Hotel Room

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You sit and you wait.

You are on the edge of the bed, dressed and waiting.

Slowly, quietly, the door opens and she walks in. She is young, 19 or 20, about 5 foot 4, shoulder length jet black hair, shiny and straight, it frames her beautiful face. Two big brown eyes stare at you as she tilts her head very slightly to one side. She is a little shy, a little apprehensive, she’s never done this sort of thing before but she will do anything to please you. Her cheekbones are high; as she smiles sweetly you look at her cherry red lips, full and soft.

She starts to walk towards you, slowly, deliberately, placing one foot in front of the other, her feet are bare. Her thin, yellow, cotton dress flows over her delicate curves, the hem swaying around her thighs as she moves. As you study her, you can just make-out the lines of her underwear through the light material. Her bra holds her small firm breasts still, accentuating the pert, round orbs they conceal. Her panties are cut high over her hips, their outline plunging low between her legs. The gap at the top of her inner thighs is clearly visible, framed by her panties, topped by their gusset. She stops, turns around slowly, pausing for a moment as she faces away from you. You look at her perfectly rounded bottom and feel a stirring in your loins; this is going to be wonderful. Looking her up and down, you focus again on her panty line, her flawless, tanned legs, smooth as silk, perfect, from her feet up, her legs disappear up under the loose hem of her dress, back to the line of her panties. She turns back to face you and takes another two steps. Now, only 5 feet away from you, she stops again. She gives you time to study her, to take in her beauty, look at her hair, her eyes, her luscious red lips, her delicate shoulders and arms, her breasts, her flat stomach, down to her feet, up those legs, to the hem of her loose, cotton dress, back to the lines of her white cotton panties underneath. You can just sense her perfume, light and flowery.

She turns around again, giving you another chance to take in the curves of her back, coming in from her shoulders, a dip into her lower back, the line of her panties underlining her back. She bends forwards. Her bottom is raised towards you, just out of your reach. You sit still and you study. Her arse is perfect, round and firm, you can’t take your eyes off of it. She bends further forwards, keeps her legs straight, puts her hands on the floor in front of her bare toes. Her dress rides up, revealing white cotton, her panties curving over her most intimate areas. You feel yourself stiffen.

She stands up again, turns back towards you and smiles, a loving smile, she takes the final few steps until she is inches from you. She reaches down towards your hands, you offer them to her, she takes them and places them on either side of her waist. She is slim, firm and slim, a vessel for pleasure, and tonight it’s your pleasure. Your hands are on the light cotton of her dress and you can feel the warmth of her body underneath, you pause to savour the moment.

Slowly, very slowly, you move your hands around to her back, you fingers meet just above her panties, in the depression of her lower back, you pull her closer towards you. She gasps slightly, you put your cheek on the soft material covering her flat stomach, smell her scent and start to explore her back with you hands. You move your hands up, almost to her shoulders, feel the straps of her bra as you move. She reaches both of her hands behind herself and releases the clip, the straps come apart and you move your hands higher, find the zipper at the top of her dress. You loosen it, but the dress still clings to her body. She raises her hands to the sides of her head and drags her hair up with her fingers. It falls back into place but she keeps her hands in the air, clasping them together high above her head, accentuating the curves of her body. You gradually move your hands back down her back, towards her hips, you pause above her panties. She lowers her hands, brushes one of them through your hair, leans forwards, bending so that her body moves slightly away from you. She brings her mouth down level with you ear and whispers ‘go on’ before slowly standing again.

You touch the top of her panties through the light material of her dress and you feel your cock twitch. Painfully slowly, absorbing every moment, you slide your hands down over her firm, round buttocks. You sit and hold them a second, then caress them gently, feeling around the edges of her panties as you move.

