How fun is a banana?

10 Aralık 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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Finally, the day was over, and I could cuddle up next to Amanda. She was already passed out and sparwled over my bed, she looked so innocent, so peaceful, the blonde beatuy always took up most the bed. It would be a shame to wake her when she looked like this. So I lift her hand and try to slide underneath.
Her eyes fly wide open and she flips on top of me, arching her ass in the air, her double D breasts hovering over my mouth. I nibble on one waiting for her to speak. “I’m on top tonight Lovey”
She grabs my wrists pinning me there, lowering herself until shes able to kiss me, stopping just above my lips she whispers “I love you” then delves down and our tounges lock as we try to pull each other tongues with our own. This turns me on to know end, and I feel myself flaring up but unable to move, and I know she’s aroused as well, she practically gushing her own juice and the surplus is dripping down onto my cock. Ending the kiss she pulls away and I try to bite her lip only to have it slip away too.
After what seems an eternity she slides down, taking in one, three, four, and finally all nine inches I have to offer, letting out a little squeak as I try push into her. Then she lifts up to the tip of my penis, and dives down again, only to have me push up as she reaches the top and she let’s out another amazing squeak. After the third time she picks up her tempo, ebbing and flowing, on top of me every know topkapı escort and then squeaking, and I can feel myself getting closer, as she orgasms one after another atop me I finally reach my climax and explode inside her as she squeals and orgasms for her final time then collapses on top of me.
Still pushing me down she dips her head in and kisses me gain this time just flicking at my tongue hers darting in and out. Then she hops off the bed, and I feel my drowsiness kicking in, but before I can pull the covers over me she handcuffs me to one of our posts. “That’s new” I said, wondering what she had in store for me today. “Just for you” she said walking around to the otherside and handcuffing my other hand. The she gets down to the bottom and puts what looks like a noose over my foot and tightens it till the slack from the handcuffs is pulled out. Then repeats with my other leg. “Don’t go anywhere” she said and walked out. I hear banging in the kitchen and finally she comes back in with a banana.
“You’d better lube this up nicely baby” she said and shoved it down my throat, my gag reflex kicked in but she only used it to push it down further. Pulling it out slowly trying to catch all of my spit she says “that’ll do” and leaves it partially in my mouth, then walks over to her underwear drawer and grabs a pair of her black thongs and walks back over to me “this will make things a bit better” etiler escort and slowly pushes them inside of her until the last little bit dissapears inside of her.
Then without a word she pulls them out and there soaked, changing it to a darker damper black and swaps it for the banana, and its delicious, her sweet nectar filling my mouth and covering my taste buds, I can’t believe how much fit inside that small woman. Then it hit, I was just gagged by the woman I love, could this night get any better? Then I felt my cock rising once again, not only because I was highly aroused but also because Amanda’s hand was helping it. Then she lifted my balls as well. “A little strange” I thought to myslef, and then I felt something pushing its way in between my ass cheeks sliding rather quickly. And finally reaching my sphincter. “Uh-oh” rushed to my mind, realizing there was no way out I felt her shove it into my virgin hole spreading my ass for the first time my body convulsed.
Then she began laughing. And llicking up the juices we left on me from ealier. Finally pulling me into her mouth and sucking the last little bit from inside me. Then she chomped down around my head and I went rigid and she shoved the banana all th way in until it hit my prostate, causing me to clamp down on her underwear squeezing her juice into my throat and my tissue was squeezing down on the poor banana, as she left ataköy escort only the stem sticking out for my hole to close around and I came in her mouth right there
Seeing me start to turn flacid she toow her thumb and two fingers and started wiggling me back and forth between her hand, until I was aroused again and she started sliding up and down with her palm and fingers squeezing me. “How many more do you think we could fit up there baby? 5? 10?” I instantly imagine the entire bundle of bananas being pushed into my ass at once, not certain if I wanted that.
“Since I got to use your ass I guess its only fair you get to use mine” she giggled and flipped on the bed facing me she lowered her ass onto the top of penis, I could feel the hole above me almost sucking my cock in then she slid down her saliva helping to push into her and she let out a moan, as she pulled back up and pushed back down moaning wildly and pulling back up and sliding back down until she got a tempo going then we hit the bed a bit to hard and the banana slid all the way in baging against my prostate “now ill have to shove my fist in to get it out, what I shame” she laughed and I burst in her ass thinking of her little fist wriggling into my rectum. She slid off of my bed and came towards my head “I remember you biting my nipples ealier” she said bending over and licking around my nipple “my turn” and she bit around my nipple as hard as she could causing me to jerk a bit. Letting go she smiled “on second thought I thought I saw some nipple clamps in my underwear drawer lemme’ see if ithy their there”

Ill write more later maybe perhaps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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