Jack , Mike Pt. 01

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Hello, dear readers!

Several asked me a sequel to Daphne and Gabrielle’s story. It’s coming. I’m still working on it. I’m not satisfied with it yet.

I answered many messages but since I got only 3 answers, I guess my emails got lost in the junk mail. That’s what I like to think anyway! hehe If you sent me a message, missed my reply and still want it, just let me know. I’ll resend it. You can contact me at chocolate.bunny77@yahoo.com, email especially made for you. Make sure you add me as your contact if you wish to have an exchange with me or post in the comment section any constructive feedback. They’re welcome, even negative. As always, disrespect and rudeness will be blocked.

Here’s a brand new story for you, an office romance that gets deep in 3 parts. I hope you’ll like it. Subliminal message: Give 5 stars, give 5 stars, give 5 stars…

Enjoy! xo



My life was kind of dull lately. I usually preferred chasing skirts on my free time but work was taking all my energy these days. Colleen called me to hang out and I declined. It’s that much tired I was. In those times, I always thought of Nikki, what she would have told me. ‘Don’t worry, Shanelle, it’s just one bad moment in time to go through’. I miss her so much.

Nicole is—was—my wife, my best friend, my lover, my everything. The day I married her was the best of my life and the day she died, the worse. Winter took her away. I didn’t like winter before but now I simply hated it. November 25th 2012, exactly one month before Christmas. That’s when a stupid drunk driver hit her car, right on the driver seat. He left her no chance. They were able to revive her but I wish she had died right away. Instead, she fell into a deep coma, then her organs started to fail one by one but she fought so hard to stay, it took days. Excruciatingly painful six days, three hours, forty-eight minutes to be exact. There’s nothing they could have done. I was getting along well with her parents and we supported each other through this ordeal. It took me a while to get over her passing away and Colleen, my BFF was there all the way. She knew me before I met Nikki so she knew what she meant to me. She put the pieces back together and put me back on my feet. She’s actually the one who submitted my resume to her boss, Karl. They were looking for a new business consultant at Chapman & Co and they hired me. I soon proved I was made for the job and I can never thank Colleen enough for her support.

I’m not lucky with cars. Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t own one. My parents, just like Nikki, died in a car crash when I was twenty one. Fucking black ice! It was so sudden too. One moment I kiss them goodbye when they went out to see a show downtown Toronto and next thing I know, I receive a call from the local police. I was then left alone in this world, not knowing what to do with myself. My parents weren’t super rich but I was covered. They had planned everything long time beforehand and it made everything easier, administratively speaking, but that didn’t soothe my pain and the void I felt. So when I met Nikki, it was by far the best encounter of my life and the best five years too.

Ever since Nikki left me, I avoided any serious relationship despite my fair success at seducing women. I’m pretty sure I broke a couple of hearts along the way and for that I’m deeply sorry but I wasn’t ready to replace Nikki. Her parents told me soon after that I should move on but I couldn’t. I was still trying to push myself through, year in and year out, but life without her was tough. I still wore her ring when I felt down, just like today.


At thirty-six, my life was looking good from the outside but, from the inside, I was sad and lonely, longing for the right person to love. I’ve tried dating recently but it didn’t really go well. Men seemed to only want to have fun with me and that was it. That’s not what I was looking for. Three years ago, I got a bitter divorce that I wanted to forget about. This marriage was a mistake and even if full of tenderness at first, it was always loveless and became sour over the years. We both realized that it wasn’t what we wanted. Fortunately, we didn’t have any children and that was one less thing to think about.

After struggling for a while—it’s always hard to admit your own failure—, we finally sat down and signed the papers. Anne Michelle Chambers, written in capital letters, plus my signature on over fifteen pages. However, I was able to put all that behind me much easier than I thought. After moving out from the house we shared, I wanted to put distance with all this. It was hard to leave behind my family and closest friends but I needed a drastic change. So when the occasion rose, I accepted a job here in Toronto. Manager in a consulting firm. I’m always up for a new challenge.

