I Really Needed the Job

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I landed a job as a programmer/analyst in the newly-formed financial research department of a large corporation. It happened pretty quickly, interviewing one week, offered the job the next week, and starting the week after that. They were advertising for all the positions at the same time and I was actually the first person they hired for the department because I had the exact experience they needed in a computer jock to get things rolling. I was glad to get the work since I had been unemployed for a few months, due in part to being in my mid forties. It was a good job no matter how you looked at it and I wasn’t going to let anything make me turn it down.

On my first day, I had to do all the regular paperwork and whatnot you have to do when you start a new job. This included the employment physical in the company’s own medical services department – their version of the “school nurse.” I’d had employment physicals before and they were never a big deal. Basically, they just want to make sure you aren’t going to keel over on your desk or spread the plague to the rest of the employees. I filled out all the papers and brought them back to the receptionist.

“Thanks, Mr. Thomas. Hold on a sec while I put all this together.” She asked. As I waited, two women, one in a white lab coat and the other in regular street clothes came into the receptionist’s area.

“I’m so happy you got the job here.” the one in the lab coat said to the other.

“I’m really happy about it, too. I’m so glad we’re working at the same company, it’ll be like when we were in school.”

“It will be!” Just then, the receptionist had my folder in order and asked me to follow her back to the exam room.

Once we were there, she told me to undress to my shorts and the nurse would be in to take my vitals. The nurse came a few minutes later and took my weight, height, blood pressure and all the other stuff the nurse does. I mentioned to her that this was already the most thorough employment physical I’d had. She told me that since the company was self-insured, it was policy to do a full physical for each new employee. I thought to myself: “a full physical? Nobody at personnel ever mentioned it to me. Oh well, I haven’t had one in a while, so I guess it’s for the best.” The nurse finished what she needed to do and told me to have a seat on the exam table and the doctor would be in soon.

The exam room was a bit small, as most are. The head of the exam table was on the wall opposite the door. The table was placed so there was space for someone to stand on either side. I sat toward the end, facing the door as I waited.

A few minutes later, the two women I saw in the receptionist’s area walked in. They were both in their early thirties, I would guess. The one in the lab coat was blonde and maybe five feet ten inches. The other was a redhead, a bit shorter than the first, but with bigger breasts. They were both fairly attractive.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Thomas, I’m Dr. Harrison,” said the one in the lab coat, “and this is Dr. Whitmore. Dr. Whitmore is also a new hire.” Well, this was most unusual! I’ve been examined by women before, but always just one at a time. But, I didn’t want to make a fuss lest I jeopardize the job.

“How do you do, Doctors,” I replied as I shook each of their hands.

“Well, then, we’re backed up a bit today, so let’s get started, shall we?” She began with the regular stuff – eyes, ears, throat, etc. Dr. Harrison asked me the standard questions while Dr. Whitmore just stood there next to Dr. Harrison and watched everything. I was starting to relax a little as the doctor was going through the exam rather quickly – I figured it would be over soon. Dr. Harrison moved behind me to do the “back thumping” and listen to my lungs. Dr. Whitmore stayed where she was in front of me.

“Okay, Mr. Thomas, could you please lay back on the table?” I did as she asked and she poked and pushed on my stomach, asking if I’d ever had this or that. I glanced at Dr. Whitmore a couple of times and she continued watching with no real expression. I thought that it was a bit strange that an obviously experienced doctor would have to observe an exam like a student, but I figured it was just so she could get a better idea of what the company expected. Anyhow, I figured the exam was just about over.

“OK, everything seems good so far.” She said as she moved to the cabinet, “Now, could you please stand on the little stool at the end of the table and remove your underwear?” This is what I was afraid of! I knew I couldn’t get out of it, so I slid to the end of the table and stood on the stool and waited while she was making notes on my chart. Dr. Whitmore kilis escort moved to where she could continue watching.

