House Guest Ch. 02

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I had fallen asleep quite quickly after the escapade with Gwen, and didn’t even hear the other people and my wife come in quite late that night. And then as people emerged the next morning, some early and some later, but all a bit worse for wear from the night before. Partying hard at age 50 isn’t as easy to recover as when one is 20…

Around breakfast, light pastries, fruit, coffee, etc…it was a bit awkward for me especially when Gwen came down and she simply smiled at me and carried on as if nothing happened. There was nothing awkward for her. So even though I carried those images of her hands on my feet and legs, and her breasts and hair swaying over me were burned in my memory, we carried on normally.

Then around the breakfast buffet we set up, when no one else was around, Gwen came up to me and whispered, “Bob…thanks for last night…that was so sexy…I had images of your cock coming and spurting, all over me when I stroked myself last night…I think I came 3 times in like 10 minutes…”

“Wow…that’s pretty crazy…” I mumbled, looking around to be sure no one else was around.

“Yes it was Bob…I haven’t felt that spark in my life in years…thanks.”

“Ummm, Gwen…I don’t think we should say anything to anybody…”

“Don’t worry. I won’t. Not to worry at all.”

“Thanks…” I managed to stammer, again looking around like the paranoid that I was.

Throughout the rest of the day, all else and all celebrations seems to return to normal. Festivities and logistics went on as planned and after another dinner party at a local restaurant, people began to filter out to their hotels and homes.

I got home by 10 pm, and relieved the sitter and the kids were in bed. I managed to lay down for a while and just put my feet horizontal. I was so tired from standing around all day, schmoozing with people and playing the honorable host.

Again, like the previous night, I heard someone come home. Assuming it was my wife, I just stayed in bed with my eyes closed and just lay there quietly. Then I heard the guest room door open and then someone in there rustle around for a few minutes, and then the toilet flush. I assumed Gwen was home and I began recalling the events of the night before. I would be lying if I hadn’t been thinking of those events that though lasted only a few minutes, occupied my mind for most of the day.

As I was thinking about all the details and the images and the possibilities from that brief encounter, I heard my door gently open and there stood Gwen again. She had a men’s type button down dress shirt on and I saw only long, lean bare legs beneath. She stood there for a few minutes, and then slowly walked towards the bed. Her dark hair was hanging freely at the crease of the buttoned shirt, opened a few buttons down. Her long legs and bare feet made their way tantalizingly towards me, and I was mesmerized by the sight.

I opened my mouth to speak and couldn’t find any words.

She responded by bringing her index finger to her mouth with a silent ‘shhh.’

She sat by the side of my bed, and I could feel the heat from her legs against mine and I could smell her scent and her perfume.

“Before you say anything Bob…I’ll leave if you say so…but I know there’s a chemistry here and I know I can fulfill some of your fantasies. And I know from what I saw last night, you can sure fill mine.” She said, with a sly smile and a nod towards my crotch, with an emphasis on the word ‘fill’.

“But Gwen…”

“People won’t be home for a couple hours yet, and your kids are asleep. And there’s not a soul in the world other than you and I who will ever know.”

“But…” was about the extent of my next protestation.

She punctuated her prior comment with a slow unbuttoning of the remaining few buttons of her blouse. She didn’t immediately remove it, even though she and I knew that I had seen her bare breasts the previous night. I gazed at her soft skin, her cleavage and her stomach exposed, but breasts hidden by the shirt that was hanging freely off her shoulders.

“When I was rubbing your feet last night and saw your cock grow, it made me so wet and so longing for it I could barely stand to watch you…it’s been so long Bob…I’ve been missing a man’s touch so much I can hardly stand it.” Gwen began slowly reaching towards me and unbuckled my belt. Her voice softened pendik escort to barely a whisper.

“It’s not the same these days…it’s hard for a woman to express herself with a man and not be judged…and I know I can trust you and I know this won’t be complicated, ” she continued as she drew my pants off, pulled my cock out from my briefs, and stroked me with her hand. I gasped at the touch of her soft hand against the growing flesh of my shaft.

“I need this Bob…you understand, don’t you?” I was mostly hard when she entered the door, and then got the rest of the way there, hard as a board in seconds when she walked towards me just a moment ago.

“You have such a lovely cock Bob…I couldn’t get this lovely thing out of my mind all day. I’ve been thinking about how this would feel in my hands, in my mouth, all over me, inside me…”

Her voice was still a soft, sultry whisper as she stroked my cock up and down, wrapping both her hands around the shaft, and feeling me throb in her palm. She looked longingly at my cock, hard and bursting in her hand. I could hardly breathe, for fear that she would go away or that this would stop, suddenly coming to our senses.

“I’m so wet already Bob…I’ve barely touched you and my stomach is in knots and my pussy is dripping…do you like knowing that?”

I nodded.

“I want to feel you in my mouth…is that ok Bob?”