Your hands glide down the backs of her legs, over the hem of her dress, until you touch skin with skin. Her legs are smooth, warm and silk to the touch, you slide your hands down until you feel the curves at the backs of her knees, down over her calves. Moving back up, you retrace the lines, the curves of her perfect legs, back up until you reach the hem of her skirt again. You keep your hands on her skin karabük escort and slide them up under the fabric of her dress, it rides up, the light cotton resting on the backs of your hands and your wrists. You reach the edge of her panties and stop, feel the apprehension in your own body, listen to her breathing, run your fingertips gently along the material a little. You feel your hands moving up over her bottom again, feel the soft cotton of her panties, filled with a firm, tight arse. You caress and explore the back of her panties, feel the gap underneath them where her bottom retreats, feel around the edges, along the top, around to her stomach.

Another pause, your hands half on her stomach, half on her panties, before running both of your hands upwards. You feel her belly button, small and round and nestled in the middle of her flat stomach. You move your hands to her waist, your thumbs towards her stomach, your fingers towards her back, she feels small and delicate, you could pick her up easily. Your hands continue their journey upwards and you reach her loosened bra. Sliding you fingers underneath her bra, you reach up and find her breasts. They are firm, round, the nipples hard. You take one in each hand and explore them carefully. Using your thumbs and index fingers you gently squeeze her nipples and she moans, steps back slightly. You take your hands away and look up at her. She smiles again and slowly takes off her dress, letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. She doesn’t step out of it, just lets it sit at her feet, she puts her arms up and takes off her bra, dropping it to the floor next to her.

She moves back towards you, takes your hands again and places them back on her breasts. You move your hands over her breasts once more and then reach up to touch her shoulders, run your hands down the length of her arms to her hands. As you reach her hands she holds yours, moves her arms away from her sides a little, pauses a second, drops your hands and spins around to face away from you once more. Your face is level with the dip in her back and you look down at her white cotton panties, your cock is fully erect and you feel it straining inside your pants. You place your hands up onto her shoulders, slide them down and together, over her shoulder blades, your fingers coming towards each other as you feel down the length of her spine, into the dip at the bottom of her back, just above her panties. You move your hands back out to her waist and slide them down over her hips, over the top of her panties, over the material, over the bottom edge, over the outside of her thighs. You caress down her thighs, past her knees, her calf muscles, to her feet. As you start to bring your hands back up her legs she bends forwards, rounding her arse even more and presenting the slightest bulge of her pubic mound between her legs, cupped in her white panties, towards your face. Your hands reach the tops of her thighs, touch the material of her panties, you cup her buttocks a moment before running one of your hands slowly down the line of her bottom, feeling the tight material stretched over the gap until you come to her pussy.

Her panties feel slightly damp as your fingers brush over the outline of her pussy, pushed towards you between her legs as she bends away from you, her arse in the air, her white cotton panties taught across her arse, the slight bulge of her vagina forced against the gusset, you caress it, you hear her moan. You move your face towards the material and can smell the faint musk of her juices, you kiss her pussy through her panties. Taking your index finger, you gently feel along the edge of her panties and slowly slide your finger between the material and her smooth skin. You hook the damp white cotton to one side.

Her pussy is wet, very wet, pushed between her legs as she bends away from you with her panties held to one side, you take a long look at the glistening, pouting lips, before you reach forward and lick your tongue up the entire length of her moist labia. Licking a second time, you take longer, pausing to push your tongue deep in between her pussy lips, tasting her, feeling your cock straining, the head starting to feel damp itself. You lick a third time, the tip of your tongue reaching as far as her anus, the side of it brushing along the edge of her panties. She stands up slowly and you release her, let go of her panties. She turns to look at you. She takes half a step backwards, stepping out of her dress before running her own hands down her own body, from her neck to her pubic mound, she caresses her breasts, slides over her tummy, to the top of her panties, she pushes one hand into the top of her panties and you can see it sliding down inside them. She moans softly as she pushes two of her own fingers deep into her pussy, then she slowly slides them back out, back out of the top of her panties. She stares you straight in the eye as she lifts her two wet fingers to her mouth karaman escort and puts them in, sucking them clean.

