Husband Wants to Watch Her Pt. 01

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It came as a complete surprise to Dan when Shelly told him “I’m not sure what’s wrong? I just don’t feel the same about us. I feel like you’re my best friend but I don’t feel like I’m in love with you.”

Up until that time Dan and Shelly had enjoyed six happy years of marriage. They recently had started discussing having children although they had not yet taken that step. Like every couple they had their ups and downs but for the most part their wedded years had been good ones.

Dan was confused by his wife’s feelings and his initial response was “is there someone else?”

When Shelly assured her husband that she was not interested in anyone else he was determined to win back her feelings of love for him. Dan was open to doing anything to improve their relationship.

Dan is eight years older than Shelly. She was only eighteen when they married. One of the issues that came to light in their discussion of Shelly’s feelings was how she had gone straight from her parents house to Dan’s.

Shelly felt like she never had the freedom to grow up on her own or spend time going out with her friends. Her thought was if she could spend more time doing things with her friends it would help their marriage.

It seemed a simple solution and Dan was all for it to try to save their marriage. He was willing to give Shelly as much freedom as she wanted or needed.

Dan and Shelly had an adequate sex life although it was never great. During the first few years of their marriage they had sex two or three times a week. It slowly diminished over time and during the last two years they were having sex once a month or less.

Dan had been a chronic masturbator during his single years. For the first six months after getting married he had virtually stopped pleasuring himself but he enjoyed masturbating too much and couldn’t maintain his abstinence.

When Dan first began to masturbate again he was enjoying the pleasure about once a month. It didn’t take long before it became weekly or more often. His frequency of masturbation was a major part in the diminishing sex life he was having with his wife.

The reality of it was Dan enjoyed having sex with himself more than with Shelly. He loved to play with his cock and he loved getting himself turned on. Ultimately the pleasure Dan received from using his hand while fantasizing was much more satisfying than having sex with his wife.

Dan also had a panty fetish. He enjoyed wearing them or sniffing them as he masturbated. kayseri escort Sometimes he would do both. Dan loved to watch himself in a mirror as he masturbated while wearing panties.

Throughout his married years Dan could always find plenty of Shelly’s dirty underpants in the hamper for his pleasure. His wife never knew of his fetish and never suspected how much pleasure he got from her panties.

Following their discussion Shelly started going out weekly with her friends just as she had wanted. She and her girlfriends would generally spend the evening dancing at a club or bar. Shelly really enjoyed dancing and that was something Dan never liked to do. It made him happy that his wife was getting the opportunity to go out dancing with her friends.

Dan was horny and ready to masturbate in his usual manner one afternoon while his wife was still at work. He went to the hamper to get a pair of Shelly’s panties to sniff. The first pair he found were the ones that his wife had worn the night before when she was out with her friends.

As was always the case, Dan’s cock was already getting hard as he turned Shelly’s panties inside out to sniff them. He immediately noticed the discharge in the gusset seemed different from what it normally was. There were areas where the cotton material seemed more crusty and stiff. Dan didn’t think much about it and enjoyed sniffing his wife’s panty while he masturbated.

For the next few weeks if Dan masturbated with a panty that Shelly had worn on her night out he noticed similar stiff spots in the gusset. Dan was always so focused on the pleasure he was getting from playing with his excited cock that he gave it little attention.

Four weeks had passed since Dan first noticed the different discharge he would find in Shelly’s underpants. On this particular day after he had taken Shelly’s worn panty from the hamper Dan noticed something very different. The stiff crusty substance that he had started seeing a few weeks prior covered most of the gusset in the lacy pink panty that Dan was holding.

When Dan lifted the panty to his nose he instantly recognized the familiar scent of dried semen. He inhaled again to be certain that he was smelling what he thought he was smelling.

Somewhat in disbelief, Dan continued to inhale multiple times and there was absolutely no doubt in his mind. Inside the gusset of Shelly’s panty was a substantial amount of dried cum and Dan knew it wasn’t his.

Dan felt anger and was keçiören escort extremely upset. He immediately felt a knot growing in his stomach as he came to the true realization of why Shelly had lost interest in him. Dan began to tremble from his anger as he thought about his wife cheating on him. Besides being angry he was also confused and at that moment he wasn’t certain what he should do?