Dr. Harrison glanced over at me just standing there, “Your underwear, please, Mr. Thomas,” she reminded me as she went back to making notes. I hesitated a moment as I looked at Dr. Whitmore who looked back at me with an expression that seemed to say “You know you have to take your shorts down for this part”. I haltingly pushed them down just enough to give access and stood there. Dr. Harrison finished making notes and looked at me again.

“I need you to take them off completely, Mr. Thomas,” she said with a hint of impatience. I had never needed to remove my shorts completely for this part of the exam and was starting to get a little annoyed. Not only did nobody tell me there would be a complete physical, I had to have another woman watching me stand there completely naked while the doctor poked around my balls! But, again, I didn’t want to make a fuss now – I figured that once I was established in the job, I could say something – if I still cared. So, I took my underwear off and put them on the table behind me. I couldn’t look at Dr. Whitmore.

“Have you ever had a hernia?” Dr. Harrison asked as she put on a glove.


“How about any injuries?”

“No, no injuries.”

“Any cysts, tumors or other growths?”

“No, I’ve never had any problems there.”

“Any pain or burning when you urinate?”


“Ever have and STD?”


“Problems achieving or maintaining an erection?”


“Good. Let’s get on with the exam, then,” she said and put her fingers in my sack and did the “cough test.” Dr. Whitmore just stood there and watched the entire thing.

“Do you know how to examine your testicles?” Dr. Harrison asked.


“Do you do it regularly?”


“Good. Let’s just have a look and we’ll be done.” I wanted to die right there and then! She took my right one first and rolled it around a little and had a slight frown.

“You said you’ve never had any growths down here?”

“I’ve never had any kind of problem there.”

“Well, the shape of this one seems a little odd. Let’s check the other one.” She took the other one in her fingers and did the same. Dr. Whitmore watched the proceedings with what I could only describe as a “curious” look on her face.

“This one seems OK, let’s do the other again.” Dr. Harrison said as she took hold of my right ball and felt it all around. I’d never had a testicle check like this before and it was starting to get difficult to keep my “composure.” I just held my breath a bit and prayed that she would finish so I could get dressed.

“I can feel what I think is a hydrocele – just a little fluid, like a boil, on your testicle. It’s nothing to worry about, really, unless it starts getting big.”

“Okay, I’ll keep it in mind.” I said trying to hurry things along.

“We’ll need to take a couple of measurements just to keep tabs on it.” She turned and started looking through the drawers and cabinets for something. I looked at Dr. Whitmore who looked back at me and raised her eyebrows a bit as if to say “I wonder what could be wrong?” then she looked back down at my privates.

Dr. Harrison apparently couldn’t find whatever it was she was looking for, so she picked up the phone and said “Sue, could you please have someone bring an orchidometer to exam 5 please?”

She turned back to me. “Okay, let’s continue while someone brings that in.” Dr. Harrison continued to examine my right, then left nut. Much to my horror, I started getting “those feelings” down there and could feel my dick start to twitch. I thought to myself “Baseball umpires hitting brick walls, baseball umpires hitting brick walls…” to try to keep from really embarrassing myself. When I thought she was done, Dr. Harrison started feeling the cords. Then she started feeling along my dick all the way from between my legs. This was more than I could bear and my dick started getting hard. About halfway she stops at one spot.

“Hmm, I feel a small cyst here,” she said as she rubbed with her fingers. She continued feeling her way up the length of my dick making it grow bigger as she did. By the time she got to the end, I was almost at “half mast”. And completely humiliated. It wasn’t over by a long shot, though. She took out the same flashlight she used when looking in my throat and eyes.

“I need to shine this light through your scrotum, Mr. Thomas, to make sure it is just a hydrocele and not something else. So if you could please step off the stool and stand with your legs apart…” This kıbrıs escort was just too much! Shine a light on it? I reluctantly stepped off the stool and stood with my legs apart.

“A little more, please….more….okay, now please hold your penis up against your stomach.” She commanded. I was standing there with my legs about two feet apart, and holding my semi-hard dick out of her way. Then she took the flashlight, reached between my legs and shined the light back toward herself while pulling this way and that on my sack. Dr. Whitmore looked as though she had never seen this done before.