She kneels down in front of you and pushes your chest, so you fall backwards. Quickly, you grab a pillow from above yourself on the bed and jam it under your head, lifting it slightly so you can watch what she is doing. She puts her hands on your knees and moves your legs slightly apart, enough for her to shuffle forwards in between them. She puts her hands on your thighs and runs them up towards your belt, bringing them together to unfasten the buckle. Slowly, surely she reaches for the button of your jeans and skilfully unfastens that, she moves down to the zipper and slides that down. She pulls the top of your jeans apart as much as she can, but you are sitting on them and she can’t move them far. She reaches her hand into your shorts and you feel it wrap around your cock. She frees it from the confines of your underwear and holds it proudly in front of her, you see the glisten of your own pre-come shining at its tip. Slowly, gently, she draws her hand down the length of your shaft, pulling back your foreskin. With your cock held firmly but gently in her hand she looks at it closely and begins to pump her hand up and down, slowly, deliberately, letting you savour every moment, feel the sensations. Up and down, up and down, your hard cock held in her small hand, you feel incredibly hard and feel the first twitches of approaching orgasm, deep in your groin. She stops moving her hand, releases your cock, moves backwards, away from you. You start to sit up, to see where she is going. She bends down and pulls on the laces of your shoes, removes them, pull off your socks before reaching up to the top of your jeans. Slipping her hands under the waistline she starts to tug, you lift your backside off of the bed and she pulls your jeans down to your ankles, pulls them off over your feet. Your cock is standing proudly through the hole in the front of your boxer shorts and she holds it carefully with one hand while she pulls on your shorts with the other. You lift up again and she feeds your dick through your shorts so that she can take them off. She urges you to sit up all the way and puts her hands on the bottom of your t-shirt, your raise your arms to let her remove it, then you lie back down on your pillow, naked.

With your head on the pillow you watch her as she gently parts your legs again, moves forwards, towards you, studies your rigid cock. She takes it gently in one hand and lowers her face towards it, looking closely at it, she peels back the foreskin, parts her lips and slides her mouth down over the head, you feel the warmth of her mouth as it closes over you. Warm and wet, she holds the head of your hard cock in her mouth and slowly rolls her tongue around it. Around and around, just the head, she rolls her tongue around. She sucks very gently and takes another inch into her mouth, you feel her lips on your shaft, tight and warm, allowing her tongue to explore more easily. She holds your dick with on hand, at the base of your shaft, keeping your foreskin pulled back, her lips around your cock, just below the head, her tongue rolling around and around the head. You feel giddy with the incredible sensations she is giving you, the head of your cock feels electric, as her tongue rolls around and around you feel waves of pleasure washing over you, the familiar twitches in your groin tell you that you can come any time you like. Her tongue stops moving, she sucks a little harder as she pulls her mouth up and your dick pops out with a slight slurp. She looks into your eyes and smiles, licks her lips and lowers her mouth back to your cock, holding it in one hand she takes as much of it as she can deep into her mouth. Sucking hard, she starts to move her head up and down, sliding your hard cock in and out of her mouth, slurping, sucking, she starts to bob up and down, the feeling is amazing and she doubles it when she starts to move her hand up and down your shaft as well. Her head is bobbing up and down and her hand is sliding up and down in rhythm, making you thrust very slightly, uncontrollably, against the deep, powerful sensations you feel. She slows down again, comes to a stop, sucks hard as she pulls her mouth over the tip of you cock again, letting it pop out. The tip of your dick glistens with her saliva and your pre-come and she takes your shaft with both of her hands, rolls them around and up and down gently, letting them slide over the lubricants you have produced together.

As she skilfully massages your cock, rolling it around it her hands, she slowly stands up. She keeps massaging as she stands, turns away from you slightly and passes one of her legs over the top of you. She sits on your chest, facing away from you, gently teasing your dick with both of her hands. Then she slowly brings herself up onto her knees and lets you bring your arms out from under her, put them outside of her legs; kars escort she leans forwards, away from you. She shuffles backwards, her white cotton panties tight against her perfect little arse, moving her hands up and down, up and down, stroking your cock all the time.

