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Jaiden � Chapters 132

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Greg Patrick


“Jaiden, I”ve had a few weeks in counseling to work through the issue I mentioned to you, the issue that I was having a hard time with. I am ready to talk with you and Peyton about it if you are willing to listen and let me get it out before you stop me with any comments.”


“We will listen to whatever you have to say, Leon, and we won”t judge you on whatever it is you want to talk to us about.” “I was hoping you two would say that because what I have to admit has been a long time in coming, and it is tough for me to accept.” “Dude, we are here to help you, not hinder you in any way, so let”s talk.”


“The argument you saw me having in the park wasn”t because I was angry at Laura. The fight was because my relationship with her never worked out no matter how hard I tried – and it wasn”t her fault. The truth is that I have always had an attraction to guys. However, I didn”t want to admit that because of how my family and friends talked about gays.”


“Dr. Till and I have been discussing that fact since I have been in counseling, and it has taken me this long to admit the truth. I took a long, hard look at myself and questioned why I had felt so alone for such a long time, why I had been striking out at people and not letting them get close to me. Since y”all have let me live with your family, I”ve realized being gay is not what I thought it was. If I want to be as happy as you, Peyton, Dale, and Charley, I have to get honest with myself. Meeting Chad and Randy also helped me to see myself for who I am.”


“I have been struggling with my identity for a long time, and admitting this fact to you is extremely difficult for me. However, if it hadn”t been for you and your families, I most likely would have died trying to hide my true identity; so, thank you for helping me to come clean.”


Peyton and Jaiden didn”t say a word, and that scared Leon. “Guys, please say something. I”m scared I have upset you by admitting the truth.”


“You are far from upsetting us, Leon. Peyton and I already talked about that. We”d wondered if your problem was what you have admitted to us.” Peyton and Jaiden got up and walked to the deck railing. Leon walked up to them and said, “guys, please don”t be mad at me, please.”


Jaiden quickly turned, and with tears streaming down his face, grabbed Leon, and pulled him into a tight embrace. “Leon, I am so sorry you have feared telling us this. It bothers me that you have hidden your true self for so long because of fear. Peyton and I had the same anxiety about telling our parents we were gay. Our parents stopped us before we could say anything and told us they already knew we were gay and they weren”t going to love us any less because of it. We”re certainly not going to love you any less because you are gay; that just isn”t going to happen.”


Peyton looked at Leon and asked, “Do you have anybody you”re interested in?” “Not right now, but there were some guys in high school that I was attracted to, but I never told them because I didn”t want to take the grief my friends would have given me.”


Charley and Dale were in the den observing what was going on outside. When they saw their brothers and Leon with tears streaming down their faces, they went outside to see what was wrong. They could see pure fear in Leon”s eyes, so Jaiden and Peyton filled them in on Leon”s admission. Dale laid his head on Charley”s shoulder as they both let their tears start flowing. Leon was petrified at this point and looked like he was about to bolt from the house.


Charley grabbed Leon and put his hands on Leon”s face, and said, “Leon, I am so sorry you have lived in fear because of your feelings. Dale and I lived with the same fear for years, and to know you had to live with that fear breaks our hearts. We love you, and that doesn”t matter to us. Be who you are and love yourself. Hashem isn”t going to love you any less because you are gay, and neither are we, and neither will the folks at the synagogue, you”ll see.”


The guys were crying so hard that Ginny heard them and stepped outside her back door to see what was happening. What she heard concerned her so much she walked to the deck at Jaiden”s and Peyton”s to see what was wrong. Peyton filled her in on what they had been told. Ginny grabbed Leon and said, “Baby, I am so sorry you have been hurting this way. You”re in the right place to get the love you need. Granny and I, and Grampy and the Reverend are here to help you; I hope you understand that.” “Yes, mam, I do.” When Leon said that, he buried his face in Ginny”s shoulder and cried hard.


Peyton and Jaiden sat on the deck couch and sat Leon between them. Peyton reached down, grabbed Leon”s legs, and pulled them across his lap. Jaiden wrapped his arms around Leon”s back and pulled him to his chest. He laid his chin on the top of Leon”s head and said, “Leon, if you find someone and want to spend some time with that person, you can bring him to the house; we won”t care. This is your home too. So, take things slowly, and feel free to ask any of us guys about any questions you may have.”


“The one thing we all will stress to you is that before you get deeply into a relationship, get your education first. Then, if you fall in love with someone, that is OK; just get that education before making anything permanent.” “Do y”all really mean that? “Leon, if we didn”t, we wouldn”t say it, you know that.”


