Imogen’s Undies Ch. 02

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Time spent recently with my housemate Imogen has provided some deliciously sensuous experiences.

Once again, I have taken every opportunity to sample her undies, both dirty and clean.

My preference is always for her freshly worn pairs so I can smell her indirectly from the gusset of her underpants, although it is still a pleasure masturbating with her clean pairs as the cotton crotch panel still feels so soft against my penis and it is always in the knowledge that it has been in between her legs at some point, rubbing against her pubic hair and anus and vagina during the day and night.

I noticed on the clothesline at home that Imogen had bought some new cotton undies – a set of size 12 bikinis in black, grey and white.

Freshly washed, there was no stains inside them and no smell – other than that of washing powder – but still very exciting, especially with this new found discovery that Imogen actually wears white underpants!

Previously, I had found numerous pairs of her undies – all soft cotton and mostly black – but also other variations such as a purple pair which I found freshly worn inside a pair of track pants with stains and creases from possibly pre-period discharge.

Absolutely delicious!

Another black cotton pair I had found a few days earlier were, most likely, Imogen’s ovulation undies, containing a large vagina-shaped smear that was like dried egg-white in her crotch panel.

Finding a white pair set my mind racing as white is always the most easily stained with any vaginal discharge and anal skid marks.

My inspections of Imogen’s undies to date had not actually revealed any skid marks from her anus, which was a very fine indicator that she was a very clean girl who wiped her bottom very carefully after a bowel movement.

The latest panty acquisition went a long way to backing up the likelihood of Imogen’s clean toilet hygiene.

To my ongoing delight, I located a pair of Imogen’s new black size 12 cotton knickers inside a pair of her shorts in her bedroom, which she had probably only removed that morning.

Her temporary absence from the house allowed me the opportunity to fossick and I snatched the panties accordingly.

Taking them straight to my bedroom, I unfurled them and proceeded to indulge all they had to offer.

Firstly, I noticed that they were completely stain-free which was fine by me.

The crotch panel was of my favourite type – soft cotton with an extra layer for absorption and protection which was sealed from the anus end but open from the vagina end.

It was this open end that I attended to immediately and it produced instant results.

As I put my nose to the soft material, I could smell her subtle, sweaty tang instantly. In fact, the majority of the available smell was actually trapped under the extra flap of material within the panty.

It was this that I opened right up in order to access the most I could of Imogen’s natural smell.

I also realised that the entire crotch panel was worth exploring as all of Imogen’s undercarriage would have been contacting it as she moved around wearing them.

As my nose moved along the soft cotton from front to back, I spent the most time identifying where her vaginal opening and anus would have been rubbing and I can confirm that there was barely any odour from the vaginal area and absolutely none from the anal area.

For this reason, I just concentrated on opening up the loose end of the crotch panel and sniffing Imogen’s trapped odour from underneath.

I wrapped her panties around my head with the smelliest part of the panty directly on my nose and proceeded to masturbate with Imogen’s spicy odour permeating my senses.

The soft cotton crotch panel felt amazing on my nose and mouth and I just indulged the reality that it her vagina, anus and pubic hair had all been encased within it for an extended period and now my nose and mouth were in direct contact with the very same material.

As much as I badly wanted to run my tongue along the material, I had to resist in context that I needed to return the panties to where I had found them and should Imogen happen to find her panties totally wet from me having licked out them for half-an-hour, it would be potentially disastrous.

The next chapter of my interaction with Imogen was the very same afternoon when we were at home together and enjoying each other’s company.

At some point whilst I was busy getting some food from the fridge, Imogen actually disappeared to the bathroom and due to the amount of time she took, I realised that she was probably doing more than peeing.

I had dreamt of the reality of Imogen taking a shit in my presence and although she was not exactly doing it in my presence this time, I realised an opportunity to get as close as possible to the action and I was able to do this by going to the toilet myself.

It so happens that both bathrooms in the house are right next to each other, so I took advantage by heading in to take a piss.

It was just as I kırklareli escort passed the toilet to relieve myself, I heard Imogen call out.

“Are you there??” she called.

