Incestuous Harem’s Passion 24: The Incestuous Harem’s Passion

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Incestuous Harem’s Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Incestuous Harem’s Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

July 23rd, 2027 – Clinton “Clint” Elliston III

I’d done it. I reveled in that fact as my family piled into the limo waiting for us out in front of the courthouse. The reporters were swarming us, shouting questions. We had won our freedom. A jury of our peers had recognized the truth.

Incest was beautiful.

My women were swarming me in the limo. Melody kissed me first, her lips hot and hungry on mine. Pam swooped in and claimed me next, hers tasting salty from the tears of relief she’d shed. Hands grabbed at my suit. Alicia was pulling off my tie as she darted her head in and planted feathery kisses on my lips, light and fast.

“You did it, Daddy,” she cooed in that girlish voice of hers, eyes wet and dewy with excitement.

I grinned at her. “Yes, we did, didn’t we? You held up well, my little princess.”

She beamed at me. “You’re just awesome!”

“Yes, Master, you are!” Lee said. She was kneeling before me, undoing my belt and then hauling down her slacks. “It was so hot hearing you talk about tying me up and spanking me on the stand. It made me so wet. I wish I could have gone up there and told them every sordid detail.”

“Maybe you should write a book,” I said in a joking manner.

“Maybe I will!” she said. “Life in my brother’s incestuous harem!” She pulled down my underwear. My cock popped out. She planted her celebratory kiss right on the tip even as Zoey pressed in from the other side, her big tits already out. She claimed my lips as Lee smooched around my cock.

Stefani claimed a kiss next, a big smile on her lips. “You are amazing. I can’t believe this worked.”

Then Zoey pulled her away and they were making out like mad as Mrs. Hiragawa settled down beside me and kissed me, her hands unbuttoning my shirt. Aunt Vicky took the other side of me, working from the bottom. I kissed her next, our tongues dancing with wild passion.

Then I was naked, the limo moving away from the courthouse. My mother appeared before me, stripped of her clothing. Her large breasts swayed, her bleached-blonde hair tumbling about her aroused face. Pam and Melody pushed her onto my lap.

Her breasts swayed before her, smacking together. They were right before my face, so inviting. I buried my face into them. I rubbed back and forth, savoring my mother’s pillowy softness. She grabbed my cock and guided it right to her pussy.

I groaned as she slid her twat down my cock. That incestuous hole embraced me. It was wonderful to slide back into her twat. Every guy was trying to get back into pussy. To return to where we came from. Most never got to return to their mother’s, though. Just any other woman they could find.

I had that joy. I would deliver it to the world. I would legalize incest next. Get a proposition on next year’s ballot. Let the voters of California decide if it should be legalized like they had with gay marriage.

“Mmm, Mommy-slut loves having her big, strong son in her,” she cooed, her pussy clenching around me. “Master, your naughty wives have ordered me off the pill. It’s been a month. You’re Mommy-slut is fertile again. I’m still young enough. I can have another of your children, Master.”

“Shit,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in her pussy. I lifted my head and she kissed me.

“She’s not the only one we ordered off the pill,” Melody said. “You’re going to breed all our mothers!”

“Yes, Master,” Aunt Vicky moaned, pressing her large and soft breasts into my right side.

“We’re all fertile and ready for you, Master,” purred Mrs. Hiragawa. “Dr. Wilson has checked us out. We’re still ripe. We can be bred.”

My dick throbbed in my mother’s cunt. Knowing she was unprotected, that I could knock her up, made this more exciting. My hands grabbed her ass and lifted her. She rose up my cock, her pussy gripping my dick with her silky embrace. My shaft throbbed in her cunt, my balls already building a load.

My mother slammed her snatch down my cock. That hot and juicy pussy engulfed me again. Heat swept over my balls. My dick throbbed in her juicy heaven. Incestuous bliss swept through me as my tongue danced with hers.

I broke the kiss and buried myself back into her tits. I rubbed my face between them. I reveled in them. It was so incredible to feel. Her breasts rubbed around me. I groaned, savoring it. The heat of her cunt bathed me.

She worked that amazing pussy up and down my dick. The pleasure swelled through my body. It was outstanding. Amazing. The pleasure of her cunt squeezed tight around me. It was an awesome thing to enjoy. My cock twitched and throbbed in her pussy’s depths.

She rode me faster and faster. She worked her cunt up and down my dick with hunger. Her boobs rubbed on the sides of my face. The limousine resounded with moans and gasps. All my women were getting naughty while the three MILFs of the family were around me.

The three mature sex slave mothers.

“You’re going to breed us all, Master,” moaned Mrs. Hiragawa.

“Please, please, put a baby in my big sister’s belly,” Aunt Vicky moaned. “Then in mine. Breed us again. Just like your father did.”