When everyone arose and went to the breakfast room the following morning, Leon looked amazingly relaxed and happy. mezitli escort Charley asked him if he was OK, and Leon said he was genuinely OK for the first time in a long while. Jaiden hugged him and said he was proud of him and that they were there to help him through whatever he faced.


Leon headed out to his counseling appointments for the day. When he got to the counseling center, Dr. Till was already there. She could see a change in Leon”s demeanor, so she called him into her office to talk about what she saw. She told Leon he”d made tremendous progress in counseling and that she would like for him to attend a combined AA/NA group, that she would then see him on an as-needed basis. “Leon, I”ll let Peyton and Jaiden know about the change. Then, if you want to continue in your group therapy, you may do that.” “Yes, mam, I would like to do that.”


Leon attended his group therapy session that day, and then he attended his first AA/NA meeting. He confided in his group the realization he had come to about himself. Leon was trembling with fear as the session ended; he didn”t know what to expect from his group. He was shocked when every group member gave him a hug and told him they were proud of him for coming to grips with his true self. They also said they knew his nature beforehand and that it didn”t matter to them. He was and always would be their friend, and they were there to help him any way they could. Their response to his admission blew Leon”s mind, and he walked around in somewhat of a daze for the rest of the day.”


When Leon got home and walked through the kitchen door, Granny said, “Leon, stop right where you are.” That stunned Leon, but he stood where he was to listen to Granny. “Son, I know about last night, and I know how upset you were. I can imagine how your day went today, and I want you to know that the Reverend and I love you just as much as ever. If there is anything we can do to help you, you better let us know. If you don”t, we”ll be peeved at you, understand?” “Yes, mam, thank you so much!” “You are one of my boys, and I am not going to let you suffer alone through anything – nothing!” Leon hugged Granny, and she held him and rubbed his back as he cried and got his emotions out.


When Granny and Leon broke their embrace, she popped him good on his butt and told him to go lay down and take a good, long nap. Leon smiled and did what Granny told him to do. When he awoke, he went into the den, sat on the couch, and watched the children playing. Alaina Noelle climbed up onto the couch and into Leon”s lap. She laid back in his arms, her head against his chest, and went to sleep. He held her as she slept and as tears rolled across his cheeks. He realized how blessed he had become and how much he was now in Hashem”s favor.


Peyton and Jaiden got home a little early, and when they walked through the door, Ginny held her finger to her lips so they would know to be very quiet. Then, she motioned for them to peer into the den. When Jaiden and Peyton did that, they saw Leon asleep holding Alaina Noelle as she also slept. They saw the stains on Leon”s face where his tears had run. Then they and Ginny and Granny sat at the breakfast table and observed the loving sight until Leon and Alaina Noelle awoke.


When Leon woke up, Nathan Robert and Mark grabbed Leon”s hands and said, “play,” so Leon got on the floor, and they wrestled with him for at least an hour before they sat down to eat dinner.


After dinner, Peyton said, “Leon, something happened today that Jaiden and I need to talk to you about.” “Peyton, have I done something wrong or made the two of you angry about something.”


“No, Leon, you haven”t. A friend of ours, a doctor, sat down and admitted to us that he was gay. He said he was lonely and afraid to find someone with whom he could have a safe relationship. We told him we knew someone we thought would be perfect for him, so he should be at the house in about fifteen minutes for coffee and conversation. We”d like to introduce him to you if you don”t mind.” “Peyton, I don”t mind. I would love to have an intimate friend with whom I could talk and do things.” Leon quickly realized what he had said and added that he wanted a relationship for companionship, not necessarily sex. Jaiden and Peyton laughed and told him they understood, but if things progressed, they were OK with that, and it was OK if Leon and the good doctor kept their `relationship” at home.


Leon went to his room, freshened up, and changed into some casual dress clothes to meet the guest coming to the house. When he walked back into the den, Charley gave him a wolf-whistle and said, “Damn, bro, you clean up real good! And you smell good, too!” Leon blushed a deep red, and everybody laughed and told him how nice he looked.


At 7:30 that evening, the doorbell rang, and Peyton went to answer the door. It was Doctor Pete Andrews, their guest for the evening. Everyone went to the deck to have coffee and conversation so the dads could also watch the children as they played in the yard.