“I imagine that would be ok with you, right?” With that, she looked at my cock and brought her mouth to the tip and I felt her hair cascade over my thighs and stomach. I reached up and caressed her soft hair and pulled it back over her head so I could see what she was doing.

“You like to watch this, right?” I nodded again, unable to speak any intelligent reply, as her mouth opened and engulfed the head of my cock. I thought I would explode right then and there, but she just held me there, throbbing in her hand and mouth, sensing the need in me and the power of her presence.

She moaned deep in her throat a groan of satisfaction, just like the one I had, though for different reasons. She began sucking and stroking my hard cock, and I held her hair away so I could see her lips spreading around my shaft and her hands holding the base of my cock so she could stroke that and meet her lips as they worked up and down. Her saliva was dripping down my cock and I could feel the warm wetness of her mouth and lips.

I let out another groan as she tantalizingly slowly took me deeper and deeper into her mouth and into her throat. She removed her hand so that her mouth and lips could further and further engulf me deeper and deeper, until her nose was to my stomach and she held my cock in the deep recesses of her throat, throbbing and pulsating.

I think I let out some kind of unintelligible groans, but no coherent thoughts were able to organize in my head. Her mouth and throat became accustomed to my size and I felt the top of the head of my cock against the smooth and tight soft palate of her throat.

She did that a few more times, up and almost out of her mouth, and then fully down again, until I was delirious with need. She slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth, looked up and me and smiled, with a small tear in her eye. “I thought I might never do that again…but I didn’t forget…”

“That’s amazing Gwen…”

“Thanks Bob…your cock feels made for the back of my throat…but I don’t want you to come yet, ok?”

“I’m not sure I can take that again…”

“That’s ok…because I need to do something else before you do.”

She quickly knelt over me, and then I could see she had on no underwear, and her pussy gently hovered over my wet, throbbing cock. She took the head of my cock, and stroking it, held it at the entrance to her pussy, lips puffy and shiny with her need and wetness. She rubbed my cock against her outer lips, or rather it seemed that she was using my cock to stroke herself…whichever way it didn’t matter. My cock was so hard and she was so wet. We were both intently looking at the joining of our sexes as she deftly guided me to enter her hot, waiting pussy.

“Oh my god…” Gwen said, as my cock opened the entrance to her pussy, and entered inch by inch as she slid me deeply into her.

“Oh…oh…” was about all I could manage, as I became inevitably buried to the hilt and felt her pelvis grind against escort pendik me. We both held still, savoring the sensation of penetration. She brought my hands to her breasts that were now deliciously exposed by the parted shirt. She held my hands there tightly, as if squeezing her own breasts and my hands were just there in the middle. I felt her inner muscles squeezing me, drawing me in deeper and deeper, as if that were still possible.

“”Bob…oh Bob…I needed this…your cock feels so, so good inside me…”

“You feel incredible…so incredible.”

She began a gentle rocking motion with a grind of her pelvis at the bottom, moving herself against me to maximize our pleasure…or hers. I was just happy being her fuck toy. She was so sensual, so sexy rocking on top of me, eyes clamped shut, her full breasts now in my hands, and just savoring the long lost pleasure of being full of a long, hard cock.

She brought one hand down to her pussy and I could see her long finger work its way between our bodies and start playing with her clit when it wasn’t pressed against my pelvis. She sat upright and the sight of this immensely sexy woman, eyes narrowed with lust, breasts swaying and nipples hard into my hands, and slowly rocking back and forth while her hand was strumming her clit was incredibly sexy and I was trying to burn it into my memory.

“This is going to make me come Bob…I can feel it…don’t come yet, ok…” It was more of a statement rather than a question. Though I was almost going to come when she had me buried in her mouth, this current action was pleasurable but not imminent for me.

“I’m good…you are so sexy Gwen…I want to see you come…”

She kept that rocking and grinding thing going, and not as much in and out. She had the motion going and she was looking down at me, down at my hands on her breasts and my fingers pulling and firmly pinching and twirling her hard nipples. Her eyes became narrower and narrower and I could sense her approaching peak.

“Oh Bob…right there…keep doing it like that…right there…” was her sultry moan to my firm thrusts and my pinching her nipples a bit harder than I had been doing.

“Come baby…come for me…come on me…”

“Oh yeah…that’s it…gonna come…oh….yes…yes…yes….” she moaned, her eyes now tightly shut with the approaching orgasm and then when she came, she felt forward onto my chest, still keeping me deep inside her throbbing pussy completely covering me with her body and her hair as she stifled her scream into the pillow and into my neck.

After a few moments and after her breathing slowly returned to normal, I felt her orgasm ebb and she sat up a little bit, hair falling over her face but allowing us room to breathe.

“God, that was great…I haven’t had that kind of orgasm in years…nothing bought can compare to the real thing…thank you Bob…”

“You’re more than welcome…that was amazing to see you and feel you come like that. I’m sorry it’s been so long for you. Gets pent up, doesn’t it?” I said, still hard and feeling her juices dripping down between my legs, throbbing deeply inside her.