Dan continued staring at and sniffing the dried substance in the gusset of his wife’s panty. Despite his extreme anger he also realized something else. His cock was hard and it wasn’t just a little hard. It was standing fully erect and rock hard!

As strange as it seemed, Dan felt like he had the hardest boner he’d ever had in his life. The thought of another man having his cock inside his wife’s pussy had gotten Dan extremely aroused.

While Dan continued to inhale the scent of the cum in Shelly’s panty he started envisioning her excitement as she rode another man’s cock. At that moment he couldn’t resist his own excitement and began to rapidly stroke his hard cock. Within seconds Dan was too turned on to control himself and he shot a huge load of cum on the floor.

Even after ejaculating Dan didn’t fully lose his erection. He was still turned on and as he continued breathing in the aroma of the cum in his wife’s panty Dan enjoyed jerking off his hard cock a second time.

When Dan’s arousal finally subsided he again had the feelings of anger. He was thinking how to best confront Shelly but something inside of him was telling him not to.

Although Dan didn’t understand why he had the feelings he had, the thought of another man having sex with his wife excited him. Despite being upset, Dan didn’t want it to stop. At least for the time being he decided to let things go as if nothing were happening.

Each time that Dan thought about Shelly having sex with another man he would fantasize about watching them. He couldn’t believe it was something that he actually wanted to do but whenever Dan thought about it, his cock would immediately get incredibly hard.

The following week as Shelly was getting ready to go out with her friends Dan could hardly contain his excitement. He felt certain at some time that night his wife would be having sex with some other man. Throughout the entire evening his mind flipped back and forth from anger to arousal many times.

Just like he would always do, Dan was waiting for Shelly when she got home. ankara kendi evi olan escort As they both got in bed Dan inquired about her evening. Shelly told him “it was really nothing special. We danced and drank and just had our usual fun.”

Normally Dan would roll over and go to sleep almost immediately but on this night he had other plans. He laid there until he was certain that Shelly was asleep. Dan quietly got up and went to the bathroom where the laundry hamper was located.

Shelly’s jeans and top that she’d been wearing were inside the hamper. As he picked them up he could smell her perfume. Underneath her clothes he saw the lacy red panty his wife had worn that night.

Dan was trembling with excitement as he removed Shelly’s panty from the hamper. He could feel it was damp and he thought to himself “oh god yes Shelly, I think you did have your usual fun.”

To his delight Dan smelled a faint scent of cum. His cock was already hard and as Dan turned the panty inside out he saw the treasure he’d been hoping for.

Visible in the damp gusset of his wife’s panty was a small amount of a slimy substance. Dan lifted the panty near to his nose and when he inhaled it was the obvious smell of cum.

As Dan looked at the visible sperm from another man in his wife’s underpants he began to stroke his very excited cock. Within a few seconds he again held Shelly’s panty near to his nose. After enjoying the smell of her lover’s cum he couldn’t resist any longer what he’d been wanting to do.

Dan put his tongue against the gusset of Shelly’s panty and as he tasted her lovers slimy semen he began to ejaculate with an intensity that he’d never experienced before. After shooting a massive load of cum Dan was still so turned on that he got down on his knees and licked his own cum off the bathroom floor.

When his excitement had fully subsided Dan put Shelly’s panty back in the hamper and returned to the bedroom. As he laid there before going to sleep he kept thinking about everything. Mostly he was thinking about how his wife was cheating on him and strangely how it didn’t bother him.

His wife was having sex with another man and the truth of the matter was that it excited him. Dan not only wanted it to continue but he was hoping for things to progress. He wanted to do more than just sniff and lick Shelly’s cum coated panties.

The more Dan thought about Shelly cheating, the more his desire grew to watch her having sex with the other man. He already knew that his ultimate desire was to not just watch. After they finished he wanted to eat the other man’s fresh load of cum from his wife’s fucked pussy.

Just before Dan fell asleep that night his cock was again hard and he was contemplating how he could fulfill his new found desires.

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