How it Began Ch. 02

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I woke Saturday morning to an empty bed and lust filled memories

I staggered to my room and threw on gym shorts and a tee shirt and heading to the kitchen where I heard El banging and scraping around with pots and pans.

She turned and smiled and said hello. She was wearing PJ pants, a tee shirt and a light short robe. She was covered and that was fine. She was still cute as could be and just being in the same room with her was having an effect.

She said “Breakfast?”

“Yes please.”

A whole bunch of small talk started over eggs and toast and a way too strong pot of coffee I brewed. When we were done we went to the back patio to drink more coffee and read the paper. Yea, the parents are very cute with the paper delivery still.

My cloths from last night were still scattered about the ground. I looked at them and at El and started to get another erection. It was obvious to her what was happening.

“Take those shorts off would you?” she said.

Off they came, I sat down and my erection grew.

“Let’s talk for a bit about last night OK?” she said, and then continued.

“Listen, we are not boy friend and girl friend, OK. We are step brother and sister. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to know each other in a carnal way, because we have and we will. But I have a couple of “boyfriends” at State and I’m happy with that. You OK with all of that so far?” she asked.

I said, “Yup that is just fine with me. I must say I’m a little confused about what happened last night, why I did what you asked and why it was such a turn on.”

El said, “I’m not confused at all. I know that my mom and my dad had a special type of relationship. They loved and respected each other, no matter the physical part of the relationship, they supported each other and that was fine. I never really knew what that special physical relationship was, but I knew it may be kinky and private. When my mom first talked with me about marrying your dad, she said your dad and she had that same type of special relationship.”

“Well how did you learn it was female led?” I asked.

“That happened a little later. Right before I left for State mom said she had been a member of a sorority there. Mom got quiet for a second and then just went on in a rush. The sorority only takes members who are the smartest and most aggressive and self assured woman on campus. Dominant woman on campus she said. At the time I thought the term odd. She told me the sorority sisters cultivate a cadre of young men to cater to their needs and the needs of the house. No one takes on a boy friend until their senior year at the earliest. The boys are available to the house and serve the sisters in anyway they see fit. It could be as simple as helping out around the house, like with maintenance, building shelves, cutting the lawn, that sort of thing. Things that took time and effort and things men would be proud to do to please a woman. Sounds silly I know, but really, it’s not. She then went on to explain that some of the boys were “used” in a sexual fashion. I was shocked as she went on to explain that the boys were chosen because they were submissive and once they embrace their submissiveness, they are taught to serve the woman of the house.”

I asked, “Did she say she sought out a submissive man to marry after college?”

“My father was one of the sorority boys, and then my mom’s boyfriend and then of course they got married.” El said.

“Did you pledge that house your freshman year?” I asked.

“I did.” she said. “Last year we brought on 12 new boys who learned everything there was to know about each sister and how to please them. They were available to us after 8PM and on Friday and Saturday nights. The boys have to work out and karşıyaka escort stay in great shape. They have to maintain a 3.8 grade point average so we leave them to study until 8PM. We also tutor them in academics if they need help. It’s funny, one of the guys told me when he takes a physics exam or quiz he gets a hard on. His physic sorority sister tutor gives the best blow jobs in the sorority house and rewards “A’s” in a special way. The boys are also tutored in what each sister likes sexually. The boys have to be discrete and not talk about any of the girls or the house in general. We expect them to be gentlemen on campus and boy toys in the house. Of course they are checked for any sexual diseases before they set foot in the house. We have special contacts and privileges at the campus medical center.”

“Wow, El, you mean they are sex slaves?” I asked.

“No, I wouldn’t say that, I would say they are slaves to sex. Once they realize the benefits of being sexually subservient and submissive they really enjoy making sure we all are happy. But don’t forget, they do get to cum a lot. That said, we do have an orgasm denial week where the girls are pleasured as usual and the guys have to wait until Saturday night to cum. It’s really amazing what 25 or so crazy horny boys will do.”

“I though you said 12”, I asked.