They talked for an hour or so before Pete asked Leon if he would like to take a walk around the neighborhood. Of course, Leon said he would love to do that, so the two headed out the front door to take a walk. The guys peered through the living room picture window as the two walked down the street � holding hands. Peyton said, “I knew it would work,” as he broke into a broad smile.


When Pete and Leon got back to the house, Pete said he needed to head home to get some sleep before a long day the following morning. He put his arms around Leon”s waist and asked if he could call on Leon again. Leon smiled as he said, “Most definitely.” That”s when Pete gave him a light kiss on the lips. Leon didn”t walk into the den after the kiss; he floated in.


Dale said, Leon, I take it that you and Pete hit it off well.” “Dale, we hit it off better than well. He kissed me when he left, and I felt like I was in Heaven. That was the first kiss I have ever received from a guy, and it felt so natural. Jaiden, Peyton, thank you so much for setting up tonight; I am so happy right now.”


Jaiden was holding hands with Peyton, and he lifted Peyton”s hand, kissed it, and said, Sweetheart, you did well; I”m proud of you. Who would have known you”d be such a good shadchan.”


“A good what, Jaiden?” “A good shadchan, Charley, a Jewish matchmaker.”


Jaiden lowered the lights in the den and tuned in to some beautiful soft jazz and rain sounds on Youtube. The guys held each other and slow danced for over an hour before breaking apart to go to bed for the evening.


“Jaiden, before we go to bed, I want to ask you what you tuned to on the television. The picture was beautiful, and the music pozcu escort was enchanting.” “Dale, it is called `Fall Coffee Shop Book Store and Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music and Rain-Sounds. It is on YouTube.” “Man, you really set the mood for the rest of the night with that music; thank you!” “Good, Dale, now you can go to bed and have some tender moments with Charley before you fall asleep.” Bro, that is what I intend to do; see you in the morning.” “Good night, guys; we love y”all.” “We love you two also.”


Granny and Ginny were in the kitchen the following morning as Leon walked through with the biggest smile they had seen him have yet. He said, “Good morning, Ginny,” as he kissed her on the cheek. He did the same thing with Granny before filling his mug with coffee, grabbing a piece of toast, and heading out the door to counseling with Dr. Till.


“Geraldine, I don”t know what got into that young man last night, but I sure am glad something happened. With the mood he is in, he had to be blessed with something good last night.” “Martha, I have to agree with you on that statement. He was glowing as he walked out the door.


When Leon got to the center, he walked to the courtyard, held his arms out, and began spinning around and around with the biggest toothy smile anyone had ever seen on his face. Dr. Till stood where Leon couldn”t see her and smiled as she watched him in amazement. She filmed Leon with her cell camera and sent a text copy to Jaiden saying she didn”t know what happened the night before but was glad it happened given that Leon appeared to be the happiest he”d ever been in his life. Jaiden shot her a text back saying that something good did happen, but Leon needed to tell her what had occurred. He said his family was incredibly proud of Leon and very happy for him.


Leon went to his group therapy first thing that morning. Everybody in his group mentioned how happy he appeared and asked him what had happened the day before. Leon told them that what happened was very private, that he wasn”t ready to talk about it, but he hoped everybody would be happy for him. He told them that he met a significant other, and for the first time in his life, someone made him feel incredibly loved; “I was asked for another date already.”


When Leon got out of his group therapy session, Pete was standing in the hall waiting to see him. “Hello, handsome, may I treat you to lunch?” “You bet! Let me tell Dr. Till where I”ll be.”


Leon knocked on Dr. Till”s door and told her that Pete was taking him to lunch and they would be back at the center in time for his individual counseling session. “Leon, who is Pete? ” “Dr. Till, he is the person I met last night at the house, thanks to Peyton and Jaiden.”


“Leon, given how happy you have been all morning, why don”t you take some extra time and spend it with Pete; I don”t think missing one day with me will hurt. So, enjoy yourself with Pete, and I will see you in the morning. She texted Jaiden and Peyton to tell them what was happening and how proud she was to see Leon so happy and giddy. Jaiden turned to Peyton and said, “Sweetheart, maybe you should go into business as a shadchan!” Peyton smiled and said, “Babe, I might just do that, but you are just as good as me as a shadchan.”


“What do you mean, Peyton?” “Peyton walked past Jaiden and flipped the tip of Jaiden”s nose as he said, you engineered a pretty good meeting for our first night together!” Jaiden turned as red as a beet.


