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Jessica pulled into the Mall parking lot and always parked as close to the handicap parking spaces as she could. She got lucky today and found a space right next to one. She always liked to either sit and watch them or walk by as someone was getting out of their car. Someone had just pulled into the HC spot just before her so she sat for a few minutes to see what would happen. She could see a male open his door and start to lift a wheelchair up off the passenger seat to set it outside his door. He opened his door but as he was right next to the curb there was not enough space to get the chair down after he put the wheels on.

She quietly got out of her car and as she walked by the rear of his car asked if there was anything she could do. She had learned a long time ago not to ask a crippled person if they needed help. Most were very independent and refused even if they did need help. Jessica was a devotee and loved to watch men in wheelchairs.

What Jessica did not know yet was that the man in the car was also on the lookout….for a devotee. He said to her yes she could help by moving his chair to the rear of the car and he would get out and work his way to it. She moved the chair and Ken pulled himself up by holding on to the door and as he got fully erect, reached down and pushed drop locks down on his braces.

He faced the car side and with some difficulty, moved himself down the side of the car, by holding on to the roof carrier, to the rear and his chair. He would hold on to the car with his left hand, then move his right leg sideways with his right hand and then rock over on it, let his left leg fall over and repeat the process. All the time Jessica was watching, holding her breath she realized. What a show. She wished she had worn panties now as she was very wet.

Ken asked if she would lock the brakes of his wheelchair as she did not want him to know that she knew that she should have done that already. He reached out and put one hand on the wheel and then lowered (fell) into the chair. His braced legs came up and straight out and he grabbed each one, pulled the drop locks back and lowered them to the foot plate. After he was done he pulled a Velcro strap from the pack on the rear of his chair and placed it around the calves of his legs and the metal wheel supports of the chair. He pulled it tight and pressed the Velcro together. She knew this was to keep his feet on the foot plate but said nothing.

Ken looked at her for the first time, smiled and said thanks. She said it was nothing and was there anything else she could do. He smiled and said he should have backed in so he could use the stripped area to get out but was afraid someone would pull into the spot before he could do so.

Jessica noticed he had an out of state license on his car and asked if he was visiting and he said no, he had just moved here and was on his way into Bed & Bath to get some things. Did she want to walk in with him? She said that would be nice and off they went.

As they got inside the mall they were right by the food court and Ken asked if she wanted something to drink and they got in line for a cold drink. They moved to an out of the way table, Jessica moved a chair out of the way and she sat down. Ken moved to the space but did not pull under the table but instead, sat facing Jessica. Ken said that he had lived in Florida but it was too hot for him. With him being a para he could not dissipate the heat like a normal person could so he moved to this area. He had a totally accessible house built and worked from there. He was a consultant to several large companies supplying information on how to incorporate all the laws into meeting the requirements of handicapped people. The moving company had just delivered his stuff yesterday and he was trying to get organized.

The whole time he was talking he noticed that Jessica was looking him over very closely. She had turned her chair so it was facing him and her eyes spent a lot of time on his legs and chair. She looked into his eyes several times and smiled. Ken was also looking very closely at her. She had a sleeveless sun dress on that came to just above her knees. As she sat down she had pulled it even higher and crossed her legs. He was almost sure she had no bra on and probably no panties either. He wondered if she would uncross her legs when he had his eyes down there!

Jessica could clearly see the outline of his braces in his pants. She could only see the ankle joint of his braces before they ran into his shoes. She could tell that they were metal bars that ran all the way to the top of his thighs. She knew his eyes had caught her looking; she looked up and just smiled back at him. She felt she had been undressed several times and knew she was going to have to find a bathroom to wipe off in. She just hoped it had not seeped down to her dress and left a wet spot.

They finished their drink, Ken asked for her phone number which she gave and said his phone would not be hooked up until Monday and he would get the number to her then. She uncrossed her legs as he looked down again but at the same time konyaaltı sınırsız escort pushed the material of her dress between her legs cutting off the view. He looked back into her eyes and they both just grinned at each other.

