Janice , My Fetish Ch. 04

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Part 4 of my leg & foot fetish life with my girlfriend, Janice. (Now fiancee)

More feet and sock fun and Janice satisfies my leg fetish.

I came home from a usual day of work, not too tired. I slumped on the couch and switched the TV on. Me and Janice work together so we usually come home together, but today she told me she was going to go buy a few things. I watched TV for about 10 minutes when I heard the door open. I looked over my shoulder to see Janice come home witch a shopping bag. She was wearing a tank top, short shorts and a pair of violet ankle socks. I stared at her beautiful, tiny feet as they walked up closer to me.

“Hey hun, I bought some drinks and chips. Oh and also some more baby oil.”

Janice pulled out some fizzy drinks and chips and put them on the coffee table. She then pulled out 2 bottles of baby oil and smiled at me.

“We’ll use these for later.” And winked at me.

Janice then walked into our bedroom and probably put the baby oil away. We had drinks and chips tonight because Lily and her mates were coming over to watch a movie. After a minute or two Janice came back out and sat next to me on the couch. She put her feet on the coffee table.

“Do you like my socks?” Janice said as she wiggled her toes.

“Yeah, they look really good on your feet.”

She smiled and scooted down the couch and placed her feet on my lap. I instantly put my hands on her perfect feet. I got surprised when I touched them. They were damp with her sweat.

“I’ve been in them all day at work yesterday and today, I hope they’re not too bad.” She gave me a sexy smile.

I felt all around her feet. It was all damp, especially at her toes. I put them up to my nose and took a sniff, the smell was very strong. I put her feet back down on my lap, her heels touching my hard on through my jeans. I massaged her feet, circling my thumbs on her soles and toes. I did it for about 5 minutes before I inhaled her sweaty scent again and put her sweaty socked toes in my mouth. The taste was strong, but I could handle it. I licked her arches and her heels after I sucked on her toes.

“Taste good?”

“It’s very strong, but yeah.”

She smiled and sighed with relaxation and closed her eyes. I continued to worship her socked feet for about another 5 minutes before slowly peeling them off. As I peeled her socks off, they were going insideout because of how sweaty her feet were. Once I got both her violet ankle socks off, I put them next to me, both still damp. I looked at her barefeet, which shone with her sweat. I wiped the sock fluff from her feet and put a toe in my mouth. The taste was very strong, much more than her socks. But I didn’t mind. I sucked on each toe before licking her arches and heels. I gave each heel a kiss and then began to suck on her arches. Janice opened her eyes and giggled when I did this. I sucked on her toes again after that, every so often going back to suck on her arches and licking her heels. Also I sniffed her feet too, which smelt great. A few minutes later Janice stopped me,

“Stop for a second. Give me my socks.”

I picked up her damp socks and gave them to her. She then pulled my jeans down and underwear and put one of her violet socks on my cock, the heel of the sock wrapped around my balls. It fit perfectly. With the other sock, she put over her hand and pressed against my nose. I sucked on her socked fingers as she started to stroke my socked cock. It felt so good, her soft hands jerking me off. It turned me on wildly. I inhaled her scent from her sock before she put her socked fingers back in my mouth. She was stroking my cock at a quick pace which sent me over the edge. I groaned and let my load go off into her sock. She slowed her strokes down and watched her sock get wet with my cum. Each cumshot making the wet stain grow larger.

“Mmm.. I bet you liked that didn’t yah?”

I nodded as I tried to catch my breath. Janice slowly pulled her sock off of my cock and put it next to her then quickly wrapped the other one around my softening cock. She lightly stroked my cock. I gave her a confused look.

“Gotta even it out.”

She kept lightly stroking my cock, letting me feel the soft material of the sock. I then gave her a nod and she gripped my cock and started to stroke it fast and hard. I watched her, eyes totally locked on her quick hands stroking my cock. She was quick, all I could see was a blur and her violet sock on my cock. I told her I was about to cum so konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort she slowed down and watched as I came spurt after spurt into her sock. She kept her hand around my socked cock, slowly and gently stroking as I came.