“Yea, I did, five are boyfriends of seniors and the rest are hold over’s. The boyfriends are not usually in the general mix of boy toys, but they can be if their girlfriends like and during orgasm denial week, everyone is in play. Of course the girls are totally free to do what they want with whomever they like, boyfriend or not. All of the boys, boyfriends or boy toys do what the sorority sisters tell them to do. By the way, when you have a house full of sexually liberated woman and sexually obedient men there are a lot of orgasms happening all the time. There are rules though, the Sorority Boys are limited to sex with the sorority sisters. That is a pledge they have to take. The boyfriends are usually limited to their girlfriends but there is a lot of sharing and the Sorority Sisters can do whatever they want.

By this time my hard on was back and straining more than just a bit.

Looking at my cock she said, “We need to shave you. All the boys are shaved, we like the clean bald cock look. Except the guys that are really hairy, we just clip them close. It looks odd to have a bald space when you are furry. We’ll do that later”

I looked down and wondered what my cock would look like shaved, how I would ever go to a gym again, why was I was getting even harder with the thought of being shaved by this woman. I think I was loosing control of my dick to this girl. I looked up at her. She too was gazing at my bobbing cock. She knew exactly what was going on. Finally she spoke.

“John, I think for the next 8 days or so you need to totally let yourself go into my care. Do whatever I ask of you whenever I ask it of you. Don’t think about it, don’t worry about it, just do it. I’ll teach you how to bring me pleasure and you will learn a lot about a woman’s body. In that same time I think you will learn a lot about yourself. About what pleases you and what turns you on. I think you will realize you may have some unusual needs but also find some easy solutions to fulfilling those needs. I know from the boyfriends, the guys who have been around the sorority for four years that their attitude toward life, success and happiness is very peaceful, joy filled but still aggressive and manly. Being submissive to a woman you like and eventually may love doesn’t make you weaker, it actually makes you stronger. It’s not just about you, it’s about who ever you are with, it’s not about “cumming”, it’s kartal escort about sharing joy and pleasure. Giving pleasure turns into your pleasure. Giving up control is a gift not a sacrifice. Control in the hands of the right woman is liberating.”

She got on her knees, spread my legs and rested her forearms on my thighs, looking at me.

“The sisters call them newbies, the guys that are found on campus and brought to the sorority to be potential sorority men. The boyfriends also play a role in finding the right guys. Some are chosen out of the locker rooms because they have huge cocks. They usually don’t work out. Most are chosen because of their intelligence and curiosity. There is a system that works pretty well. As you would guess most of the boys are not submissive and go about their lives. Of those who are, only a small percent can accept the beauty of it and get totally into the headspace. Those who do end up having remarkably active sex lives with lots of beautiful and smart woman. They learn to embrace who they are as the sisters lead them to further accept their submission and service. Sometimes it’s beautiful lovemaking and other times it raw and bawdy sex, just hard cocks and dripping pussies, but either way, it is a lots of fun. From the look of that cock, you have potential” she said with a laugh.

We both looked down at my cock. It was doing the cock head beating against my stomach thing again.

She went on, “You have already passed one of the biggest tests and one that is finite, it is the only total eliminator for joining the sorority.” She paused and look me in the eyes.

“You didn’t resist at all when I told you I was going to snowball you.” she said.

I flushed red with embarrassment and looked down. El of course saw I was uncomfortable.

She said, “John look at me.”

I did but it was hard to not look away. I forced myself to just look at her beautiful face no matter how embarrassed I was.

She spoke. “John, you’re a natural cum eater. From my perspective and the perspective of the sorority, that is a good thing. In fact, if you were not a cum eater we would not be having this conversation right now. It’s a requirement to be a sorority boy. Our logic is this, if men expect woman to swallow their sperm, we expect men to swallow sperm too. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, to crumple a metaphor. This usually is what disqualifies potential sorority boys. They just can’t bring themselves to do it. I’m glad to see you are a realist and not homophobic in a heterosexual way. We look at it as a sign of respect by the men toward the sorority sisters. Kind of, I will do for you all that I ask you to do for me, or put another way, I will do whatever you ask of me and learn to enjoy it. It’s a test and a sign of respect and you should be proud not embarrassed that you wanted to please me so much you swallowed your cum when asked. By the way, you will be swallowing all of your cum from every orgasm you have with me, all my boys do. It turns me on when a guy does it. Being such a willing cum eater also confirms for me that you are naturally submissive. This is an exciting thing for you to know about yourself. You submission also empowers me and that makes me feel strong and sexy and confident,” she said.