I moved only a couple of days prior starting in my new position so I didn’t get much time to organize and discover the city. My apartment was a serious mess, bursa escort with boxes everywhere. I just pulled out my TV and my laptop to be able to work and relax at least. I didn’t even had a bed yet. Only a double mattress. Most of my stuff stayed in the boxes for a while. I didn’t have much time to cook these days anyway so for the rest, the unpacking would come later.


This late day of June, I was patiently waiting for the bus 125 taking me straight from the corner of my street to my workplace. A twenty minute ride. This summer morning was already warm. Twenty-five degrees at 7am, we were up for a very hot day. My reflection in last night’s rain puddle looked sad and tired. I was in need of vacation.

My position at Chapman & Co was exciting, always working on new projects. Lately, however, for the first time in two years. I’ve been dreading going to work. The project I was working on these past few weeks was complex and not going as smoothly as usual. The client was starting to really put pressure on us. It was a headache. I didn’t have the right resources and I couldn’t ask for anything until the new manager was in place and today was the day. I’d have to fill him in and explain to him everything from scratch. It would be a long day.

I passed my card on the scanner and pushed the door on the flickering green light. The office was open space, offering little intimacy. You could easily see what was going on at the other side of the floor. Colleen greeted me with a smile.

“Hey, girl! Today is the big day!”

“Hey, you,” I said, kissing her cheek. “I know. Another man parachuted from nowhere. Why can’t they choose someone from the inside rather than bring in some old bag who doesn’t get anything to anything?”

“Who says it’s a man?”

“I don’t know for sure. That’s what I heard. You know, office gossip.”

“I heard differently. The rumor has it the new boss is a woman, from Calgary. She has a bitchy reputation it seems though so we’re in for a ride. Fasten your seat belt!”

“Ok, my bad. Instead of an old bag, we’re getting an old fart. Sooooo much better! Do you realize that I’ll have to be stuck in her office at least one hour a week?”

“Oh, come on! Give her a chance! Meet her first. Maybe she’ll be the best boss you’ll ever have.”

“OK. OK. Whatever… You got coffee?”

“As always. Here,” she said, handing me over one of her great instant coffee pack but then held my hand before I could leave. “You’re OK?” she asked, slightly worried.

“Yes, why?”

She hinted at my ring.

“Oh, that… Yes, I’m ok… Don’t worry.”

“You can talk to me. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know. Thanks. Be right back.”


I arrived at the office much earlier than necessary but wanted to see the place beforehand. I met with an HR assistant who provided me an access card and led me to my predecessor’s office. Karl Masterton, that’s his name, was kind enough to walk me through the basics of the company and handed me over security codes, informing me that my personal codes were being created. He said they should be ready the next day the latest. Karl was moving to a position of director within the firm and I was excited by the challenge ahead.

He then invited me to meet the team. I followed him along the corridors. As we passed by the cafeteria, a young woman caught my eye. She was black, rather short, generously proportioned, with a dark complexion and perfect features. She had her hair short on top and even shorter on the sides but her tomboy style didn’t remove anything to her sexiness and femininity. She was wearing a black skirt and a black jacket over a yellow blouse that was hugging a generous pair of breasts and, to complement the outfit, a yellow pair of high heels were highlighting her well-shaped legs. You could tell in the blink of an eye that she was fit. What I noticed the most was her lips, though. They were perfectly formed, full and while the top lip was light brown, the bottom one was mostly pink. It was contrasting with her skin a lot, a very attractive feature.

She was pouring herself a coffee and I repressed a chuckle when she spilled it on her blouse at her first attempt to drink it. Not everybody is awake in the morning. I needed a cup myself but duty was calling. I reluctantly followed Karl, all the while wondering why I was so intrigued by that woman and how I had noticed all that in a fraction of seconds.

I met almost everybody as some of them were on vacation. It came out I had about twenty people under me and they all seem friendly and competent but if I was to take control from the start, I couldn’t show any weaknesses. And I’ve learned early on being too friendly could be a real problem. So I opted for courteous but distant approach for the time being.