She walked with him to the entrance for Bed & Bath, said talk with you later and headed on down the mall. She found the bathroom, used a wet paper towel to wipe off and checked the back of her dress. Luckily there was nothing wrong. She ran the two errands she had come for and rushed back to the store Ken had gone in to. She could see him in the checkout line with several large packages. She timed it so as to meet him as he came out the door. They acted surprised to see each other and Jessica asked if she could help get the stuff to his car. She was not worried now as she was almost sure he knew she was a devotee and seemed to like that she was.

When they got to his car she asked if she should move it over some to make it easier for him to get into the car. Ken thought that would be great and gave her the key. She put the stuff she had in the back seat remembering that he put his wheelchair on the passenger seat and moved the car back and over some.

Ken then had a clear path to the doors in his chair and also put his stuff on the rear seat. With Jessica standing behind him, he moved his chair up to the driver’s seat, locked the wheels, picked up each leg with his hands and placed them on the floor of the car. He then moved over in his chair to be near the car seat, put his right hand on the car’s seat and the left on the wheel frame of the chair and transferred over. He did this very smoothly and without any apparent strain. He knew she was watching him do it.

Jessica watched Ken as he put the stuff on the rear seat, move to the driver’s door and open it and move up next to the seat. She watched him transfer into the car and thought she was going to have an orgasm right there. She did stick her hand out to hold on to the car for a few seconds. Ken was busy taking his chair apart and did not notice. She moved up to the door after he got his chair to the passenger seat and said she was very much looking forward to hearing from him when he got his phone.

Before Ken could say anything, Jessica asked if he would like some help getting things unpacked, that she had no plans for the rest of the day. Ken asked if she was sure. (He could not believe his good fortune at this.) She said sure and Ken suggested she follow him as it was a new area without a lot of street signs in yet. He backed out and Jessica followed him to his house. On the way to the house, Ken was now almost 99% sure Jessica was a devotee. He decided he would ask her straight out after they got to his house.

Jessica was smiling as she pulled out and followed Ken. She thought he had an idea that she was a devotee and did not care. She did not have to worry about offending him the way he acted so far. From what little they had been together she also liked him very much as a person and wanted to get to know him better.

When they got to the house, they had driven about ½ mile up a winding drive from the road. The house could not be seen from the road because of all the trees. It was not a huge place but looked comfortable. It was a one level ranch with what looked like a 3 car garage. The door came up as his car got close and he drove in. Inside was a van also. As Jessica walked by it she could see that there was no seat at the steering wheel and it had a ramp that let down from the side door. All the conversions for his wheelchair.

She watched as Ken reversed the procedure he had used to get in the car, again becoming very aroused. After he cleared the door, she opened the rear and got a load of stuff from the seat. Ken got the rest and led her into the house. He pushed the door from the garage open and it led into a small storage area. That led into the kitchen which was large and bright. There was a sink and cooking surface both at regular height and another one lowered for Ken in his chair. The oven and microwave were within easy reach also.

They moved into the living room and into the bedroom. There were no rugs anywhere, just beautiful hardwood floors. They put the packages on the new, unmade bed and Ken asked her to help open them. It was bedding and bathroom stuff. Jessica asked where the washer was and Ken said just down the hall on the right. She took the sheets and pillow cases to the washer and put them in. Ken told her the guest bathroom was right behind her and he was going to use his bathroom and would meet her in the living room in a few minutes.

Jessica was sitting in one of the large leather chairs looking out the picture window at the view. She heard his wheels on the bare floor and he wheeled up in front of her. She was glad she was sitting because he had changed into very brief shorts and a t-shirt and there in full view were his very atrophied, crippled legs encased in metal braces. He obviously wanted her to see them. She could not help staring at them. She finally looked him in konyaaltı türbanlı escort the face with a huge grin. Ken then asked if she was a devotee and that he hoped she was. Jessica said yes, very much one and she hoped he did not mind. Ken said absolutely not and he was hoping she was.