“God, I love the feeling of your cock pulsating when you cum, it just feels so good.”

I sat there, pretty tired from being jerked off by Janice. She wiped the last droplets of cum in her sock and then pulled it off my cock.

“Gonna put these in the laundry basket, be right back okay?”

“Why don’t you put them on, haha.”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“After I shower.”

Janice winked at me and held her socks into the bathroom. I was a bit confused. She usually puts them on after she has jerked me off with them. She would then take them off and put them in the laundry basket and hop into the shower. I didn’t really understand, unless she was gonna wear them AFTER her shower. I needed to have a shower too, so I waited for Janice to get out. About 15 minutes later, she came out, still holding her violet socks and sat down next to me.

“Wait, so you’re going to wear them even though you just had a shower?”

“Yeah, isn’t that what you want me to do?”

“Yeah but, you usually put them on then take them off to have a shower.”

“I just want to know what it feels like wearing them for more than a minute.”

I chuckled. But knowing that Janice were wearing her socks that I came in got me turned on. She slipped her cum filled socks on and wiggled her toes around.

“Ah!! It’s all sticky and slimy. Well, at least it’s warm.”

I watched her get up and walk to our bedroom to dry her hair as if there were nothing in those socks. I hopped into the shower after that to get ready for Lily and her mates to come over. After about 10 minutes, I got out of the shower. I went into the bedroom to see Janice all done and wearing her cumfilled violet ankle socks on. She smiled at me when I walked in.

“Room’s all yours! I’ll go get the drinks and stuff ready.”

Janice walked out and I watched her as her feet stride out of the room, wet patches around her socks. I chuckled to myself and then proceeded to do my hair. After about 5 minutes I was ready. I looked at the time, Lily and her mates were coming in 10 minutes. I sat on the bed and looked on top of the drawer. There were 2 full bottles of baby oil, and one with about a quarter left. I smiled then looked down. Janice’s white knee high socks were laying there. I remembered her wearing them before. I was glad that there were another pair of her socks here. Which meant that I didn’t have to wait 2 or 3 days for another pair of socks. Knee socks are quite hard to jack off into since they are long, but that was okay since Janice usually gives me sockjobs with them.

After another second of admiring them, I walked out to the living room to see Janice, Lily, Bella and June all sitting on the couch.

“Took your time! C’mon let’s start watching the movies.” said Janice.

“I’ll put in the comedy!” said Bella, popping the DVD out of it’s case.

Janice’s friends were all really quite attractive. First I examined Bella, good looks, nice body. Her feet are about a size 6. She had really nice feet just like Janice’s, high arches and perfectly aligned toes, only a size bigger. June was quite the same, but she was tall. Almost as tall as me while the other girls are shoulder height to me. She had size 8 feet just like Lily’s but her toes were aligned perfectly. All girls were wearing socks except Bella. Lily got off the couch and sat on the floor as the movie started to play. I put my arm around Janice’s waist and had some chips and a drink while we watched. As we watched the movie, I couldn’t help but think about Janice’s cum filled socks. I didn’t know how the girls didn’t notice, I mean, there were wet patches around her socks. After an enjoyable comedy, we put in the horror movie. As it played the girls let out yells and screams, which was starting to get quite irritating. Janice was holding me tightly.

“OMG!! I can’t watch!” said Lily grabbing hold of Janice’s foot.

“Eh? What the?”

“Leggo of my foot!!” said Janice trying to cover her eyes from the movie.

“Why are your socks wet?”

I felt a surge of nervousness strike my body as I looked down at Lily, holding Janice’s foot, puzzled.

“Oh, umm… I konyaaltı otele gelen escort stepped on some water in the bathroom.”

“Oh, okay, sorry, haha.” Lily let go of Janice’s foot and they smiled at eachother and continued to watch the movie.