What a clumsy girl I make! I got a huge stain of coffee on my chest. I tried to remove it but it only spread. I knew when I woke up that this was going to be a long day. I just got back to my bursa escort bayan desk when Karl approached me with one of the most beautiful and sexiest women I’ve ever seen in my life. A gorgeous brunette, quite tall and extremely feminine. She had a cold demeanor but was really beautiful, a beauty that leaves you ice cold, only… she was hot as fuck. She was wearing the classic navy blue business suit with a knee high skirt that comes with the job so I was able to appreciate her silhouette. God, those toned legs had no end… ‘Oh glorious day of June, why have the gods blessed me with such a vision?’ I tried not to stare too much as she walked towards me.

“Shanelle, please come and meet your new manager, Ms. Anne Chambers,” and as he turned to Anne, he added, “Shanelle Franklin is one of our best element. I advise you to use her to your own benefit. Her knowledge is valuable.”

I rose up from my chair, my 5’2 not competing with her 5’7 or 8. ‘Damn! So much for the old fart! She could use me whenever she wanted!’

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Chambers,” I said, holding out my hand with a seductive smile on my lips I couldn’t refrain.

“Likewise,” she reached out for my hand but even before our skins touched, an electric arc formed, rather painful. We simultaneously jumped back.

“I’m so sorry,” I expressly apologized, worried to give a bad impression from the very start.

“Nonsense. Let’s try again,” she smiled.

Oh God, her smile was from heaven. It made me melt inside although I convinced myself to remain calm and collected. We shook hands and this time there was no electric arch but there was definitely a courant flowing between us. I felt it. It was strong. I made eye contact with her, keeping her hand in mine longer than necessary. She tried to keep a straight face on but from the look in her eye and the slight curl on her lips, I knew she felt it too. The pull was there. Definitely. This intrigued me from the very start. This type of connection was rare but also dangerous and straight away, I decided I shouldn’t explore this further. It wouldn’t be wise.

“Maybe I’ll take the time to meet you one on one later on,” she smiled.

As Anne and Karl walked away, continuing their round, Colleen came and sat on my desk.

“Girl, don’t go there.”


“Just don’t!”


“You know exactly what I mean. I’ve seen the look in your eye. Don’t.”

“What look?”

“The I-wanna-fuck-you-all-day-and-all-night look.”

“There is no such look,” I chuckled.

“Oh yes, there is. And I know it very well, if you know what I mean.”

Ok. Colleen got me there. Colleen Sebastiano, like her name didn’t indicate, was the classic Irish girl next door. Really cute redhead, dimples, no freckles, a really good friend and, accessorily, a ruthless sniper shooter. She would tell you straight away if you did something she didn’t approve and that’s one of the thing I appreciated in her. Everybody needs a friend like her. She’s not only a colleague and a friend, as you probably have not guessed until now. For a few months, we actually had a thing going – before Nikki. It ended but we remained really close friends. Now she’s happily married and has two kids. She’s the only one at the office who knows I’m gay, well almost, but that’s another story.

“I’m not doing anything.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, you are. I know you,” she whispered in an accelerated speech. “You’re already thinking about getting into her panties maybe spank her even or do to her any of the special kinky things you like to do. I repeat. Don’t. She’s your boss. If you get exposed. It’s game over.” She sounded like the little angel on my shoulder.

“I know, Colleen, I know, nothing will happen,” I told her, trying hard to ignore the dampness in my panties.


This introduction to the coffee girl was quite… interesting. Shanelle Franklin… She possessed a spectacular and unique beauty. My curiosity kicked in and I couldn’t resist it. As soon as I went back to my office, I opened my computer and accessed the personnel files.

“F… f… f… Farelli… Farmer… Felice… Finn… Franklin! There she is.”

I double-clicked on her name. There. Shanelle Jacqueline Franklin. 29 years old. Toronto native. Been working for the company for two years. Shanelle… Her picture didn’t do her justice. She was stunning in real life.

I browsed her file, half-excited, half-chastising myself mentally. She’s been there only two years and had already received several awards. Plus she got high productivity numbers. That was unusual. I have to see her in action and see how she works. Let’s see if she lives up to her reputation. Her file didn’t mention a husband but I’m pretty sure I saw a ring on her finger.

I froze on the next page that appeared on the screen. The numbers were calling me, dancing before my eyes. No. This is not professional. I clicked on ‘Next’ but only a few seconds later I was back on that page. I knew I shouldn’t do it escort bursa but I entered her number in my cell under ‘Jack’, for discretion of course.



