with surprise as it tore through me.

I lay there as he got up and pulled his trousers up. I couldn’t have moved if you’d paid me. He bent down and dropped a hard kiss on my lips and then he was leaving, stopping to grab my father’s hedge trimmer off the back veranda. He held it up so I could see it and then he was gone.

I just stayed right where I was and, truth be known, I was feeling incredibly smug. I’d been right royally fucked and by a man, not a boy. Ha, wait until Jan told me about her date with Paul. I bet I could top her story.

– – –

I headed on home and got to work on the hedges. A very nice set of clippers, they were. I took a note of the brand because I was going to have to replace my own at some stage. I couldn’t expect Michael to lend me his every time I needed some.

I made a note to return these ones the next day, hopefully when Michael and his missus were out.

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