“Yeah, I’m here,” I replied.

“Sorry, but I’ve just run out of toilet paper in here and there’s none in the cupboard!” she continued.

“Oh right,” I responded incredulously. “Do you need me to try and find some?”

“If you could, that would be great!!” Imogen said with obvious relief in her voice.

I then went into the other bathroom and looked under the vanity unit where I found a number of fresh rolls.

Taking one out, I then moved toward the bathroom where Imogen was inside, not really knowing what to do next.

Before I knew it, I heard Imogen say from within, “Come in if you want.”

Tentatively, and with my heart about to explode out of my chest with petrified anticipation, I gently pushed the bathroom door open.

What I saw and smelled will possibly imprint on me forever.

There was Imogen, sitting on the toilet, hunched over with her shorts around her knees, looking surprisingly unabashed.

Although I couldn’t see anything particularly lewd or revealing apart from a section of her bare thighs and hips, the smell in the room immediately gave away what had been going on in there.

To my immense delight, the odour of Imogen’s faeces was VERY present.

Her poo did not smell nearly as strong as I thought it might, but it was still obvious.

For those few moments that I could enjoy it, Imogen’s faecal odour was so present and filling the small room – sharp yet subtle and unmistakable – if I had to imagine how her poo would actually smell, then this would probably it; obvious yet not so foul that it was completely off-putting, in fact all I wanted to do was to get closer to the toilet bowl to take more of it in.

Without stepping around the obvious, Imogen apologised instantly.

“Sorry about the smell,” she said.

Not knowing what else to say, I simply replied, “That’s OK!”

Seeing my beautiful housemate in such a situation surrounded by the smell of her own bowel movement was both highly confronting and stimulating all at once.

“There you go,” was my next contribution as I handed the toilet roll to Imogen and then attempted to look I don’t know where.

“It’s OK,” she said, “You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Pausing momentarily, but also posturing as though I probably needed to get out of there ASAP, I turned to do just that.

To my complete shock and amazement, Imogen intervened.

“I don’t mind if you stay, since you’re in here now. You might as well see what I’m about to do.” Imogen offered.

I couldn’t believe it.

Was I really hearing things?? Was she for real??

I was now frozen to the spot in quite an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation with Imogen but also realising that this could about to be something very, very special.

“If you want to stay and watch me wipe my bottom, I don’t mind!” Imogen could not have been clearer than this.

“I really don’t know what to say,” I dribbled.

“There’s no need…” Imogen reassured me. “Just watch!”

Silently, I stood there not knowing what to expect next but when Imogen started attaching the new toilet roll, it was actually more obvious than it should have been.

Once attached, she began peeling off some sheets right there in front of me – both of us with somewhat silly looks on our faces – perhaps realising how ridiculous this really was but also realising that there was something quite amazing happening right here and now.

Still frozen to the spot, but also realising that this was a moment to be taken full advantage of, I made the first move.

“Wait!!” I gestured.

Imogen paused and looked at me, also somewhat frozen in not knowing what I was about to do next.

“Sorry if this seems a bit weird but I really want to see inside your undies.” I quavered.

Imogen paused once again at this request as though she wanted to completely take over the situation at this point but just perhaps wanted also to give me enough rope to hang myself.

Despite the strange dynamic, Imogen decided to play along and give me what I wanted.

“OK then,” she responded, and proceeded to lower her shorts just below her knees allowing me to glimpse a view of a pair of black cotton panties from within her shorts and my heart skipped several beats.

“May I?” I asked with semi-serious intent.

“Sure!!” Imogen suddenly began to relax now she knew she had quite a deal of control over the situation.

I began to squat down in front of her, my heart now absolutely racing with the sight of her black undies inside her shorts and knowing exactly where they had been just before she sat on the toilet.

There was also the immediate and persistent odour of her bowel movement rising up from the toilet bowl beneath, which I expected was likely to overpower anything the inside of her underpants may have to offer.

Imogen kırşehir escort then made her undies more available to me by adjusting them inside her shorts and also opening her legs a bit more than they previously had been.