Jessica asked if she could get down in front of him and touch his legs and braces. Ken said for sure she could and he was looking forward to it. She moved down to the floor and started feeling his braces and legs. After several minutes she kneeled and rose up and kissed him on the lips. It was a light kiss but they both lingered for several seconds.

Ken said that if she was going to help him this afternoon she should not get her dress dirty so he handed her one of his t-shirts and asked her if she would like to wear that instead. Jessica said that would be great as she was wondering what she might put on. As she stood before him, she slowly undid the buttons down the front of her dress, all the while looking him in the eye. When they were all undone, she moved one shoulder of the dress down her arm.

As the dress started to fall from her she turned her back to him laughing as the dress fell to the floor. She wiggled her butt at him and slipped the t-shirt on. Naturally it was too big for her and one side of the neck opening slid down her shoulder stopping just before her nipple showed. Ken’s suspicions that she had nothing on under the dress had been confirmed. The shirt just barely covered her pubic hair.

The buzzer for the washer sounded and she went to put the stuff in the dryer and the towels in the washer. Ken suggested they start on the kitchen as they needed stuff to fix dinner with. As they were putting stuff away and Jessica was reaching into places to put the dishes in, her shirt rode up and Ken could see her brush. Jessica knew he could and she just grinned at him the first time it happened making no effort to hide anything.

After finding all of the kitchen boxes they could, they decided it was time for a cold drink. They sat at the table and Jessica asked him what happened to put him in the chair. Ken said that at age 5 he developed Spinal muscular atrophy. It did not progress as badly as it could have for someone his age, but it did leave his legs completely paralyzed. Since he was so young that was also why they were so atrophied, they never had a chance to grow. His left leg was also 1″ shorter. He had been in a wheelchair all his life and only in the past 2 years had he learned to stand and walk a little. He had always had braces because he loved the feel of them on his legs.

Jessica asked if he walked with crutches and he said sometimes. When he was alone he used the parallel bars he had outside by the pool. Jessica asked if she could watch him walk sometime and he said sure, that he would enjoy having someone watch him. Ken then admitted that he liked being like he was and also that he enjoyed “liking it” with someone. He admitted that as he became a teen it became a sexual thing with him. He was looking directly into Jessica’s eyes when he said it. She did not hesitate and said well, I am glad we both can enjoy it.

Jessica then asked the big question of Ken; can you get hard and have intercourse? He said yes under three conditions. One, taking one of the ED drugs. Two, using a cock ring. Three, having a partner that was willing to help him get hard. He also said that it took a little work to get him that way but once he was hard he could keep it that way for some time.

Jessica and Ken brought in more boxes and put them in the rooms they were marked for. By then all of the laundry was dry and they made up the bed and put stuff in the bathroom. The bathroom was large, had a wheel in shower with a bench and large shower door that would slide shut. There was a wheelchair type john with room around it, lowered sink and wheel in storage closet. Jessica thought to herself that it would be a great place to have sex in.

Ken thought they had made a good start for the day and asked if she wanted to go out by the pool. Jessica said that she thought he would never ask! The track to the sliding door in the living room had been recessed so his chair could get over it with no trouble. Part of the pool deck area was under a canopy and the parallel bars were under it also. The pool was not huge but large enough to be able to swim laps. It was not deep either, only about 4 feet throughout.

Ken asked if she wanted to see him walk and Jessica said that would be great. Ken rolled to the end of the bars, locked his wheels, moved to the edge of his chair and lifted his legs straight out in front of him. He tested where the chair was and how his arms lined up with the bars. He then pushed the drop locks to both brace knee joints down and using his arms on the bars, lifted himself up to a standing position.

Jessica was standing right by him. After standing there a minute he moved his hands forward on the bars a short way, leaned forward and sort of drug his legs with him. He moved his hands konyaaltı ucuz escort forward again and this time he did a swing through motion that caused his hips and legs to go past his hands a short way. It looked like to Jessica that it took a lot of effort to do that.