Janice turned to me and mouth the words “phew.” I just smiled.

When we finished watching the movies, we just sat and talked for awhile. At the same time we ate chips and had some drinks. It was about 1 am, when we decided to all go to bed. The girls were sleeping over, so they took the guest room.

“I’m pretty sure you girls can fit in a double bed.” said Janice.

“Yeah, don’t worry. It’s gonna be fun with the three of us.” said Bella.

“Mmmhmm, you go sleep with Drew.” smiled June.

“Okay, you sure?”

“Yes!! Go ahead!” said Bella, beckoning us to our room.

Janice and I chuckled and went into our bedroom. Once we heard the guestroom door close, we started to make out on the bed. My hands were sliding along her waist and her hands slid down my back. Janice moaned as we kissed. I started to move down, my face on her tits. I then took off her shirt and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I gave her tits each a good squeeze before putting one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suck on them. She moaned in pleasure as I did this. I then started to kiss my way down her stomach till I got to her short shorts. I removed them and then pulled her panties off. I then put two fingers in her and she let out a slight moan. So I started to lick and suck her swollen clit, making her moan loudly. I fingered and licked her clit at the same time, making her moan and squirm her hips around, pushing her pelvis against my face. She then pressed her thighs against the sides of my head and let out a loud moan. Her juices oozing out as she reached her orgasm. I felt her legs tremble as she had her orgasm and then relax as she finished.

“Oh god… that was good.” moaned Janice, breathing heavily.

I looked up and smiled at her. Janice lay there for abit before pulling herself up and leaned on the headboard.

“I wonder what my feet look like..” Janice said sexily.

She then put her fingers around the opening of her violet ankle sock and slowly peeled it off, showing slight cum stains on her barefoot. She then peeled off her other one.

“I’ll go wash my feet now.” Janice got off the bed and spotted her white knee high socks.

“Ohh, I forgot about these.. How about I give you a sockjob in them? They’re 2 days old.”

“Oh god yes babe, I’d love that.”

Janice grinned at me and quickly went into the bathroom and washed her feet of my cum and chucked her ankle socks in the laundry basket. After less than a minute she came out and slipped her knee high socks on. She then got on the bed and leaned on the headboard. My boner returned almost instantly when I saw her beautiful, tiny feet in those white knee high socks.

“Alright, let’s give you a sockjob.” Janice smiled.

I positioned myself so I was closer to her. Immediately, Janice put my cock between her high arches and began stroking. The softness of her socks felt so great. Also her socks weren’t too thick so I could feel the softness of her feet through her socks. She moved up and down and I slightly thrusted up to meet her strokes. I couldn’t help but groan a bit as it felt so good. She would switch from putting my cock between her arches and her toes. The softness of her socks were too much for me, I thought I was going to go insane with pleasure. I was about to cum so I told Janice. She put her toes around my cock head as my cum started to spurt out, my cum soaking up her socks.

“Oh god, its going through my socks! Ahh!” Janice yelped excitingly.

Spurt after spurt kept coming out, but the sight of my cum on her sexy socks and feet got me so hot. When I finished cumming, Janice slowly and gently rubbed her cum smothered feet on my cock, admiring what I had done to her feet.

“Geez you always cum so much.” Janice said, her eyes locked on her cum covered feet, “My socks are completely soaked and it’s seeped through my sock.”

I just smiled at her and picked her up so she could clean her feet. As I got close to the entrance of our bathroom, Janice stopped me.

“Wait!! I want to check on the girls, hun. Lemme down.”

“Don’t you want to wash your feet first and put your socks away?”

“No, I’ll just put on my konyaaltı rus escort slippers, it’ll be fine.”

“What if the girls see?”

“They won’t, okay?”

I was quite surprised when she said that. I know she loves the feeling of cum on her feet but today she seemed to love it a lot more. Her socked feet were really covered in my cum, there was just so much. I watched as Janice slipped her cum smothered feet into her slippers like nothing and walk out the door. I followed close behind. Janice slowly opened the door to the guestroom and all three girls looked up.