“Yes!” I groaned, my dick throbbing and aching in my mother’s pussy. “I’m going to put babies in all your cunts! You’re going to be bred!”

“Yes! Your Mommy-slut wants that!” She rode me faster, her incestuous snatch working up and down my dick. The ache built fast at the tip of my cock. Her breasts jiggled around your face. “Your Mommy-slut wants to be bred by your big dick. We all want one last child! Your seed is as virile as your father’s!”

“Yes, yes, we all want your seed in us!” moaned Aunt Vicky. “Master!”

“Master!” whimpered Mrs. Hiragawa. “I’m so wet and ready to be bred by you.”

“Going to knock you all up!” I growled.

The state had tried to crush us. We won. It was time to celebrate. My dick twitched. Throbbed. The pleasure surged through me. It built in my nuts. I would have such huge eruptions of seed into their cunts. I would fire all that jizz into their pussies.

Starting with my mother’s.

Her cunt squeezed about me. She slammed down on me, bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. I dug my fingers into her rump, my balls soaked in the juices leaking out of her pussy. She was so wet. So hot and ready to be bred.

I stared up into her dark eyes. Her bleached-blonde hair danced about her face. She looked so beautiful. I could see Zoey and Alicia in her face. Even Melody and Lee. She shuddered, her pussy squeezing tight about me as she slammed her cunt down my shaft.

Then she rose up.

“Yes!” I growled and laid claim to my mother’s fertile pussy.

I came in her.

“Master!” she gasped as she slammed her pussy down my cock, and then she joined me.

Her pussy went wild around my cock. Her hot and incestuous flesh milked me. She worked out that cum. I spurted it over and over into her pussy. I basted her cunt with blast after blast of my spunk. I shuddered on the limo seat as I bred my mother.


Cheryl Ellison

My son’s cum fired into me.

My pussy spasmed around his cock as I cried out, “Master!”

I bucked on him, savoring that spunk firing into my twat over and over again. That wonderful joy of being bred by my son. I just knew he was flooding me with all that virile seed. His sperm would find my egg. I would have one last child.

My joy surged to the pinnacle of ecstasy, my rapture drowning my mind in incestuous joy. I threw back my head, howling out in blissful delight. I hoped Clint was watching. That my dead husband was in heaven happy that his son had taken over the family.

That he had bred me the way a man should.

My pussy milked out the last of my son’s cum. I floated at the pinnacle of my orgasm and then it dwindled down. I whimpered and moaned. My sister stared at me with such joy in her eyes, her breasts flushed. Asuka had the same look of passionate need in her eyes.

The limo pulled up to our house. The reporters were waiting here. They would get quite the sight. I slid off my son and felt his cum leaking out of me. We piled out, naked and unashamed. Melody strutted, ever the exhibitionist. My niece loved it. So did Lee. I came out on Clint’s arm, the cameras flashing.

It was obvious he’d just fucked me. The world would know that Clint had dumped his seed in his mother’s cunt. I beamed at the cameras, so proud of what we had accomplished. I clung to my son and Master as we headed into our house.

He was amazing.


Vicky Samuels

I nuzzled my face between my sister’s thighs. Her black bush was matted with Clint’s cum. Her large breasts rose and fell with her excitement. I paused as I stared that tattoo on her left tit. The triangle with the three initials in there. Clint, Cheryl, Vicky.

My sister and I would always be the older Clint’s in our hearts, but when he passed on he’d left us in his son’s hands. And so far, Clinton III had done an amazing job. I was so proud of my nephew. He had pumped so much seed into my sister’s pussy.

I wanted him to do the same to me.

“Please, please, breed me, Master!” I wiggled back my hips back and forth. Melody had been so certain we’d win that she ordered us off the pill to be ready for our victory. “Please, Master!”

“Yes, yes, please breed my sister, too,” Cheryl moaned as she pulled my face to her sloppy twat.

“I’m going to pump you so full of cum, Aunt Vicky, you’re going to be having my babies until the day you die!” Clint growled, his cock nuzzling into my shaved pussy.

I pressed my face into my sister’s bush and licked up the salty cum flavored by her spicy cunt. The two flavors mixed together. They were my favorite thing to eat. I dragged my tongue through her folds, gathering up more of the wonderful treat.

Clint rammed his cock into my cunt.

My nephew’s big dick filled my fertile pussy. A thrill raced through me. My twat squeezed down on him. I clutched him tight. This wonderful passion surged through me as his cock buried to the hilt in me. His balls smacked my clit, sparks flaring.

I moaned into my sister’s pussy as her son fucked me.


Just the way a man should fuck a woman when breeding her.

My cunt clenched about him, drinking in the friction of his thrust while my tongue feasted on all that yummy cum out of my sister’s pussy. I licked it. Lapped at it. Loved every moment of cleaning out that spunk. My tongue fluttered escort up and down her folds, her silky bush rubbing against my face.