The two young doctors headed to the hospital”s cafeteria to get some lunch. When they walked into the doctor”s dining room, they noticed Leon and Pete both looking as happy as they could be, sitting in a corner having lunch. They sat in a section of the lounge where Pete and Leon couldn”t see them. They were quiet as they ate their lunch.


After everyone had gotten home and eaten dinner, Peyton asked Leon how his day had gone. “Peyton, I had lunch with Pete today, and he told me he had fallen head over heels in love with me. I told him I felt the same way about him. I don”t think my day could have been any better than it was. Dr. Till told me to take the day off from my personal counseling session and spend the time with Pete, so I did that. Guys, I don”t think I could be on top of the moon any more than I am right now. Thank you both for introducing me to Pete last night and inviting him to come to the house. And thank you for helping me to find and embrace my true self; I feel like I have a good life for the first time ever!”


“Leon, Jaiden, and I couldn”t be happier to hear that. Please take things slowly and build a solid relationship before doing something you might not be ready to do. ”


“Pete and I talked about that at lunch, and that”s what we are going to do. We don”t want to make any mistakes. He will meet me here at the house on Saturday morning and go to the temple with us – if that”s OK with you two.” “It”s fine with us, Leon, if that is what the two of you want to do.” “Leon told Pete he enjoyed going to temple services with his new family and how attending the services made him feel. So Pete said he would attend temple services with him and they could explore converting together.”


“Leon, that is a situation that sounds vaguely familiar to me. Jaiden and I were regular temple attendees while in college. Then, Charley and Dale started attending with us. Now we are members of the same synagogue in Erie.


If you move to Erie after grad school, you and Pete can attend Temple Anshe Hesed with us. There”ll be five brothers and spouses attending together, and that will be historic for the temple.” “It would be kind of neat, wouldn”t it, Peyton?” “Yep, it surely would.”


The doorbell rang precisely at 7:30 pm, and Leon watched to see if Jaiden would answer the door. Jaiden looked at Leon and said, “Leon, I”m not going to answer the door; besides, I”m sure it”s for you anyway.” “Why do you say that, Jaiden?” “Come on, Leon, you and Pete are head over heels in love with each other; who else would it be? We don”t get many visitors here at the house as we did in Erie.”


Leon walked to the front door, opened it, and Pete stood there with a bouquet of flowers. “These are for you, handsome; I hope you like them.” “Pete, they”re gorgeous; thank you. Everybody is in the den; come inside.”


“High, guys; I hope everyone is doing well tonight.” Jaiden looked at Pete and winked before saying everyone was doing well and thanked him for asking.”


Peyton was playing shadchan again � and there was no doubt it was working to the max!


After the babies were bathed and put to bed, the guys talked and drank coffee for a while until Jaiden lowered the lights and started playing escort bayan the Coffee Shop Caf� music on the television. Then, to intensify the beauty of the music, he turned the sound bar on. They danced for the better part of twenty minutes when Peyton and Jaiden danced over to Dale and Charlie, tapped Dale on the shoulder, and started moving toward the stairs.


They disappeared up the stairs and left Pete and Leon dancing by themselves. It was the shadchan”s idea, and it worked beautifully.


A short time later, Jaiden heard the patio doors to the deck open and close. He peeped out his bedroom window and saw Leon and Pete sitting on the deck”s couch, Leon”s head on Pete”s shoulder and Pete”s head resting on Leon”s. Peyton ran across the hall and got Dale and Charley so they could see the two lovebirds.


As Charley and Dale looked out the window, they saw Pete give Leon a tender kiss on the lips. Charley did a fist pump and said, “YES!” “Yes, what, Charley?” “Peyton, Pete just kissed Leon, and they look like they are in Heaven.” Jaiden said, “Charley, I”m sure that was part of the shadchan”s doing.”


Peyton quietly snuck downstairs and left a note for Leon and Pete on the doors to the deck. When the two lovebirds decided to go back inside, Leon found and read the message. A gentle smile crossed his face as he handed the note to Pete. “Pete, if you want to stay with Leon tonight, it is OK with us. Y”all can have all the privacy you need and sleep as late in the morning as you want. Leon knows where the towels and washcloths are. Have a good night; Peyton, Jaiden, Dale, and Charley.”


Leon was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. He”d never been naked, much less slept that way, with another man. Tonight was going to be a first for him. He took Pete by the hand and led him to his bedroom, closed, and locked the door.


