Hot Sex in Madrid Ch. 02

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Before going any further, I recommend you read ‘Hot Sex in Madrid’ if you have not already, before reading this sequel. It sets the scene for what happened next.

After telling you all the florid details of the raucous sex that took place on that searing hot night in Madrid, it seemed inappropriate to then go on to describe what happened between Anne and myself afterwards. What happened between us was so utterly different from the torrid, animalistic fucking of the earlier part of the night. My experience with Ann was so intimate and personal. I was hesitant to divulge the details of that particular episode.

However, several of you have now asked me to continue recounting the event s of that memorable night of explorative sex, and I have decided to share the story of this totally unexpected turn of events with you. I cannot understand why I am so, almost bashful about telling this tale, but perhaps in the telling it will become clearer to me and perhaps to you too.


Anne’s soft moan and the feeling of her responsive nipple springing to life, was totally unexpected. I froze, staring up towards the dimly lit ceiling. The sounds of the city drifted languidly through the open window, the heat carrying scents and sounds as it settled on our damp bodies. To be honest I was confused, was she actually reacting to me, or was Juan touching her from the other side?

Suddenly wide awake and senses alert, I felt a slight pressure as her hand tapped gently on my right thigh. Her head turned towards me and as if drawn by a magnet, my head turned to face her. My expression must have been amusing because her face suddenly crumpled into a grin and a long finger came up to “sush” her lips. She rolled her eyes towards the slumbering silhouette of Juan beside her and again pressed her finger to her mouth and gave a quick conspiratorial wink. All of a sudden we were allies, linked not by the shared events of the evening, but by a swift silent pact to keep this between ourselves, whatever ‘this’ was.

As we lay looking at each other in silence, she lifted her finger from her lips with a tiny pursing movement, amounting to a kiss. Her gaze drifted down to my breasts, and very slowly brought that glistening fingertip towards my large brown areola. It seemed to take an age, and in that tiny moment I realised that I was longing for her touch, my own nipples now hugely erect and straining for contact. I couldn’t help gasping as her finger encircled first one nipple then the other. I was acutely aware of Juan and Paco on either side of us, but my very essence was now focused on that gentle straying hand and longing for more. Instinctively sensing my need she spread her hand wide and smoothed it around the whole orb of my heavy breast, taking its weight and squeezing gently. I was transported by the flood of excitement which that soft touch stimulated. Not the grabbing, illegal bahis pawing of Juan’s rough hands, but the lightness of her pressure relaxed and excited me at the same time. My body wanted to turn towards her, I was fascinated and desperate to see how it felt to lick and kiss her soft mouth. I was incredulous that I could be feeling so completely turned on by the soft touch of a woman, my curiosity burned almost as much as my newly inflamed pussy. My imagination flew into what else I could explore with my own ravenous mouth, and I was lost.

At that very moment Paco gave a snort and turned to face outwards. I seized the opportunity and motioned her to get up slowly with me. We edged to the bottom of the bed and stifling a giggle, crept out of the bedroom and through to the stuffy living room. The heavy smell of Juan’s strong ‘Gitana’ cigarettes lingered in the air, a ghostly reminder of his presence next door.

I inched the creaky door shut, sighing with relief to feel we were in a space where we could be ourselves. The rough machismo of the Spanish men suddenly felt oppressive and somehow sordid. I longed for her soft light touch, and as we stood looking at each other’s nakedness, sensing a complicit understanding borne of two people coming from the same origin. I relaxed and gazed unashamedly at her beautiful body. Although I have always enjoyed the female form, this appraisal was something entirely new for me, and I suspected for her too. I feasted my eyes on her long lean limbs, so shapely and light. Her small firm breasts stood proudly displaying those succulent cherries, floating up and down with each deep breath.

As she moved towards me I noticed the gentle sway of slim hips, pivoting around a gold triangle of soft pubic hair. For a fleeting moment I felt self conscious as she reached her arms out and glided her hands over my hips and round to my bottom. As our bodies came closer together, our breasts were the first point of contact. Both of us shuddered at the touch and I pressed her into my softness, my large tits squashing against her smooth skin. Our mouths found each other and kissed. The softness astounded me. Lips and tongues explored and caressed, passionate but with a sensitivity which I had never experienced before. I was ravenous for more of these sensations.

I led her over to the couch and laid her down, a cushion under her head and her long legs spread languorously along the length of the rough red seat. I wanted to be all over her body at once, but we were so silent and connected that it seemed inappropriate to rush. I realised that not one word had been spoken, despite the irony that we finally had someone who spoke the same language to communicate with. The channels of communication were wide open and flowing freely without the need for words. My pussy was also flowing freely, lubricating my jutting clitoris, and clamouring for illegal bahis siteleri attention.