Her big tits heaved over my head as she squirmed in delight. She grinned down at me, her eyes big and bright with delight. Her hips wiggled from the pleasure I gave her, smearing silky bush and hot cuntlips on mine. She had such joy in her eyes as her son fucked me hard.

Clint pounded me. He drove that cock into my fertile depths. I wanted one more child. One more time being a mother, being bred by my Master. My cunt clenched around his cock. I held his dick tight. I gripped him with passion as he plowed into me. He fucked me hard and fast.

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned my sister. “Ooh, please breed her, Master! Breed her!”

“Yes!” squealed out from the celebratory orgy raging behind us. It sounded like Melody, but it could have been my other daughter, Lee.

Joy ran through me. Our family was loving each other. We didn’t have the specter of the trial over us. I feasted on my sister with aplomb. I licked and lapped and drank all the spicy-flavored cum I could from her twat while my nephew’s heavy balls smacked into my clit.

They were so heavy. So full of the cum that would breed me. I clutched my cunt around his dick. He groaned and pumped away harder. Faster. He buried to the hilt in me. This amazing rapture soared through my body. It was incredible to experience. I would have such a huge climax on his dick.

I wiggled my hips from side to side, stirring my cunt around his amazing cock. My orgasm built with every plunge of his dick into my twat. Every hard thrust. He buried into me again and again. He filled me up with that amazing dick.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, that’s great. That’s amazing, Master!” I nuzzled into my sister’s twat. Thrust my tongue deep into her depths in search of more jizz.

“Breed the naughty slut, Master!” gasped my sister. “She needs it. Just pump her cunt full of all that cum! Breed her like you bred your Mommy-whore!”

“I’m going to breed you all!” snarled Clint. “All you MILF-slaves!”

“Yes!” Asuka moaned in the background. “That sounds so wonderful.”

“Breed our mothers, Clint!” Melody moaned. That was definitely my oldest. “Ooh, yes, work those fingers in and out of me, cupcake!”

“Yes, Mommy-Melody!” Alicia cooed in her little-girl voice.

I shuddered at the sounds of passion. Clint plowed into me with fast strokes, seemingly as inspired by the sounds as me. He rammed his thick dick to the hilt into my cunt. He buried deep and hard. He plowed that dick into me. It was amazing to experience him.

My orgasm swelled. His heavy balls pumped into me again and again. The pleasure rippled through my body. This amazing delight swept through my body. Stars danced before my eyes. This amazing heat swelled and swelled. I would have such a huge explosion on his cock.

“Master!” I moaned into my sister’s pussy. I rubbed my face into her twat.

“Cum in the slut, Master!” moaned Cheryl. She grabbed my hair and ground my face into her cunt.

I found her clit and sucked on it. She squealed, her thighs squeezing about me. Her spicy juices filled my mouth. She was getting hotter. Wetter. We had been given permission by Melody and Pam to cum all we wanted. I could feel mine building and building. I was so close; I just needed my Master to erupt in me.

“Breed me, Master!” I moaned. “Breed your kinky aunt!”

“Fuck, yes!” he growled. He seized my swinging tits. My nephew gripped my breasts. He dug his fingers deep into my flesh. He slammed into me.


Hot, incestuous cum jetted into my pussy. That wonderful rush of my Master’s jizz pumping into me set me off. My cunt went wild around his dominating dick. My flesh writhed and spasmed. The ecstasy swept through me. A tsunami of bliss flooded throughout my body.

It splashed into my mind.

The hot bliss spilled across my thoughts. It was amazing. This was a rapturous moment. I groaned, my cunt writhing and spasming. The pleasure went wild. It drowned my mind on euphoria. I screamed into my sister’s pussy.

She gasped and joined me.

As my cunt milked her son’s dick empty of his virile seed, her pussy juices gushed into my mouth. I gulped them down I licked and lapped and loved every drop of her spicy cream. My orgasm burned so bright as Clint grunted.

My Master dumped the last of his cum into my pussy.

“Thank you for breeding me, Master!” I howled, my orgasm burning at the hottest temperature. I blazed with ecstasy for one more moment of perfection.

Being bred by my nephew was the ultimate triumph for our family.


Pam Elliston

I planted my pregnant pussy right on my mother’s face. I wasn’t showing, yet, but the curve would start soon. So would Melody. We’d have our babies at the end of the year. It would be so awesome to have another one of Clint’s babies.

My mother needed that same joy.

“Mmm, you can breed her now, can’t you?” I purred, grabbing my brother-husband’s cock soaked in Aunt Vicky’s juices. She wasn’t my real aunt, but after being apart of the family for over a decade, she had become one. “Just ram your cock into my Mommy-slave’s cunt and knock her up while she eats me out.”

“You know I can,” Clint said. He cupped my face, his dark eyes brimming with hunger. “Guide me to her pussy. I’m going to give you another brother or sister.”