“Sometimes things just aren’t fair…but this helps…”

We sat there for a few moments, pressing into each other and savoring the sensations and smells of our coupling and the newness of different lovers.

“Bob…would you do me one more favor before you come?”

“Sure…if I can…”

“Oh, I’m quite sure you can…” she said, punctuating her comment with a quick up and down thrust and grind combo thing.

She slowly sat up further and removed my cock from her tight pussy and we both let out a disappointing groan of emptiness. She held my cock in her hand and got to her knees on the bed, lovely ass pointing in the air.

“Fuck me like this, would you please? It’s one of my most favorite positions and I have missed it so.”

“I think I can oblige that request.” I got to my knees and guided my aching cock to her still very wet pussy. No further help was required to sink deeply into her, which I promptly did with much mutual satisfaction and groans to go with it.

“Just shut up and fuck me a bit…fuck me hard…”

“Ok…ok…if you insist.” I began to gear up the fucking, watching her ass twitch and her pussy lips accept easily my deep thrusts. She arched her back and shoved back against pendik escort bayan me as I gave her what she needed. I reached down and held her tits, pawing and squeezing like a teenager as I fucked her hard, just like she wanted pounding myself into her with thrust after thrust, our bodies slapping together. She lowered her chest to the bed and reached that one knowing hand to her clit again and helped herself reach another orgasm before I could get off. The smell of sex was powerful and I felt I needed to come so badly.

She buried her face into the pillow and I could hear her scream as she came and her pussy was throbbing against me quite buried to the hilt. I loved that she came so easily and so deeply. Perhaps it was just having been without for so long. Perhaps she was just like that.

She just held me there, with her hand clutching her pussy and her other hand reaching back to hold my hips to her ass. I waited again for her orgasm to subside and just marveled at this woman who was so sexy, so sensual, so filled with lust and felt so sorry that she was so in need of a man to give her a good old fashioned fucking. There were lots of guys who would die to have this gorgeous creature with them for an hour.

“Oh god, I needed that so bad…a girl just needs to get fucked once in a while…” Gwen uttered, still a bit short of breath as she returned back to reality.

“You don’t say…”

“Yes I do say…it’s true.” She reached back a bit further with one hand and stroked my balls, tight to my body and aching with need for release. “Don’t worry dear Bob…you’ll get yours…I’ll be sure to give you the reward you so richly deserve.”

She pulled forward and once again, removed my cock from her deep recess, and rolled to her back. “One more thing…please…like this…” She spread her legs wide and her pussy was wet, soaking in fact, and gaping for more. She reached forward with her arms and pulled me towards her and guided my cock back to her core.

“Lay on top of me like this and I’ll let you come this time…you’ve been a very good boy for me dear Bob…” she aimed my cock at her opening and then arched her back as I moved inside her once again. Her legs opened wide and then wrapped around my back and kept pulling me into her with each stroke. Her breasts were bouncing back and forth with each stroke and her hands pulled my ass towards her as I fucked her again, harder and harder, not being able to stop if I wanted or if someone came home.

I looked down at this wonderful creature beneath me and just fucked. I couldn’t do anything else. Nothing else mattered. This was how it was supposed to be.

We stared into each others eyes and I could see raw lust in her eyes, dripping with need and I wanted to possess her, go deeper and deeper into that pool of passion.

“Are you going to come Bob…ready to come I think…” she pleaded, drawing me deeper and deeper into her, and closer and closer to climax.

“I want your come on my Bob…I want to see it, to feel it, to taste it, ok? On me…come…come baby…” she urged, and I could feel my orgasm approach. Almost there. Going to come now…

“That’s it…it’s there…I can tell…do it…come on me…I need it…Bob…come…”

I couldn’t stand it anymore…I pulled out and her hand replaced her pussy and I fucked her hand slick with her juices and shot my come all over her body, the first full dollop sailed up to her face and landing on her cheek, then the second spurt onto her neck and then her chest and finally spurt after pleasurable spurt onto her waiting stomach and dripping down her hand.

All the while, she moaned with each volley that landed onto her skin. When I could finally watch, she was still holding my pulsing cock in her hand, watching the last drops emerge, her other hand was rubbing the precious fluid into her skin, neck and I saw her look up at me, taking the come to her lips and mouth.

“God, that was good…you taste so good…so sexy, so like a man’s come should taste…”

“And I thank you Gwen…that was insanely fun and exciting…you are a wonderful and sexy woman and should have that all the time.”

“Don’t I wish…it just ain’t so easy anymore…”

We lay together for a few more moments and then reality caught up with us as we realized that we had to clean up not only ourselves, but the bed and the remnants of sex there. This we accomplished quickly and got back to our regular lives. Nothing further has been said or hinted ever since, and I have not directly heard from Gwen again. But I sure look forward to the next reunion.

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