From that point on, I observed her every move, discreetly, from afar. I wanted to know more about her but not look like a stalker. I gathered all the information I could find about her which was very scarce. Everybody knew who she was, everybody knew the same stuff about her but, mostly, everybody was scared of her. Me, I was the only one who could see passed her coldness. I was daydreaming about her, fantasizing about her. I even had wet dreams about her. In my dreams, she was disheveled, on her knees, begging for more. In real life though it was another story. She wasn’t a public person but the more I found out about her and the more I wanted her. I indeed met her once during her first week. Our first one on one. She asked about the team activities in details and I was glad to spend a little time with her. I filled her in diligently.

Actually days went by without anything noticeable happening except men – and myself, of course – drooling over her every time she passed by. Once I met her in the hallway. As she was walking passed me, I couldn’t help but undress her with my eyes and when our eyes met, she blushed furiously. We got eye contact a couple of other times and I made her blush each time which was a very good sign, let’s be honest. At least, I knew she’s not indifferent to whatever was happening between us but, besides that, she remained her distant, scary-cold, beautiful self.

That one day, when everything changed, I arrived at the office and, checking the face of several of my co-workers, I knew straight away it was hell descending upon us one more time. Like I said, the project wasn’t going well at all. I had already explained the situation to Anne. I was in charge of gathering the data and producing the progress report at least once a week and I knew if nothing was done quickly, we would hit a dead end with that client.

“Shanelle! My office! Now!”

I had barely removed my leather jacket that I heard Anne’s cold voice calling my name across the open space. She had really took the place over in a matter of days.

“What did you do?” asked Colleen.

It was the fifth time this week that Anne was calling me. Each and every time had been painful. It’s almost like she did it on purpose. Listening to a litany of what the team did wrong or what could be improved is not on my list of favorite activities. I wasn’t a bad employee. Actually, I was one of the best. Very productive and very efficient. They could entrust me with anything but this time was different. We didn’t have enough time on hand and enough personnel available to complete the job on the due date.

“Nothing! I just arrived. What could possibly happen in ten seconds, seriously? I think she just want to torture me from the moment I arrive to the moment I leave.”

“Maybe but you better hurry or she won’t let you off the hook.”

“I know, I know,” I said reluctantly standing up. “I think I’ll be in there for a while. Keep a cup of coffee ready for me, will you? I’ll need it.”

“Will do.”

I grabbed my notepad and a pen and headed for to the abattoir. Her door was wide open. I knocked, still. She was focused on documents, appearing small behind the large black wooden desk. She was wearing a black jacket and a white blouse. She looked up as she pushed her glasses up.

“Ah, Shanelle, please close the door and have a seat.”

I did as I was told. She watched me intently as I completed the few steps leading to the empty chair in front of her desk. She wasted no time. My butt hadn’t even touched the cushion that she started to explain her plan to resolve the situation. I didn’t like it because it involved a lot of overtime but I knew it was the right thing to do.

After taking notes, my mind started wandering. I stopped listening and started looking at her details. It’s funny the number of times I’ve talked to her in the past weeks and I’ve never taken a good look at her. How beautiful she really is. She was smart and beautiful, a lethal combination, if you want my opinion. I scrutinized her features, her shiny brown hair cascading on her shoulders, her perfect eyebrows, her dark blue eyes, her long eyelashes hiding behind the glass, her cute button nose, her generous lips naturally colored in a rich pink that would make anyone want to kiss them, her high cheek bones and, if you really focused, you could detect a few freckles here and there. My attention redirected to her long neck calling for sensual licks, the swelling of her bosom asking to be gently caressed. She’s perfect.

“Shanelle, have you heard me? Shanelle?” she pulled me out of my reverie.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered, still looking at her.

“Is there something wrong?”

I remained silent.

“Shanelle, are you alright?”

“You’re… beautiful…” I said in a breath, surprising myself with my audacity.

“What did you say?”

“I said… you’re beautiful. I mean it. You’re also very sexy,” I added boldly.

“Don’t be ridiculous and go back to work,” she said blushing as she tried to keep the control of the situation.

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