“I love you!” I groaned in delight and kissed my husband and brother with all my heart.

His tongue thrust into my mouth as he rammed his cock into my mother’s cunt. She moaned into my twat. Her tongue thrust into me. That wonderful and naughty appendage stirred through me. It felt incredible. I groaned, squirming on her. This pleasure shot through my body.

It was amazing. I squirmed and groaned. My hips wiggled from side to side, grinding my twat on my mother’s face. She lapped at me while my brother fucked her. Mother moaned, her passion humming through my pussy.

I hadn’t ruined everything. Somehow, Jonette Walsh had had a breakthrough in her feelings about incest. I didn’t understand what had changed, but I was so grateful for the trial to be over. I kissed my brother-husband with wild passion. My tongue danced with his.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mother moaned into my pussy. “Oh, Master, breed me! Knock me up!”

I broke the kiss to stare into Clint’s eyes. “Yes, yes, knock my mother up. I want her to be pregnant and moaning as I fuck her with a strap-on. I want to see you cum on her pregnant belly and watch her rub your jizz into her skin as a moisturizer.”

“God, you are getting filthy,” he said. “What else do you want to watch me do to your pregnant mother?”

“I want to watch her ride you, her stomach all curvy and swollen,” I moaned, my fantasy swelling. I liked watching. “Just seeing her tits heaving and her belly jiggling. I want you to tie her up, framing her pregnant belly with the ropes, and then fuck her up the ass while I masturbated. I want you to piss all over her tits swollen with her mother’s milk. Just gushing over them and then watch as she nurses herself with piss-stained tits.”

“Fuck!” Clint groaned. He pounded my mother harder.

She moaned in eager delight, licking and lapping at my pussy. She caressed through my folds, teasing me. I shuddered on her, the pleasure rippling through my body. I groaned in bliss, savoring every moment of her tongue diving through my folds. This wonderful euphoria flowed through my body.

My orgasm built and built as I imagined all the filthy and kinky and naughty things we’d do to our mothers. With our family. We didn’t have the threat of going to jail. I could think about the future again. It was amazing. Wonderful.

“I love you, Clint!” I howled, my orgasm building faster and faster. “I want to do nasty things with you every day for the rest of our lives!”

“Amen!” Melody moaned. “Ooh, come on, Lee, you can do better than that. Pound my cunt with that strap-on!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Lee howled, the slap of flesh on flesh echoing.

“Oh, Alicia, honey, mmm, I’m going to nurse you for real when my milk comes in,” Aunt Cheryl moaned—yes, I thought of her as my aunt, too.

“Aunt Vicky, you nasty slut!” Zoey moaned. “Mmm, Stefani, honey, slam that dildo harder into her asshole. She loves it!”

Our family was celebrating and loving each other. I kissed Clint again, thrusting my tongue into his mouth as I swelled and swelled towards my orgasm. That wild burst of pleasure that would drown me. I shuddered.

My hips wiggled from side to side, smearing my cunt on my mother-slave’s hungry lips. I groaned, the heat building and building, driving towards this amazing rapture. I would have such a huge climax on my mother’s face.

I would drown her.

Her tongue brushed my clit. I gasped into Clint’s mouth at the pleasure sparking from my bud. Our tongues danced. His hands cupped my breasts. His thumbs swept out and found my nipples. My brother massaged them.

I squealed into his lips and came.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of my pussy and bathed my mother’s face. They squirted hot out of me. A flood of bliss that spilled bliss through me. My cream gushed out into his hungry mouth. I groaned, so glad to give him this ecstasy. Her tongue thrust into my cunt. My mother swirled it around in my convulsing depths, adding more delight.

I broke the kiss and gasped, “Breed my mother, Clint!”

“I’m getting there, Pam,” he groaned, driving hard into my mother’s pussy. His thumbs massaged hard at my nipples, pushing my nubs into my areolas. “God, I’m getting there.”

“Unleash a flood of virile spunk into my mother!” I howled to my sexy half-brother. The man I loved with all my heart. My pleasure drowned my mind. “Please! Please! I want to watch you piss on her big titties when her milk cums in!”

“Shit!” Clint moaned and buried into my mother. I could see the bliss on his face. He flooded her. Bred her.

I came again.

I bucked and shuddered through my orgasm. It rippled through me. Hot waves of ecstasy sloshed through my body. I rode them, the sparks bursting across my eyes. The rapture carried me to such wonderful heights.

I loved it. I buzzed there, my mother licking at my pregnant pussy while she squealed herself. Her cunt milked my brother’s cock. I planted hands on her belly and rubbed her. Flat now, but in the coming months, she would grow round and sexy.

We won. It was so amazing celebrating our victory.


Melody Elliston

“Mmm, let’s ride Daddy, Mommy-Melody,” Alicia said, her hair in her pigtails, her adorable glasses izmit escort bayan perched on her face.