“Ok, this doesn’t seem to be anything more than a hydrocele. As I said, it’s nothing to worry about and will probably go away on its own. We’ll still get some measurements for the record.” Dr. Harrison told me as she put the flashlight away. I resumed a normal position and reached to get my shorts, thinking the ordeal was finally over.

“Okay, Mr. Thomas, I need to check your prostate. Please turn around and bend over the table.” “Oh just wonderful!” I thought to myself. “Here I am, totally naked, half hard, and now I have to get buggered, too! Well, I should have known it was coming from the minute I had to take my shorts off!” I did know here was no arguing, so I did as I was told. Dr. Harrison stood at the end of the table and I noticed she had lubed two fingers.

“OK, just relax now, Mr. Thomas.” She said. “Yeah, right!” I thought. I felt cold lube on her fingers as she placed them against my hole. With one push, she was in up to her wrist. She began feeling my prostate by curling her fingers inside me.

“Well, your prostate feels normal, so that’s a good sign, ” she said. She then started feeling all around inside. “Let’s just make sure there’s nothing else.” When she was done, she took off the glove and I started to get up.

“Please stay there, Mr. Thomas, I’m not done yet,” she commanded. I couldn’t imagine what in the name of god else she could do! “I want to examine you again in this position as it can afford a different angle and move things in different positions.” She started feeling my balls and along my dick as she had before. Now, there was no holding back and I got a full-blown hard-on! I could feel my face turn beet red.

“Where the hell is that orchidometer?” Dr. Harrison demanded. She pulled off her gloves and told me “All right, Mr. Thomas, you can stand up and turn around now.” I stood up, but didn’t turn around right away. “Here are some tissues to clean yourself up with.” I couldn’t avoid it now; I had to turn around to get the tissues. As I did so, my dick came into full view and there was no hiding it. Both women looked straight at it; Dr Harrison got a slightly disgusted look, while Dr. Whitmore’s eyes widened. I reached between my legs and wiped up the goopy gel she used. This only served to push my dick out even more. When I was done I looked around for a garbage can to throw the tissues in.

“Oh, it’s over there behind you,” Dr. Harrison said pointing to a can in the corner near the head of the exam table. Unfortunately, the can had a spring-loaded lid on it that kept it closed, so I couldn’t just toss the tissues in. I hesitated a moment, realizing that I would have to walk over there naked and hard to throw out the tissues. I tried to keep hunched over a little as I got up to help conceal my dick. I took the few steps over to the garbage can and put the tissues in. Now I had to go back, which meant no hiding anything without being obvious that I was trying to hide it. Just as I turned to go back to the exam table, the receptionist came in – without knocking. She stopped short for just a second, looked me up and down and was trying to hide the smirk on her face.

“Dr. Harrison, I’m sorry, but nobody could find an orchidometer. Dr. Westin told me you could use this caliper ruler instead.”

“Well, I suppose, I’ll have to. Thank you, Sue. Oh, and we’ll need to schedule a follow-up visit for Mr. Thomas here.”

“You’re welcome, Dr. Harrison.” As she turned to leave, Sue told me “Please be sure to stop by the main desk before you leave Mr. Thomas.” She gave me a once over, looking straight at my stiff cock with the same little smirk, then back at me before leaving the room.

“OK, Mr. Thomas, could you please stand on the stool again? ” Dr. Harrison and Dr. Whitmore both acted as though there was nothing unusual about Sue coming in the room. I got up on the stool and my dick stood up with me – no need to hold it out of the way this time, it did so on its own. Both women looked at my hard dick but neither said anything. Dr. Harrison took a measurement and wrote it down, took kırıkkale escort another and wrote it down, and so on until she was done.

“OK, that’s all, Mr. Thomas, you can get dressed now,” she told me much to my relief. I turned to look for my shorts when the final bomb dropped.