He looked nervously at Pete as he started unbuttoning Pete”s shirt and sliding it off Pete”s shoulders. Then he lifted and removed Pete”s tee shirt and dropped it on the floor. Then Pete removed Leon”s shirt and tee-shirt and dropped them with his on the floor. Leon became so nervous he started shaking as Pete began unbuckling his belt and then unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to the floor.”


When Leon”s pants were on the floor, Pete removed his pants, slid his boxer briefs to the floor, and stood naked before Leon. Then Pete slid his hands into the sides of Leon”s boxer briefs and slowly but deliberately slid them to the floor. As he did, a tear trickled from Leon”s eye.


Pete pulled Leon as close to him as he could and began kissing his neck, rubbing his back, and pushing his hands over Leon”s butt, causing him to jump. He continued giving Leon soft kisses moving from his neck to the sides of his face and to Leon”s lips.


Pete led Leon to the side of the bed, where he then laid Leon on his back and positioned him in the center of the bed. He crawled onto the bed and then laid atop Leon, his legs between Leon”s. Pete softly ground his body against Leon”s as he moved down and started kissing and tonguing Leon”s nipples, making him groan with excitement. Pete continued soft kisses as he moved down the trunk of Leon”s body, following a thin trail of hair to the treasure spot.


Suddenly, Leon took a sharp, deep breath as Pete engulfed his member and began slowly and methodically pleasuring Leon in a way he had never experienced. Leon gasped for air at times as he enjoyed the oral pleasures he was receiving. When the point of no return was fast approaching, Leon began trying to get Pete to back away and said he was about to cum. Pete kept up what he was doing for Leon and let the explosion occur in his throat.


After he had the most intense orgasm of his life, Leon was totally out of breath and fighting to recover from his experience. Finally, Pete pulled him into a tight embrace and said the three most important words any person can ever hear: “I love you, Leon. When I first laid eyes on you, it was love at first sight for me. It”s hard for me to describe, but my heart tells me it”s true.”


Leon rubbed the side of Pete”s face as he looked into his teary eyes and said, “Pete, you don”t have to describe that feeling to me; my heart is telling me the same thing yours is telling you. It was love at first sight for me too!


I have never experienced what you just gave me with a woman, much less a man. But I can tell you that it felt so natural, so loving to me; thank you for making me feel loved.”


Leon pushed Pete onto his back, crawled atop his body, and began kissing every part of his newfound love. He moved down Pete”s body, and when he reached Pete”s penis, he nervously took Pete into his mouth and tried to pleasure Pete the same way Pete delighted him.


Pete said, “Leon, I know this is new for you, so you don”t have to do this if you really don”t want to.” Leon stopped long enough to tell Pete he wanted to excite him and make him feel like he had. He had never given another man oral sex before, so he asked Pete to tell him if he made a mistake. Pete told Leon he was doing beautifully and that he felt like he was in Heaven with him.


Leon went back to pleasuring Pete, and when Pete let him know he was about to lose his load, Leon moved down so Pete”s penis was situated in the back of his throat. As Pete began to spasm, Leon did his best to make his orgasm as intense as it could be. Finally, when he had swallowed the load Pete fed him, they rolled over facing and holding each other, and that is the way they went to sleep.


The following morning, Leon and Pete got up and took a warm shower together. They washed each other”s hair and softly bathed each other. Pete was incredibly loving to Leon the way he dried him off and led him back to the bed for short cuddling and kissing time. Pete softly kissed Leon and then got out of bed and got Leon”s clothes out so he could get dressed. As Leon dressed, Pete sat in a chair in the bedroom”s corner and admired every inch of Leon”s body.


As soon as Leon was dressed entirely, he swapped places with Pete and admired Pete”s body as he got dressed so the two could go to the kitchen for breakfast.


As the two young lovebirds walked into the breakfast room, Jaiden said, “good morning, guys, I hope you had a good night!” Leon walked to Peyton, kissed him on the cheek, and said, “Has anyone ever told you what an awesome matchmaker you are? Thank you so much for putting Pete in my path; I am head over heels in love with him.”


Peyton smiled as he finished cooking the banana-macadamia nut waffles, and Dale made the coffee.


After breakfast, Pete headed to his office at the hospital. Jaiden and Peyton went to their assigned floor to review patient charts from the night before and see patients and make treatment changes where necessary. Leon went to his individual counseling session, during which Dr. Till noted his incredible, positive, happy mood. She shot Jaiden and Peyton a one-word message: “UNBELIEVABLE!”

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