“Yes,” I moaned as I lowered my pussy to Clint’s cock fresh from breeding our MILF-slaves’ cunts. Pam was busy licking her mother’s cunt clean as I pressed my cock against my brother’s hard dick. I was so eager to take him in me.

To feel every inch of my half-brother in my pussy.

“We kicked ass in court!” I moaned as Alicia settled her shaved twat on Clint’s hungry mouth.

“Yeah, we did,” Clint said. “We have to reward Elisabet somehow.”

“Mmm, I think she’s getting bred by her son even as we speak,” I said. “Her husband’s in the corner of her bedroom, jerking his cock like a good little cuckold as the real man of the house takes care of the women.”

“Yes!” Alicia moaned. “Ooh, Daddy, yes, yes, lick at my pussy. Just feast on me. I know you’re going to make me cum so hard. You always do.”

“Your pussy just tastes so delicious, princess,” Clint growled.

Alicia shuddered, her face contorting with bliss. It was obvious Clint was licking at her cunt. Making her pussy feel good. My youngest sister trembled, her hips wiggling from side to side, grinding on his dick. This wonderful heat swept through me.

I pressed my cunt down my brother’s cock. I groaned as I savored sliding inch after inch of my twat down his dick. Alicia beamed at me, knowing just the delight I was feeling. Lee had fucked me with a strap-on, but no toy could compare to a real, live, incestuous cock.

My brother’s big dick filled me.

“Let’s ride him, Mommy-Melody!” Alicia moaned, squirming on our brother’s face.

“Mmm, yes, cupcake,” I moaned and cupped her face. I kissed her with hunger. My tongue thrust into her mouth. I swirled around in her. This wonderful delight swept through me as I made out with my sister and rode our brother’s dick.

My husband’s cock felt amazing in me. I clenched about him as I swapped spit with Alicia. Her lips were so soft on mine. Pleasure flowed through my pregnant twat. I wiggled my hips from side to side, stirring my twat around his dick.

The heat swelled through me. This amazing passion that surged through my body. I kissed her with hunger. My tongue danced with hers. My nose brushed hers while I worked my twat up and down Clint’s cock. I gripped him.

Held him tight.

Alicia broke our kiss to moan, “Daddy! Daddy! I love your tongue in my pussy.”

“Mmm, I just want all your cream, my little princess,” Clint growled.

“Feast on the yummy cupcake, stud,” I moaned, driving my cunt down his cock. I took him to the hilt again and again. My butt-cheeks smacked into his rump. Then I slid back up his cock. I squeezed about him.

Loved him.

The pleasure surged through my body. This wicked delight that swirled through me. It was incredible to enjoy. I groaned, savoring every moment of riding up and down his cock. My orgasm built and built with every plunge down his dick. I would have such a huge orgasm on him.

“Make that cutie cum!” I moaned, my hands going for Alicia’s small breasts. They had a firmness to them. I massaged them, digging my fingers into her boobies.

She grinned and moaned, “Flood Mommy-Melody, Daddy! Give her all that yummy spunk!” Her hands shot out and cupped my breasts. She kneaded them. “Make her explode.”

The adorable girl ducked her head down and sucked my nipple into her mouth. This wonderful surge of heat shot through me. I threw back my head and moaned out in pleasure. She nursed with such hunger, my pussy clamping down on Clint’s dick as I rode him.

He moaned into Alicia’s pussy, clearly enjoying the increased friction. She whimpered around my nipple as she received his increased attention. We were creating a feedback loop. The more bliss Alicia made me feel, the more I made Clint feel, which flowed right back into the cutie sucking with such delight on my nipple.

We would make each other explode.

Incestuous bliss unleashed.

I shuddered, working my cunt up and down my brother’s cock faster and faster. My orgasm built so fast. My hair danced around my face. I whimpered and groaned, my cunt massaging my brother’s big dick.

I would burst on him. I would savor his jizz firing hot and wild into my twat. This bliss would consume me. My hair tossed back and forth. I slammed down his dick, the friction transforming into pleasure.

“Damn,” groaned Clint. “Bathe me in your cream, princess. Give me all that yummy delight to feast on.”

She sucked hard on my nipple, drawing in most of my areola into her mouth. Her tongue danced around my nub. She stared up at me with rapture bursting in her eyes. Then she squealed about my nipple.

Came on our brother’s face.

Clint groaned as he drank her pussy cream. I shuddered, slamming my cunt down his cock. My nipple burst with bliss. My head threw back. I felt it swelling in me. That vast tide of ecstasy that would sweep over my mind.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled and came on my brother’s dick.

The tidal waves of ecstasy surged through my body. The pleasure splashed over my mind. Bathed my thoughts. My cunt went wild around my brother’s dick. I gasped and moaned out my pleasure as I drowned in incest.

