I Think She Planned It

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Disclaimer – all persons involved were over the age of 18 at the time.

She was my high school girlfriend. We were both virgins. One day at her friends’ place, we went all the way. Looking back, I can see this was probably the plan all along. But as a horny teenager, I was still a bit clueless and it seemed pretty spontaneous at the time.

My girlfriend, Anna, and I had been together for a bit. She was a figure skater and got straight A’s. I was athletic, but more into skateboards and mountain bikes than academics. We messed around frequently but had never actually had sex at this point. Her best friend lived in an apartment with her dad, a trucker. He was never around, so our local group of friends spent a lot of time hanging out there. For the most part, it was pretty wholesome – we’d watch television, cook meals and play cards. One day while it was just the three of us, Anna asks her friend if she could use her room to show me the new dress she just bought while she tries it on. Her friend just rolls her eyes and says “sure, I’ve gotta go run down to the store anyway. I’ll be back in 30 minutes.”

It was end of semester and we had both been pretty busy. This was our first real alone-time in a couple weeks and I was definitely looking forward to it. Anna led me into the room and closed the door. She actually did have a shopping bag with a new dress inside it. She got undressed and my teenage hormones immediately kicked in. I tickled her while she tried to ignore me.

“Don’t you want to see my new dress?” she teased.

“Of course I do! But right now I’d like to see it on the floor” I replied without skipping a beat as I took her in my arms.

I kissed her neck right where she liked it. And she responded with a light moan. She was wearing the sporty Calvin Klein bra and underwear she knew I liked. They really showed off her toned body and legs. She feigned indecisiveness for a few seconds then made a show of dropping the dress on the floor. She then helped me out of my shirt and we found our way onto the bed. I figured we’d do our usual messing around – maybe I’d get a BJ out of it before her friend got back and we could pretend everything was normal.

“Take your pants off, there’s nobody here and we’ve got a bit of time.” she said.

Seeing as she was already in her underwear, it only seemed fair. I kicked off my pants and we were back at it. I managed to help her out of her bra and she got on top, freed my member and started kissing it. I was waiting for her to take it in her mouth but she looked at me and said “these are in the way” pulling on my boxers. I was a little confused – she had never complained bursa escort bayan about my boxers being in the way before. As I stood up and took off my boxers, Anna rolled onto her back and wiggled out of her panties. At this point, she must have seen the confused look on my face.

“whoa, down boy, don’t get any ideas. I just don’t want my clothes getting messed up” she said with a coy smile.

I laid down next to her and we began to kiss. I started with her mouth, neck, earlobes and slowly moved down to her breasts. My hand was teasing her nether-regions. Meanwhile, my hormones were racing and my cock was at full attention. She reached over and began working her magic. This was the first time we had been completely naked together – a fact that was not lost on me and added all the more to the excitement and arousal. It was intense and I really wanted her to finish me off. She had other ideas.

“oh my, I’m so wet. I want to try something; I want to rub your cock against my clit.” she whispered in my ear.

I hadn’t expected that. This was going further than I had hoped or anticipated. She noticed my reaction.

“I don’t mean it like that. I just want to, you know, see how it feels. That’s all.”

Well, even if she wasn’t going to go all the way and just wanted to rub my cock on her, this was still further than we’d ever gone and I was more than happy to play along. Besides, it was feeling great.

A bit of precum had appeared on my tip. I guess she noticed because she gave a wicked smile and said “I have an idea.”

She spread her legs and had me straddle up so that my cock was within reach of her pussy.

“I just want to rub it on me. That’s all.” she said as she took it in one hand and proceeded to rub the head of my cock against her glistening clit. My precum and her wetness made the contact very warm and slick. My mind was completely spinning at this point – almost on autopilot – and I was happy to do anything that got my cock closer to her kitty. She looked to be more than enjoying herself too for that matter – she was so warm and wet. Her eyes were watching me and every minute or so, her legs would spasm with pleasure.

My cock was rock hard at this point. It’d never been this close to its biological objective before. I was lost in the moment as all rational thoughts evaporated from my mind. She held my shaft firmly in her hand and teased herself with the head of my cock.

“a little closer” she said as she gently pulled my arm with her free hand. As I edged a bit closer, she guided my cock down away from her clit toward her entrance. She spread a little wider and pulled her knees up a bit. nilüfer escort I could feel the head of my cock part her pussy lips – the warmth was exquisite.