I obviously was still very embarrassed and I must have looked quite uncomfortable. I was having a very hard time holding eye contact and I kept glancing away and tilting my head down. I felt like I had been caught doing something very bad.

El said, “There is a poster on the back of every sister’s door that has these words on it. We all have these words memorized as will you.

“Submission is not about being used, submission kastamonu escort is about being of use.” “Submission is not thinking less of yourself, submission is thinking of yourself less.” “Submission is not about what is done to you, submission is what you can do for her.”

I want you to know that I think being a submissive young man is not a bad thing at all. I think you too will find being a submissive young man with a hard bobbing cock has its advantages,” she said.

I was still feeling a little light headed and off center. But I was still hard.

El said, “Let’s get a move on. We can take care of your cock later; right now let’s take care of the three “S’s”, poop, shower and then a nice clean shave for you. Breakfast dishes first, then some private time for reflection and catching up on the news, emails and such, than I’ll meet you in the shower. OK?”

I looked down at my throbbing cock. “He has to wait?” I asked.

El said. “Just for a while, my guess is you will never make it through the shaving and yes, get use to him being hard and not cumming. As long as you are playing with me, with the sorority, not only will you swallow all of your cum, you will only cum when we want you to cum”, she said with a smile. “Girls rule, subs drool. In your case, drip” as a constant stream of pre-cum coated my cock and a stand hung from the end.

El said, “One other thing I like is when a guy asks permission to cum. I usually say yes, but every once in a while I need more time to catch up…or I want the lust to last a little longer. Sometimes I feel like playing with orgasm denial a bit. But it also turns me on to be in control of a man’s orgasm, so remember to ask, please.”

El went on, “And while we are on the topic of cumming, you will be able to jerk off but never without permission. You can use your hand to keep yourself hard and on the edge, but your orgasms belong to me and soon the sorority. I will have you jerk off for me sometimes right after an orgasm with me. I like watching a good cock beating now and again. Otherwise if you are away from us and you “need” to cum, you will have to call one of us for permission. Don’t’ worry, we usually just say sure, sometime we will want you to sign onto a live video sites so we can watch. The hard part, sorry for the pun, the hard part for you, we still insist on you swallowing your ejaculate, and that is difficult to do alone. That is why having us watch, works, we are there to encourage you. OK?”

I was at a loss for words but the thought of not controlling my own orgasms intrigued and excited me. My cock strained. I flushed red with embarrassment as we stood and she took my hand. She was calling me a cum eater and I had just given all control of my orgasms to an 18 year old girl. And my cock was as hard as it has ever been. I don’t know where this is going, but I’m defiantly along for the ride.

As we started our walk into the house my straining cock and the crazy situation, my nudity, she was clothed; it was going to be too much. My cock bounced and I felt it building. I was going to cum.

I pulled back on her hand and stopped. I looked at her. “El, I’m not going to make it. Can I please have permission to cum?” I said.

She stopped and turned with a confused look. She saw my cock straining and my body tremble. “Don’t touch yourself. If you cum without touching yourself, I’m OK with that, in fact it’s a very nice compliment to a girl,” she said.

She smiled and looked at my straining cock. And that is all it took. I convulsed and squirted sperm up to my neck and covering my chest. I bobbed and came a few more squirts, but not touching my cock did nothing to relieve my intense hornieness.

El just watched, wide eyed, hand over her mouth to suppress a laugh and finally said, “Oh my goodness. That was amazing.”

She stepped to me and with the side of her index finger scooped a fair amount of sperm from my stomach and chest and brought her hand to my mouth. She looked at me with a wicked smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Only one word was said, “Open.”

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