“Cum in me, stud!” I moaned. “Flood my pregnant twat with your seed!”

“Yes, yes, do it!” moaned Pam. She was watching with feverish eyes, rubbing her naughty cunt. “Just flood her!”

“Fuck!” Clint growled as my pussy writhed around his cock. “Yes!”

His cum spurted into me.

I shuddered, stars dancing before my eyes. My orgasm intensified as my brother-husband pumped my snatch full of his cum. He spurted blast after blast of spunk into me. My head tossed from side to side as I rode through this wonderful rapture.

“Oh, my god, that’s so good!” I whimpered. “Oh, Clint! Oh, I love you! You’re my sexy brother!”

“My hot-ass sister!” Clint growled, his hands stroking my thighs. “Fuck!”

My pussy wrung his dick dry. I loved it. I savored the feel of him while around us our family moaned in celebration. Ecstasy swept through me. The rapture swirled and eddied about my thoughts. I swayed from them.

We did it. We took on the system and beat it. Next step, legalization!


Zoey Elliston

I wrapped my tits around my brother’s cock and worked them up and down his pussy-soaked dick. Melody had drenched him. She was moaning now, getting her cunt devoured by Alicia. My brother groaned as he sat in his chair.

His throne as he ruled over us all.

My fiancee, Stefani, licked at my asshole. Now that the court trial was over, we could get our lives back on track. Stefani and I could have our wedding. I was finally ready to make it official. To tie the knot with her.

I liked being stubborn, I guessed.

“Mmm, look at you,” I cooed, rubbing my tits up and down my brother’s pussy-slicked cock. “Just lording it over all your women.”

“Yes, I am,” Clint said. My younger brother stared down at me with such strength in his eyes. All that stress he’d been under for months had vanished. He looked utterly relaxed as my tits worked up and down his cock.

“Good,” I purred, savoring Stefani’s tongue lapping at my butthole. “Just enjoy your big sis’s big boobies.”

“They are amazing,” he groaned. “Damn, that’s good.”

“Yep.” I licked the tip of his cock as it emerged from between my tits, tasting Melody’s sweet pussy cream. The flavor of my half-sister’s twat melted across my tongue. A delight to enjoy. Such rapture swept through me.

I was so glad for this. For having my brother in my life.

I squeezed my tits tight around him, my own delight building and building from Stefani’s expert rimjob. She fluttered her tongue around my butthole then wiggled it into my hole. I groaned, squeezing my tits around my brother’s hot dick.

He throbbed between my tits. I loved the feel of him twitching away. He groaned, precum spilling from his cock as he enjoyed my boobs. I grinned and licked his dick again, gathering up that salty treat. I worked my tits faster.

My nipples rubbed into his stomach, adding a burst of delight that washed through me. I groaned, my hips wiggling back and forth. Stefani fucked her tongue in and out of my asshole. Between the stimulation on my nipples and her tongue probing my bowels, I would have such a naughty orgasm.

“Mmm, just spurt all that cum,” I moaned, sliding my tits up and down his dick. “Cum over my breasts. You’ve earned it.”

“Yes, you have!” Stefani moaned. Her tongue buried deep into my bowels. “Spill all over my Yunie’s face.”

“Yes!” Clint growled. “All over her so you can lick her clean.”

“Damn straight!” My fiancee thrust her tongue into my asshole and swirled it around.

I gasped and shuddered. I pumped my tits faster and faster. The pleasure swelled through me. Clint growled. His face twisted in delight. I could feel he was hurtling towards that moment, my titty massage bringing him to the brink of rapture.

I kissed the tip of his dick when his shaft emerged from between the valley of my tits. Licked it. Teased it. His precum grew stronger. Saltier. The chair creaked as he groaned. I pumped my tits faster, pussy juices leaking down my thighs.

“Do it!” I hissed. “Cum on your big sister’s face!”

“Fuck!” he growled. “Zoey, god, I love you!”

Hot cum burst from his cock and bathed across my features.

“I love you!” I moaned as he sprayed my face. Jizz landed in my open mouth. Wonderful and salty. I gulped it down while he pumped more and more over my features.

My tits worked up and down his cock. My nipples throbbed as they rubbed against his stomach. The pleasure surged through my body. I hit that wild peak of ecstasy. I shuddered as I hung there. The rapture surged through me. My lover wiggled her tongue around in my bowels.

I came so hard.

The incestuous bliss flooded out of me. I groaned, savoring the heat gushing down my thighs. My brother’s cum coated my face. Our family moaned around us, loving each other. I grinned in delight, so glad we’d won. That we’d triumphed.

“God, you are the sexiest little brother in the world,” I moaned up to him. “You know that?”

“I do,” he said. He grinned at me and I knew everything would be okay. My brother would knock down any problems that came at our family. He was the head of our incestuous bliss.

