Jessie’s Adventures Ch. 00

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Jessie’s Adventures – Introduction

Disclaimer: All characters in this lesbian fictional story are 18 years or older.


I was looking through an adult internet ad service displaying local members, when I came across an ad that caught my eye. I clicked on the heading link “I want to introduce you to my pussy”. As it opened, it showed several pictures of this middle-aged blonde woman who was a little overweight, but had a beautiful face and body.

I was reading a little about her, and then she wrote, “Looking for a beginner, to adore and lick my cunt. Willing to train her in the art of cunnilingus. Leave your name, number, and and why you want to eat my pussy. ‘Call me Sweetpussy’. I will contact you if interested.”

I had always had a deep longing to be with a woman. I never really had the nerve to ask someone, but I have seen several lesbian movies, and seeing a woman eating another always made me so hot. Often, I would masturbate to the thought of being on my knees with my face between her legs, pleasing her just like the women in the movie seemed to enjoy. I really got excited when I saw one scene where an older woman was sitting on this one girl’s face, making her lick her pussy and ass. I came so often my bed was soaked. Now looking at this ad on the screen before me, I had to reply and take my chances. Having never done it before, I longed to have a a wonderful woman train me.

So I wrote back in a reply e-mail, “Hi ‘Sweetpussy’. I’m new to this, but I would be interested in being trained to lick your pussy, and to please you in any way you desire. I am 21, and a brunette. I have never been with a woman before for sex. l have often fantasized about doing this to women, but I am just too shy to ask someone I know. I hope to hear from you, and be between your legs as soon as possible. My name is Jessie.” I added my phone number and a picture of myself, and sent it to her, before heading to bed.

I walked in my door after working at the mall all day. I work in a clothing shop and it was very hectic and I was glad to be able to relax now. I have a roomie named Jill, but we don’t see much of each other as she works second shift and I work days. She is several years older than me and pleasant, so it’s a shame I don’t see much of her. She helps with the rent and bills for the apartment we have, and when we can, we do talk. But she was out working herself and I was home alone now. I walked up to my bedroom when the phone rang.

Picking up the phone, a sweet female voice greeted me, saying “Hello.”

I replied hello to her back when she asked, “Is this Jessie?”

“Yeah, I’m Jessie. May I help you?”

She said, “Hi Jessie. I am calling you about the note you sent me with the ad service last night. My name is Candy, aka ‘Sweetpussy’. I was very interested in your response.”

“Yes, ummmm, that was me,” I told her as I felt butterflies swirling in my stomach.

“Well Jessie, I would be interested in introducing you to my pussy. Are you free tonight?”

I stuttered, “Yes Candy. What did you have in mind? I am new at this.”

“Do you know the little bar just outside of town on Route 34, ‘Hurley’s’? Why don’t you meet me there at 8 o’clock, and we can get together and discuss the arrangement. I am very interested in what you have to offer,” she confidently said over the phone.

I was so nervous but yet, very excited as I answered, “Yes, I know the place, I’ll be there.”

“Good girl Jessie. I very much look forward to teaching you how to eat my pussy. See you soon,” she uttered just before the phone went dead.

I had almost completely forgot about sending her the note while I worked, but now I was feeling goosebumps all over my body as the thought excited me. I was very nervous as I got dressed, often dropping things or checking my appearance over and over, hoping she’d be happy with me. I wore a nice skirt and blouse, and heels. It was time for me to meet my destiny in life.

I walked into the quiet bar, which looked to have only a few patrons. I had passed it many times, but it was the first time I was inside of it. It was dimly lit and seemed romantic if somebody was bringing a date here. As I scanned the room, I noticed a hand waving from the back, which was Candy, I presumed. I made my way to her table, embarrassed a little, but the few couples there never noticed me. As I reached the table, I saw that she was also wearing a blouse and a skirt, and I saw a glimpse of a thigh from the side of the table. It had a long hanging tablecloth, but I think she intended to show me a bit of her attire as she stuck her leg out seductively for me to see.

“Hi Jessie, I am so glad you could come. I have been looking forward to meeting you ever since our phone call earlier. You are very pretty, and have lovely lips. Have a seat right next to me.”