“Hey Janice!! Hi Drew, what are you guys doing?” asked Lily.

“Just checking up on you guys, are you sure you girls can all fit in the bed?”

“Yes, yes! We’re all good okay? Now go back to sleep you too.” said June.

Janice walked up to the edge of the bed and leaned over it and started to talk to the girls abit. Bella was out of bed checking herself out in the mirror or something but I didn’t really notice. I yawned and scratched my head as I waited for Janice to finish talking to the girls. I leaned back on the wall when I noticed Bella looking down at Janice’s feet with a confused look. Then I saw her face make a gasping expression as she noticed the cum all over Janice’s feet and in the slipper. I was saying to myself “Shit, shit, shit!” I just looked down and pretended to scratch my head, trying not to make eye contact with Bella. Janice grabbed me and pulled me to our bedroom and close the door.

“Oh god, my feet are completely soaked, I love it.”

I smiled before saying, “Babe, Bella saw your feet.”

“What? Really?” Janice said taking off her slippers and sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

“Yes! She made a gasping expression when she saw all of my cum on your feet.”

“Oh crap, ummm… well just don’t say anything unless she asks about it okay?”

“I told you not to go out with your feet like that.”

“Sorry, I didn’t think they’d notice.”

I lay down on the bed and watched through the doorway of the bathroom as Janice took off her socks and cleaned her feet. After about a minute, she climbed in bed and snuggled close to me.

“Aaah… did you like the sockjob?”

“Best thing ever babe.”

We lay there for a few minutes before Janice spoke up and said,

“Hey, what’s this leg fetish thing you have?”

“Oh well, it’s like my foot fetish, but with your legs..”

“So… do I have to give you like, legjobs or something?”

“I wouldn’t call it that… I’d call it leg fucking or something.”

Janice giggled.

“Um haha, okay then. I wanna warm up to this okay, like with your foot fetish.”

“Of course.”

I thought about what I was going to say for a moment.

“…Well, do you wanna try it abit now?”

“Now? I just gave you a sockjob…”

“Oh of course, sorry.

“No, never mind, I’m quite curious I want to get to know this leg fetish of yours.”

Janice got up and leaned against the headboard.

“So… How do we do this?”

“Just let me lead okay babe?”

Janice nodded.

“Did you shave today?”

“I did yesterday, hope it doesn’t make a difference?”

“Oh no it’s all good.”

I pulled off my shorts and put her legs together so they were touching and raised her legs up. After I did that I slid my cock between her thighs. The feeling was so good, so soft and smooth. A big grin appeared on Janice’s face.

“So this is what leg fetishism is all about then huh?”

“Yeah pretty much. Now this would be called thigh fucking ‘cos my cock is between your thighs. But yeah I’d probably call this thigh fucking then leg fucking.”

“Ohh I see. It’s pretty hot I reckon. Maybe I should apply lotion on my legs too, and not just my feet.” Janice’s girn grew wider.

I slowly thrusted between her thighs, the softness was just overwhelming. It just felt so good.

“Babe, cross your legs over eachother so it becomes tighter.”

Janice put her right leg over her left, which made her legs close tighter around my cock, and the softness of her thighs got me so turned on. Every now and then she would tense her legs, which felt really good since she was playing with herself. I worshiped her feet and rubbed the tops of her legs as I thigh fucked her. I was thrusting pretty fast and told her I was about to cum. She told me to go ahead and I let my load go all over here breasts and stomach.

“Oh that feels good!! So warm…”

I pushed in hard between her thighs as I continued to cum.

“Mmmm, I can feel your cock pulsating between my thighs, I love this.”

After I came we admired my work before she went and cleaned herself. When she had done that we hopped into bed and went to sleep. I was pretty happy about tonight because it meant I could do anything I wanted with her feet AND her legs.

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