The man who gave us all that we needed. How did we get so lucky to have Clint for our brother?


Leann “Lee” Sullivan

I shuddered as my Master wrapped the ropes about my body. My pussy brimmed with his cum. izmit sınırsız escort It oozed out of me, staining my thighs wrapped tight together. Clint had ***********ed a rough rope, lots of fibers to rasp at my skin.

I felt so alive as he worked. He hauled my arms behind my back, binding my wrists to my ankles. My nipples rubbed into the sheets. Melody and Pam watched, the pair cuddled at the head of the bed, naked and smiling. The orgy had ended.

We were all feeling the stresses bleeding off. We needed a vacation. We still had to work to get our kids back and in our custody, but being found not-guilty would be a big help. I knew Clint had a plan for that, too.

He got what he wanted. Like me.

He rolled me onto my side and cinched the ropes around my torso. He formed a braid up to my tits then wrapped them up. I groaned as he squeezed them into two hot mounds. The fibers bit in so wonderfully tight.

“Master,” I groaned in ecstasy.

“You did good, Lee,” he said. “You know that. If you hadn’t destroyed the computers at the massage parlor, things could have gotten real bad. Enjoy.”

“Thank you, Master,” I said. I wasn’t nearly as much of a brat as I was a decade ago. Growing up sucked and was cool all at the same time.

He threaded the hook into the knot he prepared. The hook connected to a chain. He began hosting me up. I gasped as I lifted off the bed, bound and tied. I would be a living chandelier slowly swinging over my brother and sisters. I hadn’t done this in a month. It felt so right. So wonderful to be so bound and restrained.

My breasts lifted from the bed. I groaned as I slowly rotated. Clint pulled me higher and higher while Melody snagged the nipple clamps off the nightstand. These had padded grips. I couldn’t wear the full teeth all night. That would damage me.

And no one wanted that.

She darted up and clamped them onto both my nubs with skill. They squeezed my nipples. I groaned at the pain. My entire body wiggled. I turned faster, the ropes creaking. Clint glanced at me, giving me a questioning look.

“Good night, Master,” I told him, letting him know everything was A-OK. “I love you.”

He cupped my face and kissed me. I shuddered at the feel of his lips. They tasted of Pam’s pussy. I groaned and shuddered, savoring the flavor. Then he broke kiss and crawled down to the bed and settled between his sister-wives. The lights turned off, plunging the room into the dark.

As I settled into my bound dozing, I couldn’t help but grin. My family ruled. We were the best. There was nothing that we couldn’t overcome. United by love, we would see it through to the end. Together.

That was what it meant to be family. At least we got to have the joy of making love to each other, too. And soon, everyone else would, too.


November 7th, 2028 – Clinton “Clint” Elliston III

“We’re getting more polling stations reporting in,” said Chuck Mendez on the local news. “It looks like Governor Thompson has maintained the governorship.”

“Come on,” I muttered, sitting on the couch in my crowded living room. The entire family was here. I had my six-year-old daughter, Judi, sitting on one leg. She was my child with Mrs. Armstrong, Stefani’s mother. On my other leg sat my nine-year-old daughter Sofia. I had her with Carmelita Reyes. “Get to the important one.

“Important one!” Judi said. Her mother and step-father, Mr. Armstrong, were crowded in the living room along with the Reyes sisters and the Mihara twins with their mother. All my children were running through the house if not in the living room.

“Yes!” Melody hissed. She sat on my right, holding our newest child, Thomas. He had been born early this year.

“Come on,” muttered Pam. She rocked back and forth, staring intently at the TV, cradling our newest daughter, Miyoko.

“It’s going to pass, Daddy,” said Hikaru, one of my two eldest daughters. At eleven, she looked like a younger version of Pam, though with my round eyes. She held Cherry, my newest daughter I had with my mother.

“Yep,” said Christie, my other eldest daughter. She cradled Natalie in her arms. That was my daughter with Aunt Vicky. Her, Cherry, and Ichiro, my son with Mrs. Hiragawa, were all born last May within a few weeks of each other.

Christie flashed me a big smile, just like one her mother, Melody, would have.

I grinned back at her. “That’s right, it’s going to pass.”

Aaron, my son with Alicia, and Junichiro, my son with Kimiko Mihara, raced by, laughing and shouting at each other, pointing toy guns. They were oblivious to anything going on. Christie gave both the boys scolding looks. Then Clinton, my first child with my mother, rushed by with his own gun.

Christie shook her head.

“Don’t run in the house,” Mrs. Mihara admonished, but the three boys were gone.

“And I think we can call it,” said Chuck. “The controversial Proposition 5 has passed. It looks like Incest and Bigamy are about to be legalized in California. Come January 1st, we may see a flood of new marriages. The support for this bill has been tremendous. Many incestuous couples have come out to announce their stories of love, including a pair of Sacramento cops, a brother and sister, who had found their love for each other working undercover in the famous Elliston case of last year.”