I would have no choice, as the only other seat was almost against hers. I am sure she moved it there before I arrived, and I quickly took my seat next to her. I could smell her sweet perfume, izmit rus escort which was enticing to my nostrils. Her hair was shoulder length and wavy. Before she spoke, I felt her leg move against mine briefly, before pulling quickly away. I ordered my drink from the cute girl who was our waitress, and then we were quickly alone.

She said, “I was afraid you might not show. I would have been very disappointed if you hadn’t. I felt it best that you be very close to me. There is no need for others to hear our conversation. So tell me, why are you interested in being introduced to my pussy?”

Before I could answer, the waitress returned with my drink. She winked at me, which I felt was kind of odd. I gave her some money from my purse, and then I turned towards Candy. We were only inches from each other, as I once again felt her leg brush mine.

“I guess I have always had this fantasy. I have seen some lesbian movies, which really turned me on. I imagined myself orally pleasing a woman. I’m not sure why I wrote you, but I guess if I didn’t try, I would never know,” I replied.

Before she spoke, she waved the waitress back over to our table. Again the girl winked at me, making me wonder why she was doing that. Candy ordered another drink, and as the waitress walked away, I felt her hand grab mine. I gulped my drink when she pulled it between her legs, and my hand was brushed against her pussy. She obviously decided to not wear panties, and I could feel that she was shaved while she rubbed my hand over her. She was also quite wet, as I didn’t fight her and rather liked the feel of her.

“Go ahead Jessie, finger my pussy. I want you to get to know it by touching it first. Feel what will soon be gracing your lips and tongue. Soon, I’m going to take you home with me, and you’ll be licking my cunt like a pro. You do want that, I hope?”

Again the waitress returned, winking at me seductively. She placed down Candy’s drink, and then whispered something into her ear, which was inaudible to me. But my mind was a mess, as she felt my fingers begin to slide over her pussylips. I was getting excited and felt my own wetness seeping into my panties, as I was soon playing with her pussy vigorously while she smiled at me.

She moaned a little before saying, “Our waitress is well aware of some of the ‘talent’ I bring here. She has had her pussy eaten by some of the girls I trained. She likes you, and is hoping that she’ll get a turn with your tongue. But first, you need to taste me. Slide your finger deep inside of me, dear.”

She was in control, and I was here to learn, after all. Obeying her wishes, I slid my finger deep inside of her sopping wet cunt, fingering her as she wiggled in her seat. She put her arm around my shoulders, keeping me very close to her.

“Jessie, take your finger out. Taste me. Don’t be shy.”

“Yes Candy,” was all I said as I withdrew my finger, bringing it to my nose. The scent was musky, but pleasant.

“Go ahead, taste me.”

I sucked my finger into my mouth, tasting her juices for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, as I savored it on my tongue. I was so turned on right now, and my desire to lick her pussy was overpowering.

She whispered in my ear, “Have some more Jessie. I know you want it. Soon, you will be tasting it at the source. You are going to pleasure my pussy and ass tonight. No matter what I ask of you, you are not to say no. If you disagree or decide not to please me, I will send you home, and we’ll never be together again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand. Tell me what to do Candy,” I uttered to her as my finger was sawing in and out of her cunt.

“Taste me again. So tell me Jessie, have you ever kissed anyone’s ass?”

After sucking my finger of her juices once again, I shook my head ‘no’. I loved the taste of her, and she could tell I did.

“You will kiss my ass now, Jessie.”

I stammered, “Candy, when we get to your place?”

“No dear, right now. Now remember, no disagreeing.”

She quickly stood up, turned to me and bent over slightly, and flipped up her skirt. I was presented with a beautiful ass, which was a little plump but very smooth. This was my moment of truth, here in a public setting, having to kiss her ass. And I didn’t have any second thoughts as I pursed my lips, and kissed her cheek.

“C’mom Jessie, you can do better than that. Kiss my ass really well and you can eat my pussy soon. Show me how much you truly want to please me,” she told me.

I was soon pleasuring her ass with my lips, kissing all over. I gasped as she spread her cheeks, urging me to kiss a place that I had never thought I would ever kiss. As I looked up, I could see the waitress standing a short distance away, smiling as she watched me pleasuring Candy. I moved forward, and placed a kiss on her anus. It tasted a little soapy, but not unpleasant. Being bold, I slid my tongue out, and took a quick lick of her asshole. She moaned, and then I pulled away. Knowing izmit escort what I was doing in public, and knowing the waitress was watching my slutty show, made me cum hard, wetting my panties.