“Well, just a minute, I’m thinking that since you already have an erection, we might as well get a sperm sample. ” She opened the cabinet and took out a plastic specimen cup and held it out to me. “Just masturbate into this and we’ll send it along with your blood and urine samples.” I was thunderstruck!

“Uh, I really don’t think that’s necessary.” I challenged.

“Under the circumstances, yes it is, Mr. Thomas. If I hadn’t found the hydrocele or cyst, it would be different. It really is the best course of action. Please, we are behind schedule.” I took the specimen cup from her and she turned back to the chart.

“Allright, then.” I said resignedly. I stood there waiting for them to leave.

“Well?” Dr. Harrison asked clearly meaning she wanted me to start.

“Umm, don’t you think I could have a little privacy for this part?”

“Please Mr. Thomas, we’re running way behind schedule,” Dr. Harrison commanded, “I need that sample right now.” I couldn’t believe she expected me to masturbate with her and Dr. Whitmore standing right there! I still didn’t start right away.

“I can’t approve you to continue working, Mr. Thomas, unless ALL you lab work comes back in good order, and since I’ve already entered it on your chart, they’ll be looking for the results, so please get on with it!” She threatened. Now I really had no choice. If I wanted to keep my job I was going to have to do it. I grabbed hold of my dick and slowly started stroking it. Dr. Harrison continued making notes on my chart, not paying any attention. I looked over at Dr.Whitmore who looked at me as if to say “You have to do as the doctor says!” I stroked a little faster trying to look nowhere in particular. I just wanted to get it over and get out of there, so I rubbed my dick faster trying to finish. After a minute or so, I happened to glance at Dr. Whitmore who was standing there watching me jerk off. I couldn’t be sure, but it looked to me like she had a slight smile. She must have noticed that I was looking at her and so, she looked up at me, at my dick and then back at me. I really do think she was smiling. I was close to finishing so I stroked even faster. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dr. Whitmore looking me up and down. I couldn’t believe I was standing there stark naked and jerking off with two women in the room, one not paying any attention and the other making no pretense about watching me. After another moment I was ready to cum. I held the cup near my dick and stroked faster. A few more strokes and I shot my load, holding the cup to catch it all. Dr. Harrison must have noticed.

“Ok, try to squeeze as much out as you can.” She ordered. I did as she said while both women watched. When I was done, I handed Dr. Harrison the cup. “Thank you. You can get dressed now. Dr. Whitmore will show you to the lab for your blood and urine tests. We’ll contact you when the results come in.” She stalked out of the room. I looked at Dr. Whitmore who still had that little smile. I dressed as fast as I could. I was humiliated, and had every intention of making a complaint. Maybe even to a lawyer. This had gone much too far.

“Well, you certainly got a thorough exam!” Dr. Whitmore observed.

“Yes, I would say so.”

“Has it ever been this complete?” she asked as she looked at my stiff dick.

“No, it hasn’t” I replied. Despite my embarrassment, my dick was not getting soft.

“It wasn’t painful was it?”


“I’ve never heard of an exam this complete before,” she said. I thought this was a strange comment. Certainly in med school she would have been trained to do all of this even if she never did it again herself.

“Didn’t they teach you all this in medical school?” I asked her as if I was just making small talk.

“Medical School?” she asked in return.

“Yes, medical school, where you learned to be a doctor.”

“I’ve never been to medical school.”

“You’ve never been to medical school?” I thought to myself “What the hell???”

“What makes you think I’ve been to medical school?” She said quizzically.

“Well, I overheard you and Dr. Harrison talking outside about when you were in school together, and Dr. Harrison introduced you as “Doctor” Whitmore.”

“Ohhh,” she said with a little chuckle, “we went to college together, not medical school.”

“So then why did she introduce you as “Doctor” Whitmore?” Now I was really pissed!

“Well, I am “Doctor” Whitmore, but I’m not a medical doctor. I have a Ph.D.”

“A Ph.D.?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, in Economics. I’ll be managing the newly-formed financial research department.”

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