I caught an instant glimpse of the top of her pubic hair triangle, before moving in on the exposed panties and my erection jumped to full size in no time at all.

Within moments, my face was down between Imogen’s legs and inching towards the raw crotch panel of her black cotton underpants.

“I actually know that you’ve been sneaking into my room and looking at my panties.” Imogen suddenly blurted.

I stopped and looked up at her at this.

I felt a flush of total mortification take control temporarily but knew that this was going to be insufficient to stop me indulging her undies right there and now.

“I suspected that’s what you were doing and I set up a small camera near my bed so I could prove it. It’s OK though, I actually don’t mind – I think it’s kind of sexy,” she reiterated.

After another pregnant pause, she continued.

“So what did you think of them?? I hope they weren’t too stinky for you!”

“Not at all!” was my quick-fire response.

The thought crossed my mind at this point as to how honest I should be with Imogen as to exactly how I had indulged her intimates.

Should I tell her about the licking? Should I tell her that I had sampled a pair of both her ovulation and period underpants? Should I give her a detailed account of the odours and their different qualities?

“Probably not,” was my almost instant conclusion.

Right here and now, I was about to experience something close to sacred and there seemed no point whatsoever jeopardising it.

“Well then,” Imogen continued, “my panties are right here if you want to have a close look at them. And if you’re a good boy and can handle the smell down there, I might even show you something more secret as well!!”

At this, she opened her legs a little wider and exposed the inside of her black knickers to me as well as a larger section of her pubic hair.

Immediately I could see that they were not stained and most likely the same black knickers I had found in her room in the past 24 hours – if they were then she had been wearing them for a little longer and they had probably absorbed even more of her smell.

This is what I was hoping for anyway.

She reached down at this point and pushed the raw gusset towards my face, all the while watching for my response.

I cast a loving look up towards her sitting on the toilet with her legs apart and her shorts now pushed down around her ankles and her undies just below her knees with the crotch panel fully exposed to me.

I knew that the open end of the separate crotch panel contained the primary amount of her odour so this is what I went for.

Lowering my nose directly to the soiled material between her legs, I pressed my nose carefully against it and slowly inhaled.

My first intake was rewarded, as I was able to detect Imogen’s sweaty, spicy pussy odour quite clearly.

Shutting my eyes, I took another and then another, each one slower and more deliberate.

“How’s that?” she asked, “not too smelly I hope..!!”

“No,” I replied. “It smells amazing – really sweaty and dirty, like a real girl’s fanny should!!”

“It’s because of all my pubic hair,” Imogen continued. “It makes me sweat more down there, but my cotton undies are very absorbent, especially with the extra crotch panel in there. Here, I’ll show you a trick – if you separate the crotch panel at the open end, it stores more of my smell in there, just like this!”

Imogen then reached down and opened up the unstitched end of her gusset to allow me to smell inside it, which I took great delight in doing.

“There you go,” Imogen beckoned, “smell in there if you like, if you really want to enjoy it!”

It was like she was releasing an extra, secret storage pocket of her odour to me.

The smell was certainly more potent as it hit my nose as I wondered how this tiny piece of extra cotton inside her undies had actually interacted with both her pubic hair and vagina to create such an enticing aroma.

“Do you want to slip your tongue inside it?” Imogen asked as she watched me sniff the gusset of her underpants. “You can really get some taste into your mouth and then maybe I can show you more.”

I did not hesitate for a moment before opening up the unstitched end of her underpants and extending my tongue inside it.

My tongue was now in between the two pieces of material which would offer me the absolute premium of Imogen’s vaginal flavour.

I also lowered my top lip onto the exterior of Imogen’s panty gusset and began sucking exactly where her labia minora would have been rubbing for an extended period of time.

“There you go, that’s it!!” Imogen purred, “That’s where you can really taste the best of me!!”

Closing my eyes, I really sucked down on the tiny kızılay escort crotch panel of Imogen’s undies.

The taste, what there was of it, was actually negligible.

What was more exciting was having my mouth exactly on the material where Imogen’s vulva and pubic hair had been directly contacting so that all her girly, feminine odour and flavour was being directly transferred into my mouth.