“Good girl. I think it’s time to go to my place, and introduce you to my pussy. Before you know it, you’ll be eating cunt like a veteran.

We quickly straightened up, and her sweet ass was once again covered.

As we got up to leave, the waitress came over and said, “I can’t wait to feel that tongue. I would love to be at your audition tonight, but a girl has got to work. But I’m looking forward to it.”

I was so hot and horny, and as Candy pulled me with her, the best was yet to cum. And, the waitress had me desiring her as well. I was ready to move to the next step.

I followed Candy inside of her beautiful home. Like an obedient servant, she led the way into her bedroom, where I saw a large bed and everything was in white in the room. She definitely was a woman of means, and by looking around I could tell she lived alone.

“Have a seat Jessie,” she told me pointing to the bed.

She sat next to me, and once again the smell of her perfume was making me swoon.

She then said, “I have a photography business, and it pays the bills. I was married once, but I found women to be much more enjoyable having sex with then men. I am not into giving oral sex to women, but truly enjoy teaching and having wonderful ladies please me. I am so looking forward to introducing you to my hot pussy.”

“Have you trained other girls before? I’m just curious, you don’t have to answer,” I said.

“Oh, I don’t mind Jessie. Yes, I have met quite a few, some of which I use in my photography. Does that bother you?”

I shyly told her, “No, not really. I had some reservations about doing this, but I’m here now, and I guess there is no turning back. You are very beautiful, and I hope I live up to your expectations.”

“Well, there is only one way to know for sure. Trust in me Jessie. Some women love having their cunts licked, and some are better at licking them. You already have that desire to orally please women, and I’m sure once you are taught, you will be bringing many women to orgasmic bliss. I found that tongues are so much better than toys. A wicked tongue can make you go places. But enough chit-chat, it’s time to get acquainted with my body.”

She stood up, and quickly peeled off her blouse and skirt. She slid her heels off, and then rolled first one, then the other stocking off of her sexy legs. I studied the woman before me who would soon be my feast. My pussy was soaked as I sat there, seeing her milky white breasts with perky nipples. Then I looked at her pussy. It was shaved and looked so delicious. I could see the wetness gleaming on her pussylips. Then she spoke, breaking me from my stupor.

“I would love for you to get undressed too. Looking at a sexy, naked woman does turn me on. And I do cum alot, so there is no need to mess up your lovely clothes,” she urged me as she laid back on the bed.

I soon was removing my clothes, my innocence long past. I was so eager to do this, and excited about my first time. My fantasies were about to be lived out, and finally I stood naked before her.

She smiled and said, “You look lovely, Jessie. Now come up here, between my legs. Class is now in session.”

She grabbed my hand, guiding me between her legs. She stroked my hair, guiding my face to her breasts.

“I love having my nipples sucked, it turns me on. Show me what you can do with those luscious lips, ” she said.

With her hands guiding my head, my lips brushed her left nipple. I licked it, tasting a woman for the first time. The nub hardened as my lips enclosed on it. I kissed and nibbled, before she guided me to the other breast. Again, I sucked that nipple in, teasing it with my tongue.

“Yes Jessie, make love to my nipples. Suck them baby.”

Her soothing voice was goading me on. I knew I was pleasing her, as my tongue began to slide back and forth from one breast to the other, my saliva gleaming on her luscious slopes, her nipples hard and wet.

“I can’t wait no more. I need your mouth on my cunt now!”

I felt the gentle push of my head with her hands, as I kissed my way over her stomach. Taking a quick lick of her belly button, she seemed to be in a hurry, and didn’t want me to hesitate. Down my head went, until I was between her legs, as I gazed upon her wet pussy.

“Kiss it Jessie. Show me how much you want to please me.”

I tentatively leaned forward, and planted a kiss on her wet lips. I tasted her juice for the first time, and it made me a little dizzy with desire. With her hands urging my head tighter against her, I kissed it again.

“Lick it now Jessie. Taste me”

I slid my tongue out, and lapped at her sexy cuntlips. I was overcome with desire, and slid my tongue up and down the crease. She pressed against me, urging me to lick her harder. I didn’t hesitate, as my tongue slid closer to her clit.