She was staring at me – a combination of shyness and longing that I found irresistible.

“It’s really close” I said.

“Just a little more” she replied.

She used her hand to guide my shaft as I gently pushed my way inside. She moaned and I stopped. So far, I was less than halfway in. All I could think of was “oh my God, it’s in! I’m having sex for the first time!” In hindsight, it sounds hopelessly naive. But as it was happening, all I could think of was how good it felt and that I didn’t want it to stop.

It felt better than I ever imagined. As a teenager, I was no stranger to masturbation. But this was a whole other level of amazing. I watched as she began to rub her clit. She looked up at me and gave the slightest nod. Something in my animal brain took over and I began moving in and out. Slowly at first, as I managed to push my way further in with each thrust. Her walls were so wet and warm – it felt so right. I was almost all the way in when she squeaked and motioned that I was only allowed in that far. I complied – it was her first time too and I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I was. She was rubbing herself fast now and I continued to move in and out of her in rhythm. It had only been a few short minutes but I was getting really close. Because this was so spontaneous, we weren’t using a condom and she was not on birth control. She was staring at me – at my chest, at my shoulders, into my eyes.

“I’m so close, don’t stop!” she pleaded.

“Me too – really close” I replied.

I slowed my pace a little in an attempt to postpone the inevitable. All I could think of was how amazing it felt, how tight and warm and slick she was with my cock inside her. My. cock. inside. her.

“Keep – going – almost” she stuttered.

It hit me with a suddenness and urgency that I was completely unprepared for. One second, I was (barely) maintaining control. The next, I was erupting inside her with the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced.

“OH FFFFFF MMMMmmmm” was all I could get out.

As my orgasm took over, I felt the first cumshot pulse inside her. It was happening so fast – and in my hyper-aroused state, the idea of pulling out never even occurred. My body was bucking in time with each cumshot. It felt so… right. I needed to keep going. I needed to finish. I wish I could say there was some profound thoughts or realizations that occurred at that moment – but I was still a teenager high on hormones. All I knew at that türbanlı escort moment was that what I was doing – filling this gorgeous young pussy with my seed – felt right and must not stop. A second later, I felt her pussy grip my cock as her legs tensed around me. Her eyes were closed and her mouth formed a silent ‘O’ shape. She shook once, then twice as her orgasm rocked her. To this day, there is nothing more arousing for me than watching a partner climax, knowing that it was me that made it happen. And then she was still. I let some moments pass for her to enjoy the feeling. Then I shifted slightly and she opened her eyes and looked up at me looking down at her. I slowly pulled out and a few white beads of cum dripped out as I did. She watched with a look of fascination, looking down at the aftermath of what we just did.

“That. was…” I breathed

“Amazing” she whispered, finishing my thought.

“I came so hard – I wish it lasted longer”

“I know – me too – next time will be even better”

Next time – that part was music to my ears. The slow realization of what we did began to materialize. We just had unprotected sex at her most fertile time. She was now full of my seed. It was exciting and terrifying and I would not have changed a thing. She just smiled – the damage was done – no point worrying about it now.

We rested together as our bodies recovered from the exertion. Eventually I remembered that her friend was probably wondering what happened to us. I cleaned up and got my clothes back on.

As she got up to go to the bathroom, two weeks worth of my cum dripped down her leg.

“Oh my gosh! That’s a lot!” she giggled.

After we were both decent, we left the bedroom. Sitting on the living room couch was her friend with a raised eyebrow. We had been in the room well over an hour. She took one look at us and jumped to her feet pointing a finger at us.

“oh my God! You two just had sex, didn’t you?” she shouted in her best sarcastically scandalized voice.

“uhh… a gentleman never tells?” was all I was able to manage… but at that point she was already hugging Anna and begging her for details. The girl talk was in full swing before I could get another word in so I made up a believable excuse to duck out. Just as the door was about to close, Anna ran up and gave me a huge hug, a peck on the cheek, bit my shoulder (hard) and strolled back to her waiting friend swinging her hips. The door closed leaving only the sound of whispers and giggling as I headed to the elevator not entirely sure what had just happened but certain that it was awesome.

Although it seems there are a lot of disappointing first-times out there, I consider myself fortunate to have had a comparatively positive one. And I think she would feel the same. We had a great time together over the next few years, made lots of fond memories and had lots of other firsts.

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