And of course, I was also still able to smell her poo in the toilet below which was creating the REAL sensual cocktail which I simply could not resist.

“Wow, you’re really enjoying that aren’t you?” Imogen intervened. “How would you like to see more then??”

Not knowing exactly how to respond appropriately, I briefly removed her undies from my mouth and croaked softly, “I’d love to!!”

At this, Imogen slipped her denim shorts from around her ankles and beckoned me to slide her undies completely off.

She closed her legs momentarily to allow me to do this before opening her legs wide directly over the toilet bowl which not only gave me my first bird’s eye view of her pubic triangle but also released the sharp smell of her poop up between her legs and into my face.

I could now smell it all strongly every time I breathed in and together with the act of sliding her black cotton bikinis down her legs and onto the bathroom floor, it was providing an incredibly sensual and erotic experience.

Imogen’s next move now that her underpants were off was to slide slightly forward on the toilet seat and open her legs very wide.

Such was the covering of her pubic hair that I could not make out any clear definition within it of any of her vulvic flesh just by looking at it but with what Imogen was possibly about to show me, this would only be temporary.

“Do you want to see my vulva properly?” she asked.

I remained uncomfortably silent for a few moments but eventually responded with, “Only if you don’t mind!”

“Of course I don’t if you keep being a good boy like this!” she confessed.

Not knowing whether I should allow her to make the next move or if I should just make it myself, Imogen prompted me and I obliged in kind.

Absolutely salivating at the prospect of what I was about to see and do, I decided to waste no time in taking up Imogen’s offer.

Imogen simultaneously pushed her hips forward and opened her thighs as much as she could and before I knew it, my eager fingers were down between her legs, in amongst the pubic hair and making direct contact with her genitalia.

“If you reach down in amongst the pubic hair with your fingers and pull everything apart, you will be able to see EVERYTHING!!”

Plucking up the courage to do exactly as she said, my fingers began to fumble around in her private female area, it was not long before I found the mark.

The feeling of her pubic hair was quite coarse but buried within were the soft, warm and moist folds of her vulva.

Once my fingers had located the clammy flesh, I gave my best effort to separate what I could now feel were quite large and flappy labia.

“Oooohhh Imogen, you’re so flappy down here!” I remarked.

“Pull me apart if you want – have a look at everything!!’ she pleaded.

Imogen was really wide open now and I then introduced my other hand to help with the genital investigation.

Pulling her labia majora apart with each available hand, I could now see for myself exactly the detail of what was between Imogen’s legs.

Her labia minora now appeared from within her larger lips – as wrinkled and flappy as any I had ever seen!

As soon as I delved in there, pulling her curly, mousy brown pubes to the side I could see a mass of thick, protruding, wrinkled vulvic flesh buried in her triangular forest.

At first, it was just a wrinkly mess of female genitalia but on further inspection, much greater detail revealed itself.

“Oh my God, Imogen – your pussy is amazing!!” was all I could summon.

And it was!

With minimal effort, my fingers were able to separate her labia and reveal the pinkness inside.

I was also impressed at how easily her inner lips came apart and I was able to now see right inside one of the most private areas of her body.

Holding the lips apart, her pink interiors were fully visible and with another added effort, I was able to peel away the wrinkled mass of her clitoral hood and pop out her generously sized acorn.

It revealed itself as glistening and erectile – poking out from in amongst the brown, wrinkled labial flesh that completely surrounded it. It seemed criminal that Imogen should keep all this secreted within her cotton underpants for most of her waking life!

Opening her vaginal lips up even further displayed the gloriously intimate details of Imogen’s pussy.

I could easily see her urethra, which was wide open and black in front of me.

Casting my eyes further down, I could see the soft pink lumps of her vaginal meatus – the extent to which her vagina pulled apart gave me maximum exposure to this private, pink fluffy mess between her legs.

I immediately came to wonder how many men’s penises Imogen had ever had inserted inside her and moreover how many men had the experience of plunging their penis deep into this beautifully soft vaginal feast.

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