“Not kocaeli escort yet Jessie, take your time. Taste my nectar, stick your tongue inside of me. The art of pleasing a woman is to keep her on the edge for a while, before going in for the kill. Get acquainted with it and love it,” she said like a teacher would instruct a student.

My tongue slid inside of her, feeling her wetness. She definitely was flowing, and I was slurping and lapping it up as she rode on my tongue. I moved my hand down to my pussy, as I made love to her sexy cunt. We laid like that for a while, my tongue and lips exploring, as she moaned and would guide my head wherever she needed to be licked at that moment. The wetness on my own fingers couldn’t match the flow of her juices.

“Lick my clit Jessie. Make me cum now.”

I traced the tip of my tongue up to that button, and flicked it. She jerked, as I began pushing it this way and that with force. I knew I had her on the edge of bliss, and I went in for the kill. I flicked my tongue over it rapidly, and her legs closed against my ears and face.

“Damn, eat me girl! You are making me cum so good!”

My face was drenched with her eruption, my tongue lapping up all she could give me. My own orgasm hit me, as I dove harder inside of her pussy with my tongue. I loved the taste, she was exquisite. And I also felt pride that I could give her the pleasure she deserved.

We laid like that, as I lapped up every drop I could. Her legs finally relaxed, as I was happy in my place. It seemed weird, but I really wanted this now. I wanted to do her again.

“Take a break Jessie, give me a second. That was wonderful girl. Come up here, and suck on my nipples.

I slid my body up, and laid next to her. She guided a nipple to my mouth, as we relaxed for a moment.

“That was great. You were meant to do that Jessie. How did you like it?”

I pulled off of her nub, and said, “It was wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to do this for you. I hope we aren’t done.”

She giggled and told me, “Jessie, trust me, we are a long way from done. How would you like to make some money?’

I was caught off guard, but asked, “What would you like me to do?”

“Remember, I told you about my photography business. I would love for you to pose for me. Of course, you will be orally pleasing some of my models, but I use the pictures on the internet. It pays very well.”

“I don’t know, I have to think about it,” I said seriously.

“Well, while you are thinking about it, time for your next lesson. Lay down here on your back, please.”

She was in control, and I eagerly awaited my next lesson. The sooner I could lick her pussy, the happier I’d be. I never realized I’d love doing this so much. Once I was lying down, she placed two pillows under my head.

She then told me, “Okay Jessie, now it’s time for one of my favorites. It’s time for your introduction to face sitting. Now, I want you to keep your arms to your side. Just use your mouth and tongue, no hands please. Understood?”

“Yes Candy.”

I watched as she climbed over my breasts, her sexy ass inches from my face. I watched as she inched closer to me.

“One thing a woman loves is when she is pleasured anally. When you teased me in the bar, I knew you were ready for this. So, before I allow you to lick my cunt, my ass needs some attention.”

Before I could answer or say anything, she pushed back, and her lovely cheeks enveloped me. My nose rubbed against her anus, and I felt lightheaded from the musky scent. I knew I had to please her this way, if I wanted to lick that hot pussy again. So I kissed inside of her asscheeks, until I drew closer to her center of desire. I had seen in several of the porno movies that one girl was licking another’s ass, so I used what I had seen and began to lick Candy’s.

“Don’t be shy Jessie, show me how much you want me.”

My tongue flicked at her asshole, teasing it seductively. She moved gently over my face as I began to pierce her anal ring, teasing it. I was not disgusted with it, I was actually enjoying it. I was learning a new way of pleasuring a woman, so I set to passing my test. My tongue began to explore her, and soon she was pushing back at my stiffened tongue, in a fucking motion. My own pussy was continually gushing from my excitement.

“Now, time for the main course, Jessie. Eat my pussy, “She commanded me.

She slid back a bit, and I my tongue slid from her ass right into her wet cunt. She was coming so much my face was slick in no time. I knew I had her so turned on and dove into her. She rubbed her pussy all over my face, keeping time with my tongue and lips. She had an urgency about her to have an orgasm, and I was determined to make her cum as fast as I could. She was in control, and just used my face like she was riding a bucking bronco.

She uttered a moan and yelled, “I’m coming!”

Then the gates let loose, and I was flooded with her juices. I just opened my mouth and swallowed her flow. I was trapped under her body, and even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t move from my submissive position. She rode my face until she had finished. After a few moments of my lapping the remainder from her wet cunt, she pulled off, and laid next to me.

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