You look at her arse, her panties stretched across it, as she lowers herself towards your face. You bring your hands up and hook a couple of fingers under one side, hook her panties out of the way, reveal her lovely wet, pink pussy once more. Your head on the pillow gives you the perfect view and the perfect angle, as she carefully lowers her pussy towards your face you take-in the gorgeous view, before plunging yourself into that warm, wet heaven. You start to lick as you feel her mouth encircle the head of your cock again. You feel your body tingling all over, a radiance of pure pleasure emanating from the tip of you erect penis, sending little electrical charges out down your legs, up your stomach, into your chest, down your arms to your fingertips and into your head. You take your spare hand, quivering with the waves of pleasure washing over you, and you gently part the petals of her wet labia, take a look at the moisture glistening inside her vagina before slowly running your tongue from the edge of the opening, just below her anus, down her pussy, held open by you fingers, to the small, hard bud of her clitoris. You slide your tongue over her clitoris, lifting it’s little hood away with the tip of you tongue, your start to draw tiny circles around her clit with you tongue and feel her body writhe with pleasure. You are holding her pussy open with your fingers, licking around her clit, looking at her panties, held to one side with your other hand, feeling her mouth sliding up and down on your cock, her tongue teasing circles around its head. You are in heaven.

You try not to thrust as your cock twitches and your balls tighten, she moans and squirms as you lick her clitoris, her moans sending miniature vibrations down the length of your dick. You can’t stop yourself, you thrust your cock into her mouth, just a little, the pleasure too much, your animal instinct starting to take over. She reacts by sucking harder, pushing herself into your face and squirming around on you. You can sense she is reaching orgasm and feel your own juices rising deep within your groin. Her mouth slides up and down on your cock, her tongue glides round and round its head, your face is pushed deep into her as you lick her wet pussy, feel the bud of her clitoris with the tip of your tongue, feel your hard cock in her mouth, feel your come start to rise in your balls, feel your orgasm approach, she stops moving, takes your cock out of her mouth, holds its base with one hand, encircling it with her index finger and her thumb, she squeezes tight, stops the flow from you balls, she speaks, ‘no’ and you relax your body, let your impending climax retreat back into yourself, stop licking her, drop your head onto the pillow, you move your hands, release the lips of her labia, cover her pussy with her panties again, drop your hands to your sides and relax. You look at the perfect shape of her arse, her legs parted, you look down towards her firm breasts hanging freely over your stomach, you see her hand firmly holding the base of your cock and realise that you are back in control of yourself, you will not come yet. She can sense you relaxing and releases her grip, your cock is still very hard, and a drip of pre-come oozes from its tip, she reaches down with her mouth, licks the liquid from the end of your cock before lifting one of her legs back over you, she kneels next to you and smiles ‘please don’t come until I say?’ she asks. You promise her that you won’t.

She smiles, she is happy. She faces you now, straddles you again, her eyes locked on yours. She reaches down and pulls her panties to one side herself, she positions herself over your hard cock, uses her free hand to take hold of you, pulls back on your foreskin and positions you at the edge of her vagina. She holds you there for a moment, the tip of your cock just nudging at the opening of her moist slit, her panties held to one side, she is ready for you. Slowly, deliberately, controlled, she lowers herself onto you, your cock glides gently into her, she is tight, warm and tight and you feel yourself sliding into her, slowly, you feel every inch of yourself, slipping slowly into her tight, wet pussy. She lowers herself onto you, you sink all the way in, her eyes are locked onto yours, she gasps, you feel her settle completely, your cock totally inside her, you can feel her encircling you, she relaxes, sits still, looks at you and concentrates on the feeling of you inside her. You feel her vaginal muscles tense, feel her constricting herself around your shaft, enjoying the feeling of your iron hard cock deep within her as she shifts her weight slightly from side to side, she is lost in the sensations, feeling how you fill her. She gyrates, rolls her hips around in small circles to better feel you inside her, your cock is held tight and you can feel her warmth completely surrounding you, the smallest of movements around the head of your penis, tiny little sensations, warm and wet.

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