Ken rested a little and then took two more swing through steps. After that he said he thought he should turn and return to his chair as he was getting tired. Jessica asked him to do one more for her and he did. He shuffled around facing his chair and rested for a couple of minutes. Jessica brought him some water from the refrigerator. Jessica walked back to where his chair was waiting and stepped in front of it. She said that since he did the extra step she was going to reward him and give him some incentive to get back to his chair. With that she lifted her t-shirt up and over her head and stood naked before him. She also turned slightly sideways, backed up against the bar and put her foot up on the chair.

Ken said that was great incentive and started back towards her. He did not waste a lot of time doing so and soon he was close enough for them to kiss and he felt strong enough to use one hand to cup her breast and lightly pinch her nipple which was very distended and hard. He said he needed to sit and Jessica quickly helped him turn and get into his chair. He finished the water and when he looked down he saw a lot of wetness on Jessica’s upper legs. She saw him looking there and said yes, that was from watching him walk.

He said he was ready for a dip in the pool and would she help him get out of his braces. There was an exercise table out there also and Ken transferred to it and Jessica started undoing the straps around his legs as Ken just leaned back and watched. She lifted his legs out one at a time and put the braces on the ground. She could not resist rubbing her hands up and down both legs several times. She confirmed with Ken that he did have full feeling and he said oh yes, he could feel everything her hands were doing.

She moved her hands up to this shorts, said lift and he did and she pulled them off. Ken was slightly aroused and she could see that when he was fully aroused he would be quite big. He was also uncut. She grabbed hold of his cock and pulled on it as they kissed with lots of tongue action. She said she wanted more of this later while pulling on him one last time. They grinned and headed to the pool.

He wheeled up to the edge, locked his wheels and just propelled himself out of the chair with his arms into the pool. Jessica dove in after him and they swam and splashed water on each other for some time. The water was cool since the pool had just been filled for the first time so they decided it was time for something to eat. Ken swam over to the lift and lowered it into the pool. He folded the seat down, got on to the seat and started it up. Jessica had brought his chair and a towel over to the lift and he transferred to his chair and dried off. They went into the kitchen and Jessica asked if they should stay naked and Ken said why not, no one around to see them. She had noticed that the pool area had a high privacy fence and lots of trees around it.

Ken had started the gas grill on the way in. He got some hamburger out and made patties while Jessica made some salad and stuff to put on the hamburger buns. They sat by the grill while the burgers cooked and when done, went inside and ate. Ken said they would have to look for a table to eat off of for outside. They cleaned up the dishes and Jessica said she thought she had better get home.

Ken asked if she had anything she needed to do tomorrow, she said no and he said then why don’t you spend the night. It took her about half a second to say she would love to. She walked over to him straddled his legs and sat on his lap facing him. They spent some time kissing and fondling each other. Now that Ken had both hands free he made good use of them.

After several minutes of this she got off of him and he said let’s put one more box each of stuff away and then hit the shower. He wheeled into the kitchen while Jessica was getting their boxes, took a little blue pill and they put more stuff away. Ken wheeled into the shower and transferred to the bench. As he did so, Jessica moved his legs with him from the chair. The water was adjusted and they soaped each other spending a lot of time in particular places.

Ken asked if she ever shaved her pussy and she said yes she had kept it that way for some time. She said she loved the feel of a naked pussy. He asked if he should shave her now and she said sure. He lowered himself to the floor and she sat on the bench spreading her legs wide open. Ken lathered her up and shaved all of her hair off. He also kept brushing against her clit and at one time stuck his fingers into her pussy.

Jessica said she noticed Ken shaved his legs and he said yes because the straps pulled the hair sometimes and that the braces felt better against bare skin. Hair acts like an insulator against feeling things touch the skin. Jessica said that was also why she liked her pussy shaved. Did Ken want her to shave him and he said you bet. They traded places and Ken got his cock and balls shaved. After she rinsed him she took his cock into his mouth and pulled on his nice smooth balls. Ken responded to that and she asked if he had taken his pill. He said yes that was why he wanted to put another box away so it would have time to start working.

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