Cheers burst through the living room. I grinned, excitement rippling through my body. We had done it. All that suffering through last year was worth it now. I could marry Melody for real. All the women in my family. Pam kissed my cheek while Melody sobbed. Lee was doing a dance while my mother and Aunt Vicky shared a sultry kiss. Alicia was hugging Zoey and Stefani. The Reyes sisters were embracing and crying while all three Miharas were squeezing each other tight.

It would be beautiful.

“Does that mean I can marry you, Daddy, when I grow up?” Judi asked, her cherubic face turning around to look at me over her shoulder.

I bounced her on my knee and said, “You can. Unless you want to marry someone else. A brother. One of your many sisters. Even someone who’s not in the family.” I beamed at her. “That’s what freedom means, Judi. To live your life the way you want.”

I had done it. My family was spread around me. All so happy. Cheering. The children were growing up. In a few years, Christie and Hikaru would join the incestuous fun. Then more and more of my children. Maybe my daughters would be my lovers. Maybe they would be their brothers’ or their sisters’. Maybe they’d find love outside the family.

But they would have that freedom to love whom they wanted without fear. What a beautiful future I gave them. As Melody and Pam kissed me, I had never been happier. I was glad I had that dream. That I had taken charge of the women of my family.

My incestuous harem would flourish for years and years to come.


Jaiden Walsh

“Will you look at that,” I said, balancing my baby on my knee. She had been born in May. At six months, she was growing fast. Little Latisha had mended our family. “Looks like I get to marry your momma after all.”

“Damn straight,” Alysha said as she sat beside me, her legs curled up. Our mother was in the recliner, nodding in agreement. She had changed so much since the trial. It had been awkward, at first, but our reunion had led to Alysha and I moving back in. Our daughter had a better home to grow up in.

Latisha would be beautiful.

And soon, she’d have her own brother to love. I patted Alysha’s pregnant stomach. Five months along with our son. I smiled as her hand placed over mine. It was great being the head of my own family.

Clint had the right idea.


Elmer Bennett

“Will you marry me, Candy?” I proposed to my pregnant daughter. She was just starting to show, a gentle curve to her belly. The moment Chuck Mendez announced Prop 5 had passed, I’d fallen to my knees.

“Daddy,” my daughter gasped. She had such tears in her eyes. She looked blindsided. She fluttered her right hand by her face, her left clutched in mine. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Joy burst through me as I pulled out the ring. My wife helped me pick it out. I slipped the wedding band onto my daughter’s finger. It slid over her knuckles and settled in place. The diamond sparkled on it. More tears spilled down her cheeks.

I stood up and pulled my pregnant daughter-fiancee to me. I claimed her lips, tasting the salt of her joy. She clung to me tight. A moment later, my wife, Rachel, joined the embrace. She hugged us both, her belly round with her own child. We had never planned on having a second, but…

Things were changing.

Rachel’s lips joined ours. She nuzzled in and joined the kiss. This heat surged through me as I loved the two women in my life. Clint Elliston… was there nothing that man couldn’t do? No impossible task he couldn’t accomplish?

It sure didn’t seem like it.


Tad Blake

Proposition 5 had passed. That bastard Clint had really done it. Escaped prison. Escaped it all.

I sat on the old couch in my crappy, one-bedroom apartment and thought about my little sister. Erica could have been mine if I wasn’t such a dick to her. If I hadn’t ruined everything. She’d moved on. Married. Had kids that I’d never met.

It was my own fault. I could see it now. I had spent so much time blaming her, thinking she was a slut. I didn’t want to take responsibility for my own actions. I sipped at my beer and leaned back. All these years living in hatred, stewing in bitterness. What had it gotten me? Nothing. I sighed and stared at the ceiling. I wondered if I could give Erica a call. If time had healed her anger. We couldn’t be lovers again, but…

Could we be brother and sister? Friends? I could keep being miserable, or I could find some form of happiness. Move on. I grabbed my phone. I had her number. I found it a few years ago. I wanted to call. I did, but I hadn’t had the courage to.

I called. The phone rang. She picked up. “Hello?”

“Hey, sis,” I said, voice tight. “I just… I wanted to say I was sorry. I was a dick.”

“Yes, you were,” she answered. A pause. “How have you been?”

“Could be better,” I said, tears in my eyes. “How about you? I hear you had another kid.”

“Our third daughter.” There was something like joy in her voice. I could have had that.

“Great. Great. I just… I wanted to say I was sorry.” I hesitated. “Could we, I don’t know, meet for coffee. Talk.”

A long pause. “Sure. Talking would be nice.”

This weight lifted from my heart. Emotion spilled down my cheeks. There was pain in the tears, but also relief. Hope. I could move on from the last decade and more of self-loathing that I had lived under. I could be free of it.


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