I slowly stroked her sweet tits and finally drew her buds into my mouth, thrilling over how deliciously soft and smooth her skin was. Her body flowed and moved, her hands sliding through my tousled hair and over my shoulders as I bent down to suck her breast. Her movements became more urgent and I knew what she needed now. My hand smoothed along the long line of her waist and slipped between her firm thighs. My fingers found glorious wet lips, her whole pussy soft, hot and creamy slick. Knowing how wonderful it feels to have your cunt lapped by an eager lover, I could barely wait to taste her juice and bury myself in that downy pelt.

I shifted her hips round to enable her legs to spread over my shoulders. Taking her tight butt cheeks in my hands, I raised her up, exposing her glistening cunt for me to explore. I nibbled at her labia, my whole mouth and chin smearing in her flowing juices. She tasted vaguely of almonds as well as an oyster flavour which I recognised from my own juices, a sweet musky smell. My tongue lapped and ran around the contours of her cunt lips. It felt like licking soft ice cream, delving into silky folds. I then slid upwards to find an incredible shaft of clit. I could feel its base about 2cm from the tip. My tongue eased along its length and finally sucked gently on the engorged head. Anne couldn’t help letting out a stifled groan as I sucked and kissed her. I was amazed just how similar to sucking a cock this was, but the main delight was yet to come.

I knew from my own experience that I couldn’t bear my clit to be left at this point, so I lubricated my thumb with her juice and massaged her knob while my rigid tongue poked hungrily into her tight vagina. It was such an incredible sensation for me to be filling the hole, instead of being filled by cock. I rode my tongue in and out fucking her as if with a miniature penis. She had become frantic and was writhing about, the cushion now over her mouth trying to drown the gasps and groans escaping from her. Intent on taking her over the edge I withdrew my tongue. I pushed two fingers up her and continued fucking her cunt while I flicked at her clit with my remorseless tongue until she went completely rigid, her legs clasped round my head. I could hear a long low muffled cry from beneath the cushion as I felt her pussy convulsing and streams of slippery creamy cum flowed around my fingers and over my face.

Her body gradually relaxed and she drew my head to rest on her taut belly. Her hands stroked my hair and I heard a whispered “Oh my God.”

“Hmmm…” I responded, not quite ready for words yet. I glowed in the richness of tenderness and passion. I felt magnanimous and complete, but there was also a note of disbelief running through my mind. How had all of this happened?

As canlı bahis siteleri I lay basking in the glow, she gently moved my head aside and stood up. The street light gave her an alabaster glow as she spread a throw on the rather suspect floor. We lay down together, her head resting on my chest. Now that we had the liberty and luxury of time, she started to explore me.

There are rare occasions whilst having sex with a man, when the love making is long, slow and tender. There is usually the very obvious point of focus, namely penetration and copulation, driving the proceedings. As Anne caressed, teased and soothed the generous curves of thighs, belly, hips and breasts there was no urgency, no need to move on to do anything but enjoy the sensations.

After a while we both drifted off to sleep, only to be woken an hour or so later by a cool draft coming from heavy rain fall outside. There were no other covers available, so we ‘spooned’ together to warm each other. Her hands once again roved over the swell of my hips and slid down between my thighs. My genitals pulsed as her thin fingers found my ruby button and toyed with it exquisitely. My buttocks pressed into her groin as she fondled the hot wet folds of my swelling cunt. Groaning, I turned on to my back, hungry for her mouth. Firmly she pressed my thighs apart and slid down to press her lips into my cavernous cunt. Her tongue was incredibly soft as she lapped up my cream. I arched up my hips to thrust my clit into her mouth.

She played me as if I was a musical instrument, she ran up and down my frets, playing two, three chords together with lithe fingers, lips and tongue; she was masterful. I had never known such delightful felatio. Slowly she slid a long finger towards my arse and circled round before slipping the length softly deep inside. The sensations of her tongue rubbing my engorged knob, one finger sliding into my cunt and the final digit fucking my arse sent me toppling over the edge into a wild orgasm making me feel as if I actually left my body and shot out into the thunderous night.

I had imagined that sexual satisfaction could not be achieved without the ultimate action of cock in cunt. There I lay, so sated that I couldn’t move, the sweet instrument of my rapture now stroking my belly and purring in complete fulfilment. I felt as though I had been blind. My god, a whole new realm opened up and I thrilled at the discovery of endless exciting possibilities.

We lay replete, as the rain eased and the room gradually lightened with the impending dawn. Words came quietly between us, little threads of normal communication, whispered thoughts. Sleep overtook us eventually and we slept intertwined until a very surprised Juan lumbered noisily into the room to make the morning coffee.

He told me later, that he was incredibly frustrated that he had been just through the wall and had missed ‘the action’. I say he missed the point. It had been our secret, not a show for the boys. However, I reasoned, now that I had opened Pandora’s Box it might be fun to have them squirm as they watched, but that as they say, is a different story.

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